Day 3 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 3 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Jude, I ask you to intervene to the father, the son and the holy spirt for his blessings in granting healing for addictions, underemployment and problems with my granddaughter’s problems with her peers that continue to bully her. Thank you Lord and St Jude for all petitions answered. I will continue to reveal to others the power of you St Jude saint of the impossible causes.
    Amen. Gracias a Dios y la madre de Dios.

  2. Please pray for my children’s father who has caught an infection ,after undergoing cataract operation.
    He has been readmitted at the clinic where he had to have further treatment, with an injection in his eye. Pray for his speedy recovery. GODBLESS YOU ALL! XX



  3. I ask St. Jude’s intercession to pray to God for Ng Yuk Kam is able to recover from pancreatic and liver cancer. Please make this impossible to be possible! Amen!

  4. Please St. Jude help and guide me for the right path of life and to find me the best job I deserve and to support my parents, and so I find the love of my life so I can be happy and forever blessed. Amen.

  5. Please intercede for me dear Saint Jude, that I may know God’s will for me and have the strength to accept it. I pray for the strength and knowledge to make the right choices for my future, my marriage and my relationship with Al, and that I will get to where I need to so that I may find peace, joy, love and happiness in my life.
    Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. I pray that my son be touched by the heart of God and enlightened and in gratitude may begin to volunteer and also find a regular job – working with or among others through which he can give God glory and stand up on his own two feet. I pray that he learn not to depend totally on others but be able to make it on his own with God’s help. Yet I pray that he feels a connection with our family and can be healed in relationships and for our family to grow close in heart. A job which brings gratitude, work, responsibility and healing are what I pray for. And that he may be surrounded by better friends.

  7. Dear St Jude,
    I ask for you to intercede for my Son B who is going threw a hard time in his life right now,and also for my family to stay strong in faith in love so we can overcome all the trials were going threw .
    I know you will hear my petitions most holy St Jude.
    I will be forever thankful to you.
    In Jesus Christ name we pray ..

    Thank you

  8. St Jude Pray that my grand daughter Lauren gets the job that she has
    applied for. Or a job that she is hoping to get so she can continue her
    education. Thank you St. Jude for you help. Amen

  9. Saint Jude please find us a job that will let us pay our rwnt in December and forward so that we can stay in this soft landing place that God gave us. It is a no way but you can find a way type of problem. And please help my wife with her health issues!


  10. Most Blessed Saint Jude please intercede for me so that my sister, has a hunger to know God’s will. Praying also that her daughter, Veronica returns to the RC faith with her two children. May Veronica starts teaching her five year old son about God’s Love and attend church….
    This I pray most blessed St Jude for a miracle in Jesus Holy name.???? ???? ????

  11. Dearest St Jude the apostle of impossible pray for my silent womb so that I can bear me and my hubby second child also pray for my bro I and m and make them the men God created them to be. Amen

  12. St Jude please pray for me that i can succeed in my new job and profession and open up my brain to understand and memorise what i learn.

  13. St Jude please help my sister and brother find employment that will help them to turn their lives around. Please help my friend S in her personal and professional battles. Please intervene in situation with KF and make the seemingly hopeless and impossible, come to be. Amen.

  14. Please accept my intentions and petition for my son to be accepted in a good medical school today / this week with some good news with interviews and consideration from medical school. Amen

  15. st jude please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that i am not alone – prayers for the should of my father michael – who died so young – prayers for the soul of my mother ann – left a young widow to raise 2 children as a waitress – lord hear my prayer – your child – diane/nj/usa

  16. Prayers requested for my son. He seems to be searching for something, he is restless in soul and spirit. He has faith and belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but he wavers in and out of his spiritual walk. He struggles with the material things of this world and it affects his integrity and character. He was not raised in this way and I would like prayers to help him find his way back to our Lord and on the path the Lord has intended for him to walk. He is currently unemployed, but is in a training program for a job. The training program is hard with many tests, but it will be a great career for him. So far he has passed all the tests. I ask for prayers for his continued success in school as he prepares for this career that I pray is the will of our Lord and Savior for him in his next chapter in life. May the Lord surround him with mentors that are of Godly character and continue to guide him in this next chapter in life. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen

  17. Pray my nephew, LD and his soon to be wife, CA, returns to the Catholic Church/Faith. And although it looks impossible right now, they will start that their married life, getting married in the church.

    Pray we sell our house.

    Pray for peace for me to accept God’s Will in all the above.

  18. Lord I place my financial needs into your hands. Pleas give me favour with tnlcbtt,. I pray the my children be successful with their exams.i pray that by son would become a medical doctor

  19. ????Dear St Jude please Pray for my husband he haven’t work in 10 mos that he will find a permanent job in his feild and Pray for my son that he will find a job in his feild and my other son will get the raises and promotions on his that he was promised. I’m also asking that I will continue to be Blessed financially to help my family. Thank you St Jude ????

  20. St. Jude, I am still grateful for the prayer you answered 32 years ago regarding special intentions for my daughter.
    Here I am today Great Saint of the Impossible asking you to intercede on my daughter and grandchildren’s behalf. After 20 years of marriage my son in law is leaving her and his children….a shock to us all. She is willing to seek help but he is not.
    If reconciliation is not possible please I beg of you help her and the children be strong spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. Please help me also to remain strong in faith and not have negative thoughts or revenge type thoughts toward my son in law as we go through this trying period. I have great faith and hope in your intercession.

    I pray and ask you to intercede for all those making the novena with me.

  21. Dear St.Jude please pray for me to cured my endometriosis the one I’m suffering now..St.Jude please help me and guide me for my everyday work and away from any accidents…St.Jude please help me for my NLe exam to be the topnochers with the average of 88%…I love u St.Jude…

  22. Hear my prayer request O St. Jude , Patron Saint of Miracle Healings and Lost Causes ,
    I turn to You in the knowledge and belief that You can obtain for me a VERY SPECIAL MIRACLE HEALING SOON ! You know how long that I have endured this suffering from my second stroke . I pray to
    Yourself to prevail upon The Lord , Jesus Christ a speedy healing for my second stroke , paralysing my left upper and lower limbs , confining me home and a manual wheelchair . I also pray for a healing of my frustrating incontinence soon as well as my mindset and spiritual improvement always . O St. Jude , I need these special favours , grant that I turnaround my fortunes in body and mind soon . I will be ever so grateful to be normal soon and able to WALK and ENJOY LIFE AGAIN .
    Help me to Focus on what I can achieve through Christ Our Lord Amen ,
    John Fielder
    Melbourne , Australia ,
    21st.October 2017
    Local Time : 10.16 p.m.

  23. St.Jude pray for the constipation problems that I am encountering….Pray for my broher’s health….Pray for my sisters in their health….Pray for my sister J in her painful legs..Pray that she can walk without diffiiculties Pray for another sister in her health & work …….Thank you….Thank you

  24. Thank you for so many blessings and your great intersession. Please St. Jude pray for mercy and a swift end to COPD. Also a prayer for a dream to become a reality. A family project. I know these prayers have been heard. Thank you. Amen

  25. Please pray for healing from addiction and peaceful presidential elections on the 26th October 2017 in Kenya, St Jude please pray for us. Amen

  26. For my Sister who will be completing next month. That she will be able to find a good job. And also meet a good guy, so she can have a good marriage.