Answered Prayers from The Pentecost Novena – 2015

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Holy Spirit ebookThank you for joining us in praying the Pentecost Novena!

We hope it was fruitful for you!

If any of your prayers were answered during or following this novena, please share them with us all below!

God bless you!


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  1. I am employed as a fundraiser in a Catholic Organization in South Africa (Nazareth House). In my fundraising department from March to Julywe cannot raise funds. It is one of the most quiet months of the year since I’ve been fundraising for 10years. I am being given a target of South African Rands 300,00 each month. The Pentecost novena through the powers of the Holy Spirit taught me that everything with GOD IS POSSIBLE. Both months – April and May I have been able to reach that target. This has NEVER HAPPENED since I have been in fundraising for the past 10 years – Praise the Lord

  2. When we were starting, I prayed for many things. One of them was healing of a pain in the neck. I had a spot which would release some fluid and pain sometimes and had it for many years. After the very first prayer on the first day, I stopped feeling it and I have never seen the fluid again. Holy Spirit You Are Indeed a quenching fire, I give you praise. Glory be to The Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  3. Dear Friends in Christ,

    Thank you for all your prays and support, thru the Divine Mercy Novena, Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, and the Pentecost Novena, my Husband has finally got a good Job where in he starts on June-15-2015 for 5 weeks of training and will be going on June-01-2015 to sign the job offer letter. Kindly keep him in prays during the rigorous hard training of Five weeks that he gets thru passing all the test and exams he will have. God Bless John-Paul & Annie for such a wonderful way of Evangelising the Novena’s.

    Thank you and God Bless

  4. I prayed both Novena’s Mary Undoer of knots and the Pentecost. We were looking for money with my husband to set up some projects and be able to pay school fees for our children. We got the money i thank Mary since she hears the cry of her children. Mary Our loving mother thank you for undoing the knots. And i also thank God for his Great Love and Mercy. May Our good Lord be with us in all our plans. Glory be to God. Amen

  5. I am still awaiting an answer for my main petitions for these two novenas.I feel confident that my prayers will be answered in God’s time for I put complete trust in Him.
    I prayed to overcome my fears and insecurity I felt as I stayed by my daughter who have move into aslightly different neighbourhood from what I am accustom to.There is this abandoned house next door that could develop into a drug den.
    As I sit here I can hear the trees in the yard been chopped down, the roof is already off.All sgns that the house is been made ready to be lived in.To God be the Glory.Thank God and You for prayer s.

  6. Thank you, Mother Mary. My son was offered a full-time, permanent position with benefits after many months/years of his working contract and online positions, and so was his wife. After praying the last two Novenas (and those before), I feel that my prayers have been answered.

  7. I am so happy for the prayers that have answered for so many people. I know my prayers will be answered, just not yet. I have prayed all of the Novenas. Our Lord said to be persistent in prayer. I promise you I am. I ask that you please keep me, my husband and family in your prayers.
    I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you so much for these beautiful Novenas.

  8. Praise God, on the 8th day of the Pentecost Novena, my daughter received her result and she passed her exams with flying colours. Thank you St. Jude. Praise The Lord.

  9. I don’t know where to begin from but to thank GOD first! That was a powerful prayer and I had peace knowing it was the end of the unknown and known
    problems in my life. I found peace and that’s big deal to me. Thank you my mother Mary. GOD bless everyone that did this novena with me.

  10. This Novena had been a very wonderful one. I prayed that God should open my spiritual eyes and give me wisdom to know the good and bad things in my life.
    Also, I was praying to have finances to repair my vehicle which has been marooned for almost a month, but because of the grace of God, I have been helped with some funds to repair my vehicle. God is good all the time.

  11. During the start of the Prntecost novena, I begged for a job for my husband! Today he is attending an interview and I know The Holy Spirit will complete His work! Praise God

  12. My prayers that the Holy Spirit would touch the hearts and souls of my brother and his wife were answered! They are returning to the Church and will raise their two sons as Catholics. This was only possible with God. Glory to God! Amen

  13. I had three prayer intentions and one of them was answered by the sixth day of the novena for Pentecost. In my office things were not moving in the right way and had stressed me a lot as the in-charge. Then that early morning one of my fellow senior staff came and showed me the way to do away with the backlog and together we took almost three hours to do that without the help of the junior staff in the office. Infact they were surprised though they are the ones who were not working hard to do the same. I give glory to God. Thank you holy spirit.

  14. After praying holy spirit novena now l Can have peace of praying at my place of work .Before was hard because when l wanted to my workmates will crowd to my office but thank my God for that favour

  15. After a year my brother in law found a job! Praise God
    My townhouse has a contract on it for purchase. Thanks be to God.

  16. On may May while i was still praying for the Pentecost Novena i was devastated to learn that my employer with terminated from work . I was really sad for i need that job to support my kids. But i prayed even harder so that i could have another job. Last monday i got a call that i can go back to work for she got another job again. It was really a miracle for me Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayer and also to my Mama Mary all the angels and saints as well. Thank you Lord

  17. I believe that God answers all prayers….but we have to keep in mind that the answer is not always yes and the time may not be right. With that in mind…never stop praying and keep the faith.

  18. Praise God! My Pentecost Novena brought an answer regarding 2 of my sons foster children. State has custody opening the door for adoption! 1 more child for the state to take custody of to complete his family!

  19. Mary undoer of knots is such a powerful prayer. I prayed that the bondage and shackles I had on me for over 4 years was broken and to never return. I’m not sure on what day I was freed, but I know my life is not the same in Jesus name. I give all the glory to God for answering my request. I’m free and won’t go back……

  20. Prayed for work and financial help to pay back rent and electric bill and signed a contract for a project on Memorial day which included a large enough down payment to cover the expenses. Praise God!

  21. My son was arrested and imprisoned for over a month the chatges were withdrawn Thank you to the holy spirit intervention he was protected during his time there.He however is under correctional service supervision still and has a serious drug.Jesus I trust in you that you will heal him and my family who has difficulty in dealing with this vicious cycle , Amen

  22. I am full of gratitude and praise to Our Lord for His faithful Mercy and to Our Lady at this time as my Consecration to Our Lady and the Pentecost Novena coincided. Two years of struggling with digestive problems that no one could determine finally ended in removal of my gallbladder. Doesn’t seem like a huge miracle BUT, the timing of God is sometimes the greatest miracle. Before I knew I was to have surgery, I had requested the traveling statue of Our Lady of Fatima on Mother’s Day for two weeks (unusual availability). My surgery was scheduled rather quickly and on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima! It was minimally invasive, quick, and I am enjoying a multitude of foods I had not enjoyed for a very long time. Besides all that, my sister had requested a 900-Mass Novena for me for Mother’s Day from the Seraphic Association. So, I was covered by Masses every day of my surgery week and recovery week! How amazing our God is and His beautiful, intercessory Mother and ours. cs

  23. I prayed for the holy spirit to guide me in life. I had been under a lot of pressure, searching for an affordable 4*4 vehicle and I saw an purchased one in very good conditions. In addition I prayed for peace to reign in my family and in my home and the Holy Spirit restored the peace my family needed.

  24. I have prayed several novenas but I did not give up. During this last novena of the Holy Spirit I had my long list of wat am requesting God to do for me. After two days of da novena to the Holy Spirit I got a message on my phone telling me to go and withdraw money for school fees and infact even the children were to go back to skul the next day I knew dat all this was being done through the power of the Holy Spirit and it was a miracle to me. I never expected this but God did it to me. I praise God for that and I will always continue calling the power of the Holy Spirit to intervene.

  25. my prayers on wanting to go on a pilgrimage have been answered, I got a person to work for me so I can go on this trip. Glory and honour to God!! I know this is going to be a life changing pilgrimage for me and my family, the Mighty works of God will be revealed

  26. I prayed to Mary the undoer of Knots that there should be peace in my family and that members of my family should seek the kingdom of God with all their hearts. I did not seem to notice that the prayer had been answered until during the novena to the Holy Spirit when I realised that all those who live with me and even visitors were so enthusiastic about prayer and kept to time. Then and only then did I realise that Mary had done it.

    Today, Prayer is primordial in My family in spite of the fact that there is still some muscle flexing and nerve tensing. I believe that the devil has noticed that he is a looser and is struggling to hold on.

    Please, do not stop praying for us and with my us.

    God bless you abundantly.

  27. Dear All,
    I prayed to God to strengthen me and give me the fruits of the holy spirit. He has given me the courage to stand up to my boss who insisted on me doing something wrong. I thank the Holy spirit and pray that he continues to be with me, guiding to stand up against this kind of situations. I praise and glorify his holy name.

  28. I have received the gift of Tongues on Penticost Sunday after my Holy Spirit Novena. I went for healing and was touched by the Holy Spirit by an outburst of tears and praying in tongues. What an AWESOME GOD we serve. Thank you Jesus for your precious gift to me. I will use my gift to for Your Glory Lord. Amen

  29. I prayed for the gift of Tongues and this was received on Penticost Sunday after healing prayers were prayed over me. What an Awesome God we serve. I have been praying in Tongues ever since my precious gift was received. Thank you Jesus.

  30. I prayed to blessed Mary that my son would make a speedy, straightforward and complete recovery from his cancer and on Monday we were advised that his scan showes he is in remission which has surprised even his doctor as he has only been several weeks into his treatment programme, my husband has been offered a full time contract and I had to give up my job to look after my son but ended up back in my old job which I really enjoy now. Even our dire financial situation is beginning improve and I know that I owe it all to this particular novena, I had great faith while saying that prayer each day and have learned many lessons since, such a powerful prayer thank you our blessed Virgin.

  31. God has been so faithful, I prayed concerning the financial gridlock in my family and he provided for us, I got a bursary from my University for my PhD and I and my husband got a salary increase this month. God indeed loves his children and meets them at the point of their need. Praise the Lord Alleluia!

  32. Our three boys are all currently struggling with addiction. The Holy Spirit has given us strength and clarity. Events are taking place with all three since our novena. Still praying for their healing and salvation!

  33. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to be my Lawyer, advocate in applying for my lmmgration issues as I have used serveral Lawyers previously without success after spending lots of money, now I am applying by myself with the Holy Spirit as my Lawyer having peace of mind & confidence knowing that my prayer will be answered. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  34. 1. The allergic family skin disease has been declared no more.
    2. I manage to go for the Novena over night on the last night where i prayed to carry the face of God at my work place and this is happening.
    My finances is getting better.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.
    Thank you Jesus.
    And thank you friends.

  35. I prayed for the intention of my brother who lost his job. The very next day after of my prayer request, received a confirmation call of an interview he attended previous week. Praise God! Alleluia!

  36. Thank you O Holy Family for answering my petition, seeking my Dad’s cancer surgery to go well, thank you however he’s still in hospital and needs further treatment. I will continue to seek and pray for a healthy outcome for our Dad and he comes home soon to us.

    Peace and many blessing to you all for praying over our petition.


  37. God is good all the time. I have been praying for a chance to do a PHD. Yesterday i received a call which suits me and i am praying that God will grant me the grace to get it. I thank His so much for this step.

  38. Thank you Lord for the gift of success, I’m on a distinction in my post graduate program; and just yesterday I defended my thesis. Thank you Lord.

  39. Thanks be to the Holly Spirit. I have been having several problems With my husband my house maids and I didn’t know how to handle the problems and I prayed to the Holly Spirit for wisdom so that I can handle the problems well in the house. Now I have patience and wisdom to handle them. I realised that when one of my maids goes out something bad happens between me and my husband . I still pray that I can know why it happens and get a solution for it.

  40. I would like to confess that in the middle of the Novena to the holy spirit, my term of service was changed from contract to permanent and pensionable. It has never been done this way in the organization i work for.They just brought a letter to me in the Office. Thank you holy spirit.

  41. On the second day of the Pentecost Novena ,I received a call from my cousin after 12years of a fallout. We had not communicated for this long and she never attended my wedding. She called seeking reconciliation and forgiveness, something I had always longed for but was hesitant to initiate afraid of how she would react. I always prayed for God’s intervention.
    I thank God for his mercy and faithful ness I will always glorify his name.

  42. Praise and honor to God who blessed me the power of prayer in tongue to empower my BCBP sisters to serve in the BCLP 2 .This is an answered prayer which I asked on the first day of the Pentecost Novena . That Friday night was indeed a Spirit filled empowerment . Praise God for a successful BCLP 2 held last weekend! God is indeed good !Alleluia !!!

  43. I was praying for my friend’s sister-in-law. The last day, she called me to say that she was cancer free. My credit was poor. Today I received a Discover Card. I am back on track. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  44. I live in south Florida and will be relocating to north Florida next month. I’m a teacher and had 2 interviews last week. I was offered both positions and chose the one less than 1 mile from home. This is one of God’s greatest gifts I have ever received. Thank you so much, Lord, for hearing my prayers. I am so blessed to be a part of these miraculous novenas.

  45. Join me to thank the Holy Spirit for making it possible for me to be part of this course my office is offering. Only 20 people got in and I’m one of them.
    Also my friend going through the IVF process has turned out successful. She is now pregnant. I believe also that God will grant my sister her own adopted child Amen.
    Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to your testimonies too Amen!

  46. I have been having series of problems with the running of my Quarry business and my marriage. My Quarry stabilize and peace has returned to my marriage but more importantly I have learnt to trust God for all my situations like yesterday when I needed Geat Oil for my Cone in the Quarry, I was told it would take a few days and would shut down for that period. I turned over to God and he provided from the same source who had earlier said it wouldn’t be possible. God still provides. Praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  47. For years i have been looking for a suitable life partner for my daughter and nothing came fruitful, but after praying this novena to Pentecost the Holy sprit came on her and blessed her and she was able to find one within a week. I request all to continue to pray for her which is likely to be fixed in June.
    Thank you all

  48. Thanks God for your holyspirit for answering my prayers after novena, I just had yesterday first exams and I passed with good results. Now I will be doing my last exams onThursday and I praying for good results, I believe in you that everything will be alright, the rest of the prayers I believe they will be answered in the name of Jesus, i am so happy for the spirit of faith and peace and happiness I have in me, thank you Lord and i believe in more blessing to come,God is good.

  49. I was praying for my son to stabilize and get himself busy. He has started a small construction project at home and he is very busy coordinating it. This is a breakthrough. I thank Mother Mary and all those who prayed with me.

  50. A special friend in Christ was going to be married outside the Catholic Church two weeks ago. This week she made the decision to wait and get married in the Church when an annulment has gone through. Thank you Holy Spirit for answering our prayer.

  51. I have been having issues with retention of what I had read. After studies I find it hard to recollect but thanks to the Holy Spirit of God for counseling and wisdom. Now I read, understand and can recollect. I’m truly grateful to God and I pray that you all remember me in your prayers too for success in my exams. Thanks all for praying for one another.

  52. My emotions have overtaken me this evening, reading all of the posts from those whose heartfelt requests have been so deservedly answered by our Loving Creator. How gloriously wonderful is our God!
    I, too, have been additionally blessed! After suddenly losing my job in January of this year, I lost myself for a while. Then, a friend sent me your link, and I soon discovered that this was a job for God alone!!! I’ve joined you in the last four novenas, and I got word of my job offer on Day 1 of the Pentecost Novena, which then became my prayer of thanksgiving. Trust in the Lord above all others, and He will take care of you! I pray that I never doubt that again.
    Thank you, friends, for your love and your ministry!

  53. I started this prayer group back in Sept when my husband lost his job. We tried very hard to take this experience as positively as we could, even though it was an extremely stressful time. He was in such a bad place and over the years the negativity at his job was beginning to wear on him and change his spirit….I was actually relieved that he no longer worked there. I prayed all of the novenas since Sept for him to find a job that would make him happy, feel good about himself and bring our family financial security and freedom. We had a few disappointments along the way but on Friday, the first day of the Pentecost prayer, he was hired! Now he is back to being the person I married, happy, positive, and excited for the future. I’m so greatful to God for all of his blessings!

  54. A group of 9 of us prayed the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots for our dear friend who needed to move out of her parents’. After months of looking, just a few days after the novena she found an apartment with 2 other wonderful Catholic girls at a great price! Thanks be to God!

  55. For the past year,my husband could not say sorry if he does something wrong to me,prayed pentecostal novena and fasted about this and yesterday was the first day to say sorry after saying something wrong to me.

    I would like to thank God for this and i believe more is coming that i prayed for,especially him getting a new permanent job in the country so we can live together as husband and wife.

    Thank you for your prayers as well

  56. I prayed for my church member and friend Mary for a good report on her breast scan because the doctor saw something of concern. She’s had problems in the past. On my 8th day of the Holy Spirit Novena she called to say everything was good. I praise the Lord for answered prayer. God Is Good. All the time and All the time God Is GOOD. AMEN!!!

  57. I have hoped my husband would be open to adopting again, and prayed that we could discern whether this is a possibility. I brought it up once to him during the course of this novena and did not press the subject. The day after I finished the novena, he came to me and said he was ready to talk about adoption. God is great!

  58. For a 16 yr old who has been removed from her home. Her name is Faith. I asked for healing for her. She has been with us for 28 days…longer than anyone else. I believe God placed her with us to rise from the ashes and become the beautiful butterfly!!!
    I pray a blessing on her life every day. Today she was,angry lonely wanted to go home…she ran away…but she believes that God loves her and she knows I love God. ..she came back!!! She has,never gone back in the 18 months of her journey. It is a,miracle!!!

  59. Iprayed to the Holy Spirit and to Mary undoer of knots together. I asked Mary my mother undoer of knots to please pray to the Holy Spirit for me. I asked for a miracle. My son needed an immediate appointment with his health care provider and the provider had a three week wait. I woke up Sunday night because I could not sleep due to excess worry. I prayed my prayers at 5 am that morning.
    I prayed to the Holy Spirit and Mary undoer of knots to please bring me a miracle of an appointment. Monday morning I called the health care provider and left a message. Within 10 minutes she called me back and said she had a cancellation and we could go in at 11 am that day. It’s a miracle. God is good.

  60. I’m 53 years but took a leap of faith and retired from my high paying job just so I could get my retirement pay and fix my worsening financial situation. How could a 53 year old still find a job? It was already my three weeks of being jobless when I started the novena to the Holy Spirit. On the 7th day, I got a call to sign my emplyment papers in a new company that’s more suited to my age and my pace of work. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding during these new changes in my life!!!

  61. My brother received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday as he attended an ACTS Retreat. I prayed the novena for him to accept Jesus into his heart. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, he is a changed man, ready to do God’s will.

  62. God is always good. I prayed for our friend Ken to have a cancer free body screening (no current rumors or lesions) so the he may begin a new treatment for his cancer. On the 3rd day of the novena, he had an a MRI because they saw something on the body scan, but the MRI showed it was nothing! Now he can begin his treatment! Thank you Holy Spirit!

  63. I prayed for a friend’s sister that just had a port put in before receiving chemo, after a hysterectomy for uterine cancer. She said she is more at peace. I also prayed for a man who underwent pancreatic cancer surgery, but I have not heard yet how he was doing.

  64. I am so thankful to Jesus and to our blessed Mother Mary for her intercession to her son..We were behind in our mortgage 5 going on 6 months, I prayed the Pentecost novena for our finances to get better and they did, my husband worked on unexpected projects and we are now in a position where we can pay current in our home..God will never leave your nor forsake you all we have to do is trust in him and he will take care of us because he loves us so much.. Thank you for this awesome and powerful novenas may God bless you always!

  65. During the Mary, Undoer of Knots novena we prayed for the conception of a child – and during the Pentecost novena we found out our prayers had been answered! We are older parents, so we are very thankful for this answered prayer. I was also given the opportunity to ask the cloistered nuns to pray for us during the first novena, which I’m sure was a God-send.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  66. I prayed the last five novenas for my son and his wife to conceive. Something they have sought for many years. They gave us the good news, they will be welcoming a baby at Xmas!

  67. I prayed the Pentecost Novena for healing for my 27 year old son with Multiple Sclerosis. His visit to his Neuro Opthamologist showed NO optic nerve damage and his annual MRI showed NO new lesions! Praise God and the Holy Spirit for answered prayers!
    “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you will have them.”
    ~Mark 11:24

  68. Whike my actual request has not yet been answered, I did have some amazing insights into other things that have been worrying me. I am truly grateful to the Holy Spirit for these.

  69. I have been praying for my sister. She has arthritis in her neck and has been in a tremendous amount of pain. In addition, the doctor is worried that she has a worse disease. We still don’t know the complete diagnosis as we are awaiting another test, but the tests results so far have been good news. I know it was due to prayers. Also, she has been feeling much better and there is no medical reason for that. Thank God!

  70. My prayers were answered for a full time job after 6 months of unemployment. It was a miracle. I was called and told I didn’t get the job only for me to continue the novena and I was called back to say they were going to be creating two roles for the position and offered me one of the roles. God is merciful to those who fear Him. Thanks to everyone who prayed and Glory to God for this wonderful favor.

  71. I am a single mom in the middle of a messy divorce. I lost my job on 4/6. Applied for 3 jobs and was offered all of them. The one I took is at a large hospital across the street from my house. Great job doing what I love, great pay and benefits, and walking distance. Prayers answered.

  72. Praise the lord when I started the novena I had no money and I was panicking because I had a lot to do wit money and notin was happenin b4 d 9th day God sent me my helper and he blessed me wit some money @ least to go by thank u mother Mary wit a grateful heart I knw this is the beginning of my blessings

  73. I prayed the Pentecost Novena for the Holy Spirit to release many of my struggling situations. On the first day of the Novena, I received a letter inviting me for my Naturalization initial interview. I believe this will change even my unemployment situation. Thank you all who joined me in prayers. To God be all the Glory.

  74. Every day of the Pentecost Novena had a gift that was needed and prayed for (from charity to goodness). I am thankful for each one that strengthened me on a daily basis.

  75. I prayed for the fruit of the womb, on the 5th day of novena to the Holy spirit, my mum called me and told me a dream she had about me conceiving and that it was soo clear that she was just praising God in her sleep. I have very strong faith that my God over do has done it for me. Praise God!

  76. Thank you Holy Spirit for answered prayer. My friend Peggy, was in so much pain after her chemo, and on day 6 her pain disappeared. Praise God.

    I also prayed for another young friend looking for a job that would allow her to take care of her husband who was just diagnosed with stomach cancer.
    On the 6th day, She found a job managing an apartment complex where she can set her own hours. So she will be able to care for her husband and taking him to chemo and still have a place to live and an income. Praise God.

  77. I have been praying both Novenas, but today after completeing The Pentecost Novena, we were blessed to learn our son got accepted to one of the top 5 accounting schools in the Nation!!! We have all been struggling with grief, we recently lost our daughter (his sister) to suicide. God heard our cries from his temple!!! Thank you Mother Mary and to the Holy Spirit!!! My faith just keeps growing but only through the grace of God!!! Thank you guys for sharing all these beautiful novenas!!! God Bless everyone!!! Hug you children!!! Love you children with no strings attached! Anima Christi!!! Ave Maria!!!

  78. My grandson who is now sitting for his A level exams was confused about what course to choose at the University [Geology/Engineering Geology/Civil Engineering] after Sunday mass -the Priest- invited him and voluntarily advised him on the choosing courses. The miracle is that I have prayed that the Father of the Fatherless should counsel this fatherless son and the Holy Spirit used the Priest and his wife to do a wonderful work. Thank you all.

  79. I’ve prayed lots of the novenas sent around and on Sunday I prayed in particular for more of the Holy Spirit in me and my life. On the Monday, I was praying a prayer of Surrender to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and asked God for healing of mind, as I’ve been suffering with negativity/depression (not formally diagnosed) and obsessionality for the last couple of years!

    God has literally lifted the blanket off my eyes, and I can see again His love for me and my default is no longer negativity but to trust that no matter what is going on around me, that God is here in it all and never abandons me! It feels me with peace and joy to know this and to really know it and believe it!
    What better refuge can we ask for than for the Lord himself, to be our rock and salvation.

    I feel excited about life, more than I have in a long time and that feeling of excitement about things that I used to gain enjoyment from in the past is coming back :)

    There are still challenges but I can say that I’m no longer afraid of these as I know that as soon as the negative thoughts enter my mind, I have the strongest weapon to fight them off – i.e. the name of Jesus! I can call on the Holy Spirit to help me manage the thoughts and seek solace from God the Father as our loving Heavenly Father.

    I did pray some days of the novena and I also prayed on Pentecost Sunday big time and received prayer from a lovely sweet girl, and I believe that God has answered :) Amen. Thank you Lord :)

  80. I have much devotion to the Holy Spirit and I prayed for help with taxes on property. It is extremely expensive and the property has not generated enough income to keep up with expenses. Two days after the novena, I received a call from someone wanting to pay a debt early, this will help me pay these taxes. Praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  81. I prayed for a closer relationship between my husband and my self and I’m enjoying that now. Thank you Holy Spirit

  82. Thank you Lord Jesus! Through this novena I have found peace and patience. I know it was a while ago but I’m also thankful for the St Jude novena. I was going through a tough financial time and I unexpectedly received some extra money that got me through to the next pay period.

  83. veni sancte spiritus– many trials have comemy way but i have had the
    spiritual calmness to persevere, and felt the spirit with me as i sang
    my heart out on Pentecost Sunday. God bless st Perpetua parish, vic, the choir , the ministry, and Fr. Jack.


  84. There is nothing like Peace Of Mind.
    My Holy Spirit novena was said for guidance in making a an extremely difficult decision. I relaxed and let the Holy Spirit take control and before I knew what was happening, my decision was made and I felt this awesome Peace of Mind.
    Thank you all for praying with me.

  85. My prayer was that the Holy Spirit would make it clear whether we were pursuing the right path for temporary housing and He did! He made everything else impossible and the situation that felt right was the only one left.
    Thanks be to God!

  86. I prayed for peace within my community, especially with the rector. On Day 9 of the Pentecost Novena, I felt a deep healing from the Holy Spirit. I was able to let go of the anger and poison and soak in the healing power of God.

  87. I did both Novena ‘s for the intention of buying our home. God answered my prayers through the interception of Mother Mary and now I’m in the process of buying home. I feel the presence of Holy Spirit in guiding us. Like a miracle I was able to show the deposit and I got mortgage approved.Thankyou God for all your blessing. Thank you our mother for your interception.

  88. I have been saying the Pentecost novena for the intention of my husband attend a spritual retreat organized by the church. He agreed to attend on the 9 th day of the novena and we both together took part in the novena last weekend, thankyou jesus praise you jesus.

  89. I want to thank God for blessing me with a place to stay because I was living with my daughter and her four kids and it was over crowded but I was thankful to have a roof over my head.
    I prayed and ask Jesus for my own place and he bless me to get my own apartment and the only thing I can say is thank you Jesus.

  90. My husband Doug had surgery (botched) one year ago and has not taken a morsel of food since then but with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary Undoer of Knots he took his first bite of food last Friday (scrambled eggs) and enjoyed every bite…thank you Mother Mary for answering our prayers… It was truly a miracle…

  91. at the end of the Novena, I had a job offer that not only was a good offer, but in the vicinity that I wanted, and the job description that I was looking for – and it all happened in 24hours! Thank God and Mother Mary in their mercy – I was the chosen candidate – and why, I don’t really know!