One of our favorite and most popular novenas…

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A little more than eight years ago, John-Paul was single.

Little did he know… I was praying a novena, asking God to help me meet my future husband (him).

Now, six years later, we are married and coming up on our sixth wedding anniversary!

I would like to ask you to join me in the very same novena that I prayed more than eight years ago. We will start praying on July 17th!

This novena is to a Saint who is known for truly great things.

So, which novena is it?

It’s the St. Anne Novena! This is one of our favorite and most popular novenas.

And we start praying it very soon, so be sure to share it with your family & friends!

St. Anne is the mother of Our Lady and grandmother of Jesus. She is a very powerful intercessor!

You may have heard that unmarried women often pray to St. Anne for help in finding a spouse. But, St. Anne is also known to intercede for people for almost any request, and especially for healing.

So, I hope you will join me in praying this novena for your prayer intentions!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

God bless you!
John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Dear Holy St. Anne:
    I pray for peace and respite today and that there will be no issues with me taking a day off. I pray that Lisa and I will have safe passage and a wonderful time in the mountains. I pray for divine protection around my home while I’m gone. I pray that the remaining days in my current department are good ones and that she is blocked from me. I pray that my new job will bring me much peace and contentment. I pray for my father’s healing, I pray for Jen; I pray for Polly, I pray for my son; I pray for true friends both new and old; I pray for healing in my family; I pray for love and a husband that will love me, my son, my pets and will be the right man; I pray for peace, abundance, love, joy, calm, happiness, closeness with my son and truth that is hidden within my sisters. Amen.

  2. Dear St Anne,
    Many women have gooten their good husbands through this Novena. This is my second time to pray this Novena too and am continuing to pray to you and St. Joachim, to get me that nice sweet man that God has meant for me and we get married and have a child or two as soon as possible because I’m almost too old.
    I have shed lots of tears in my life. I greatly suffered when i was young and here i am getting old still going through the same. When will i ever have a full happy face on me? I get happy for a very short time and then sadness takes over. I know this is all through the family bondage.

    Sweet mother, i please need deliverance. Am getting old. When will i be happy.

    I sincerely pray that this bad bondage does not go to my kids.

    Everything i tough ends up failing even if it was booming. This is a very sad life St. Ann. Please come to my rescue.

    St Ann intercede in my choses.

  3. Please pray for my family as it has severely broken down. It is affecting our 8 year old Grandson, whose behaviour is becoming more Challenging. Please Blessed Saint Anne pray for Reconcilliation and Healing of our broken Family.
    Thank you

  4. I pray for a life partner, an approval of my visa, for success with my program and class I teach, for my car to be fixed miraculously and for financial breakthrough.

  5. St. Anne, please heal my husband of all skin cancers. Please cover him with your protection, healing, love and mercy. Thank you for your blessings.Amen

  6. St. Anne I pray that my prayers will be answered and my dad’s soul will rest in peace. I pray that my family and I will always live on the right side of the law. I pray for peace happiness and tranquility to be restored in our lives and family. I pray for all those praying this novena also. Thank you. Amen

  7. Please pray for healing for my son’s eye he had surgery this past Wednesday and is going thru the recovery process.

    God I pray that as my son goes thru the recovery process that is will be easy for him to tolerate. God please allow the surgery to be a success and that his sight will be restored and that the inflammation and shingles virus is gone forever in the might name of Jesus!

    God also I am in an abusive marriage. God everyday I am suffering the abuse from my husband who I think is mentally ill. No normal man would batter his wife.

    God I am going through foot surgery on July 26th and need to get my rest and strength prior to surgery . However, everyday my husband is making me exhausted with this abuse. You know what he is doing to me Lord.

    I am asking you Lord to please stand in his way in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen and Amen!

    God please hear my prayers and all praying this Novena!

    Also, God heal my brother who is home now by your Grace, who suffered a massive heart attack on July 13th.

    Also, please pray for all who are sick in the mind, body, soul and spirit that they may be made well!

    Please put and keep Satan and any evil spirits under your feet and far away from us! Hide us Lord from any evil thing!


  8. Please St. Ann,
    Help me pray for Tony and Nicole Union.
    Also pray that Jacqueline and Stanley joins together in holy matrimony.

  9. Dear St Anne,

    Please pray that I met the man that God has meant for me and we get married and have a child or two as soon as possible because I’m almost too old.

    Also, pray that he loves my nephews as his own family and is a good role model for them and father to our children. Also, play that our families accept our relationship and love’s us and each other. Pray that God keeps all of us, healthy, safe, and happy.

    I’ve been praying for this kind of happiness for so long and am ready to give up hope. I ask all of this in your grandson’s Jesus mighty name!

    Thank you, St Anne, for loving us!
    Love always your friend, Brenda F.

  10. My brother’s relationship with his baby mama to be strong and close again. For a beautiful, hardworking, romantic, loving and respectful, humble woman to marry and be the mother of my children and my wife. Amen

  11. Dear Lord, I pray for God’s will for:
    1. Full and complete healing and recovery for my family (particularly K and L) from the trauma of sexual abuse
    2. Full and complete release from the chains of addiction for L
    3. Marital settlement

  12. For marital settlement. Aspouse who will bring me closer to Jesus, love and respect me and accept me for who I am.

  13. Dear God ,Please take care of my family in all our needs and especially at this minute help Christine to meet a spouse who is right for her and they will love and treasure each other .Thank You

  14. I pray for all married people going through different trials and tribulations that they will overcome and enjoy the beautiful sacrament of matrimony.
    I pray for all married people living in bliss and joy and happiness will never depart from them
    I pray for those looking for God-fearing catholic spouse (like me), may the good Lord have mercy and grant us our heart desires.

  15. For Gloria

    To bless her in her continued fight with the devil’s minions and also with her meeting with the judge this morning, and that he may be just and fair and open minded.

  16. Dearest Saint Anne,
    I employ your intercession for me to get married this your. Assist me to complete my Postgraduate programme and secure a deserved employment. Assist me also to obtain a PostDoc opportunity that will propel me to greatest height.
    Assist my family (my mother and siblings).

  17. Please prayer for good health, long life and happiness for me, my family and all those close to me. I also pray for a scholarship to study my master abroad. Amen….

  18. Dear St Anne
    Please let my son overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol and please help him heal mind body and soul bring him back to his family and the lord amen

  19. Dear Lord I pray you settle this storm in my marriage. You alone knows what is best for me and my child. Also I remember your following daugthers who are going through this same tough storm in their marriage: Nneka Iloegbu, Rosemary Ojunta nwabuihe and many more. Amen

  20. Dear St Joachim and St Ann I ask that you pray my husband and I that our marriage be free from verbal and physical abuse and that this will be replaced with trust and love. I also ask that you intercede in prayer so that my husband will obtain permanent employment.
    In Jesus name Amen.

  21. I pray through St. Anne to fix the gap between me and Geoffrey and for all those who are struggling in life with marriage problems. Amen

  22. Dearest St. Anne, I pray you be with me today on my interview. I really need to get an externship in order for me to find a job as SPT. God provide me the answers of any questions I will be asked today. Send me the right people to help me get an externship and a job. God enlighten the person who will be doing my interview to be good to me. I pray I will be having a wonderful birthday the tomorrow despite all my problems, depression, anxiety, ocd, anger, sadness and hatred. I pray to you Almighty God that this the start of my new beginning, new chapter and new life. God, protect and help me throughout my journey and give me strength for me to remain strong with all the positive changes of my life. God, I pray I will be able to afford my own home before this year ends. God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, St. Anne, Mama Mary, all angels and saints, please always be with me. Amen!

  23. Please pray for true friendships and wisdom to see who people really are and for God to bring me a believing man of good character who complements me in life and ministry. Also for me to recognise this man when he arrives.

  24. I pray for peace and love to always supersede anger in marriage, that when I marry, I will not pour out any angr or frustration that may come my way but I will put it at the feet of Jesus Christ I also pray that those who are suffering through difficulties in marriage are comforted by St. Anne & St. Joachim, Mary and Jesus.

  25. My marriage there is trust pray my husband will devote himself to me and stop lusting after other women.Bring us closer to God and each other.Help me to feel secure.

  26. I am praying for my daughter Samantha admission in Canada any college in good course for Jan 2019 intake and her life is full of hardship bring her out lord

  27. Dear St Ann,

    I pray that you intercete for me so that I can get married. Help me please to get a job l deserve since l passed my exams 20 months ago.
    Lord hear our prayers especially those who pray this Novena.

  28. Pray for me and with me that I may have peace of heart and mind
    also that I may be redeemed from bondage of debts

  29. Dear Saint Anne,

    Intercede for all those looking forward to get spouses, bless them in thier goings and comings, open all the spiritual and financial avenues for them. l bring Joy and Raph in the same, intercede for them to get suitable spouses, intercede for all those praying this Novena.

  30. Dear St. Ann, the mother of our mother Mary and grandmother of our Saviour Jesus Christ,
    Please pray for my wife to conceive.
    Pray for my mother to be healed of the pains in her leg
    Pray for divine prosperity for my brothers and myself
    Pray for peace in my country
    Thank you St. Ann

  31. St Anne l pray for me to get married as soon as possible, for financial breakthrough, good health n longlife in jesus name I pray Amen.

  32. Dearest St Ann please pray and intercede for my husband and I to leave a peaceful, loving and happy life. I ask that you pray for healing of our pain s and grant us good health and heal those who are sick. Amen.

  33. God’s intervention through the help of Saints Anne and Joachim in the lives of my sons and my entire family. Also to rest the soul of my daughter Angela Chinyere whom I lost in car accident and God’s protection for little angel she left behind.

  34. I want to pray for my husband and I’s marriage. We are both going to recovery our own ways and now that he got out of a detox program he feels were toxic for one another but when I did my own detox program I come back home new I need to take care of my family. During addiction I’ve done very wrong to him and I’ve said sorry so many times and sorry just don’t seem to help and I am genuine when I say it. I pray whatever he’s going through he can overcome it before things just get really bad and pray we can continue our marriage. Never in a million years would I think this would happen and we have not been together that long it has only been 13 years I just don’t see how he can want this we have two children together and we’re very happy before him going into this program we have seen sober we met and I have never tried anything in my life him on the other hand has but he was sober at the time of our meeting and we’ve always been happy never been perfect or even close to it but we have been happy and telling me this today took me by surprise and supposably he’s working and it’s almost 2 in the morning he has been home at least by 12 but tonight he tells me he wants me to leave he’s not home yet I know what I need to do and I know I need to leave I’m just having a hard time doing so I just need prayers from every single one of y’all and thank you all God bless

  35. I pray for my daughter who is doing final primary examination that you dear Lord you may see her through heavenly father.

    I pray for financial crisis am in currently and pray for the Lord to bless my project and to have mercy on my children and my dear husband.

    May you take all the sickness away from our family and friends and comfort those who have lost their dear ones.

  36. Thank you Lord for all the blessings we received . Bless us long life & Healthy body to my Family, co workers, and my boss especially all who have suffered in the hospital bless them financially, emotionally and spiritually , may all them received the grace of God and to follow your way


  37. Dearest saint Anne, I am down and my marriage is hanging on a tin rope because debts and financial difficulties. Please mother I willing and ready to work please beg God and our mother Mary to give me a miraculous job please for the sake of this holy sacrament and innocent children please help me please that my prayer will be answered please. All these and more we ask of through Christ our Lord Amen.

  38. I am praying to St. Anne for a husband. Please St. Anne help me find a man after God’s heart I could spend the rest of my life with.

  39. Please pray with me for my child who is now in heaven. I pray that God will give me another chance with my baby. I also pray for God’s help through my sufferings at the moment and that may He answers my prayers for my baby and the man I love.

  40. St. Anne intercede for me to get better job .bless all my applications that I may be called one day.
    Also pray that I over come all difficulties in my marriage
    Pray for us, St. Anne and St. Joachim, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.Amen

  41. I pray to be called back to school and also to get my school fees ready for school. Also I want to pass all my papers with flying colours

  42. I am praying to St Anne to intercede on my behalf and make my Fiance settle my bride price before the end of November, 2018 in Jesus Name, Amen..