Day 1 – St. Maria Goretti Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Maria Goretti Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear God i pray through your faithful servant that you save me for all my sins and the sins of the whole world, i lift up my children, give them wisdom, love, compation and may they grow to be respectful to all humanity Father i pray that i may get a well paying job so i’m able to support my family, also free us from debt and help all those suffering with adictions especially myself please pray for me for i am an alcoholic and i want to free my self from that vice in Jesus’ name i pray Amen

  2. I am praying for a well-compensated salary and for my uncle (Segundo Jr- Freedom with all our Debts. In the name of Jesus and Powerful Holy Spirit. – St. Maria Goretti PRAY for Us.

  3. My intentions are for my friend Maria Eugenia, please God grant her peace. For my friens Hilda and Lulu, please God help them with their illnes. Amen.

  4. My intentions in this Novena for St Maria Goretti are for my youngest daughter, Sarah. She is a very good, kind person. But she is questioning the existence of God. I realize this is a question in the minds of many people in todays world. Sarah knows God. It’s so hard for her now with all the questioning people around.
    St Maria Goretti, she is young and she needs your help, please, help to show her back. Thank you
    In Christ’s name, Amen

  5. My Dad and I are praying it and this is My 2nd year, I must admit I admire her strength and now beg of her the intentions I place in her hands for intersession begging for Your prayers as well… Thanks in advance!

  6. Saints Goretti help me for everything cause I’m looking for a Government VA. No one calls me. Please help me prayers days & night I hope my Lords

  7. I ask for prayers for my son John who I discern needs deliverance from strongholds agsinst purity, and possibly pornography. Please join me in praying for conversion and return to confession and holy communion for our son.
    St Maria Goretti please pray for us.

  8. I thank God for journey mercy to my country
    I pray for God’s protection throughout my staying in Nigeria my mother land
    I pray for peace and understanding among my siblings
    I pray for peace and understanding among my brothers and sisters inlaw
    I pray for peace in the world
    I pray for God’s blessings and wisdom in my children life.
    I pray for good health in my family
    I pray for God’s blessing for those that i remembered and those that i did not remember in Jesus name Amen

  9. Dear St. Maria Goretti please pray that I may be blessed with a good job where I can use my skills & talents, find happiness, financial security as well as peace of mind and of heart very soon.
    Please pray for my son’s well being; physically, spiritually and emotionally and that he finds happiness and confidence within himself.
    Please pray that I may forgive those who have hurt me and forget the wrongs they have done.
    St. Maria Goretti, please pray for me.

  10. Needing many prayers as my husband wants a divorce. He has also found his next one. I am heartbroken, and pray for calm during this storm.

  11. Through the intercession of St Maria Goretti- I would like to pray for my son’s heart to be open to the virtue of purity and to return to the Catholic faith and stop living with his girlfriend. I also pray that his girlfriend will open her heart as well.
    St Maria Goretti_pray for us!

  12. Please pray for a happy death for our cousin Mark, who is in the stage of dying. I know he will see the face of God. He is a great christian of the Catholic faith. A wonderful person. I so pray that he doesn’t have to suffer more than he is. Our Mother Mary, please be there for him in his passing.
    Thank you Jesus.

  13. I pray oh dearest saint Maria whose feast falls​ on my birthday to help me live a life of purity and chastity so that i may truly be one with Christ. Amen

  14. Dear St. Maria Goretti, Blessed Mother & Lord Jesus,
    I pray for purity of mind and heart, please heal the pain and swelling in my leg so that I can take care of myself and everyday tasks. Help me to pray more earnestly since I cannot move very easily. Wash through me with the healing power of your Holy Spirit. Father, please let me heal quickly in your Holy Will. Let me not take health for granted again. In Jesus’ name.

    Please bless my children and inspire them to return to church. I pray especially for the souls of mom and David, for my family and friends, for those I promised to pray for, for souls and sinners. Protect us from the influence of the evil one St. Michael in the name of Jesus.

    Somehow help me to have stable finances and lessen my anxiety about the future. Let me place all my trust in you Lord Jesus.

  15. I pray for my relationship that God will be done in it. I pray that God should heal my bone. I pray GOD give me a family of my own and provide for me so that i can take care of them

  16. I pray for my daughter to leave the SSA marriage and find her true journey that the Lord has planned for her. I pray that my faith will grow even as I have not yet received an answer from the Lord on my intention. I trust in you Lord Jesus.

  17. I wish for prayers to my son who has finished his degree to be blessed with good grades for his effort to be awarded good .

    I also pray for my daughter who has parted with her hubby and she is down due to unreconciled issue

    I pray also to my son who had just gotten a job to be able to sustain the family I pray this through our CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR

  18. Oh St. Maria Goretti, we ask you to pray for me and my family that God may pour blessing on to us. Pray for my son Vincent who is doing his KCSE this year and my daughter Faustina who is in form one. Let God give them wisdom and ability to do well in their studies.Also pray for my country Kenya for peaceful election.Pray for protection of my family from our Enemies.In God all things are possible!

  19. St. Maria Goretti – please pray that I may forgive my son when he treats me poorly. That I may have purity in my heart and know that I need this along with praying for forgiveness. Thank you for your intercession.

  20. Please pray for my granddaughter Briana, healing of drugs,sinful life, for a repentant return to the sacraments, and take care of her daughter Sunserai. Also for my son James healing of heart failure, kidney failure. Thank you and God bless.

  21. St. Maria Goretti,

    I pray this Novena which begins on my 27th birthday on June 27th; I thank Jesus for the wonderful life He has blessed me with and I am eternally thankful for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying this novena. What a blessed life we all have!

    I ask for my heart to be filled with joy and for me to find happiness after a year of darkness. I also pray to forgive myself for my past sins, and to strive for holiness daily.

    St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

  22. Lord Jesus, and Little St. Maria,
    I pray for more purity in my life, especially in my home. I pray that purity enters under my roof when my sons return, allow Daniel to receive purity in his heart. That together we find more peace and love in our relationship. Hear my prayers. This is the desire of my heart, forgive me of sin, the forgiveness of others and live like You more. Help my son Daniel and Sean to feel the same. I pray that we are united in one home, that exudes all, peace, love and purity! Amen

  23. Lord jesus I place my life into your hands. I place my financial needs into your hands. I pray for my children. I pray that they be successful with their exams. I place the person marking their exams papers into your hands..I pray for my marriage.

  24. Praying for my own 3 children.praying for all their friends and all young people today who have lost their way and turn to drink and drugs.praying for students starting college as there is alot of drinking and drugs going on.praying to st maria for purity and firgiveness in my own life and family.amen

  25. Dear Maria Goretti, pray for me to get financial break through to be able to pay tuition for my children and buy air ticket for my son Cardy to go to UK. Pray my son Steve to pass his exams that he will sit for in July with high marks. Pray for my children Cardy, Nels and Stev for God to release the bondage of any evil domination in the name of Jesus. Let all evil influences by demonic friends clear away in Jesus name. Let every association and agreement between our children and our enemies be scattered in name of Jesus.

  26. Pray for purity of heart and peace of mind. That l may have a good visit to Southport and visit the white church again. In the name of the father.