The Next Novena for June

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The next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Several saints had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, such as Padre Pio and St. Augustine, but most people today know about this devotion due to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

St. Margaret Mary was a French nun who experienced a series of apparitions of Jesus. In these visions, Jesus shared with her that He wanted more people to honor and be devoted to His Sacred Heart.

We wrote about this in our latest book, the Pocket Guide to Novenas, which is also now available to order on Amazon. The Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the novenas included in the book. You can find a list of all the novenas included here.

We’ll start praying this novena together next Wednesday, June 7th.

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

God bless you!

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  1. Sacred Hesrt of Jesus I pray gor intercede to for my younger daughter to find love and happiness with a nice young man who seems to be a good match for her. Pleaee help her mature and look beyond looks and see this young mans heart. Amen

  2. Please pray for us we lost our son Christopher to cancer in February. The grief is so painful. Thank you

  3. I am asking during this Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the willingness and divine intervention to be more committed to my appointments with other people. I try to address an issue responsibly, but will cancel an appointment (sometimes multiple times) without hesitation and no regard for other people’s time. I always have a reason and ask myself what’s the worst thing that could happen, which is that I will remain limited by the problem and things can get worse! The Sacred Heart of Jesus calls me and inspires me to be more disciplined!!
    I pray to overcome this procrastination through praying this Novena!! Amen

  4. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit Amen
    Almighty Father,Ever living and Merciful we give thanks and Praise to You Almighty. Help me for the following intentions.
    1.Kindly pray for the conversion of my beloved son who claims to be a homosexual that he coverts to heterosexuality, returns to The Roman Catholic Church returns to his family especially the nuclear family that he has been neglecting for the whole half of the year.
    2.Pray for peace love joy unity and communication to revive in my family.
    3.Pray that he finishes successfully his final academic year.
    4. Pray for him to return to the right road and his consciousness.
    5.Pray that he gets a job next year.
    6.Pray for my beloved daughter to successfully complete her third academic year of study.
    7.Pray for my beloved husband to keep focus determination, strong faith and caring husband and father for his family besides the challenge that is facing our family (homosexuality).
    8.Pray for my success for my PHD proposal to be approved and to succeed obtaining my PHD Degree.
    For the Kingdom The Power and the Glory are Yours now and forever. Amen 🙏🏾

  5. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I pray for you to give me the business opportunity that I have been asking for. I pray for my children to find employment. I pray for the needs of us all who are praying this novena. May we never loose hope and increase our faith. Amen.

  6. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank You so much for all the grace and mercy in our lives. I pray for more healings, protection, blessings, long lives, financial breakthrough, success in exams and businesses, family liberation, renovation of our house, winnings, favours, deliverance, the zeal to worship and serve God, favour in our father account, may our hearts desires be granted . Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  7. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my plea for your help and intercession for myself and family Amen.
    I ask for health and strength, guidance and protection, removal of all blockages and barriers the enemy has placed in our lives and all negativity surrounding us Amen.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, asking that my son obtains the position he desires. Also praying that he settles down in marriage and a family Amen.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray for my brother M, that he obtains a good paying job where he can use his education and experience and use his passion to support himself and family Amen.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  8. Prayers: good health for my family, who have multiple issues. Guidance for my younger daughter with juggling her career & new baby. Prayers for loving, Christian young man for other daughter. Wisdom & perseverance for my son & his wife as they navigate their new life together. Blessings of your angels to keep watch over us all. Thank you – Amen.

  9. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray especially for Lori S. to find a good job in the Houston area, sell their home in Michigan and place a peace in her heart. A calm and loving knowing and have Jesus be on her mind and place a loving spirit over her whole being. I praise you for hearing this prayer. For a healing for Sarah S. of cancer!
    For our Nation to turn back to the ways of God. For Kaylee M. to ask for forgiveness of her adoptive parents. And for all praying this novena with me that the Holy Spirit of the Heart of Jesus hear and answer all of our prayers. Amen.

  10. Please lord help my family be together so my hushand can get his permanent residency. Through my husbands deportation process give us the strength and faith to not loss faith and hope.

  11. 1.Thank God for the gift of life, good health and my family.
    2.Thank God for this Paul and Ann andfamily of prayer and novenas they are so helpful.Pray for each other prayer intentions to be heard and be faithfully anwered by God.

    3.Pray a peace filled hearts in all situations of my life and that of my beloved husband .
    4.pray for hearts that are conformed to Jesus and see sorrowful heart of our mother Mary and live a sinless life in our family life
    5.pray against any soul tie either through me or my husband that lead to infidelity and Rob us the graces that we received inour holy marriage sacrement.
    6.Pray for the gift of a big forgiving heart btn me and my husband that will always lead to communication breakthrough In our family
    7.Pray for my family protection and for my stagnated projects to restart with ñew ideas coming up in my family
    8.Stand against any curses in my family against my children and anything that concerns me.

  12. Please pray that God will send a nice man as fast as he can to be the husband of our daughter who is 40. I pray she has found the LAST Mr. Wrong, and that the next one is truly her Mr. Right.
    Please also pray for God to heal the heart of our 14 year old grandson, Marshall. He had a heart condition as a baby, but outgrew it as the doctors said he likely would. He has now been diagnosed with a very rare heart condition that could prevent him from pursuing his dream of attending the Naval Academy and becoming a pilot in the Navy and desperately needs our prayers.
    I thank you in God’s Holy Name. 🙏🏻

  13. Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless my family, my children, my grandchildren, help them find you, send them an angel to guide them through life, help peace and reconciliation in our family, help to eliminate addiction, find a good career and a spouse full of love for the Holy Family and the Blessed Trinity. Help this time of trial to end with favourable outcome and help the distressed to overcome this sorrow through your help. Thank you for all your blessings, and help us to Trust in you all the time.

  14. for Jesus to enter my husband’s heart and soul and guide him. for Jesus to enter my heart and soul and guide me.

  15. I pray that my daughter find the clarity and peace to make a big decision for her future and that it brings her happiness and success. I also pray someone special comes in to her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  16. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,have mercy on me. Always be near to me & guide me in this earthly life & lead me by the hand to your eternal kingdom. Grant me all the Graces from Heaven to have Wisdom, Courage & Strength to combat the evil set against me by my enemies especially those in my family. Help me to forgive & pray for them. SACRED HEART OF JESUS HELP ME TO TRUST IN YOU COMPLETELY. Thank you.

  17. Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    You know all my needs, problems and my intentions. I put my two sons and me into Your Sacred Heart. Answer my prayers, please Almighty God.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus I put all my trust in You!

  18. I pray for Divine healing and restoration of my health, and for financial breakthrough. I also pray for fruits of the womb for my sisters, my friends and myself.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me. Holy Spirit, the healer of my infirmities and my greatest friend, please heal me. Mother Mary, intercede for me. St Joseph, pray for me. St Rita, pray for me. St Anthony of Padua, pray for me. Amen

  19. God please grant me, sisters and friends examination success, and blessings in all our endeavors
    Grant my entire extended family the grace to have peace.
    Give my parents happiness and bless the works of their hands.
    Grant me a meeker heart, Lord.

  20. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Please help me with the following petitions.
    Increase our faith to you. Forgive our sins.
    Let my both of my sons love you and let them have peace, love, go to church. Let my older son stop depression and addition.
    Let my younger son graduate and find a good paying job. Please heal my friend Amala with her marriage. Please Stop my husband from drinking. Please help me to pray constantly to you Jesus. I ask all these petitions to you in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you Blessed Mother, Thank you St Anthony, Thank you St Joesph, Thank you St Jude, Thank you St Michael The ArcAngel. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. My passport will be back to Canadian embassy once again seek for a visit visa I pray that I will get visa this time round, kindly pray for me .

  22. O my Jesus I ask that my sister’s surgery goes well and that there is hope for good years ahead, with good health and happiness and more devotion to Jesus. I also ask that my nephew’s life is good , with love and that he is kind. I also seek that I take care of myself , alongside with caring for my family. Thank you

  23. End to Christian persecution, strength of the church and its religious and laity, reparations for sins, conversion of sinners, reunion of all Christians, increased faith, hope and charity in all people, America becomes a country of life, honoring all life, Gods peace in the hearts of all His people. Health of body, mind and spirit for all who are suffering, healing of Bob, Dee and all who are ill, that my daughter in law and I, my son and grandson will grow closer in love and peace, intentions of the Holy Father, end to violence of any kind. That all will know the love of God in their minds and hearts. Gods love be shared with those who don’t know or accept His love. Thanks giving for all blessings !

  24. Dear sacred heart of Jesus, I pray for good health, friends and financial breakthrough in my family. Amen.

  25. Dear JESUS please heal my 2 adult kids from isolating and timidly,depression,anxiety,ptsd from childhood,low self esteem,lack of self confidence/self worth and all negativity,dark thoughts,painful memories from the past and help us to pick loyal trustworthy godly friends and to find these friends/lifelong real best same sex friends! Help us to not tolerate dishonest,unkind,betraying people any longer! Give us godly wisdom,discernment in all
    Our choices! Protect us from unsafe people,animals,creatures and protect us from all evil! Help us to learn patience, and learn to love each other and others! Hear and answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! I give YOU all my prayers& intentions on my heart spoken& unspoken! SACRED HEART of JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

  26. Thanksgiving. Increase in faith. Forgiveness of sins. Good health of mind and body. God’s continuous guidance and protection for me and my family. For Gabriel Lilian and Timothys intentions. For Damilola Doyin and Folarin intentions. Healings for Gabriel Lilian me and Timothy. For Damilola Doyin and Folarin good health and healing. Traveling mercies. That God will fight the battle of Don Paul for Lilian. Thanksgiving for favors received for Gabriel over his officers matter. For the success of Folarin s birthday party. For Nigeria and Americas peace. For Ukraine. For the wellness of Pope Francis. For the souls in purgatory. And all other intentions.

  27. Please pray for my son for recovery from whatever is causing him to buy and take chemicals that are unsafe and obvious that he’s taking something to everyone who sees him. He thinks no one knows he’s taking something and at first can’t talk, think, or walk. It’s some kind of anesthetic. Finally it wears off after about 3 hours. He doesn’t even want to quit and says he thinks he can’t live without it.

  28. My brother Walter is dying of cancer. He is going down hill. Hopefully me and my family will be going to see him on Friday. Pray for him to be able to see us on Friday and that he will then die peacefully. Amen

    Lord give me peace.

  29. O Sacred Heart please bless our families with Thy Miracles, as per the Will of God, Amen In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit. Amen

  30. I was involved in a recent Life changing event, that I was blessed to have survived.
    In the past 5 years I have lost a lot from employment, to family, to home & few big surgeries. My life has not been easy and just can’t seem to bounce back as I was so used to in the past. I am broken and lost in my life direction. I can’t figure what is to come next in my future.
    I seem to have lost my way and take no interest in hobbies as I once use to. I pray and feel unheard.
    I have recently lost my independence due to medical restriction. My life was my family( including my siblings) my job & my home. I have since moved in with family to accompany my mother( over see her care) and recover from medical surgeries. I am awaiting for determination to be made about my future and what comes next as I would enjoy being out on my own and continue to be a part of my mother’s care. I ask for prayers!

  31. O Sacred Heart, please get my petitions that I write on Pray MoreNovenas be posted by the Team. The first day on this Novena my petitions got deleted and someone else’s petitions were posted under my name. I pray that their prayers be granted. Then on 12th June I posted but it has not been put up as yet. Please bless us Sacred Heart. Amen

  32. O Sacred Heart please bless us with Thy Miracles, only if it is the Will of Almighty God, Amen In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit. Amen

  33. O Sacred Heart please bless the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious Men and Religious Women to start walking in Thy Footsteps. Sacread Heart please bless all of us with discernment and a sense of sin so as not to crush Thee with suffering and that we pray, fast, make reparation for the unbridled sins committed deliberately by those who deny Our Almighty God.

  34. My soul feels so much closer to Our Holy Family now that I found this site. Thank you I will keep all of you in my prayers. Please keep my special intentions on your daily prayer list. God Bless.

  35. 1.Thanksgiving
    2.communication breakthrough btn me and my husband
    3.Jesus to give me a peace filled heart in all my situations
    4.Pray for a big and forgiving heart btn me and my husband.
    5.Pray for any soul tie in my marriage leading to infidelity to end once and for all
    6.Pray for protection of my family,my husband and my children.
    7.Pray for financial breakthrough in my family btn me and my husband.
    9.pray for my stagnated projects for them to restart and even new ideas to come .
    10.Pray for purity of heart. Btn me and my husband ND pray that you the holy spirit may reign now and forever to help us in all our trials

  36. Sacred Heart of Jesus please bless John-Paul & Annie & family, the PrayMoreNovenas Team and all participants praying. We thank Thee for entire PrayMoreNovenas Team.

  37. Please pray for my son who is currently a patient in a burn unit. He will have a very long road to healing. Thank you so much.

  38. Jesus grant me the grace of true joy in my heart and my soul today and every day. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for me & my family in all our needs both physical and spiritual. Mary, St. Joseph’s pray for me. St. Anthony pray for me.🙏🌹
    Praying to the Lord to send a good honest, reliable, hard working man for our son, Keith’s auto repair business to lessen his work & stress load🙏🙏🙏
    Mary the Mother🌹of Divine Mercy ask Jesus to heal my❤️control my A-Fib with His natural medicine, not prescription drugs, for lung problem/digestive issue Jesus heal me according to your holy will🙏

  39. Please pray for my family we are currently separated and my wife decided to file for a divorce and is living with another man already. Please pray for a forgiving heart for her and to bring her back to the faith and help reunite my 3 boys and family back together. JMJ please intercede on my behalf to have answered prayers and keep my strength during these difficult times. Jesus I trust in you

  40. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray for a negative biopsy and to be free of cancer.
    I pray for healing of my son from autism, severe depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, obesity, video game addiction, and suicidal ideations.
    I pray for my son to come back to Jesus.
    I pray to keep my new job.
    I pray for finances to allow me to make the necessary repairs to my house.

  41. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, Make my heart like yours:So I give without counting, Give me a life partner because we are not meant to be alone Lord. But ultimately you know what I need more than I do. I pray your will be done an all areas of my need and life.

  42. Please pray for my daughter as she goes on a 2 week adventure far from home. Please keep her safe and healthy. May she enjoy her time and become spiritually enriched with the Lord’s presence.

  43. That the operation that my niece needs to save her life will be successful and that she will make a full recovery afterwards.

  44. Lord l pray that you give me a faithful heart so l can forgive so many times l feel low l need you to help me feel better so l can let go of things l can’t change or comprehend l love u lord

  45. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I thank you for revealing yourself to me. Dear Jesus, please help me with that prize I so much desire. Do not allow my efforts and the talents you have given me to be in vain. You have always provided for me when I ask of thee, please save me in this critical moment of my life. I pray as a point of contact to friends and family, please grant us all our holy desires to the glory of your name. Lord, Jesus I love and thank you.

  46. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, please rid me of my anxiety. Help me to find peace in You and trust that You will lead me on the right path.

    Please heal our wonderful son of his anxiety as well and please help him as well.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.🙏

  47. I pray for the clarity and peace of a decision for my daughter to make for a happy, successful future. I also pray someone special come in to her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  48. I pray to be closer to God ,l thank him for all he continues to do in my life to ask for forgiveness for where l have wronged him and to ask for his blessings and protection for me and my family thank you lord

  49. For a strong, joy filled marriage and that we may laugh more.
    For a fruitful retreat and that God would reveal some hidden wounds so that I may heal and become the woman he created me to be especially for the sake of my family.
    That I would become more like Jesus and my heart would be transformed into a heart like his, meek and humble.
    Thank you Jesus.

  50. Lord please help me get financial freedom. Am tired of living on the edge. Am tired of dreaming. Please help me get a new job, help me get financial liberation, financial blessings I pray Lord. Amen.

  51. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray for a successful interview this coming Thursday.
    I pray for the wisdom to make good financial choices.
    I pray for the will and wisdom to perform my duties to the best of my ability.
    I pray for my family and friends, for their safety and protection and for good health.


  52. Praying for my granson Cameron to be excepted in soccer 🙏
    A breakthrough in provision of Finance for my home.
    Send forth a buyer for my house.
    Healing upon me in my body thanking God for each day he gives me Life Strength Peace and Hope in going through each day Amen.
    My children and grandchildren God’s protection be upon them🙏Amen🙏

  53. I pray my son has the wisdom to pick the right home. And that he finds the home that will be best for him and my grand children. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  54. I humbly ask the sacred heart of Jesus to step into my challenges, to guide me and hold my hands through it all
    To grant me a successful 1 year nysc with ease and comfort and to also provide what I will use for the service
    I also pray for celebrities to buy my products and also connect me to top customers all over the world so that I can take care of my bIlls , my younger ones and my parents, amen
    I also humbly pray that God will connect me to the man he created specifically for me ❤🙏
    I also pray that God will help mw to fulfill my destiny

  55. Please pray for the safety of my family as they travel overseas.

    Please pray for a resolution to our property problem in the Philippines.

    Please also pray that my daughter will be able to get into advance placement in Math this coming school year and to do better in high school. Thank you for your prayer🙏

  56. Please pray for the safety of my family as they travel overseas.

    Please pray for a resolution to our property problem in the Philippines.

    Please also pray that my daughter will be able to get into advance placement in Math this coming school year and to do better in high school. Thank you for your prayer🙏

  57. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray for a negative biopsy tomorrow.
    I pray for the financial means and the help I need to repair my home.
    I pray for healing, health, strength, guidance, protection, removal of negative entities and barriers from our lives.
    I pray for help with my job.

  58. I pray for my 2 year old son, Gianluca, to no longer have seizures. I pray for a higher milk production to be able to feed my 4 month old son. I pray for my husband’s internal peace and stress level. I pray for our financial constraints. All this and more, I pray in Jesus’s name. Amen

  59. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I humbly ask for your intercession for myself and family. I pray for healing, health and strength guidance and protection, removal of negative entities and barriers from our lives Amen.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, praying for my son that he obtains the position in his career he desires. Also praying for marriage and family for him Amen.
    Praying for the financial means and the help I need to finish repairs on my home Amen.
    Also praying for my brother M, that he obtains a good paying job where he can use his education and experience to support himself and family and follow his passion Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  60. Please pray for the healing of our daughter as she will be married this August. It is supposed to be a blessed time in her life and we want her to enjoy it and live a long, healthy
    Pray for my parents, who struggle with walking and doing things for themselves. We want them to live as independently and safely as possible.

  61. Throughout the course of the Novena to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, I pray desperately for one request. Please, my Father, I ask through the name of your Son, Jesus, I pray you and ask that you help my immediate younger brother get admission into the university he applied for. They have started giving admissions and would soon released their last admission list for the session. Please, let his name be on the list and let him see the work of the Lord in his life. Amen.

    Sacred Heart Of Jesus, I trust in You and believe You have answered my prayers. Amen.

  62. Please pray for my daughter’s college roommate who is due with her first child in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, they also just received a troubling diagnosis of fluid on the babies brain. We are praying for a miracle.

  63. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for all blessings my Lord. I pray for my mother and brother for harmony in their relationship and good health for both of them, and that they would live a spiritual life. For my nephew -for good health, relationship and work success, for my sister’s good health and peace of mind, for her partner’s miraculous healing; and for a miracle healing for my friend’s husband whose cancer has returned.
    I pray for my husband and I to restore to good health especially with the specific ailments that we offer to you for complete healing, and for strong marriage bonds. For my husband success in his research, for continuing of his graduate studies, for financing, and our housing success.
    I pray for or provision for abundant financial blessings that are more than enough.
    I pray for good health and decision making, and successful work, academic and relationship choices for my oldest child.
    I pray for good health, work and academic success, peace of mind, and relationship blessings for my second child.
    I pray for good health, work and academic success and relationship choices for my last child.
    I pray for safety and security for all of my family. For the strength to respond to whatever comes our way, prayerfully, and to get back on course.
    I pray for completion of my final course assignments in June and July. For completion of my research by August. All for Your Glory Lord, to serve Your people on this earth. Thank you for financial blessings and for income that flow to us through Your sources. And for prayers of spiritual and physical protection against the evil forces.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus intercede for us for protection from danger disease and evil and to enable blessings of health, safety, security, provisions for education and work and all my family needs., and for all who are praying this novena.
    In Jesus’ name we pray.

  64. Sacred Heart of Jesus: Please hear my prayers: For my marriage, that it will grow in faith/love. That we are happy/successful in our jobs, & our health will be good. Please bless our 2 adult sons, their significant other-S & S; our daughter, son in-law that they will all be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good, and their faith will grow daily. I pray for our middle son that this new job he will be happy & successful I pray for our 2 grandsons that their health will be good, and please protect them from all evil. Please protect us all from evil, and may we always hold Jesus in our hearts and minds. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Thank you for hearing my prayers, and I pray that our adult children will keep Jesus in their hearts/mind. Amen.

  65. Praying for my daughter to return to the faith, for her health, safety, career and to find a loving spouse.

  66. Dear Master Jesus
    I pray that HD and HL worship God and GL and MT pass their board exams and SJ be accepted to play Soccer in SA and let me win the case in Freetown and let the judge rule in my favor and let Judge A Y rule in my favor in Jesus Christ mighty name amen

  67. Dear Master Jesus
    Please pray for me so that I will win my case with my ex husband in August and let Judge AY dismiss the whole case as my ex husband who left me 10 years ago for another woman he married and after the woman ate his money he came back to sue me for my property

  68. That our son is fully healed of his Chronic Dizziness and finds a life partner….this we ask in Jesus’ name.

  69. My intentions are that our Church will return to the Church of Jesus
    And that our Country will return to a Christian Nation🎚

  70. Sacred Heart of Jesus please bless John-Paul & Annie & family, the PrayMoreNovenas Team and all participants praying. We thank Thee for entire PrayMoreNovenas Team.
    O Sacred Heart please bless the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious Men and Religious Women to start walking in Thy Footsteps. Sacread Heart please bless all of us with discernment and a sense of sin so as not to crush Thee with suffering and that we pray, fast, make reparation for the unbridled sins committed deliberately by those who deny Our Almighty God.
    O Sacred Heart please bless us with Thy Miracles, only if it is the Will of Almighty God, Amen In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit. Amen

  71. Please pray for all 3 of my children so they may all come back to faithful, practicing Catholics! and please pray for my husband and me so we have the grace and wisdom to know how to love all 3 of them as Jesus loves them!

  72. I pray that a friend will stop drinking, and get the help they truly need. I pray that they are able to open tbier heart and be a better parent to thier child. I pray there child finds a group of godly friendships who will lead them down a better path of happiness, and will do better in school.

  73. 1.Thank God for everything.
    2.Ask for purity of heart and a more forgiving heart.
    3.Pray for communication breakthrough btn me and my husband and to truly have a more forgiving hearts that are conformed to Jesus.
    4.Pray for the priests and the clergy.
    5.Pray for true worship of God
    6.Pray for my stagnated projects to see them complete.
    7.Gods total protection in my family, husband and my children
    8.Take away our vices and replace them with the fruits of holy spirit.and his gifts
    9.Pray for any soul tie in marriage either through me or my husband and that robs me and my husband peace and love leading to pain and anger I’m our hearts.
    10.pray for each of us intentions
    11.Pray for all the families that are breaking due to infidelity.

  74. Lord Jesus,
    Please heal my nephew from cancer. Please heal my whole family from the wounds due to the sinful actions of our ancestors. Please also heal us from those wounds that are the result of sinful acts we have committed. My Lord, gently but firmly lead us back to your Sacred Heart that we may have our own hearts transformed. I beg this through the intercession of your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Amen.

  75. I pray for additional funding for my job so that I may have the resources to continue working on an important project. I also pray for financial help to resolve some debt and the will to change myself to be more generous with others.

  76. Healing for a co-worker who met into a serious accident.
    Healing for my daughter who suffers with a mental illness.
    I am in need financial.

  77. I pray for my daughter, that she find peace and happiness with a very important decision. I also pray that someone special comes into her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  78. Thank you always!!! Please pray for friends that have cancer. Claire, Glen, aunt Claire.
    Please pray for continued changing of hearts for my family. Please pray for my own clean heart. Praying for safety for our world and prayers for Pope Francis

  79. I pray for a job, for good life opportunities for my brother Stephen and myself. l also pray for the blessing of my children Jayden and Ethan.

  80. I pray for you to intercede for me as I discern marriage. I pray for a holy spouse, who is a leader, a good father, a lover, a protector, a provider and puts his family first. I pray that during this season of waiting we are both working on ourselves to become better individuals so that when our timelines align we grow to love each other wholeheartedly and spread the love. Glory be to God. Amen

  81. Prayers for my momo and papa as they are awaiting biopsy results and mri results. I pray that they receive good news soon and that there is no evidence of disease or cancer. I pray they receive good results. I pray for my dad who will be undergoing a colonoscopy. I pray for no evidence of disease or cancer is found during his procedure and that he too receives good results. I pray for my tonsillectomy and septoplasty procedure that will happen Tuesday. I pray surgery goes smoothly and that recovery is fast and with little pain. I pray no evidence of disease or cancer is found. Prayers for strength and patience to get through this recovery. I pray for the health and well-being of my mom and brothers. I pray my mom will be able to start her health journey and become more active. I pray for my brothers safety and that they return to church more regularly. Come, Holy Spirt. Thank you Lord, for providing my brother with a job offer. My Lord, I trust in you. I pray for all of this, through your son, Jesus Christ, our Miracle Worker and Savior, Amen.

  82. Dear Heavenly Father,
    First and foremost for Conformity with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For assistance in my journey to be closer to you. For health and strength, long life, mercy, peace, happiness if family members. For guidance, direction and success in work and educational endeavors. For all the needs that only you know that are necessary for our union with you. Amen

  83. Praying for Peace within my my children Chevy Ad and Dre 🙏
    Father in your hands I place them to reconcile has siblings mainly Chevy and Ad 🙏.
    My family for love peace and understanding our family is drifting away in family values please send your Peace amongst us all including myself.
    Thank you for your provision protection and Healing over me and my home Amen🙏
    Blessings to everyone who has a need in this 9day novena. AMEN 🙏

  84. Help me pray for financial breakthrough so I can move away from my narcissist mother with my kids. 🙏🙏. She has taken so much of our peace and joy we just want to be free🙏🙏🙏

  85. I pray this novena to Mark first anniversary of the overturned of Roe v Wade. I pray that the world would begin its transformation into protecting lives and families.