Day 2 – Christ The King Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the Christ The King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for these beautiful novenas!

    I will be eternally grateful to you if you could please pray for my complete recovery from a quite severe stroke this year so that I could go back to normal work and continue providing well for my family. Also, please pray that I’ll be able to keep my current online job much longer so I can still pay the bills and continue to pray online and hear Holy Mass regularly despite my condition.
    May GOD BLESS & PROTECT U & FAMILY ALWAYS! Eternal thanks to you John-Paul & Annie!=))

  2. Christ the King,

    Give me strength and wisdom and sustain my regular job and ensure I get recognized properly. Keep my family safe and happy always. I trust in you. May all glory be to you. I bow down to you in the name of God, Christ and holy spirit.

  3. Dearly Beloved Christ the King I ask nothing but your will be done and I am used as a instrument. Hold the close intention for a successful Farm for Matt and his family . All who suffer with daily pains to know how blessed they are with the opportunity to walk with you especially my Mother who may grow to know your passion. Restore brokenness in the family whom trails seem unbearable we know all trails are for our good to teach us what we need to know and love you more. Increase in US our Faith even in times of sorrow. Protect us from all evil

    Humbly I pray

  4. I pray i will be loyal and devoted to our King above all others.

    Perhaps there is a special area of my life that you can devote better to God.

  5. Christ the King,
    I beg you to help my mother get through her cancer. Forgive me for being selfish but I want more time with her. It’s hard to see her suffer even though I trust in you and know that her suffering is for a greater good. Help me to have self control.

  6. Christ the King, I pray that you will be with me on the 8/11/20017 yo will be with me ,guide and protect me. pray for me that i should a positive response. I also put the intention of all those praying this Novel with me. To God be the glory.

  7. Christ the King, I pray that I can be less so that you can become more in my life…Jesus I trust in you.
    Praying for those who have left the Catholic faith and joined another religion! Praying for all who have stopped going to church and not sure. Praying especially those individuals who rejected God completely.
    Also, praying for those in the world suffering from mental illness. Those individuals who are outcaste and suffering b/c of colour, race and mostly because of their belief in the one true Church, Christ our King’s Holy Catholic Church. Amen.

  8. Dear Christ the King:
    I Pray for the following:
    That with your Love, you will guide me to learn how
    to release all my anxiety and insomnia, by trusting in
    you wholly, granting me Peace, Love and Tranquility
    to replace all my anxious thoughts, with the ability
    to sleep peacefully through the night.
    I also Pray that you will help me to increase my
    faith in you, daily.
    I Pray also for my marriage to be strengthened with
    better communication, and increased love.
    I Pray too that my root canal procedure will be
    successful with no bad after effects.
    I also Pray for good health in mind and body.
    Finally I Pray for the U.S. Gov’t and Korea to come
    to a peaceful solution without bombs or war.
    I also Pray that you answer the prayers of the people
    praying this Novena.
    For all these things I fervently Pray.

  9. That I and my parents find gainful employment and a return to healthy finances. That God sends in my life, and my families lives, the people we both need and seek. That I am accepted into a Masters program at NYU to further my career. And that I may find, know, and love my husband and his family.

  10. Christ the king the son of GOD please guide me my family especially my brothers. Shine your light on us to know you and follow you. Protect us from harm. Amen.

  11. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that my husband hears the sweet sounds of your voice and turns to you and accepts you as his Lord and Savior. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides his internet searches and music selection. I pray that the praise music I have played in his presence begin to play in his mind, prompting him to take notice and sing your praise. I pray that when he returns home he returns a changed man, transformed not of this world but of yours. That he joins us -his wife and twin boys in our nightly prayers and as church as they have prayed and that we reconcile as husband and wife for your glory this holiday season. May our marriage restoration and love serve as a testimony to your glory within our family, amongst our friends, and within the various prayer circles I have traveled that have lifted me up, a stranger and a sinner, to you as intercessory warriors for healing, for reconciliation, for love. Jesus, I pray that our new home be built on the foundation of faith, hope, and love. For your father loved us so much that he sent you, his only son, to die for our sins. And you, my king, you loved us so much that you bore the pain, misery, torture, humiliation, and death so that we may have eternal life in your kingdom. I pray that the power of this love shines a light in our home, in our hearts, in our marriage, in our lives and in all the lives we connect with. A love so powerful that it transforms lives. For your glory I pray for a Christmas miracle and I pray that the December 13 mtg is canceled and that we begin 2018 as a united family -husband and wife, sons and daughter I secretly pray for in my heart – in Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    Jesus you are my light, my life, my love and I surrender all to you. I welcome our Heavenly Father’s will in all of our lives because I trust that His plans for me are to prosper me, not for harm and to give me hope for a future overflowing in love on this earth and in His kingdom.

    In your beautiful, powerful, most precious name, I pray.


  12. Lord I place my financial needs into your hands. I pray money to finance my son throughout medical school.i pray for money to pay his tuition fees. I pray that my daughter be successful with her exams. Lord please bless my marriage.. bless my family.

  13. Christ the King I pray for my family’s health & financial intentions under your care….Pray for my own health problems…..Pray for my friends’ intentions…..Thank you

  14. Christ the king
    If it is your will I pray that my son’s and husband. Get closer to you and that they learn to forgive each other so we can become a family again. I ask to also give me the wisdom to help my family and myself in prayer. Aman

  15. Please Lord help me get rid of crippling anxiety help me to be happy and positive once again. Bless my husband and his make his health issues that they can all be overcome. In the name of the father.

  16. Christ the king my lord I desire the fruit of the womb. Dear God also give good health and financial breakthrough to my husband.