Final Prayer – St. Maria Goretti Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s the Final Prayer of The St. Maria Goretti Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for acceptance, love, forgiveness and a renewed Catholic faith for our entire family as my husband & I attend my fathers memorial service tomorrow.

  2. I am awake! Not sure why. Praying that things will be better. My fault. So thankful for what I have. Help me st Anne.

  3. Please keep on praying for my son David, for the first time my prayers seem to be coming to a good answer, please pray for him to do GOD’s will and move on with is life adn earn a living and live in peace with good health, I have made most of these novenas but this one to st Anne seems to be the most powerful for me, I beg St. Anne to help my son, David adn to help me with my stress adn anxiety and healthy I am in my 70’s and too old for all this stress it can kill me I know but he is MY SON and I want the best for him finally, so continue to pray for him please!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. St. Anne pray for me to have peace at work, end grudges amongst staff. Pray for my boyfriend Patrick to have good health.

  5. pray for my husband to be understanding, my daddy to heal from a very serious eye
    problems and my siblings to
    have both spiritual and finan
    cial breakthrough .thank you

  6. That my daughter get rid of her demons that are in her heart. She has not spoken to me or her uncle for 6 months. No acknowledgment for me on my birthday or mother’s day. She needs God

  7. Dear St Anne,

    Please encourage my sister to be generous with Financial favor for a short period to assist my Mom, Sister, and Brother. She will be rewarded for her offerings and all we be in a better place of peace and calm.

    Glory Be…

  8. Please pray for us that,our house should get sold. Almost for one year we have been waiting for it to get sold
    St. Anne please. Pray for us
    Thank you.

  9. Pls pray for my son, Colin H.M. Chiu having a good wife and good marriage in his life. St. Anne, pls pray for us.

  10. Please pray for a healing of body mind and spirit. Healing for daughters, husband and extended family.
    We pray for wisdom, that Gods will be done.

  11. I continue to ask for prayers for David who is fighing alcohol abuse following a very painful marriage breakup. As well I continue to ask for prayers for Bradley who suffers from schizophrenia; prayer for his daughter who is having issues with gender identity. I would like to ask also for prayers for President Donald Trump, who cares about the unborn life but who is meeting resistance by a malignant leftist press because of his stance accordingly, and for other issues too extensive to discuss here. Pray for peace with Russia who has re-embraced Christianity since the end of the Cold War. Pray too for me, that my allergic asthma will finally leave my body, as well as my many other allergies: I want to be able to smell the lovely fragrance of God’s flowers without becoming asthmatic. But I praise Him regardless of my being healed, realizing that in Heaven I will be able to smell endlessly the beautiful fragrance of HIS HOLINESS!

  12. Dear St. Anne please intervene for healing of Prince Nyoike 11months and his Dad speedy recovery. Intervene for Patrick and his family Prince Nyoike and Patience.

  13. Dear st Anne
    Thank you that ur in the novena this time. Please pray for me to ur grandson Jesus Christ to heal my broken heart. I’m just looking for someone to love me in this earth. I’m so broken hearted. Help me to overcome this st Anne. I can’t dovthis alone. ur Prayer is more powerful than mine. Thank you Lord. Thank you st Anne. Hope and wishing to find a husband to the Lord God the Father almighty to send me one.
    InnJwsus name Amen.

  14. Hard one, been praying to St Ann…. my Daughter, for her husbands conversation, they have two kids … Please St Ann. Been Praying. He is a good man. Just needs the Holy Eucharist. Our Holy Church. Need Heavenly help.

  15. I ask Saint Anne for you to intersex for me, I have been bedridden for 9ish years. I’m believing my Father wants to heal me but I need your loving intercession. Please help everyone’s prayers so we can enjoy what’s your grandson (our Father) has given us.

  16. i pray for reunion w/ my leo soulmate. the only man i ever loved and wanted but he didnt want me. my daughters namesake. locked in my heart forever. happy 77th birthday july 31st. i put a yellow ribbon round my tree. i pray for a miracle and that GOD remove any pain i caused you.

  17. Praying for my daughter Gabby who just got out of an abusive relationship. That she will love herself enough not to look back. That she find peace and learn to love our Lord with all her heart. That she will know that the love God himself gives is unconditional and that she is forgiven.

  18. Dear Saint Anne,
    Graciously hear my prayers for God to direct the steps of my son towards a passion in life, employment and a desire to turn back to his Catholic faith. Give him the desire to turn from poor choices in life that do not lend to healthy living. I ask this in faith and in the name of Jesus.

  19. I am praying that my family members fully return to the Catholic faith and that my son, niece and nephew find the true vocation God has planned for them.

  20. For a member of the family to conceive and have a healthy baby. For the conversion of someone in in particular

  21. My prayer request is for a job I attended an interview…
    I pray that the good lord help me secure this job through the intercession of st. Ann
    Be merciful to me Lord, for unto you I lift up my soul

  22. Am praying for My Daughter Marietta to be healed completely of Adenoids and Tonsils – not to undergo Surgery.
    Oh Lord please hear my prayer.

  23. I pray for the fast healing of my mother who is suffereng depression. Praying also for my incoming ielts exam and to be granted a family migrant visa to Canada.

  24. I pray that we get thru this tough time
    That my mom get the economic help she needs, that my court stuff gets taken care of that I have the strength to get through this really tough time for my family
    That Xavier gets his job
    I just need help, please help me