Day 1 – Christ The King Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Christ The King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Christ our saviour &our king , renew in me allegiance to your kingship.I pray for the grace to place you above the powers of the world in all things .O Prince of peace , May your reign be complete in my life.Christ ,my King ,please understand my difficult situation and cover my petitionsif they be in accordance with your holy will and plan for me.Christ my King , I cannot live the Christian life on my own.My numbness gets in the way .I pray that me &my fly including D can transform ourselves to love as Jesus Christ does Let the tepid souls of all my family members become fervent and touch deliver and heal us all of the demonic forces that are preventing us from leading Christ like lives and making Christ the centre of our lives and day to day activities.Grant my family peace and harmony in our family caused by lack of communication ,understanding ,respect ,trust writhing the family .Untie the generational currses operating in my life and my family
    Touch ,deliver,and heal S n C of all the evil spirits and demonic forces that are within them and surrounding them that are preventing them from having a normal harmonious married life in the midst of all family and friends
    Deliver D and me of that one unholy act that is preventing God’s love peace and blessings reaching us and our families .Make a believer of D and strengthen his faith in you…Replace all the negative energy that is surrounding with the gifts of the holy spirit and fruits of the holy spirit…surround him with love purity peace self control and patience…heal all my discovered and hidden diseases…restore my voice and hearing …heal my sore throat and IBS problem ..protect me from cancerous growths and tumours…dementia and alzehmiers ..all this I ask in Jesus name and through …thank you Jesus

  2. Help me to settle all my financial issues, help me manage my finances. Same goes to my fiancee he’s having difficulty now on where to look for money to pay for his debt help him as well and help him recover from his operation and for his dad to have the strength to fight for cancer.

    To all my relatives and friends to have good health and have a harmonious relationship with in family.

    All of this i pray to the might name of jesus. Amen

  3. Christ The King, I beseech thee to help my kids to secure permanent selfsustaining jobs. For me to assume the rightful place of livelihood.

  4. In this Christ the king novena, I pray for long life and prosperity in my life and that of my family.
    I pray for success in my marriage, and journey mercies to all travellers to and from Benue state.
    I pray for good health in my family especially that of me my mum and my spouse.
    I pray for job opportunity for me, my siblings and my friends.
    I ask all this through Christ the lord Amen!

  5. My Christ the King, 23 years ago, I placed my petition at a Christ The King Rally. Thank you, thank you for the many miracles. I prayed for a Christian man in my life and a month later, I met my husband a practicing Catholic. Two years later, I said , Lord it is time for another miracle! Circumstance were set in motion that my cancer was detected early. Praised the Lord.
    Jesus you are that light in the dark of this beautiful but broken world. Please Lord, give me the wisdom that I may ponder your message in my heart, and never to jump to conclusion about anything or anyone! I’m learning more and more to wait upon the Lord my God.
    Please remove all anxiety from my niece, Veronica in Jesus Holy Name. May your Holy Spirit pour into her so that she can get off all her heavy medication. Please bring this beautiful child of God back to herself. Above all gave Veronica peace of mind and a hunger to know you. Remove her impulsive behavior, fear of not being loved, or understood. Help her mother, RF to let Go and Let God. Anything and everything is possible with God.
    I Trust in You, Jesus. Amen.

    • Dear friend I’m sorry for asking you to pray for me . I’m a single guy aged 25 yrs ,I’m a rosary and Eucharistic adorational devotee but honestly speaking guy m tired I always pray for good Catholic girlsfriends but I get non Catholics who end up leave in depression guys pliz help me I’m spiritually dry these days I can’t even pray and I have lost hope

      • Dear Justin,
        I will pray for you. Don’t give up hope. Even the holiest of Saints have felt spiritually dry at times. (Saint Mother Theresa…) God holds great things for you in your future…
        In God’s love,

  6. Lord Jesus,
    You know everything about me and my family. Grant us what we are most in need of. Help us to trust in you. Thank you most loving God. Amen

  7. Dear my Heavenly Father,
    Please grant me a peace in my mind so I can trust more in my husband’s love. I have prayed for our marriage, for my husband and I having a true and understanding love for each other. I pray for both of us be filled with faith and trust.

  8. Christ the king your the saviour of entire world, pray for all those couples without children and bless them with children as you do so kindly remember me and bless me with a second born child with my husband. Christ the king all things are possible with you pray for me and my hubby to Wed in holy matrimony. Christ the king pray for my brothers Moses and Isaac. Christ the king help me pass my exams and complete my smc course successfully.Amen

  9. Dear Lord
    Please protect and watch over my family. I have pray for my husband who has just retired. I pray for my brother-in-law who is in search of a job. I pray for my brother and his wife who are ill.

    Thank you dear God for all blessings you have bestowed upon me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

    Finally I pray for peace on earth.

  10. Almighty God and Father, i want to thank you for the gift of live and for making me what i am today. I pray o God that you may see me through as i struggle with my studies and other life challenges that am facing today. Give me courage,wisdom and understanding so that i can always glorify your name. Bless my family with good health and long life,

  11. my lord Jesus as I begin this novena l desire that you bless me with the fruit of the womb which I have been seeking for 5years now.Dear God also grand total healing on my husband and financial break through .Amen

  12. Dear Lord,
    Help my husband get the job he’s applying for. Help me and my family have a healthy, loving and happy life. God Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus and the unity of the Holy Spirit, on God, we pray. Mama Mary, pls. help me pray to our Lord Jesus, your only beloved Son. Thank you.

  13. Dear Lord I pray for peace in this world and within my family, I pray that we will be able to keep this home we live in that we have had as a rent to own, that the persons involved will let us keep paying on this house we have had since 2006 and never missed a payment, Love faith Hope Joy, pray for a Blessed Thanksgiving, pray for my other, my parent, my others family, my children, grandchildren and great grand children, lots of love and joy and we are Blessed, thank u

  14. Lord
    I come to you all full of sins.
    Please come into my home and help to resolve all the tribulations that are occurring with my child .
    Please help him to see the right path in his life. We love you and need you more than ever in this world today.

    I love you Jesus

  15. Please pray for my children Monica, especially Melissa and our son Manuel that they return to the church and realize the worldly way they are living is a lie. Also for our daughter Mandy and grandson Joe who passed away in 2012 and our grandchildren living, in Jesus name. Amen

  16. I pray for peace, peace within my family. I pray for my health, heal me Lord for this injury, make me strong again. No more surgeries please Lord.

  17. Pray for my 100 year old Mother to forget how her Mom,brothers and sisters treated her all her life. Find happiness for everyone.
    All other intentions to many to mention.

  18. Dear Lord Jesus,

    As we begin this novena I pray for wisdom to understand your will in my life. I pray for revelation on where I fall shoRT and where your guidance is most needed. I pray that this transformation that has occurred in my life through your grace continues for your glory – change me so that I may be a beacon of hope and love in my home. That through my actions I live your word.

    Jesus, I pray for an over flow of love in my marriage and that that love heals us and restores what Satan has taken away. I know God is fighting this battle for us and I will surrender. I pray that my husband hears your voice and is moved to answer. I pray that He joins us at church, joins us at prayer time, joins us as a family. I pray for love and the healing and reconciliation of our marriage for Christmas for your Glory. I pray the December 13 mtg is canceled.

    Jesus there has been a lot if loss this year, I pray for all those who have list a loved one, that they may be comforted by your love and the strength only you can give.

    I pray for healing in my extended family.

    Lastly, I pray for financial freedom so that I can give more, tithe more for your glory.

    I pray for all if this in your name, Jesus. Amen.

  19. Dear Christ The King,I pray for my family’s health & financial problems under your care…Pray for my eldest brother in his legs problems….Pray for my sister J in her legs problems too,praying that she can walk unaided …..Pray for G in her faith & health problems too….Pray for my own health problems too.Pray for my friend J in & loved ones in their intentions too…..Thank you

  20. Praying for my son to focus on school and to open his heart and mind to what God chooses for him to do for a career. For him to continue to work hard with athletics to obtain a scholarship to college.

  21. Special intention for my 17 year old nephew for him to get some direction in his life…i pray that he follow the word of God and learn to respect himself and his family.. stop taking drugs and stop lying his way out of doing bad things. Amen

  22. Christ the King have mercy on me and my family. i pray that i may know you more and more. i am praying for fanancial breakthrough. deliver my family from evil spirits. i am praying for peace in my family and relatives.
    Jesus son of David have mercy on me.