Day 5 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Help pray for me of my intentions to guide me, enlighten my mind, give me the focus, concentration, knowledge and wisdom that I maybe able to choose and shade the correct answer during our principal exam on Dec 9,2018.Pray for me St. Jude for my intention. Hear my prayers Oh God. Amen

  2. Dear St. Jude kindly intercede for my family so that my husband and I get a job to provide for our family. Amen.

  3. Dear St Jude please ask our Father to cure me of this second round of cancer. Please give me the strength to go through the next rounds of chemotherapy. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  4. Kindly please pray for the young pregnant wife who was brutally battered with a steel bar by her husband.

    As a result ended up in hospital and had to have her baby induced ,thus both Mum & Baby were saved.

    Let’s hope and pray they survive this atrocious ordeal! GODBLESS!



  5. Praying for my niece. St Jude help me to have the faith that you had and know that God will answer my prayers. I am praying that she be reunited with the people that love and care for her and that she may have a peace of mind knowing God is taking care of her.
    Praying for my siblings that God may be the centre of their marriages.
    St Jude intercede for me my heart cries out to you

  6. Saint Jude please intercede my daughter’s exam and her fellow students to be very good. May they be in the next class which is their final year .Holy Spirit please restore back the gift of the intelligence that my daughter had ,to utilise in her studies in Jesus name I pray. Please intercede to my finances Im forever in debts I need to be free from debt

  7. Saint Jude please intercede I’m losing my things mysteriously and this does not sit me well if is a person who wants to despise me help me.

  8. Please pray for my son James who has been going thru a very difficult time. he is looking for a job and I pray that he finds the right job for him.

  9. Lord Jesus, thru the intercession of St. Jude, I pray that there will be nothing wrong with my second mammogram schedule this morning. I also pray for all the needs of my family, esp. their spiritual needs. Thank you Lord and St. Jude.

  10. Most blessed St. Jude intercede on my behalf while I try and put together a report for The Legion of Mary. Pray that we have more devout members to join us Preasidium. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.
    St. Jude please intercede for Divine intercession for our small Preasidium of eight active members. I have been away from the Legion for about 15 years and only back about a couple of months now.
    The procedures for my report are not so fresh in my mind. I will be praying for all you people requesting prayers on the praymoremovenas to receive Graces from our blessed Mother Mary and that your prayers will be answered soon. Thank you St. Jude for your intercessions.

  11. Dear St. Jude Thaddeus of the Saint, I pray that love will flow in my family and my siblings especially my sister Lahui Terence with forgiveness & humbleness. I pray that my daughter Violet & Maurice will do well at school. I n Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.
    Financial help with my daughter’s partial outstanding of K 1400.00 to be paid this week, In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.
    I love you St. Jude.

  12. I pray that I will know what God’s will is for me. I pray God will guide me in the right direction and help me to make the right decisions regarding my marriage and with my relationship with Alan. Please give me the wisdom, knowledge and strength to make the right choices in my life so that I will find happiness, love and peace. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  13. Dear St Jude,to l pray and ask God to restore this family,my husband walked out of me and our three children 6yrs ago,and hes now remarried,l pray to God to let me live my life for Jesus.Let God do what He thinks is best for me.
    I place my daughter unto His throan,heal her lord from a swollen painfull knee.l know Lord that you have never denied me what l ask for,dear Jesus send your Angels to night to touch her and make her whole,in jesus mighty name l pray,AMEN.
    St Jude,patron of hopeless cases,pray for us.

  14. O St.Jude , Patron Saint of Impossible Causes ,
    Am I losing the PLOT ? I sense that despite my honourable intentions , I just seem to be in a rut now . I pray for understanding and love of my family , my wife Catherine and daughter Lauren . I am at fault and would like to atone for my moody , indifferent ways.
    I pray to You , St. Jude Thaddeus , to provide me with a miracle cure
    for my long illness , a paralysing second stroke and incontinence issue since 2nd.May 2013 . I believe in God and have FAITH and TRUST that He will heal me soon . Listen to my request prayer of Hope , Sincerity and Love for myself to change and turnaround my life for goodness sake .
    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ Forever Amen ,
    John Fielder ,
    Melbourne , Australia ,
    24th.October 2017
    Local Time 8.54 a.m.

  15. That my sister and her husband make enough money to pay off his student loans. And have a happy and healthy life with kids so that the two of them aren’t alone.
    St. Jude pray for us.

  16. Dearest friend of Jesus St Jude please pray for my silent womb so that it can be me and my hubby a second child also pray for my bro I and m so that they can be the men God created them to be. Amen

  17. Oh Saint Jude
    Please Pray that My Grandaughter come to this world with Love Health and may she Bring togetherness to Our Family.
    I will Honor you as My Patron.


  18. St. Jude, interceded for myself, & my husband to study the Catholic teachings fully. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch us profoundly. Interceded St. Jude for RF, her daughter VF to have a healthy & honest relationship. Heal VF’S hurts from her teenage years. May mother & daughter’s relationship become honest. Remove the gossips from VF lips about her parents.
    St. Jude intercede that RF is touched by the Holy Spirit & that her heart seeks the truth about her daughter’s lifestyle. Pray that VF has the right Catholic people surrounding her to grow more in her faith & to know & love God better!
    May VF understand her role as a Catholic that she needs to be confirmed. May VF have the right people surrounding her in order to influence her children in a positive way. May V.F turn her life around & be free from mental illness & on the correct path for full recovery. Amen

  19. Prayers for DG and community
    Healing of body and soul for self ,family,relatives,friends and those who have no one to pray for them
    For special intentions
    For all who are making this novena,especially those most in need.
    The poor souls in purgatory

  20. Prayers for healings for myself and good medical reports today. Continue to pray for my son to get interviews soon and a seat in a good medical school today. Father God, you know that I have faith and trust you and you know what I pray for my son every day and night, so please fulfil this desire and make my heart be at peace, In Jesus Mighty name, Amen. Thank you St Jude for taking all my prayers and intentions , Amen.

  21. Dear ST .Jude please help me to have concentration while I’m reviewing and all the one I study must retain in my memory…St ..Jude help me to have a 88 % in my incoming Nle board exam..St .Jude help me also be reconcile in my husband and make him realized what’s he’s doing ..Please help me to be back together again as husband and wife and help me to stop my husband as womanizer and cheating with other woman..Amen ..I love u St.Jude

  22. Dear St. Jude,
    I pray for your help in healing my back,
    Financial help with my house
    Jim decides to retire soon, so we could be together .

  23. I pray that love will flow in my family. I pray that my daughters will do well at school. I lift my business now in prayers so that as the products are about to get here we have the ways and means of clearing them. I n Jesus’s name I pray Amen

  24. Intercede dear St.Jude for my nephew, LD to return to the Catholic Faith with more fervor and devotion than ever before.

    Intercede dear St. Jude to sell our house quickly and smoothly.

    Intercede dear St. Jude the impossible that LD and CA will get married in the church, but no matter what, their wedding will be more perfect than they could ever imagine and have a strong, healthy and holy marriage.

    Interceded dear St. for me to have peace in accepting God’s Will and Plan for my nephew and his soon to be wife.

  25. st jude please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that i am not alone – special intentions – lord help me – your child – diane/nj/usa

  26. Please pray that I get my financial situation under control.
    Please pray for all those in my family who are suffering physically and mentally that they may find and receive the care they need.

  27. Dear St Jude:
    I Pray for the following intentions:
    That my anxiety induced insomnia, along with
    general anxiety, will finally be alleviated, by
    trusting wholly in Jesus Christ.
    That my Marriage be strengthened.
    That my Daughter returns to the Catholic Church,
    bringing our Granddaughters for Baptism.
    That my Son becomes engaged soon to his girlfriend.
    That K,D. finds a job soon.
    For all my family and friends who are suffering in
    any way.
    That the U,S. finds a peaceful way to resolve issues
    with North Korea, without bombs, weapons or war.
    For all these intentions I fervently Prsy to you,
    Dear St. Jude.

  28. Thank you for my feeling braver. Help me to go to Tuesday group and get my jewellery without hassle. In the name of the father.

  29. Praying through this season, facing unemployment, praying that I am able to find an opportunity that have continously pray for. As a mother I am constantly in prayer and I have strong faith but I also worry. I am getting better, but I need to leave it all in God’s hand.

  30. St.Jude continue to help me in my digestive system……Pray for my brother & sisters in their health …..Pray for sister J in her painful legs to improve…..Thank you

  31. My marriage is on the verge of divorce I’ve been in this struggle for many many years my husband is not a Christian I’m tired of trying he doesn’t want to try I’m at the end of the road
    He is stuck and refuses to move it’s a loveless marriage with absolutely no communication at all it’s not a marriage and our children are suffering
    Only a miracle from God can save this marriage
    Help me Lord and hear my prayers st Jude

    • Praying with you.
      Because marriage is a Covenant which has Jesus in the center,
      because Blessed Mother said, ‘they have no more wine’ and Jesus responded, we pray BELIEVING these marriages will be healed.
      Amazing GRACE by OUR LORD!