Final Prayer – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting my prayers to have my best friend absorbed into the pharmacy that she was doing her practicum at. I now feel more at ease because of your massive blessings to her.

  2. Thank you Lord isn’t enough. I’m seeing a healing that I have been praying for a cure. Most of all knowing that you are faithful to your promises to be with believers through all our trials. For me it was knowing husband would go through an endoscopy and also an angioplasty It was all successful. You lined up the most skilled doctors, who saved him from a major heart event. They saved his life. You saved both of our lives. Glory to you Lord, giving us such talented doctors. Continue to bless these men as they save who you allow to be saved. My life is yours .

  3. Hi everyone we just finish the secred heart of Jesus novena I’m thanking God for everything .he may not give it to me the job i pray to him the last interview i had in which he closed it the door for me but i know he has a reasons why he closes it coz i believe he will open a big and more wider door for me soon. Praise be God the most higb forever

  4. Thankful prayers for John-Paul & Annie that have made these Novenas available. I pray that their podcast will forever be to help us in need. Thanks for helping me to stay on track. Although I cannot help them financially, my prayers are with them.

  5. Thank you dear Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    I was got and started a new job.
    Praise God! It came in your time not mine. I felt often discouraged and frustrated but God granted my request at the perfect time and the perfect position.
    Thy will be done…

  6. I prayed this Novena I missed one day went back to say it.I have faith in the sacred heart of Jesus. I have faith in my request I have faith in Him.
    Bryan will be home soon and we will be stranger and closer then before.We will move forward and leave every hurdle to this point wayyyy behind us we have our whole life ahead.we will build a better family and future together soon and very soon thru the Graces of our Lord and Savior Jesus the son , God and the Holy Spirit.
    Amen and Amen to all.

  7. Thank you Lord Jesus for my Abundant Blessings for myself and my family. I bring to your holy throne my son Larry, my cousin Ruth and her husband Larry that in this time serious medical issues for Larry that they will turn to you and experience your love embracing them and their family and if it be your holy will bring healing for both of them. I lift up my son-in-law Steve who has applied for an interviewed for three jobs. He especially desires the position as English teacher at a Catholic School where he will be able to use his gifts there and enjoys being with kids and teaching them. For my son-in-law Martin and my daughter laure that they will receive blessed benefits from their wellness program that they are on and that Martin’s colon issues will be completely healed as well as his hip. 4 dear friends Bernard and George Google are in the later stages of Alzheimer’s that the Lord we’ll hold them close with their families. Thank you mother Mary for holding that close to your bosom, Thank you Lord Jesus for your love.

  8. Thank you God for Jesus, for all of the blessings in my life, and for granting the petitions of all who have prayed this novena! I ask specifically for protection for JB and NC, for a good Catholic woman for CB, for more work for AB, a job for TB and for peace of mind and heart for myself.

  9. Thank you God for all you do for everyone. Please God, give peace and good health for:
    Janice S
    Frank S
    Christi S
    Please let us have a safe, healthy and peaceful summer. Thank you.
    Jesus, I trust in you.

  10. secret heart of jesus give me good health please help me in my monthly finance and save my money daily my money goes away
    i dont have a job whatever i had saved it finish pl god help me and get a suitable job for me

  11. secret heart of jesus please help me in my finance everyday my money goes away no saving at all i am worried about myself daily 1000/- and above please god help me i am sending tiffin but no profit at all get me some job for me please help me god and give luck in my house

  12. 5 years ago today I found myself in the Intensive Care Ward at the hospital. The doctor informed me that I had cirrhosis of the liver bleeding varices hepatitis C and a variety of other chronic conditions. I was in despair I was an alcoholic and Knew No Way Out! After the doctor left the room and feeling sorry for myself I look down at the tray on my bed and saw a little plastic Rosary that someone had left. Just then I heard a booming voice in my head “if you pray my rosary I will help you”. That day I said my first rosary I have not missed a day in five years. I have not had a drink in 5 years!! I have had my hepatitis C cured and feel better than ever both physically and mentally. I just bought my first house. I attend church every week. Thank you blessed mother for your intercession. May the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception be my health and my protection. I love praying these novenas with everyone I’m living proof of the intercession of God into our lives. God bless you all.

  13. Most scared hearth of Jesus i just wanted to thank you heavenly father for this day scared hearth of Jesus I pray for my fellow friends that has been praying the novenas with us each day scared heart of Jesus that you may bless all their petitions o lord . God our father creator if heaven and earth show on to us your mercy grant us peace that we may live in Truth and Holiness, God the father may your grace shine upon us. O Immaculate heart of Mary mother of god pray for us, guide our feet steps in the right part, for this I pray good that you continued to bless John- Paul & Annie for praying with us each day o lord for this I pray that you may bless me so that I will pick up a job with good salary so that I can provide for my family of four and allowed me to help others in your heavenly name I pray , our father who art in heaven Holland be thy name thy Kingdom Come thy will be done on Earth it was in heaven forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but delivered us from evil.

  14. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you for taking on the sins of this World to give me and the humane race the ability to redeem ourselves from SIN. How thoughtful most Heavenly Father to send LOVE into the World through your son, Jesus Christ to teach us… If only we would ALL listen to Jesus’s teachings from the Apostles. ????????????
    Heavenly Father, made it possible in giving to mankind is overwhelming and beyond words…. It’s a mystery and I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide me and use me as His instrument.
    Praying for all people seeking to find this Peace and do God’s Will always.????
    We become less so that Jesus becomes more.
    I pray for all persons looking for a better life will receive an honestly goodness reward from our creator.
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  15. I have shared this Sacred Heart Novena with a friend who’s elderly Mother was very ill, my friend told me she said the Novena and her mother recovered

  16. Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please bless me with a new job as my old contract has just ended.
    My family depends on this and i always belive you will not allow my enemies to laugh at me.

    My good Lord, open down heaven and shower my family and I with blessing on our finances, job and health.

    All the plans we have this summer, me it come to fruition. As i am waiting on the outcome of the job interview i have been to, dear Lord, my i be blessed with good news.

    Thanks Jesus for answered prayers

  17. Dear Jesus please help my family and do not let me lose my job as my family will lose everything. I love my job and family and need to support them. Please grant a financial miracle please help us and thank you


  19. I am more at peace with my husbands passing. I still need your prayers.
    It has only a major nth seance he died and I miss him so much. I pray he is resting in the arms of Jesus. I pray in thanksgiving for my grand daughter Kaila who has returned to church. God bless her. I pray my son and his return to weekly Mass. I pray my great grand children get Baptized. I pray for a safe trip to Steve tomorrow Amen

  20. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer for my Sarah. Please help me recover from agrapohia which keeps returning – it was wonderful to feel so empowered from my recent trip to Blackpool. Help me to keep positive. In the name of the father. Amen

  21. Thank You Lord Jesus for all You have done and for all that You have given my family and me. Please continue to hear our prayers and answer them. Thank You for all the dear saints who intercede for us, especially Saint Padre Pio, who always prayed this novena to You. Please continue to hear our prayers, and please let Your will be done for us, and give us the strength to accept Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  22. Thank You dear Jesus for all You have done for me. Please continue to be there for me and hear my prayers. I continue to pray for Alan and me. Please let Your will be done for us. I hope and pray that He will contact me now or soon. I hope and pray that his love for me is strong and real and that he chooses not to let me go without making some effort to work things out. But most importantly, I hope and pray for Your will to be done for us. I will continue to pray for a sign or an answer to my prayer that will let me know what Your will is. I pray that I will recieve that answer soon, and that I will have the strength to accept Your will for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  23. Sacred Heart of Jesus. You are everything to me. I Love you Jesus and your most precious heart. Please open the hearts of my children and heal our family. In your name, AMEN

  24. Oh Scared Heart of Jesus I ask your help for my granddaughter who is on drugs. I ask for your mercy and love. She does not know you. Satan has a hold on her. Let her seek the help she needs before it is to late. Our family has tried all we can. YOU are her only hope. Please we need a miracle today.
    I ask these these things in Jesus name.

  25. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray that you bless me with the grace of a good job that will allow me to use my skills and talents,bring me happiness and financial security as well as peace of mind and of heart very soon.
    I pray for reconciliation, peace and health within my family.
    Please help me to forgive all those who have hurt me and teach me to forget the wrongs they have done.
    In Jesus’name.

  26. Thank you, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, God, the Father, and God, the Holy Spirit, most Blessed Mother, all you Holy Men and Women in Heaven watching over us, the legions of angels lovingly protecting us, family and friends in heaven and on earth praying for us. Prayers are being answered. With a grateful heart, I ask for your continued help and support. ????????

  27. Sacred heart of jesus ,I place my life into your hands. I place my financial situation into your hand .Heavenly father I pray in jesus name for financial deliverance.

  28. I humbly ask everyone to pray for my family CA, JA and KC to be united as a family. My family has been separated for some time now and we are hoping to be united soon please pray for us, please pray that all our legal battle will be over and we are victorious.

    Thank you

  29. Dear heart of jesus. Thank u always for been there for me u always answer my prayers. Please answer this request my son and his wife are troubled in their marriage. They say it’s over please answer my prayers and guide them back together dear heart of jesus. Thank you for all ur kindness in difficult times.i light a candle in honour of u each day.ur loving servant.ger

  30. \total conversion healing believe trust thank you more Humility surrender let go maintain 102 mary ann mario de’s brother david father Ed brad sean dad mary Gene tom i want eyes of christ thank you

  31. Thank you Heavenly Father for our dedication to this novena! I pray that everyone who prayed this novena be BLESSED! Thank you Father for giving us the desires of our hearts. I am so grateful! Thank you for all that I have in spite of me asking for more. I love you Lord Jesus for the love you give to my family and I. I ask nothing of you on tonight because you already know what I need. Grant my family and I your grace and your mercy. Let your unmeasurable love stay in our hearts, minds, and souls forever. You are and will always be the Lord of our lives. Lord keep us covered from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet in the precious precious blood of Jesus! Let no weapon that form or try to form against us prosper. Let your will and your way be done in every aspect of our lives. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR ALLOWING US TO KEEP OUR HOME! Amen

  32. Please pray for me my enemies ( colleagues at work) are teaming up against me in different ways. They want to see me out of my job and it has been for years that this kind of thing happens.

    Pray for my mom (TRV) who is insane she doesn’t want the our parish priest to visit her home when visiting the sick I don’t really understand what is her problem because she is sick and old enough to behave like this she is 85years this year.

    Please pray for my children TI, KM, TP MM, MM, and TLN that in all their challenges they may find their path and give them the gift of wisdom and understanding

    Pray for the lobola negotiations that is going to take place at my in laws (AC) place next week Saturday that we be guided by the holy spirit and there be Peace and Love in the family and those that are travelling should travel safe.

  33. O Sacred Heart of Jesus ,
    I pray that this novena to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus is worthwhile in my case . I have prayed earnestly for a turnaround in my tormented life , both mentally and physically . Please listen to my prayer ro revamp my existence . Sure l have made many mistakes and sinned against Your Holy Name , but l firmly resolve to change my life for the better . Guide me in my quest to be a mature adult and be more responsible . I pray that my second stroke is finally cured soon , as well as my incontinence situation soon . I pray for Your Divine Mercy , Love and Understanding for my plight .
    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ ,
    John Fielder
    Melbourne , Australia
    23rd.June 2017
    Local Time : 5.32 p.m.

  34. Sacred Heart of Jesus ..
    Please hear My Prayers for good test results for my
    prostate cancer biopsy that I will be having this morning. Thank You with All Of My Heart ????