The Next Novena for June

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The next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Several saints had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, such as Padre Pio and St. Augustine, but most people today know about this devotion due to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

St. Margaret Mary was a French nun who experienced a series of apparitions of Jesus. In these visions, Jesus shared with her that He wanted more people to honor and be devoted to His Sacred Heart.

We wrote about this in our latest book, the Pocket Guide to Novenas, which is also now available to order on Amazon. The Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the novenas included in the book. You can find a list of all the novenas included here.

We’ll start praying this novena together next Wednesday, June 7th.

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

God bless you!

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  1. Please pray for us that our son and daughter in law will have a change of heart, and with Grace, health, happiness, and opportunity move back to us and not so far away. We are broken by their decision, lies throughout the years, and this heartache.

  2. I love my young son Zach with all my heart! Please Pray that He will be Blessed as a cancer Survivor and Restored to Full Health!
    Please Pray for God to continue to hold Zach close and to Keep Him Strong, Safe and Healthy as he endures 60-straight days of chemo.
    Please Pray for God to shine his Healing Light upon Zach and that there are No Signs of any cancer in his scans in June and July.
    We love God and we love our Son Zach. Please Pray for Zach to be Blessed as a cancer Survivor and Restored to Full Health!
    Praise God as we know he will remove all cancer, disease and infection from Zach’s body!

  3. Dear All,
    Please Pray for my Grandmother, Ade.H
    She has covid at the moment, she is 102 yrs old, she is the love of my life, I love her so much, she can recover asap, and stay healthy again. She is a fighter, she is our rocks, be strong Grandma!
    God Bless Grandma
    Thank you

  4. Dear All,

    Please Pray for my son, Andrew.VH
    He will have a peaceful in his heart, no hateful, forgiveness about what has happened in his life in the past so he can go on with his life, free from his addiction,
    stay healthy and he can find a good lady to become his wife and they will live happily ever after.
    God Bless Andrew
    Thank you

  5. Dear All,

    Please Pray for my Grandson, Cooper.O.S who was born on 09 August’23
    He is having the treatment for his jaundice, his heart beat is lower, he has temperature at the moment, for Cooper to recover, he can have normal long healthy life and Be together with his parents and his sister and all of us
    God Bless Cooper
    Thank you

  6. My dearest friend, Diane who is dying of cancer. I pray of course for a miracle but also for peace for her and her family.

  7. Prayer intentions:
    Marital heartbreaking
    Job promotions and transfer
    Alarming debts and school fees
    Family diseases

  8. My husband is receiving investigation for stroke prevention after suffering a suspected TIA, please may his treatment be successful.
    My daughter has just announced the joyful news that they are expecting their first baby in the New Year, please give them all the joy they richly deserve
    My son is navigating his first job in a very stressful environment a thousand miles away, please give him strength and success in all he does.
    I have just found out I have suspected breast cancer that may have spread, I will do my best to fight it and with the Sacred Heart of Jesus’s help I will be successful and praying that I will see my grandchildren.

  9. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saints: Please hear my prayers: For my marriage that it will grow in love & faith. I pray that we are happy/successful in our jobs, and that our health will be good. Please bless our oldest son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good and faith will grow daily. Please guide our middle son through this present job, that he will be happy/successful in. Please help him with his financial burden. I pray that this baby that him and his girlfriend are having will be healthy, and that their faith will increase daily. Please bless our daughter/son in-law that they will be happy/successful in their jobs, that their health will be good, and faith will grow daily. Thank you for blessing us with grandsons, please bless them with good health, and protect them from all evil. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  10. Dear Jesus: I praise you for all that you have blessed our family with. Please hear my prayers: For my marriage that it will grow in faith/love. That we are happy/successful in our jobs, and our health will improve. Please bless our 2 adult sons and their girlfriends that they will be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good, and their faith will grow daily. Thank you for blessing each of them w/S & S. Please bless our daughter, son in-law that they too will be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good, and faith will increase daily. Thank you for blessing us w/2 grandsons-may their health be good, and please protect them from all evil. I pray that this car will arrive soon. We thank you again for all that you have blessed us with. We adore you, believe in you, and we trust you. Amen.

  11. Please pray that I am released from judgment, have more compassion and find authentic happiness.
    Thank you

  12. Praying for my husband’s heart to cure his mitral valve prolapse and all the complications from it. Praying with all my heart for a miracle from God for him not to undergo surgery through Jesus Christ our Lord forever and ever. Amen.

  13. 1.Thanking God for gift of life and his blessings upon my life
    2.praying for God’s deliverance from all spiritual bondages, sins and spirits of darkness
    3.praying for my children I&f for God be upon their life and for God’s blessings
    4.praying for my husband B for God to deliver him from the spirits of backwards and stagnation and God to open doors for him and I ti get a job
    5.praying for love, peace and unity to reign in my marriage and my family
    6.praying for financial breakthrough
    .7.praying for Good health
    8.praying for God’s will to be done in my life, my children’s life and my husband’s life. AMEN

  14. 1.Thanking God for his wonderful deeds in my life
    2.praying for repentance and restoration
    3.praying for Gods mercy upon my family to deliver us from the evil works, generational bondages hindering my progress and that of my family
    4.praying for God to open doors for my husband and I to get jobs
    5.praying for my children I & F God to bless and guide them throughout their life
    6.praying for Gods will do be done upon my life. Amen

  15. Thank you Jesus for gift of life, I pray to be blessed with husband who is God fearing and whom we will being best couples; I pray for job stability and better wages to satisfy my needs and help those in need of my assistance, Amen

  16. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saints: Thank you for the safe travels, and the family get together at our nephew’s wedding. I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith/love. I pray that we are happy/successful in our jobs; and that our health will be good and our faith will always come first. I pray for our 2 adult sons and their significant other; our daughter and son in-law that they will all be happy/successful in their jobs, health will be good, and their faith will grow daily. Thank you for blessing us with 2 grandsons that their health will be good, and please protect them from all evil. Please bless this family with lots of love, faith, joy and happiness. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with, and I pray for a car soon. Amen.

  17. I pray lord you will heal me of mental and physical healing,continue prosperity, and give spiritual protection. Also pray for healing for my mom (Anita Streeter) from breast cancer

  18. Please help my son overcome his depression and find happiness.
    Please bring his children back with him

  19. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies and favors in the family and praying for same. Asking God for my children’s heart desires especially those who are already ripped for marriage that God will bless them with good spouses. You said we should ask and we shall be given and that we should knock and the door will be opened for us. I have come before you to ask and knock on behalf of my Children that you bless them with their spouses soon.
    Thank you Jesus for good health and favors in the family Amen

  20. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours and guidance in the family and praying for same.
    Praying for my daughter’s choice of spouse that God will bless her with a good man soon 🙏
    For my son that God will bless him with a good spouse soon.
    For my younger daughter going to school that God will guide and direct her and bless her with a good spouse. For my younger son that God will bless him and may his renewal be successful.and remove him from any form of vices. For my ward may she be successful in her exams and find a good spouse at the end.
    For those working for me in the village may God bless and guide them and may they all be faithful and not indulge in any evil 🙏
    For my job may God bless me with confidence to be more outspoken.
    Bless my children with good jobs and as my daughter is planning to relocate may she be in company that will be beneficial to her.
    May we all be more prayerful Amen.
    Thank you Jesus and thank you our most sacred heart of Jesus and God’s blessing on johnpaul and annie for their prayers

  21. I have fallen into this nightmare of an illness with constant dizziness and headaches for the past few months. It’s began to take a toll on me mentally and physically as I constantly keep asking for sick days at work and causing me to fall behind at work. Having to go to dr appointments and wait for referrals to get approved while I continue to feel sick. There are days I can’t even drive. I have began to fall into a state of depression because every time I try to move forward with my life I feel like I stumble and fall further behind. Seeing everyone I know move forward with their life getting jobs and getting married. I feel like I’m a constant burden to my family and myself. I pray that Jesus can help me move forward with my life too and help me get better from whatever illness this is. Amen

  22. Dear Lord,
    Please heal the two children Judah and Blake of their illnesses. They are so small and I pray that they quickly recover from their illnesses and begin to get better and stronger, through Jesus Christ I pray. Mother Mary please pray for these beautiful little children. Amen

  23. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saints: Please hear my prayers-I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith and love. That we are happy/successful in our jobs, and our health will be good. I pray for our 3 adult children: For our 2 sons and their significant other; for our daughter/son in-law that they will all be happy/successful in their jobs; that their health will be good; and their faith with the Holy Spirit will grow in their hearts, minds, and minds. I pray for our 2 grandsons-thank you for blessing us with them-may their health be good, and please protect them from all evil. I pray that we all have safe travels to our nephew’s wedding.
    We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. We will always keep you in our hearts, and we surrender ourselves completely to you. Amen.

  24. Dear Lord I pray for my children and grandchildren that they can feel the love of your Sacred Heart and live their lives adoring You and doing your will. Also a special intention for 3 of my grandsons and their mother struggling with problems in their live. May they turn to your Sacred Heart for guidance. Please have pity on them and help them through these times. Amen

  25. Praying for some of my grandsons who are struggling with everything. There biological father is in prison and they just feel they don’t belong anywhere. He’s been in jail for 5 years and will be there for a long time. They are angry and always seem to be getting in trouble. Please Sacred Heart of Jesus descend on them to feel your love and desire to want you to guide them in their lives.
    They need you Sweet Jesus, keep the evil one away from them. It hurts me to see them having to suffer for the sins of their father. Please have pity on these boys Lord 🙏

  26. I have been suffering from sexual sin for over a decade now. I have had periods of sobriety but recent stresses from work and family have cause them to resurface and I cannot get free this time.

  27. Asking for prayers for a healing remedy for my ongoing anemia

    Also that my whole family will follow the Lord

    Thank you

  28. – Monsignor Moore.
    – Holy Father Pope Francis.
    – Charles McAdam.
    – Jerry Matthews.
    – Julie Noggle, pray for her needs. 
    – John Nobile’s memorial Mass on Wednesday 21st.
    – GRACIE (Continue praying).
    – Elsa N.
    – Ed.
    – Kerrie Alexander
    – Ashton and his wife Kaylee.
    – Gail Reinheimer.
    – Milim Hart.
    * St. Dymphna, please intercede for: Connor, Drewe, Mario, Amanda, Paul, Randy, Kassidy, Kaydence, Braxstin, Sam. Shelton, Gavin, Ricky, Lameroux and Sam for spiritual guidance and strength…
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear our prayers. Amen 🙏
    – Kimberly Corder.
    – Margaret and Don.
    – Anna Caputo.
    – Luke Herrmann.
    – Victor and Angela, Tracey Bybee, family. and Gregory Werner, safe travel.
    + Repose of souls:
    • Rosalie Maitland.
    • Vivian Ann Patl.
    • Andrew Slazak.
    • Kenneth L. Schneveis.
    • Melogy Delatore
    + Pat Pritchard.
    + Alfredo Gonzalez
    + Mr & Mrs Conboy.
    + All Souls in Purgatory.

  29. Please pray for Jeanine Walker to be healed completely from her cancer and for God to comfort her husband and sons during this difficult time.

  30. I pray for my daughter to be a better mother to her sick child daughter pray that she can fight her demons and come out darkness into the light. I pray for her to beat her addiction to alcohol and other things she’s a good good hearted person. what a good soul she’s lost Pray, and I pray that she turns to our Lord for guidance

  31. For some people in my family, for them to see the Truth of God’s love and to open their hearts to His compassion; safety and protection in travels and for our policeman-son; patience with living in this offensive world and for Catholics to come together in prayer today for the reparations needed to console Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

  32. Sacred heart of Jesus. I prayer for my children and grandchildren and myself that we will all grow closer to you. I pray that my daughter Joe who is being given a hard time on her job by her manager (undeserving )I pray that that she would find peace once more on her job. I pray that Andy would support his 2 children that he has with my daughter J Maria…..thank you sacred heart.

  33. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore you to intercede before God, our Loving Father, for the following people, as you know all our trails, suffering and turbulences: Adolfo, Laura, Hugo, Reina, Sergito, Mami, Felix RIP, Romelia, Chicho, Michael, Jorgito, Martica, the 2 Rosarios, Miguelito, Ramón, Martha, Mayde, María Celia, Minnie, Robert, Dulce, Cristian, Maggie, Enrique, Maillyl, Henry, Kevin, Kaily, Danny, Meme, Jack, Theo, Lilly, her big loving family and myself, AMEN! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  34. An endless pray of thanks for helping my daughter make a very important decision for her future. I pray too that someone special come into her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  35. I pray that my mum’s cancer test will be negative and that she will be discharged from hospital very soon so that she can be present at home and so that she can be able to get beck to work.

    I also pray that I may get a great job so that I can be able to help those around me and also my parents because they really invested a lot in my education.


  36. Prayer Request: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I humbly come before you with all the following intentions below.
    •That I may know you more and understand the power of Your salvation.
    • As a single mother of three kids, Asking that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ provide scholarship for all three of them.
    • Asking specifically for the gift of a new home ( 3 bedroom bungalow ) and gift of a new vehicle ( Honda Accord Black 2010 ) All fully paid for.
    • Asking God to Bless and Prosper my skincare business, real estate and food business. As my business grows and blosoms I pray HE opens bigger doors that will lead to profitable collaborations, Mega investors,patnerships and also suppliers. I ask HIM to continually equip me with ideas that will transform and repair my customers skin, that will make me to be a sought after realtor and health food vendor.
    • I currently owe a debt of 295,000 Naira. I trust in Jesus to provide and settle my debt. Amen
    • Praying for health of the mind and body for myself and my kids.
    • Deliver Me from every foundational curses.I begin to walk in a new Era, Old things are passed, buried and dead. I embrace a new Me! Transformed and Renewed, Free from every cursed. I begin to manifest greatness and excellence.. to be a good model to my kids and all around me . Amen

    All these I ask through Jesus Christ My Lord and Personal Saviour according to HIS will and desires for Me. Amen amen.

  37. Please pray for my colleagues and myself. We are working in an environment where the future is uncertain. We are currently in a list of people most likely to be fired the coming month. There’s only two weeks to go and we’re at no peace,no options, no other means. Pray , pray and pray for us that God may be gracious and merciful to u,. That He may preserve out jobs and deliver us off the hook. We believe and are counting on your prayers. I believe we’ll still have our jobs coming month. In Jesus name, Amen

  38. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I humbly come to you and ask for your help for myself and family Amen.
    Praying for health and strength, guidance and protection, removal of all blockages, barriers and negativity surrounding our lives Amen.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I ask that my son gets the position where he can be the director he was hired to be and with the authority to make the best decisions in that role Also praying that he settles down in marriage and family Amen.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray for my brother M, that he obtains a good paying job where he can use his education, experience and passion to support himself and family and live his dreams Amen.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  39. Jesus please hear and answer everyone’s prayers on this novena platform. I have so many little and big prayers that I don’t know where to start. Please answer them especially the most urgent ones on my heart regarding my 2 adult kids and me also. We need homes of our own to own kn very safe and nice neighborhoods! Take good care of my son and his team on deployment! Protect us from all harm,danger,disease,sickness,protect us from fire,bombs,explosions and from all unsafe animals& people and from all evil:(K,A,J&J& his teams,R,C,M,M,M,R,K,R& all our animals& future kids,grandkids! Bless me and my daughter with new kind non addicted God fearing loyal,trustworthy new boyfriends/husbands! Bless my sons marriage,their careers,business and help us all to make godly wise decisions! Help us all get along better and stop judging and belittling! Heal us all of addictions! Keep my daughter and her grampa peaceful and comfortable while she moved in there! Bless here with a new nice home of her own(to own)! Protect us 3 SSD& benefits! Help my sons careers! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! XO

  40. Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I love you!!! ❤️

    *Please pray for the conversion of my husband. We are married 38 yrs, he still doesn’t have the Confirmation Sacrament, and doesn’t pray or go to church. But, he does excel in his professional life in Aerospace. However, he doesn’t have the gift of faith, and so he doesn’t believe in Heaven or Hell. I wish I could buy the “gift of faith” for him, but it’s not for sale. He must humble himself, and ask the Lord for that gift.

    * Pray for my son to connect to practical solutions to correct his serious comprehension issue, when reading books.

    *Pray for my daughter to have a fruitful pregnancy [her first baby!]

    *Pray for my other daughter to have an excellent airline flight training experience in Houston, Texas to get her WINGS.

    *For all my family & extended families to be UNITED in the Traditional Latin Mass in union with Rome, even though we all live in different states. My youngest son recently was in Taipei, Taiwan studying & learning Mandarin, and told me there is a beautiful Traditional Latin Mass in Taipei.
    And he also got his Scuba license there in Taipei [he loved the “under the ocean” adventure] and that his future dives will be successful as well!

    Thank you kindly John & Annie for your dedication to help me deepen my faith in the one true GOD; and by spotlighting the importance of CHRISTIAN UNITY in PrayMoreNovenas ministry.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers for my family, and know I will be praying for you and your families that the Lord answer your prayers, and to continue to be a part of all that is good, true & beautiful. May the sweet LORD reward everyone’s faithfulness to Him. ❤️

  41. I have applied for a job, kindly put me in prayers ,Good to listen to my request and turn around my story…I desperately need this job.Amen.

  42. 1.Thank God for my family.
    2.Thank God for my children and pray for the holy spirit to guide them as they grow and to fill them with the gifts of the holy spirit.
    3.Pray for forgiveness of my own sins of know and that of my child hood together with my beloved husband for God to forgive us and look upon us with immense mercy and take our hearts and take away all the bitterness caused by our sins and replace our hearts with everlasting peace in all situations.
    4.God you said whatever God has joined together as husband and wife let no one separate them .Guided by this confidence I faithfully present my marriage into your hands through your sacred heart that you may take away any death in my marriage that is robbing our love and peace,has robbed our finances and other resources Lord please do take any death away from us and replace our marriage with hearts full of your everlasting love and big hearts to love and to forgive unconditionally.
    5.Pray for my stagnated projects.Lord help me renovate my house and do finishing with tiles and ceiling, complete my kiosk project and finish my latrine projects the soonest possible.Lord open our minds with new ideas.
    6.Prayfor service to the Lord selflessly and to trust in Him always and generous hearts with my husband to contribute our resources to serve God without murmuring in our hearts.
    7.pray for my son who is a candidate to score 300 marks and above in end term exam and for health of my family.
    8.prayfor communication breakthrough btn me and my husband that we may have to sit and plan on our family together and financial breakthrough.
    9.Pray against any curses in my family and marriage that may have been said God I stand against them all and pray nothing will separate us from your everlasting love in our marriage.

  43. All health related issues: Maureen Carroll, Karl and Sherrie Bowen, Bobbie Miller, Rick and Terry Neustrad, Fr Jim Lambert and all who are suffering any illness whether physical or mental …
    Conversion of China and Russia and all countries who do not recognize God and who have no conscience of what wrongs they may be doing to their people because of their great fear of losing power over all.
    For my neighbor, Karen, who will lose her house to foreclosure soon and that somehow God, if He Wills, will let me be able to help and also to build a friend a new house as hers is falling down around her.
    For all unborn children, those who euthanize and kill others that they will come to know the wrong they are doing to their soul, and that our own US of America will wake up and love our Lord and know that our country will exist if we do just that…give it back to Him.
    For our Native American brothers and sisters who were murdered because of the invaders desires of power and wants instead of living with and among those people who were here before us.
    For me..that I will ask for the Grace to love you more and more Sweet Jesus, my friend!

  44. Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ thank you so much for your attention to our prayers
    Thank you so much Annie and John for this platform of praying together although we live in different countries
    Thank you so much to all Catholics and all Christians who believe in prayers
    Peace be with you
    I love you all

  45. Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ
    Today I overwhelmed the good Lord heard my prayers through this Novena
    I pray for all bretherens to find peace and happiness
    I ray for my family for success
    I pray for my business to grow
    I pray for protection and believe in God only

  46. Hello,my name is Patricia. Through praying the novenas,God gave me a visa to canada after I had already given up on waiting.I thank him for that.
    I’m continuing the novena because I want to bring my kids here too after winning the asylum claim.Please pray with me that things will flow according to God’s plan.I really need to live with my kids

  47. I beg that my daughter find peace and happiness with a very important decision for her future and to let go and not be afraid. I also pray that someone special come in to her life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  48. Pray for daughter who has been physically assaulted several times, who fights her demons & addictions. Pray for her six year old daughter who has witnessed some of these incidents

  49. Sacred Heart Of Jesus the past few days I have posted petitions but I cannot find any of the various petitions in the comments. But You know my petitions Sacred Heart and will do whatever is the best. Thank You Sacred Heart Of Jesus!

  50. Today on the 9th day novena I ask God to greatly answer my prayer and all those who had and intention may God be upon all who is in need including myself 🙏
    Thank you Father showing me your Love peace sharing kindness and your forgiveness. Today I ask to protect my family my gran kids in all what they do. Thanking you Father for everything Amen 🙏

  51. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I pray for my two sons and their conversion. To stop smoking cigarettes and weed. Let them live a healthy life. Let them find employment and have families. Help me with my eye sight, back pain and other health problems. I pray for all my extended family, relatives , friends and neighbors that have health problems. Heal them all. I am praying for all praying this Novena, hear their prayers Almighty God. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in You!

  52. Sacred hat of Jesus pray for me to get a new job
    Pray for my general health
    Pray for peace in my marriage
    Pray that I may pass my Driving exam
    Pray for peace and love in my family
    Pray that you get rid of debt from my family members and provide us with financial freedom
    Pray for all my upcoming interviews to turn out well
    Pray for me to get finance assistant to study
    Pray for all the sick to heal and all those who are suffering.
    Bless the work of my hands
    Thank you Lord for providing us with our daily bread.

  53. Praying for my son who suffers from addiction. Please 🙏🏼 heal him and guide him to his beloved path
    Protect him
    Please pray for me for peace, patience, love and be faithful to my beloved God

  54. Sacred heart my intentions are
    All the people who are owing me to pay me with immediately since 2019 their names Palesa and Andile. They don’t want pay.
    My business todo well and get more paying clients

  55. My request prayer are, my daughter to get employment, Standard Bank to stop taking me to court to sell my house and levies to be paid in full, I want to be debt free. I am heavily burdened.