Day 4 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray that our daughter will come back to us with our grandson and leave an abusive relationship. Please pray our relationship will be restored with love and respect. Thank you to all and may Gods blessings shine on you.

  2. Dear St Jude
    Patron of Impossible pray for the approval of residence permit without going to court.
    Also in your mercy direct me to foreign Investors who genuine and righteous to invest in 75 hectares of land and and agricultural 45 hectares of land.
    I know you have done it and I give thanks praise and adoration because I will give testimonies in due course in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  3. Thank you for your healing me o Lord, blessed Mother,St Therese, St.Jude. We wait on the Lord He knows the most perfect plan for us. If it is possible, the house across the street be available for us to buy as our home. We have done rented and God has lead us this far in our journey to find a place . Pray for Christina and Ernie to sell us their house at a price we can afford. We ask this in Jesus name through the intercession of StJude. Show us the way. We know you have the best for us.

  4. Dear loving St Jude i beg u to pray for my impossible things in my life if it is God’s will. Amen.
    St jude thadius pray for us. Amen.

  5. Dear loving St Jude i beg u to pray for my impossible things in my life if it is God’s will. Amen.
    St jude thadius pray for us.

  6. I pray for success in my forthcoming exams, release of my license, interviews and relocation to the country of my choice. For total healing in my breast, womb & fruit of the womb. Financial breakthrough in my family and traveling mercies.

  7. Pray for my brothers to change for the better. And for my family to love one another. For me to find a job. Protect my husband,sons and all family members from harm. Amen.

  8. Please dear Saint Jude, intercede to God for me. Please ask Him to let His will be done for me, and that I may know what His will is, and have the strength to accept it. I pray to know what decisions to make regarding my marriage. I pray for God’s will to be done for Alan and me. I pray to be happy, and to make good, practical decisions regarding my future and my relationships. Please hear and answer my prayers. Help me to get to where I need to in my life. Please let me have the knowledge and the courage to move forward so that I may find peace, love and happiness. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. I pray that my children, grandchild , family and I be protected and covered with God’s grace. Keep us safe and healthy. I pray for marriage for Seth. Peace and reconciliation with SV.

  10. Dear St Jude you are a powerfull intercessor,l pray for my daughter charlene to recieve healing to her knee that is really giving her pains,l stand in the gap and believe that she will recieve her mirracle today in Jesus name.
    I pray for those looking for work especially my nephew peter,remember them lord.
    St jude thadius pray for us.

  11. My marriage is on the verge of divorce I’ve been in this struggle for 7 years my husband is not a Christian I’m tired of trying he doesn’t want to try I’m at the end of the road
    He is stuck and refuses to move it’s a loveless marriage with absolutely no communication at all it’s not a marriage and our children are suffering
    Only a miracle from God can save this marriage St Jude we come to you believing in miracles

  12. Please intercede for me st Jude for a marriage partner, ave been struggling althrough but I have faith as I pray this novena all will b well in Jesus name..kindly remember me n let ur will b done,,

  13. St Jude apostle and friend of Jesus please pray for my silent womb so that it can be me and my hubby a second child also pray for my bro I and m so that they can be the men God created them to be. Amen

  14. Most blessed St. Jude, Please intercede for my husband and I for financial stability. Help us to grow more in faith, hope, love and especially to become Strong Catholic Leaders in our church community.
    Prayers for your intercessions Blessed St. Jude for the protection of THE FAMILY…Husband, wife and children.
    Praying also St. Jude for all our faithful Catholic leaders, priest, nuns, lay men and lay women in our local church communities.
    St. Jude please guide us all to continue supporting the church by hearing the Holy Gospel daily. May the Catholic tradition be honoured, and respected for generations to come by teaching our children the truth about Jesus’s death and resurrection.
    St. Jude praying for more priest and more bible studies in our churches, and homes if necessary. St. Jude, please give all persons the grace to show by example how to love one another especially in front of innocent children.
    Intercede St. Jude for all young weak Catholics who have lost hope in the One True Holy Catholic Apostolic Church sent by Jesus Christ and do not attend Mass.
    Praying for guidance of the Holy Spirit St. Jude to all persons especially in evangelizing the Holy Gospel according to the Catholic Church’s sacraments and doctrine. Your prayers and intercession St. Jude will help us all to take authority in the name of Jesus and to seek and find God.
    St. Jude we are all living in trying and difficult times where the faith of the Catholic teachings has been grossly misunderstood, not only by outsiders of other dominations but among our own Catholics themselves. Practicing Catholics and nominal Catholics totally ignorant and unaware of the truth about our Catholic doctrine. I pray now for your intercessions St. Jude to open our minds and our hearts to have a hunger to Know , to Adour, to Love and to Serve our Lord, Jesus Christ who has died for us and where is the gratitude?

    Help us all St. Jude to learn more about our Catholic traditions so that we can talk about such events like “THE FATIMA MIRACLES” for example. The messages from Our Blessed Mother are extremely important today as they were exactly 100 years ago! More so today then ever, with the threat of a nuclear war. Our loving and Blessed Mother has come to warn us about unforeseeable events. Yes, we must not forget that there is such a place called “HELL’ The three children in Fatima did see “Hell” and the consequence of SIN. It appears ST. Jude that many people believe that there isn’t such a place. Many young people don’t believe that there is a God, let alone a Hell.
    Please, please St. Jude hear my prayers that we all learn and grow with the knowledge of the Gospel. Knowledge is powerful in defending our faith and living it fully. We must spread the good news as a Baptized Christian Catholic of the Holy Gospel to all persons on our pilgrimage in this world. We must not be ashamed of our Catholic heritage if we don’t do anything now we will be sinning through the sins of omission. I pray for your intersessions most blessed St. Jude. Amen

  15. Please release me from the pills that have affected me renderi g e useles Let me just take a little and help me deal with panic attacks. In the name of the father.

  16. I have become a faithful, supportive & mostly appreciative participant in these novenas for some time now. However, I feel the need to say in what I hope is a constructive way, that recently the prayers of each successive novena have become increasingly “watered down” versions of the ones before. The name of the saint has been changed & their specific “specialty” but the rest of the content of the prayer is repetitious and without depth. It is disappointing and feels like a missed opportunity to deepen my knowledge of & devotion to the Saint and grow in faith & fervor in my dependency on God’s graces through that saint’s intercession.
    I have not seen any other respondents who reflected my feelings but it seemed important that I share mine. God’s blessings be with us all as we strive to grow in our faith and prayer life!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Lyn, I just wanted to add your response as well. As a middle aged woman working full time and helping with our farm my time for Novena’s was so limited. I feel very blessed to have found Pray More Novena’s it is concise. I also take care of my church FB page and share it with our other parishioners. It is a good way to introduce our brothers and sisters to Novena’s. These timely Novena’s make me wish to learn more about the saint so when I have more times on the weekends I will look for other resources to expand. Here is a good one for St Jude. I am so impressed with John-Paul and Annie taking on this ministry in their young age. God Bless you both. Love in Christ Barbara

    • I will pray for you Lyn. I will also pray for the tremendous work both John-Paul and Annie are doing in keeping prayermorenovena active. Amen

  17. I pray that my sister, my husband and myself will be able to pay our debts and stay out of it in Jesus’s name I pray Amen.

  18. St. Jude, pray for my daughter as she enters treatment for the second time for an eating disorder. Please also pray for our family’s financial situation.

  19. I pray for my financial needs. I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. I pray that you may open the doors of TNlcbtt.lord I pray for a miracle I pray that my children be successful with their studies .Bless my family and keep them safe

  20. Blessings on applications for my son for medical schools. Favor of interviews and seat soon. For good health , to keep in God’s path trust and faith in Jesus Christ.
    For protection, guidance wherever he goes and lives. News of interviews soon so that we can come back here with our thanksgiving and testimony. Amen

  21. O Saint Jude I ask you to pray for me and help me in my daily struggles to help me financially and have faith and hope that I can overcome the Hardship.
    For will Honor you as my Patron.

  22. O St Jude, I pray that my prayers for my father will be answered and whatever life he has left will be peaceful. I pray that the state will agree with all the other drs. I pray for Haley Black who is suffering from cancer. I pray for peace happiness and tranquility to be restored in our family and home. I pray for all those praying this novena also. Thank you. AMEN

  23. Please join me in asking our Oatron Saint Jude to heal and restore my relationship with Michael. I also pray that my sister recovery from her illness and is able to walk out of tge hospital.
    I pray that my children are filled wit health , joy love and prosperity and they find perfect mates for them. In gratitude and thanksgiving I proclaim in Jesus name Amen!

  24. St Jude, please pray for me. I pay my rent by Direct Debit every single month without fail but ny landlord, the Council, have sent me a letter saying I am in arrears. This is extremely unfair and heartbreaking as I would never miss a rent payment as I am a responsible person. Please pray for me that the Council may open their eyes and see that they are persecuting the wrong person, unless there are hidden charges which they have not inforned me about Amen

  25. St.Jude pray for constipation & urination problems…Pray for brother’s health ,both my sisters in their health too..Pray for sister J in her painful legs…to get better…Pray for baby Chloe to recover from injuries……Thank you

  26. St Jude I pray for complete healing for my every beloveds from everything my parents and my love Sumit emotionally physically mentally and spritually I pray for a good salary permanent school teaching job in St James School nearby my location please fulfill my these intentions

  27. I pray for the intercession and prayers from St Jude for my daughter.
    She has papilledema and will be having a spinal tap on Monday.
    The doctor has said that the situation is not severe but I pray, and ask the prayers of the PMN community, for her health, well-being, and that no harm comes to her, with God at her side.