The Next Novena – The Pentecost Novena!

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holy spirit novenaWe’re really excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the original novena: The Pentecost Novena!

Did you know that Pentecost means the “Fiftieth Day?”Pentecost is the end of the Easter Season and the day when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with His Apostles. A beautiful and important feast for sure!The Holy Spirit plays a BIG part in our lives.

So, as we pray, ask the Holy Spirit for something concrete and measurable.

We will start praying on May 15th!

Your friends & family can sign up HERE.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

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  1. Some of my prayers are close to being answered. At least thing s are looking better at the present time. Thank you

  2. Sharing my awesome testimony. One of my prayer requests was for God to help my brother in law get a better job. On Monday of the Novena week he was called up and offered a job with over 3 times his current pay and to start in June. The novena was not even over then. Thanking God for His endless graces.

  3. My prayers have been answered. My daughter is expecting her first child at 35 and all tests have shown a healthy mother and child. I have been praying the novena and give praise to The Lord and Mary. Thank you all who prayed alongside me.

  4. I was in a dire financial hardship this month and my elderly neighbor I would check on and do things for passed away, last year and out of the blue her daughter sent me a check because she wanted to do something nice for me. Mary does listen to our needs….God provides when we give thanks and prayers.

  5. I have never prayed the novena for myself but I c such great miracles happening for others who i have prayed for i feel a sense if peace and total surrender to God the novena to our lady off the Undoer of knots and to the Holy Spirit thank u for all those novenas they r truly so blessed. God bless u both and thank u for them

  6. Dear HolySpirit ,

    I thank you for all the gifts that I and others during this novena have received. I request to you humbly to give me knowledge and wisdom at my workplace. I have ADHD and cannot seem to focus for long periods of time. Let me and my family be healthy and wise during our trials with our new born who is a tremendous gift in itself. I also pray that my wife will do good in school. I hope my new class in web designing will help me and my family, via me gaining a job that I love and I hope my current job will sustain till then. I pray for the happiness and love of my parents and sister. Help us with your gifts of piety , goodness , fear of the lord, wisdom, knowledge , counsel and fortitude. Thank you once again and show us you gifts which we and the rest of the suffering during this novena and the rest of our lives .

  7. Thank you for the novena of the Holy Spirit . I just know that God is doing something great in my life .thank to all of you.Made the Lord shower all of you with his blessings

  8. Dear Holy Spirit, this novena has been wonderful! So far my prayers have been answered! I will know for sure in a few days! I’ve ha many miracles in my life and I owe it to you! Thank you with all my heart.

  9. I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me to be the successful woman he wants me to be and to get married to the man the Holy Spirit wants me to be with.

    I also pray that the Holy Spirit watches over all of my loved ones

    Thank you

  10. I am happy to have joined this site as it gives me great comfort to pray with others and for others.

    God bless you all for such a gift.

    Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!

  11. Holy Spirit, you know what is constantly in my heard and on my mind. Please find it in your heart to answer my prayers favorably ans soon. You know it hurts me to see my daughter suffer so much, she deserves a better and heather life. In Jesus name I pray for our prayers, dreams and wishes to come true. Thank you

  12. Dear Holy Spirit, what a blessing you have been in my life!!! You have shown the right way to go when sometimes I didn’t even I needed it. I ask for your assistance to help me as I go through another challenge of cancer. Please Holy Spirit I would like to see my Grandchildren graduate from college, and spend retirement with my husband, but I know trust in you. YOU have a plan. Please help my husband and myself to make the right decision on retirement. Please lead, bring, carry, my family members who have left the church and faith, believing in themselves, not God. Please be with my Dad as he faces medical issues. Please be with my husband and help him with the challenges of his job and new boss. Please be with my sister as she deals with the disappointment of not getting the job interview she wanted so bad. Thank you I love you.

  13. Dear Lord, i am afraid to ask as my list would go on and on. I prayed and my prayers are getting answered. How great you are. I pray for the peace and love within my famyly. I pray for healt of my husband and strenght, health and financial stability for the whole family including my nephew who is living with us. I pray for my nephew to overcome his difficulties being away from his home and wisdom to make the right choice for his future. I pray for my children’s education, especialy the youngest son who is struggling to focus on his school. God, help us strenghten our fait. I would like to include in my prayers my neaces and nehews to find good husband and wife, God, strengten their faith . God have mercy.