Answered Prayers from The Pentecost Novena – 2015

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Holy Spirit ebookThank you for joining us in praying the Pentecost Novena!

We hope it was fruitful for you!

If any of your prayers were answered during or following this novena, please share them with us all below!

God bless you!


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  1. Beloved Holy Spirit, Here is the Publication as Promised and Thank You for Answering my Prayers!


    Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and who shows me the way to reach my ideal.
You who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me, and you who are in all instances of my life with me.

I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you, no matter how great material desires may be.

I want to be with you and my loved ones in perpetual glory. Amen. Thank you for your love towards me and my loved ones.

(A person must pray this prayer three consecutive days WITHOUT asking your wish. After the third day, your wish will be granted, no matter how difficult it may seem.
Then promise to publish this dialogue as soon as your favour has been granted.)

  2. Hey pavitra atma meri sahayta Kar.I pray for conversion of my father. He is cruel and don’t understand anything. He has always put us in difficulty knowingly and a very disgusting men. Lord Please touch with heart. I also accepted all the difficulties thinking it as your will but now I have given up my hope and everything. Lord you have given me such people in my life. Now please deal with them. Hear my cry and let me know that you are always with me

    • Beloved Holy Spirit, Here is the Publication as Promised and Thank You for Answering my Prayers!


      Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and who shows me the way to reach my ideal.
You who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me, and you who are in all instances of my life with me.

I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you, no matter how great material desires may be.

I want to be with you and my loved ones in perpetual glory. Amen. Thank you for your love towards me and my loved ones.

(A person must pray this prayer three consecutive days WITHOUT asking your wish. After the third day, your wish will be granted, no matter how difficult it may seem.
Then promise to publish this dialogue as soon as your favour has been granted.)

  3. I prayed the novena asking Sacred Heart of Jesus, to help me financially to receive the money I needed to pay my landlord, and the past due rents so I can stay in my apartment, to delay any eviction paperwork from being processed, I can see a sign that my prayers are being answered, I was able to give him $775.00 and hopefully I can receive the miracle blessing to pay in full the $3800 needed, and I ask Jesus that you pray and intercede on my behalf and stop any evictions from my landlord, I ask that you keep in heart compassion to give me a chance to pay, I’ve been a good tenant who usually pays 3 months in advance, but I’m going through a financial hardship, and I’m praying for a financial breakthrough. Thanks O sacred heart of Jesus for being by my side. I’m forever grateful for your grace mercy and favor. Amen

  4. Thank you for answering my prayers. First of all, my son is feeling better. Things with my husband are so much improved. Thankful my family is happier and healthier. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Blessed be God forever. Today I have received the good news that my daughter has passed her first semester law degree, after trying for so long. On 13 July, she is going back to varsity for the second semester and through prayer I hope God will see her complete her law degree this year. God listens and answers our prayers. Never give up on praying even if it takes longer to receive your request.

  6. I had prayed for God to bless me with a job as an NP. Today, I went for an interview and was offered the job on the spot. The way it happened was truly a divine intervention. The pay,benefits and everything is excellent. God is so good. I thank him for all the answered prayers.
    May God continue to meet each and everyone of us at our point of need.

  7. I am very thankful that after 2 years my husband ,who has diabetes ,was non compliment went back on his medicine and is trying to eat right,Praise God,Thank you Mary for u tiring that knot,

  8. God is so Good!

    I was blessed to find this group and have been praying novenas for months now :) I have been battling cancer ( sarcomas) since 2008 and find great comfort in prayer. My scans have been good and I continue to pray for mercy, healing and grace.

    I have been praying particularly hard for a job for my husband, who has been out of work for a couple years. Our prayers have been answered and he starts work in a few weeks!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the novena i would like to make a annual donation by a bank draft kindly send me your postal address on my email regards Stanley

  10. To be as blessed as I one must know that my prayers are always answered, though not always in the way I would like. Just to know that our Lord and His Mother are even aware of my little life is the answer to many of my requests. For their decisions to my pleas are always right. To be Catholic and have this wonderful gift of Prayer through Novenas is truly special and precious. I am grateful to have found this site for prayer with others and for others. I pray ALL prayers will be answered in ways that are obvious to the person or persons praying. Prayer in itself is such a beautiful healer. Please continue to keep this site open to all and I pray for your fortitude and ability to do so. God Bless You.

  11. My prayer was answered on the 9th day.

    I prayed that the Sacred Heart would help me to make the correct decision whether to or not to extend the lease to my tenant on my house. As I was still deliberating, she called me on the 9th day and told me of her problems and asked for an extension.

    I offered her more time, for which she was eternally grateful, praising GOD for his help. I too was praising God for his mercy and loving help to me.

    I felt good in my decision because it was the right thing to do. May the Sacred Heart be with us all and our children for generations now and forever. Amen

    Thank you.


  12. I prayed that I would meet a like minded devout Catholic friend, as I have felt very lonely for many years even though I am surrounded by people. Probably a week after the Holy Spirit novena ended I developed a friendship with someone I met through a mutual friend and we are both so thankful to have met as she was experiencing a similar thing. We can talk about our faith at a level we just can’t with our everyday friends.

  13. O Holy Spirit, You are the giver of life. During the Pentecostal Novena I had asked for help with a financial situation. I was in touch with a creditor who notified me that they were willing to forgive me 80% (!!) of the debt that they were originally hounding me for. I was shocked beyond belief. The total amount that is owed is still quite high considering I am still disabled and not able to work and have only my SS to live on. We are currently working out a repayment plan. I owe my gratitude to Your most powerful machinations in accomplishing this feat for me.

    God bless You in Your blessed Trinity. I pray Your prayer every single morning. Amen.

  14. During the Pentecostal Novena I prayed to the Holy Spirit that I may get a permanent job. During day 5 of the Novena i met a friend who found my CV interesting,and submitted it to his senior. On day 7 I was invited for interview, which was conducted on 1st June and today (11th June) I have been offered a permanent job contract.
    I have learnt that God listens to us and may put us through “waiting period” during which He is testing and strengthening our faith.
    I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me a job, and pray that He comforts all who seek Him.Amen.

  15. I prayed the Pentecost Novena for my 2 grown children to come back to the Faith, along with their fiancés. Last week my daughter told me her boyfriend’s parents have started going to Mass more often. Yesterday she announced she’d like to spend Sundays with our family and attend Mass together! I know this is just the beginning of the answer I’m seeking, but I’m also confident the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts from now on.

  16. I prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I
    am being troubled by youngsters at my work
    place for no reason. They have been playing
    politics at the cost of my eyes. So I have prayed
    that God should look upon them and teach them
    to be honest in life or else they will be troubled
    the way they try to do thing to others.

    Sacred Heart has answered my prayers and put
    them in the track for the moment and I pray
    that they learn for this lesson.

    Thanks to Sacred Heart of Jesus as he is my support in
    all possible way when my husband has just now been
    call by the Lord for his service and that loss for me and y two girls is very difficult, even though I am 57 years of age. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

  17. I have been trying for about 14 months to break into a new job market in a tight and competitive field. I received an email this week that one of the best firms in this city wants to meet with me next week to discuss. Thank you Lord and everyone for all your prayers!

  18. My husband and I prayed the Pentecost novena, with the hopes that we would become pregnant. I am happy to say that the author of life heard our pleas and I am pregnant. Thanks be to God! Blessed be the Lord!

  19. Thank you Holy Spirit for your intercession for the answered prayers. Finally my daughter’s thesis was approved last week and she will be graduating this end of the month. Thank you, too, for being always with my family to guide us and keep us safe from harm.

  20. I joined this wonderful family (praymorenovenas) and after a series of novenas my request to conceive has been realized. Thank God, Mother Mary, and the saints and angels for this answered prayer.

    I continue to pray that God will preserve this pregnancy to full term and grant me the gift of motherhood.


  21. The Holy Spirit has moved swiftly in my life and that of my loved ones… It seemed impossible, but we are all on the road to quitting cigarettes. My boyfriend wasn’t open to the idea prior to the Pentecost Novena. After I completed the Novena, we decided together to quit. Then I got a call from my dear brother saying he hadn’t smoked for a day and was going to get the patches.
    My heart is joyous and in awe, not just because of answered prayers but because I feel differently after saying the Pentecost Novena… I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you thank you thank you, Heavenly Father!!!!!!!

  22. Thanks to this website and i pray God bless John-Paul & Annie for teach me & others how to pray novena. In a special way i thank and pray for my friend Lilian, who generously shared with me this link, God bless them all abundantly.

    My prayer request,
    I pray that God grace for the healing power to pour upon my dear Parents Dad & Mum who are unwell, and i trust in Lord all will be well, through the Novena i commit them to Jesus. Please help me to pray for my parents,

  23. My prayer has been answered by Mary and the Holy Spirit. My daughter was diagnosed with a much less severe illness that can be managed. I am so grateful. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. Amen.

  24. I prayed that God would direct and lead my daughter L to a new job while sreving out her notice. She received an offer a week after the novena. Thank you Holy Spirit for your intercession

  25. My US Visa was renewed after the novena. After I have been refused for 3 times. May God’s name be praised forever. Amen

  26. I prayed for a financial stability and a husband. On the day after novena I received a interview request and a job offer. All glory be to God for hearing and answering my prayer.

  27. Thank you for the answered prayers. I am disabled retired and my son received a Scholarship for full tuition to college. Thank you Jesus!

  28. During the Pentecost novena, I prayed for a new job, and I got it (during the 9-day Novena!). I thank the Holy Spirit for His intercession!!!

  29. Praise and thanksgiving to Our Lord and Savior for answering my prayer, we are once again able to be with our twin granddaughters after their mother refused to allow us visits.
    And our son who is recovering alcoholic is currently free from his addictions. This all happened after the Mary Undoer of Knots and the Pentecost novenas.

  30. Thank you to the Holy Spirit for healing a loved one. He had been told his heart condition was terminal and he was deteriorating rapidly but his heart function has improved by 50% The doctor even used the word “miracle”. Deo gratias!

  31. I prayed the novena to the Holy Spirit for Gods help. I told him I wasdesperate for his help. I had two requests which was for my job and phd program.
    I got a letter from a company I applied to inviting for a test. I also got a response from a Dr who is interested in my Research proposal.
    I am very thankful to God because I know he hears prayers. I continue to believe that his Perfect Will shall be Done. Amen

    Thank you God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  32. Thanks and praise for prayers answered by praying the Pentecost Novena. My son was experiencing some financial difficulties and on the first day, the second day and the ninth day of praying the novena, unexpected funds came in. So grateful for such a powerful novena.
    God is good

  33. I prayed with great trust for employment…..halfway through the Novena I had an interview for a great job and by the last day I was offered the position. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and Praise God for his goodness!

  34. My mom, my self and my sister prayed this novena for our brother who stoped praying a long time ago and have withdraw himself away from most of the family. Today almost 6 days after we finished the novena we saw a beautiful change in him and he actually came and asked to say a prayer before my mom left on her trip. We just want to say that Holy spirit gave us a beautiful miracle today and we are so very happy and greatful. Amazing things happen when you believe and let God do it in his time. :)

  35. I am still praying for two of my family members to find purposeful, full-time employment, but one of the three I held up in prayer during the Pentecost novena has received a job offer for a full-time purposeful job that will use my family member’s creativity and talent! Thank you Holy Spirit!

  36. My brother is home from the hospital he has a mild chemo treatment right now, God answer my prayers… Thank y’all for the prayers too.. We still hoping that, the medicine that he took this time can completely hail the liver cancer…

  37. I thank Our Lady Undoer of Knots and the Holy Spirit for the blessings given to my family. My mother-in-law was suffering for three and a half years with cancer and she was given very little time. My husband and his mother were given the gift of sharing the last week together and she passed away peacefully at home as she had wished.

  38. God is so great! My husband was diagnosed of rectal cancer last 2013. Since then I start and join praying for the Novena for his healing, recovery, & acceptance. He finished his radiation and this year he just finished his chemo therapy. His surgery on 2014 was successful. His tumor was removed. He is on his recovery, but this year he will do another procedure because something is blocking on his anus maybe side effect of his radiation and the MRI result is not malignant and his surgeon will do 2 surgeries to remove the blocking, first on June 18 and after weeks observation he will do another surgery for closure bec his using conostomy for almost 1 year now. I’m very thankful and blessed for the positive answered prayer. I’m claiming that his 2 surgeries will be successful and he will live to his normal life. Thank you Lord!

  39. I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me to move on from my current job where I was unhappy. I got a interview call and have got a new good job during the novena. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, my true guide and strength

  40. I asked the Holy spirit for a job on the 1st day and on the 4th day I got a call for an interview. Was given the job same day. Thank you holy spirit.

  41. I submitted a prayer request during the Pentecost novena about my pregnancy. My doctor was afraid it might be ectopic or otherwise leading to a miscarriage and at my appointment yesterday they were able to find a heartbeat and the baby measured at 9 weeks and everything appears to be normal and healthy at this point. I’m feeling incredibly blessed! Thank you Jesus, please continue to bless me and my family and this pregnancy!

  42. I prayed the Pentecost Novena for specific needs of two of my family members. Both of them were answered. Thank you God for listening to my prayers.

  43. The job that I was praying for came through! God has guided my hand to a place where I can build a career. I am very grateful for the intercession of the Holy Spirit and God’s guiding spirit.

  44. I am overjoyed after praying this novena (to Mary undoer of knots) my prayer Was answered 11months my husband cama to joined me in the UK .
    Thanks be to god .
    Yo mary undoer of knots

  45. With great thanks I was offered a full-time dream job. After 7 years of building my experience in this industry I have finally got a break and offered a full time role in an amazing company. I’m over the moon.
    It has been much struggle and financial stress leading up to this event and I am so grateful for the fruits of this novena.

  46. Praise to God after the Pentecost novena my prayers were answered. Some of our educators started to show positive signs by assisting with late coming in the morning i.e. learners and also they attend to their periods on time. I am grateful as we wont win all of them at once I hope that eventually every one will be on board and we will teach these learners who are less fortunate as they attend school in the township. Thank you so much. God bless us all.

  47. I have gotten lots of testimonies to give out.I was recently posted to a new site were my a site boss never liked Africans and and me in particular! So I started my novena through St Jude and I was answered on the 9th day by being changed to another site and a good site. I thank St Jude. Secondly I was called by my manager for a bonus on the 9th day of the same novena,I was praying for a financial breakthrough. Now this a real miracle, because I found a complete leveled against me on the same day for using my phone while at work! So the manager asked me what they should do for me. I kept quiet but my heart said Jesus take control and I was given an envelop containing 300 dollars . It was a time when I was financially down and my wife couldn’t even take our kids to school. I thank St Jude,Jesus and mother Mary. It’s all about complete faith in Jesus.

  48. praise be Jesus and Mary.
    I am a widow for 15 years, I have nothing left, no house, no money, and now I lost my job, my children are not with me, I am just simple and alone, struggling to live with life. I prayed so hard to the Lord, to the Holy Spirit, to Jesus Mary and Joseph, at my age of 62, I found a new job. Isn’t that amazing? The Lord promise to protect the widow, and now I am thankful to God for what He has done to me. Love you Lord.

  49. I have been dating this boy now for the last 2years, prayed the Pentecost novena asking God to show me a sign if he was going to be my husband or not. And on Tuesday, this guy called and ended the relationship for no serious reason. Thank u Lord for prayers answered instead of being with him and wasting my time.

  50. My friend in Brooklyn finally lost all the weight that weighed her down – Many Demons – Love was the Solution! it’s as if since she found “Real and Mutual Love” not from many years ago but “present” in the now Love, most of her demons especially the social and spiritual problems she used to encounter – she has no more!

    she has friends and family to keep her company while awaiting Her Lord – besides having too much fun on Earth to rush Home!

    Make a career out of leisure life, I say!

  51. Glory be to God, i really was praying for my sister to find a man who will make her happy and thank God she now has someone putting a smile on her face and most importantly, her doctor for the illness she has told her not to stress too much that she should try by all means to be happy and i can see the happiness through her eyes. O holy spirit, Let this happiness conrinue in her life, because this can help in healing her illness. Thank you Lord!!

  52. I have prayed four different novenas for this Pentecost because I so wanted to truly convert and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, so, on Pentecost Sunday I was prayed over with the laying of hands and though I cried, I felt peace. I had also made an appointment with a holy, local priest and though , at first, he said that my inner healing would be a long process and would take quite some time, he heard me out and showed me that was a victim and need feel guilty anymore but to be at peace and allow God, in His time, to heal me. He too asked me to lay his hands on me and I accepted and i felt that peace of mind and in my chest that was tight before. I know it’s a first step, but it’s a positive one and I feel blessed. Thank You, Almighty, loving, Father God.

  53. Dear Paul & Anne
    Thanks for Coordinating God’s work here,
    Before we started the holy spirit Novena i had to much pressure from various individuals who wanted their money back with interest approx ugx 9.5m, and standard charted loan which went bad in a few months ago. I was forced to run to barclays bank here in Uganda for a consolidation loan to clear off standard Chartered loan(Ugx 9.7m) and centenary bank(Ugx 7.7m) such that i remain with one bank,however the it was declined due to the status of my financial card, fear increased as a result.
    But i want to thank God for standard chartered to allow me clear the loan in installments as opposed to one lump sum,this has partially reduced on the pressure. Although i don’t have this money now but i know God will make a way for me. Therefore i still need your prayers,ideas and any support that can help me get out of debt and attain financial stability.

  54. Join me in thanking the Holy Spirit for the gift of speaking in tongues while praying and for answering my prayer as regards some issues that has been coming up in my work place where someone or some persons are trying to implicate innocent people which may cost them their jobs, that the Holy Spirit will continue to intervene for us all and may the culprit be found soon. So thankful for not been falsely accused and for the situation to just end as if it never came up. Thanks!

  55. I prayed the Pentecost novena for my wife who was in a state of confusion over her faith,job and life.She was constantly being bombarded with bout of depression and hopelessness.On the second day of the novena she gave an old lady a ride,who ministered to her about faith and God,she was so shock that the lady was talking to her about things that have been affecting her faith and she prayed with my wife.By day four, my wife was wondering how she was experiencing happiness and joy and a new zeal .By day five the boss gave her some time off to relax at home,including lunch the other day.Praise you Jesus.All thanks to you Lord who sent the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us.

  56. As I was reading everyone’s answers to prayers, I was genuinely happy for everyone. I just sighed and said I wish I had a praise report. It was several hours later as I was pondering this throughout the day. All of a sudden an overwhelming sense of peace and the fog in my head cleared. I felt a total sense of well being come over me. Worry was replaced with God’s perfect timing in a situation regarding my son. That peace is anchored in my being and I thank the Holy Sprit and Mary the undoer of knots for giving me back my peace, faith and trust that whatever happens in my son’s case it’s in God’s hands and He knows exactly what my son needs to experience so that he can turn to the Lord and repent and come back into the fold.
    Thank you Holy Spirit and Mary. Amen

  57. I prayed the Holy Spirit novena with the intention of God’s good timing for my engagement, unbeknownst to my boyfriend, David. As it turned out, on the eve of Pentecost, David proposed! We are now scheduled to be married in October of this year!! Praise God!

  58. I just joined at the ending Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, and while I did not do all the Novena, Mary did answer my request just yesterday, May 26, as my daughter and granddaughter did speak with one another (my initial request) after I did do all the Novena to the Holy Spirit. (I asked to be closer to the Holy Spirit.) with this novena. My what blessings I have received through this mission of yours. Thank You for leading the way for me.

  59. I prayed the Pentecost Novena for my grandson Ethan, & tonight he was awarded a scholorship. This scholorship will help him attain his dream of becoming an engineer. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you for all your blessings.

  60. My prayer was answered even I did not finish the novena.. My brother got a clearance from UAE and exit the country… The problems were solved and he’s now going home. While staying in our hometown, waiting for his visa going back to Oman and return for work.. Thank you, thank you Lord for what you have done to us…

  61. Thanks to God through the intercession of mother Mary ,Undoer of Knots and St.Jude foot answering my request-:healing swelling in my hands & feet, & for safe and quick tooth extraction .
    Once again,thanks and also all those who paid with me,may God bless them , abundantly.
    To U ,JohnP. & Annie , God’s richly blessings ! Amen .

  62. We were very happy to hear this morning that my boyfriend passed the test he prepared so hard for!

    Thank you Holy Spirit!

  63. I Thank God answered prayers. I was in fanacial difficulty and not know What to do or go I took part in the Pentecost Novena and ask my husband for the money and to my surprise he doubled the amount. Prise God for His fevour on me,Please people of God I need your prayers. Thank God.

  64. Thank God for answering my prayer I have been healed physically and emotionally. I received good news that is going to change my life thank you Father in your word you promised you will never leave us…..Thank you for th break through. …Thank you for your prayers at pray more novenas

  65. Our Lady Mother of grace, love, hope and charity. Mother of divine love. Mother of perpetual help has always been and will always my pillar of strength. Thank your for all the graces you have bestowed upon us as a family. Through your Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus we have gone from strength to strength. To be a single parent has always been a challenge but having our Mother of Christ with her Son always nearby was a gift from heaven. Thank you MOM.

  66. I prayed the novena of the Lady Undoer of Knots for financial help. I was desperate and losing hope. I turned to our Mother Mary for help and prayed the novena twice before the feastday and for the feastday. I received financial solution even before finishing the novena. Thanks be to God and thanks to Our Lady for her powerful intercession! Ave Maria!

  67. I prayed these prayers for my niece that took cancer an is going through chemo and she found out today she got all clear .want tosay s big thankyou for sharing your prayers GOD BLESS X

  68. I prayed for my CPA exam and two friend who has cancer.
    Thank you Mother Mary, Tom’s Cancer surgery was a success 5/26 and it was not affected any other part of the body aside his lung. He undergo a surgery to cut 1/3 of this right lung instead of 2/3.

    Thank you,

  69. I was diagnosed with a small cancerous tumor on my right breast and was having problems arranging surgery but on the 8th day of the Pentecost Novena everything fell into place and my surgery was done on the 25th. Everything is going well now and complete recovery is expected. Thanks and praise to GOD.

  70. I am happy to say that by day four of the Pentecost novena my son had started receiving offer letters from international universities. we had been praying as a family that he gets a full scholarship to study or that he gets enrolled at a university where we can afford the fees, well the offers have started coming. my daughter has started getting more job offers as well. I thank God for this and am hopeful that God will answer the other prayers

  71. We have for a long time as a family been praying for one of our brothers who had lost interest and focus in life and seems to be chronically depressed. During the Pentecost Novena, we asked the Holy Spirit to lead him back to the right path and it happened! He made calls to some family members during this novena seeking help, something we have all been praying for & we are ready to offer him all the help. We continue to give thanks and praise to God the Father for his miraculous work within each one of us.

  72. Praise be to God. I did the Pentecost Novena and on Sunday one of my prayers was answered. Thanks be to God with him all things are possible.

  73. I thank God our father for granting my son who is imprisoned spiritual healing through my prayer of this novena for him. Thank you John Paul and Annie for bringing us all novena prayers.

  74. So many issues with my supervisor over the last 2 years because of my Age & ethnicity that I’m very capable of performing the job I have held for 35 yrs. Now I have my self esteem back! Asking for the Holy Spirit to continue to cast out the bad evil spirits.

  75. My husband and I have been out of work for a few months. We have 2 kids and a mortgage and have been very anxious over our financial situation. I prayed the Mary Undoer of Knots Novena and at the end my husband got a job offer. I was overjoyed and knew my miracle would come. I continued to pray the Pentecost Novena and now I too have received an offer for a good job. Praise God for His mercies never end!!

  76. I prayed for my husband to benefit from the auction car sales which he was being delayed. He was finally given not only that one but was given another for free. Thanks to God

  77. Thank you Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots and Holy Spirit. My daughter has found a part-time job. I pray that she is safe as she has to at times work late in the evenings. Thank you to all who send us the novenas. God Bless you all.

  78. I had been praying for a friend of mine who had been in a serious car accident and has been recovering slowly, but surely. She was owed money by her insurance agency and the process had been taking too long to be finalized. However, on May 20th, in the middle of the Pentecost novena, her money finally came through and she can now clear all her debt. Thank God for His love and mercy; and thanks for the prayers :)