The Next Novena — The Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

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Sacred Heart Novena PrayersWe’re really excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, so we start praying this novena on Wednesday, June 3rd — that’s just a few days away!

For this novena, we will reflect on Jesus’ love for all of us. We will pray for our hearts to be conformed to His Sacred Heart.

Your friends & family can sign up HERE.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

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  1. I prayed to the Sared Heart of Jesus to help my son recover after a spell in hospital. He has now been discharged, and hopefuly will conttinue to improve. Thank you, I believe and trust in you.

  2. My prayers we’re answered. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thanks for this website. May love and peace be with everyone in the name of Jesus.

  3. I pray for my daughter Lauren, that she be kept safe, protected, happy and healthy. I pray that my financial situation will improve so that I can pay our bills and living costs, and not be worried by money all the time. Finally for help for all the worlds needy, the sick, disabled, young, elderly and poor that their governments seek to protect them and improve their lives. I ask this in the name of our dearest Lord. Amen.

  4. During this novena my beloved Husband of 53 years Died very peacefully thank you for all the Beautiful Novena prayers.

  5. please help to pray to find a better for with this month.i hope i can findajpb suite for my working experience .I experience lot of regection because i don’t have enough self confidence to speak my voice at loud to the interview me.please pray for me that i can find job with in this month.Pray for me that my family they going yo forgive me.pray me to touch thier hearts to acceptme and forgive me.pray for me for the reconcilation of my ex boy friend and I.I still love him.I still hoping to be together again.pray for me to remove the bad spirit or curses that we both have.thank you much.please help pray i need your prayers.lord,please hear my prayer.lord guide me every decesion in my life.lord,please help us my friend she needs also your help especially the problem she encounter.please bless us also to have a job this month.thank you lord.

  6. Jesus, I put all my trust in you. I am asking , seeking for the most suitable promotion on my job that will allow me to increase my income that I have worked so many years for and will allow me to have the time to take care of my household and my own health as well and that I can enjoy and use my current abilities as well as increase my knowledge. I am begging for the right contacts to help me meet my work goals that are set in place. I am asking for assistance in consistently meeting my revenue and unit goals. I am beleiving for supernatural favor today and everyday going forward. I am seeking an Enterprise position at my current job or better. I am seeking for respect I deserve as the hardworking woman, mother,employee that I am. I pray that it will show now in the natural to increase my confidence. I Jesus name I pray.

  7. I have been practicing devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus for 2 years and seen miracles in my family and conversions of hard hearts ,only through grace of God. I feel this has been my calling to pray at all times and show Love at all times as Jesus shows us Mercy and Love we are to show to others. And concecration of myself and my family to Mary and Jesus has been such a blessing. Thank you for you online site to spread these novenas.

  8. I prayed with all my heart, I looked at ally options to stay aty present business and they did not look good. Being humble to Mary, Jesus, God, & the holy sport. My prayers were answered. Some is giving me opportunity to my business and I’m closing my location. I read some where to in Jesus and have faith thank you for your prayers.

  9. The Lord most high!!
    My prayers have been answered!!
    The sacred heart of Jesus has paid my debts!
    Am at peace.
    Thank you Lord.
    I continue praying for my other needs. Jesus help me.

  10. Thank you Lord! My prayers have been partially answered as my son was offered a new job today. I will continue praying in faith for the remainder of my intentions.

    Also, I did not receive my email notification today.

  11. please pray for my granddaughters, 4 & 7, caught in the middle of a custody battle between to mentally ill parents. Please pray that God will spare them any more pain and instability.

  12. A question re: the proper way to pray the Novena:

    I was delayed in starting this novena yesterday with everyone else. I have prayed the first day today, and wonder if I should pray the second day’s prayers today, also (and so be in line with everyone else), or if I should simply pray each day’s prayers in order, and conclude the novena a day late?

    Your Brother in Christ,


    • I just started today because I heard them talking about the novena on the radio and they said to just do both today to catch up.

  13. I pray for a job for my husband. Again. Over and over again. Really starting to lose hope. Is a life of uncertainty the one you want us to lead, God? Do you want me to spend every night apart from my husband? Do you want his health to be compromised by his work hours? I pray for my son to stay safe and happy, to do well at school and to be treated fairly by classmates and teachers. He’s an awesome, caring kid who has gone through a lot the past few years. Wish he could get a break from those around him and from all of this chaos. I pray for my mom who had a big complication from what should have been a pretty routine surgery. Oh, and insurance isn’t paying for all the tests. I’m very much at my wit’s end and tired of the constant pain and hurt and worry. I try to put things in your hands–because, really, I have zero control over these situations–but yet they drag on and on and on. Please, please, please give us some peace and resolution and happiness.

    • Keep the faith sister…the hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers….If you are being tested as much tells me that God has something GREAT in store for you…keep going up the mountain you will soon reach the top and see the beautiful view all worth it. Satan knows God is about to deliver you so he is on your back for you to give up…tell satan he is a liar for u are a child of God…an heiress to His throne and your dad is THE King of KIngs…and if He is for you no one or nothing can be against you…He will raise you up and all your tests will become living testimonies….Praise God

  14. Please help pray that L loves A and comes back to her.Let him love her and think about their beautiful moments together,Let him miss her terribly and want no other girl but her.In Jesus Name I Pray For This Pleas pray for this and help bring them together again.

  15. Help me in praying for Lucas and Alex for him to love her with all his heart and mind,let him not have any other girl and stay true to Alex. Please In Jesus Name I Pray for this.They are so good together and a joy to see.

  16. Praying for my long distance relationship which doesn’t seem to work. My partner really loves me and my son but something keeps holding him back. Recently i discovered he has another girl on facebook and confronted him & her, he denied first then agreed and twisted the story that he really needs something from this girl and when he gets it we will be happy like before. the girl did not deny and she told me that he told her he was single. they are now lovebirds on Facebook and i feel really really bad when I see their posts on facebook. Sacred Heart of Jesus please reveal to me if this is the man for me or should I just move on.

    • there is a special person for many and some have the vocation of being single, but there is no vocation in fighting for attention. a man will be found when you chase after God’s heart and he beings him to you. GOD is not one to sell us short of what we deserve in life. You are beautiful in his eyes and need to set a good example in how women should be treated for your son. Delete them from Facebook as you only torment yourself. Find peace. No man who is trying to be sneaky “to get something back” is worth the time love and attention you are willing to give openly.

  17. I ask for Sacred Heart to please help my son find employment, so that he can have peace of mind too. I also pray for peace and unity in my family.Thank you Sacred Heart for Mary’s prayers and guidance and for granting our prayers through her intercession.

  18. my sister to get a job and i discern well to God’s calling. Scared Heart of Jesus have mercy on my poor family and Friends they need you. Amen