Day 9 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 9 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. thank you jesus for all the blessings u hve bestowed upon me to be a better person and save all those who cry out for ur hand which saves .jesus my saviour and best friend .amen

  2. May the almighty God by the merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus grant us all our good intentions including the payment of my wife’s pension and gratuity. Amen

  3. For a continued loving friendship with a special friend, I pray. Keep him safe from evil and harm and continued love and service in Christ. Amen

    For a healing of body, mind, spirit and soul of all, that we may be one in The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen

  4. please pray for my Grandson healing, my daughter who is his caregiver. For my husband healing.
    For Phil,Pam,John. Sissy, and for myself . That we may all receive healing in Jesus name. I pray for my granddaughters that they may know and love you sweet Jesus. Thank you Jesus for your Love Amen.

  5. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Trinity please hear my prayers. Intercede for me on behalf of my sick brother, Grant. Most heavenly host protect my brother and heal his body in order to do your Holy Will.
    Amen ???? ???? ????
    Please hear my prayers for my sister, Brenda and I place a cross between us. MAY your intercessions bring healing into our relationship. I never harbored any ill feelings towards my sister. I don’t understand why the maltreatment towards me. I’ve always wanted the best for my baby sister. Remove, Oh heavenly host remove all bitterness from Brenda’s heart. I ask this to the Holy Will of God the Father. Amen ???? ???? ????

  6. Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear my prayers for our families. My husband’s brother, Keith to be more forgiving. Place a cross between the the two brothers and may the silent treatment stop and healing come between these brothers, Frankie and Keith…Remove the bitterness from Keith forever!
    My sister Regina to become spiritually grounded and show by her example of a Christian lifestyle by her actions to all her family.
    May my niece Veronica find peace in her life. My prayers for my niece is a hunger for God’s word in her daily life. Stop seeing ungodly people around her children. Praying that the large candlelight and prayers at Mass I placed yesterday will give Veronica the guidance of the Holy Spirit immediately in her life. That her two young children will be her main concern always.
    Most blessed Mother Mary & St Joseph and all the Angles and Saints please intercede for these people, I pray.
    Place a cross between Veronica and Dave to heal all misunderstandings. Quiet Veronica’s mind to be still and know that God has all the answers. Amen ???? ???? ????

  7. I pray for the prayer intentions of the entire Pray More Novenas community of believers, not only for those written intentions but also those held in each of your hearts. I pray for all believers intentions: written, spoken, and in our minds & hearts.
    I present to You, Lord, each and every intention, desire and request.
    Help us all to face every cross we must bear with the hope of Jesus, our confidant, each day.
    Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray, Amen

  8. Sacred Heart of Jesus I asked for prayer for Donald Bedford that you heal his body and that the doctor will release him when he go to the doctor next month so that he can go back to work that’s my prayer request Sacred Heart of Jesus I thank you in advance for answering my prayers that the doctor will release him and that he will be able to go back to work Sacred Heart of Jesus my prayer request is that he will become my husband and I will become his wife and then we will become man and wife March the night 2019 and I thank you in advance Sacred Heart of Jesus

  9. Please dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, let me know Your will for Alan and me. Please help us to know what to do and to be able to have the strength and confidence to do it. I want us to be together, but I know we have a lot of things to work out and to get through. If it is Your will for us, please lead us and guide us to do what we must in order to be together. If it is Your will, please let Alan contact me to let me know his love for me, and to let me know he cares about me and doesn’t want to let me go. I leave this in Your hands dear Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please let me know what Your will is for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  10. I want to thank You dear Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing my prayers and answering them. Thank you for hearing the prayers of St. Pio and allowing him to intercede for us. Please continue to hear and answer our prayers, and please give us the strength to accept Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray and ask thee that my husband continue to have good health and strength so that he can accomplish what he has set out to do. Please I pray that my children and grandchildren continue in the right path and that they never forget that you are always at their side to keep them safe. Thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon us. I pray that all my family never lose faith. Please let there be world peace. Amen

  12. I pray for good results with the doctor’s appointment for my son. That there is no more hindrances, disappointments, obstacles in his path. Blessings of a notable miracle with his exam results and good news. Bless us with an opportunity to come here with our testimony of praises and thanksgiving. Amen

  13. I pray for the christian radio chanels that need support to continue on the radio. Lord I do not have the funds and means to help but I am praying that those who do have the financial means will help.
    I pray for my son Carroll to get a job. And I pray that my granddauthers mother passes all of her remaining test while in training.
    I ask these things in the name of Jesus.

  14. Please show a sign to Manuela and Adley to stay away from travelling around f to dangerous places for feat of God protection and cha he of heart for all files.Reconciliation between Joan,Cindy,Maria,Eva and my prayer group.For ma uelas marriage problem.
    O sacred heart of Jesus I place my Trust in yoy

  15. Please pray the public art project I’m working on comes together. Pray the designs are spectacular, the working harmony excellent and the price is right. Pray an addition project in Greece is granted and it is a smooth fulfilling process. Pray for my mother and father and six sisters and brother. Thank you, Amen.

  16. Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus. Please touch my family’s heart and mind and draw us closer to you. Forgive us all for any wrong doing.
    Please keep Josiel an expecting mother and baby she is carrying with good health. I pray for my sisters to please be at peace with our mother. I pray that you will guide me to complete my application for a different job. Please help us financially. Most Sacred heart of Jesus let us do your will and not ours. I pray for healing for all my family members. Thank you for all the blessings. Please watch over our families and keep all evil and harm away from us. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  17. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for child-like faith for me and my family. Help us to look at Jesus’ finished work on the cross rather than our circumstances. I am so grateful to you for so many blessings, my family, healing my dad of cancer, softening my brother’s heart. I thank you for the restoration you are doing in our lives right now. God bless the United States of America. In Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  18. Thanks giving that Kaila is going to church. Thank you for companship.
    Pray that I have a good day. Pray that my husband is resting with God in Heaven. Pray that Brett and Adam start going to church and that have their babies Baptized. Amen

  19. May God forgive me for the mistakes I have made over the years, being so negative and poisonous even as I told myself I was doing everything right and good. I am sorry for everything I have done but the consequences will be played out long after I have left. I know my sentence in purgatory will be long (if I make it there) and I accept this as well-deserved. Please continue to pray for all of the souls in purgatory. If they are like I have been, they did not mean to do evil in the world but they were unaware of what they were doing. May God grant us all his mercy.

    • Dear JB, reading your prayer of longing for God’s forgiveness and peace, my heart goes out to you. Your letter is so beautiful and filled with the grace of repentence. How very blessed you are to realize this in the depths of your heart. I am amazed at God’s precious revelation to you. How grateful you must be and truly I feel gratefulness to God for you also.
      Being a sinner myself, I wish to share with you something that has helped and healed me to understand God’s unconditional love and forgiveness for us no matter what we have done. Are you familiar with St. Faustina and Divine Mercy? Jesus appeared to her and revealed his simple and loving way of knowing how very much he loves us no matter what. He yearns and loves when the worst of sinners come to Him and He then pours His Mercy into them. The book explaining this is, “The Diary of St. Faustina” It has changed my life from being frozen in my mistakes of the past and even the present and instead be immersed in the Blood and Water from the side of Christ and realize true forgiveness and healing. Dear JB, it is so loving and simple, easy to read and precious.
      I will be praying for you.

  20. Lord Jesus, thank you for many blessings. Please soften my childrens and husband’s hearts that are not in a relationship with you, Jesus. Please bring them back to the Catholic Faith and have full faith in you. Please strength my son’s heart and faith that is a devout Catholic so he can teach and practice his faith with his family. Thank you Lord for my family. Please guide me to better understanding and give me words to proclaim your will. Also, please guide me and my doctors to better treatment of my disease. Please encourage my RA doctor to accept my thought of more natural treatment.
    Thank you Lord.

  21. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray that you bless me with a good job which will allow me to use my skills and talents, bring me happiness, financial security as well as peace of mind and of heart very soon.
    In Jesus’ name.

  22. Thank you Heavenly Father for sparing our lives from the storm. Thank you for Your love. Thank You for everything that we take for granted on a daily basis, (shelter, food, water, electricity, etc). Today I ask in the name of JESUS that You BLESS our lives with the things that we are in need of. Please answer our prayers Father. For without you we are nothing. Heavenly Father you have shown your love for me and my family over and over again. By Monday Lord let everything be taken care of with our home. I ask this of you in the mighty mighty name of JESUS! Amen

  23. O Blessed Sacred Heart Of Jesus ,
    I am most definitely at the crossroads of my life . I pray for a miracle cure for my second stroke which has daunted me for 4 years , 5 months and 20 days to date . I am FRUSTRATED , TIRED and NONPLUSSED by this second stroke , which has paralysed my upper and lower left limbs , confined to a manual wheelchair and home . To compound matters l have incontinence issues of the same duration as well as stupid , bad flaws in mind . I pray O Sacred Heart of Jesus to cleanse my life and transform my wayward direction . I realise my heart is not pure like Your Divinity Lord Jesus but l fervently want to change for the better . Help me on the right path towards goodness .
    You very humble servant ,
    John Fielder
    Melbourne , Australia
    22nd.June 2017
    Local Time : 9.25 p.m.

  24. I pray first today in thanksgiving for all our blessings. I pray for employment that will use my talents and skills and experience to provide the wants and needs of my family. Thank you. Amen

  25. In Jesus’ name I pray that the Holy Spirit soften my husband’s heart towards me and our marriage. That his rebellious attitude be transformed into positive energy focused on faith and restoring our marriage and family. I pray that the Lord restores our marriage to one that is full of faith, love, and hope. I know that God knows what is in my heart and I believe that he has set in motion a plan for restoring my marriage. May I listen clearly and not stray.

    In Jesus’ name I pray.


  26. Please help Sarah to complete her last paper today and to do as well as she possibly can. Help her overcome her anaemia and become well so that she can enjoy the summer.

  27. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, please watch over Alan and me. Please let Your will be done for us. Please let us know what Your will is, and help us to accept it. Please come into our minds and hearts and show us the way. If it can be that we can be together, then I hope and pray we will be. I hope that our love for each other is strong enough to overcome any obstacles we face. We have been struggling for so long to be together. Please guide us and help us to know what we should do and the best way to do it. I have complete faith and trust in You, dear Jesus. I leave this in Your hands, because I believe You want what’s best for us. Please let us get to that place where we should be. Please take away all the confusion and doubt. If Alan truly cares for me and loves me like he says he does, and it is Your will for us to be together, then please let him reach out to me and express his feelings and love for me. I pray for all this indecision to come to an end. I don’t want either one of us to hurt anymore. Please show us a sign. Thy wil be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  28. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus please help the boy Ton that is Blind he is 13 years old the dr are saying surgery also please help my Son he stop smoking but he finding it hard he has 3 kids My daughter going on her trip sat keep her safe My husband hearing lost get mad at me. Also I pray for him I adore you My Jesus And thank you for my strength for my Family And other I help Amen

  29. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for my niece that her second cancer surgery goes as plan. Also pray for my sister, she is going to the doctor to find out what is going on with her and her abdominal pain.
    Please Jesus, protect us and give us strength. Thank you for your prayers.

  30. Please pray for my daughter she might have to under go surgery as she got a polip near her overy and cannot consive also may Jesus our healer guide the drs. Doing it and she will recover soon and have her baby
    Thank you for your prayers

  31. Sacred Heart…. where I had hope, I have fear. I ask for no miracles, I pray for strength. The pain never leaves me. How can I help my husband like this? It’s been 3 years. Holy Mother I beg for moments of peace…. pls take pity on me, your faithful servant.

  32. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please hear My Prayers for good test results from my prostate cancer biopsy that I will have tomorrow .
    Thank You with All Of My Heart ????