Day 2 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St Jude

    Kindly interceed for me that all my prayers may be answered.

    Thank you for the peace in our home and marriage. Keep our children to be preserved in the Lord Jesus Christ and to walk in his stature at all times. I pray to be financially secure.

    All my debt must be denounced, this festive and next year must be better and brighter for us, we must never live in bondage. keep us safe under the shadow of your wings mighty Jesus. help my kids excell in their exams. Help the big one find a good stable well paying job with benefits in declare and proclaim in Jesus mighty name. Lord make every crooked way straight. Thank you for being a prayer warrior for us all the time, thank you Jesus for always helping us thru our stuggles i declare and proclaim health wealth and prosperity. Lead my big son closer to you, help him in his decision making to be Christ centred and with widsom from the Lords throne room of grace. make my family be the head and not the tail, bless them in every area of their life and denounce all their worldly friends I pray. Make them be excellent accurate like you father God, may they have Zoey life the Jesus abundant life, favour will find their name. Put your seal, guard upon my marriage, my children, our home, our jobs, our finance. May our finance work for us favourably. Bless our finance to be stretch from one salary to another, in Jesus name we ask all these prayers, St Jude i know you will help fulfill all our request as well as all the other prayers posted i pray in Jesus mighty name. Amen


  2. St Jude patron Saint of hopeless cases. I pray for the love of Jesus to first change me and inturn that my children and husband may fall in love with you. That my daughter maybe be filled with His love and cured of depression and suicidal thoughts and actions. That a miracle may happen in our home. Lord hear us
    I pray for all the other intentions on this website

  3. Dear Saint Jude,
    Please help me to know what God’s will is for me regarding my marriage and my relationship with Alan. Please help me to make the right choices, and to have the strength and knowledge to do what Your will is. Please intercede for me Saint Jude, and ask God to show me the way. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  4. Oh St Jude, I pray for the repose of my father’s soul. I pray that we be consolled. I pray for love in my marriage such cheating will be a thing of the past. I use the sword of fire to separate my husband from Victoria and other strange women that are causing problems in my marriage. I pray that God will make the impossible situation of our families life possible and remove poverty. Help me oh St Jude.

  5. Please pray for a complete healing of my husband Todd’s kidney. May he get off of dialysis and may his MPA disease be cured.

  6. Dearest St Jude your the saint of impossible please hear my intentions and present them to ourGod, pray for me for a second child, also pray for my bro I and m so that they can be the men God created them to be. I believe and trust in your intercession. Amen

  7. Saint Jude, In the name of Jesus please intercede for me with the following requests:
    I pray the Lord grants my daughter’s acceptance into the MU Speech Program and complete success and good health and always keeping her eyes on you Lord
    Pray for healing with my daughters foot and my medical problem Pray for her coach that he will have a change of heart with acts of love and compassion Pray for my financial situation and a good outcome with Workers Comp claim Pray great success for my sisters basketball team and especially Sara Pray for all needs of my family and special friends Carrie and Kim.

  8. Dear St. Jude, please pray for me and with me, that I may receive God’s divine favour regarding marital issues, that I may meet the right person sooner rather than later. Please pray that the future with him be God ordained and blessed. Amen.

  9. Lord I pray for financial breakthrough.
    I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. I pray that my son become a doctor

    • Bless this child of Yours and accept intentions and prayers for finance throughout medical school and that he becomes a doctor. Amen

  10. Dear Brethren,
    Please join me to pray for my workmate;Sarah who for more than 5 years has a wound on her lower leg and she has used a lot of Medicine both Medical and traditional herbs.
    I believe that divine intervention will help bring back her lost Soul back home.
    I also pray for a great celebration tomorrow as my two boys are inducted in the Church through 1st Holy Communion and last Christian Commitment at their School at 8years and 10years respectively.

  11. Dear St. Jude, please pray for me for a successful outcome to my legal issue. That my case may come in front of the person who can help me resolve it. Thanks in advance for the right outcome. I truly believe that it is done…… Thanks be to God!!!

  12. Dear St Jude… Please pray for healing for my COPD… Please pray for my son to return to the church…in Jesus’ name. Amen… Carolyn,

  13. Dear St.Jude , Patron of Hopeless Cases and Miracle Intentions ,
    I pray to You , to listen to my tale of woe and misfortune . You know
    my situation and score . I desperately need Your HELP at this crisis
    point of my life . Granted I have fallen off the rails by my errors and
    mistakes , but I firmly BELIEVE in Your power to intercede with The
    Lord , Jesus Christ for a healing miracle for me . I have had this
    annoying second stroke , paralysing my left upper and lower limbs ,
    confining me to a manual wheelchair and home since 2nd. May 2013 and want to be cleansed and healed soon .
    Please Listen to my Prayer of Mercy and Love ,
    John Fielder ,
    20th.October 2017
    Local Time 10.30 p.m.
    Melbourne , Australia

  14. Please pray my nephew and his soon to be wife return to our Catholic Church/Faith (LD and CA)

    Please pray to sell our house.

    Pray for peace for me to accept God’s Will

  15. Thanking you, St. Jude. I know my intentions are with you to carry to our God. Please mercy, swift end to COPD. Mercy and healing for Trish. I know your great works, please help. Amen

  16. St Jude help me with my constant anxiety and lack of care from my family who seem to care little about me. Give me the strength to regain my once strong personality. Please St Jude a swer my prayer. In the name of the father.

  17. St Jude Thaddeus, kindly intercede on my behalf so that my present employer will renew my employment contract for the coming year, 2018.
    I will remember to give thanks thereafter.

  18. St. Jude, I as for your intervention on behalf oh my friend Debra who has Stage 4 cancer and has been given 6month. That God gives her the strength to hold on to him until the very end. I ask for my novena family to pray for her.Amen

  19. We pray that you grant my son and I a legal status to live in the US peacefully.
    Reunite my husband with us.
    In the name of the father, son and holy spirit, amen!

  20. St.Jude pray for my constipation problems…..Pray for my brother & sisters in their health too..Pray for my sister J in her painful legs problems to improve….Pray that G will have more faith in Jesus & Mary……..Thank you……