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  1. I am praying for a Financial Breakthrough, so that I am able to move out of my Sister’s house, and into my own efficiency apt., where I can call my home…desparately want my peace of mind and my privacy back. No drama/chaos anymore…Amen.

  2. Dear St Anne – please intervene with giving me determination to finally lose weight for health. Also intervene for my husband in personal and professional issues plaguing him. Blessings and ❤️.

  3. Dear St. Anne pray my family always in good health and protect from danger. Always guide them in their daily work. Pray and give miracle of my case for victory. Pray also my monthly income support from ODSP will be approved. Thank you

  4. Thank You to St. Jude: St. Jude. Thank you for all answered prayers for my entire family including pets. You have kept us focused on our faith, our health, kept us out of harms way and helped us to make responsible decisions. I am forever grateful.
    St. Jude, I now face a dilemma, I now have problems with my legs. Please help me to overcome the pain and help me handle this. I am submitting this prayer in hopes that you can help me to resolve my problem.
    Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Blessed be St. Jude Thaddeus, in all the world and for all eternity.
    Thank you St. Jude.

  5. I am asking St. Anne to intercede for me for my family. Please heal all relationships, improve communication, help my husband with his alcoholism and give him the strength to resist the temptation to have a drink, assist my daughter in getting a great job, that my mother’s surgery at the end of this month goes well, for my niece and daughter with drug issues, and for our protection from evil spirits.

  6. I have uterine cancer and will get surgery to remove it. If it is God’s plan to cure it or heal it I humbly ask his intercession. If not , I ask for strength and courage to accept my fate.

  7. Dear Saint Anne,
    Please help me to bring my both of my daughters home to me so they may have a brighter, honest & livlier future. Their father will do everything in his power to put a wedge between us and has succeeded with his treachery! I miss them terribly! Please help him to get better too!

    I am grateful & blessed that God has brought them back into my life but please help them to come back home & live under my roof so that they can have a brighter more stable future. I am trying to forgive him as well.

  8. So blessed to have a dear friend recommend your web site to me. When I entered the Catholic Church, I chose St. Anne as my patron saint. That was over 50 years ago. It was wonderful to hear about your site and during these latter years of my life to be reminded of this special saint and her assistance in my journey. As one who appreciates novenas and the help of those who have gone before us, thank you for providing the website. God bless. (Plus it helps me hone my computer skills! :) )

  9. I’d like prayers to St. Anne for my grandchildren for their future and future spouses. May they find spouses who are believers in Jesus and who love them and they love their spouses.

  10. Please pray for me. I am afraid to go to confession. My family is in jeopardy spiritually. I feel I am being shunned by everybody. I don’t know what to do. Jesus, I Trust in You! I am posting this for Day 1 of the Novena because it never arrived yesterday. Day 2 did arrive so I will now say Day 2.

  11. Dearest St. Anne, please intercede on behalf of my family. We are six children 4 girls and two boys, none of us is married and it’s a great concern to us and our parents. Please pray for us not to become topics of discussion or laughing stock before our enemies. I ask of these through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen!

  12. I prayed for the priests in the Philippines as well as all religious and Christians for being persecuted. I pray that the killing of our Catholic priests in the Philippines will cease, and that they will be religious freedoms in the Philippines. I pray that the heart of the Philippine president will return to God. I also pray for our US president that his actions will and words will all be Godly. I pray for traveling mercies for myself and my husband that we be kept safe in our trip, that will be a blessing to Ruthie in the time that we are there, that my husband will be allowed to travel with his uke as a carry-on on both planes that we will travel on going and coming.

  13. St. Anne,
    My mom has such a devotion to you- I pray for your continued love and support of my mom with Ahlzheimers Disease. I pray for both of my children to find the right spouse for them in this journey of life. I pray for continued health for my myself and my family. Please bring peace to our country and our world. Special prayers for my nephew as he is deployed in the Air Force for 3 more months. I pray for the safe return of all service members to their families.

  14. I’m praying that my son Patrick, who hasn’t spoke to me in 6 years, will forgive me for my past. Give me a chance to see how much I’ve changed.
    Also, my son Ryan who is ill with schizophrenia and is bipolar. I pray the the voices are quiet and his night terrors stop. I pray that he finds peace and is healed

  15. Praying for St Anne intercession for a job and citizenship For the whole family; I pray for Wisdom and out pouring of the Holy Spirit upon me and my children; I pray that my children will be successful in life ;in The Mighty Name of Jesus . Amen

  16. I am praying for:
    new life in my marriage.
    My grandchildren’s divine favour and protection
    Renewal of my son’s relationship with The Almighty God
    Acceptance of thanks and appreciation of God for His love, blessings and overflowing mercy and kindness for my family

  17. I’m praying my youngest daughter will find a good Catholic man to be her partner in this life. I’m praying that my elderly mother who is suffering from dementia will resolve her current physical health ailments. I am also praying my future son in law will be able to sell his current home soon!

  18. I’m asking God to intervene into my finances, my health, and safety. I ask this not only for my self, but for all my family and friends. Please pray for success for my 2 sons @ jobs/and friends who are struggling with alcoholism. And everyone praying this Novena.

  19. I am praying for my daughter to meet a catholic young man who would become a friend , get into a relationship and become her future husband

  20. I ask for you, St Anne, to intervene in my grandaughter Katlyns college career choosing. It is not the grades and the knowledge that is lacking here. She is extremely shy, booksmart to no end. But her social skills are very poor. She is struggling to interact with others. Forming relationships other than family members, has not come easily for Katlyn. She really has never lived life, at 19, yet. She has never socialized very much at all. Please, i ask, for intervention. She is so sweet and so beautiful. Compassionate and caring. Help her to feel confident that making relationships and socializing with others should be a joy, not have to feel fear to do so. I ask for all to pray for her. She has come too far to quit college now. Thank you

  21. Please pray for my son and his new bride who were married on July 14, 2018. Pray for a long and happy marriage, and a wonderful and safe honeymoon. Pray that they will recognize God’s hand in all things and He will grant them peace.

  22. I ask for St. Anne to intervene for Matt to remain in the Church, for Ashley to accept the Catholic teachings, and for Karen to return to the Church.

  23. I pray to surrender myself to God, for healing of body and mind. May St. Anne help me to have strong faith and trust in God. I give all that hinder me to God, may God will be done. Amen

  24. Please pray for me to get my green card which am eagerly waiting for so as to travel home in Africa ( Kenya ) to visit my family.

  25. I pray for my sister Mary to Almighty Father that in the name of Jesus he here our prayer to help her complications in the hospital and to stabilize her in the next few days after the procedure she had done yesterday in Jesus almighty name I pray that God hear and answer our prayer amen

  26. I’m praying for our closest friends and his medical problems, for my cousin who has recently had a stroke, for a friend who has broken her pelvis, for an out-of-town friend who is suffering from alcoholism, for our daughter who has cancer and everyone we know afflicted with cancer. May God watch over them all and help them deal with these issues and find cures.

  27. Dearest St Ann, please hear my prayers. For the healing of family addictions. For a better paying job with good hours. For someone to share the rest of my life with. For the blessings of marriage in my family. For all prayer intentions through Christ our Lord Amen

  28. Please pray for a woman who is being very self-centred and adding to her parents’ pain despite the fact her Dad is terminally ill and her disabled Mum petrified of being left alone.