Join us: The Divine Mercy Novena, 2023

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The next novena we’ll pray together begins this Friday on Good Friday. It’s the Divine Mercy Novena!

God’s Mercy is central to our lives and we must continually depend on it and ask for it daily.

We look forward to praying with you and for you — you can share your prayer intentions with us all below.

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God bless you!

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  1. Pray for me and my family for God’s mercy and grace for healing, deliverance and restoration of all that has been lost to Satan through sin. I ask this in the name of Jesus.

  2. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saints: Please hear my prayers: I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith & love. That we are happy/successful in our jobs. Please help us with financial aid for a good used vehicle. I pray for our oldest son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good, & their faith will increase daily. Please bless our middle son that he will be happy/successful in his present job; Please help him w/financial burden. Thank you for blessing him w/S. May they be healthy, & their faith will grow daily. Please bless our daughter, son in-law, & our 2 grandsons that they too will be healthy, and their faith will grow daily. Bless them that they will be happy/successful in their jobs. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. We surrender to you Jesus, please take care if it. Amen.

  3. Please pray for all of us that are sick in my family to get well.
    Many are suffering from cancer, surgeries, and other pains.
    Thank you.

  4. Dear Lord Jesus,
    We pray for good health among our family members especially my Sister to heal her, my husband, daughter, son and me, my parents and my whole family. We pray for direction on my son’s flying that we make the right decisions. We pray for direction for my daughter’s uterus problem. Lord we trust that you are with all of us making these novenas and helping us through our difficulties and directing our needs.
    We love you.

  5. Please include me in your prayer im strugling of my financial difficulties 3 months ago i didnt pay and im so sad i dont know how but with your prayer i believe to bring it to pasa.. thank you

  6. For Jennifer who has been diagnosed with cancer. May St. Faustina implore the Divine Mercy of our Lord to cure her. For my daughter, Christin, to remain healthy and to meet a man who will care and love her. For my nephews and nieces to reconnect with their Faith and return to the Church. For a dear family who lost their son and brother a year ago. May St. Faustina pray for them and for their son who died.

  7. I pray for jude logan Daisey and my health
    Logan sobriety
    Logan to find a soulmate
    The insurance to go thru smooth and easy
    Crawfish for plentiful and abundance in size
    Our airboats to get work and steady work to last a long time
    Jill a d Beau

  8. I pray for physical healing and that I am able to let go of my anxieties and give them up to God. I also pray for guidance in my relationship.

  9. Please prayer that my family, including myself, grown in faith. Bring us on e by one back to church and strengthen our beliefs, starting with the belief in God. Make my kids strong, listen to the. Live of Hod and not to all the distractions we encounter.
    I pray that my daughter finds a kind life partner soon so she can start the family she so much wants.
    Help all my children to really choose a kind, unselfish, spiritual person to share their lives with.
    Pray that my marriage gets stronger so we can be a good example to our kids.

  10. Pray that my SSD are paid this month, it’s been 6 months since approval but no benefits have been paid. It took 7 years to receive an approval in desperate need.

  11. Thank you Lord for your presence in my life. I pray for continued conversion for myself, and all my family members who try to get closer to You. I also pray for conversion of souls especially my sons, brother, and all members of our families. You are King and we praise you and honor you our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  12. My Lord Jesus, I pray for these intentions

    1. For my daddy’s soul and cousin Peter’s soul to continue to rest in perfect peace. And for the souls of Papa Lucas, Chike Okolie, aunty Dibike, Aunty Nneka, Uncle Kanayo, Nuki’s BIL, and all the souls of our loved ones to continue to RIP.
    2. For my husband to succeed and excel with his investing and stocks work
    3. For us to be able to find a good nanny or if not, to be able to handle taking care of our two young kids without one.
    4. To keep my children and all my niece and nephews safe, sound and healthy always
    5. For my job that you will help me w/ asking for a raise and discern what the right choice is with regards to partnership. I’m thinking not. Dear Lord, I know you will be with me throughout. Please continue to increase and perfect my surgical skills in all areas
    6. For all of us to have good health, long life and prosperity
    7. For this war in Ukraine to end. May the souls of all those lost rest in perfect peace.
    8. For mommy’s cold, aches and pains and all those sick to get better (including those who have covid)
    9. For my dog wynston, that his cancer will not recur.
    10. For all the men, husbands and fathers in my family. That you will bless them and keep them and strengthen them and allow them to continue to be protectors and providers for their families
    11. Bless my growing family and help us to continue to love and take care of each other
    12. For the intentionsof all my love ones, siblings, mom that you will answer their prayers.
    13. For weekend to succeed in her bew job and excel there
    14. For my case that both will resolve without me being named any more.
    All this I pray and ask in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  13. That my wife Kara Q. Beverly and I have twins and to dedicate them to Abba Father and religious life of serving His Majesty. Amen and Amen.

    May All who pray for us receive 120 fold. Amen, so be it

  14. My intention today is for my family’s peace of mind due to financial hardships. May we encounter peace and harmony in our home knowing that Jesus will provide for us.

  15. Today I continue to pray for my children: my oldest, that he may continue to do well in his therapy and get better in his mind; my middle child: that he may learn to turn away from the desires of this world and learn to love and appreciate his family; and my youngest: that he may gain the upper body strength to be a normal boy and that we can get his spine issue corrected. I continue to pray for my marriage. My husband is an individual that does not know how to operate within the constraints of a marriage or family. He also has HBP and what I suspect is depression. We have a loveless marriage. My Faith is waning too. I lack motivation and concentration. I pray for our sex life as well, along with our finances, and our business. I found a spot on my foot. Please pray it is not cancerous.

  16. I would like to pray for mercy for my family during this novena. Especially my sister. First thanking God that she received the surgery (which I prayed for in other novenas) and now asking him to help her get through the recovery. I pray for complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for my sister. That Jesus gives her all the strength to get through this journey and quickly. Amen

  17. For my daughter Brynn, that she may fully return to the faith and to the Church. May she do God’s will for her.

  18. My life is meaningless and I have nothing to live for. I mean, I like life, don’t get me wrong. I just have no meaning. No passion. No calling.
    Please pray for God mercy and grace on my life and that he gives to me a true calling. A calling that can make me alot of money. Enough money so that I can easily care for my family and so we can all enjoy life.
    Please also pray for my health.

  19. For my granddaughter, that she will be safe, back in her faith and near me.

    Fir my daughter, that she will soften, get help and the darkness will leave her.

    For my son, that he will turn away from drugs, stay clean and live a good safe life with God, not continue to just exist as he is. To bring God back into his life.

    For my partner and I to marry happily.

  20. Please pray for our family business. We are in graet need for a financial breakthrough.. We need more clients to come into our business so we can pay our outstanding debts. Please help us. Amen.

  21. I pray for me & my family to be able to let go of whatever is holding me back. To let go of past hurts, disappointments & anger. I pray we can all move forward with open hearts, love, compassion & understanding. I pray my grandson continues to do well in school & stays on this positive path. I pray for me and my 2 sister’s vehicles. They are starting to give trouble & I pray it isn’t anything serious & that it isn’t costly for any of us. I pray for financial burdens to be lifted for me & my family. I pray to know what to do concerning my job. We have so many changes that aren’t all good & new boss. I’m not at a good place concerning right now concerning work & where I am in my life & I don’t know what to do. I pray the new boss starts to work with us instead of against us. I pray that everything comes to light for those that are against us. I pray I can find peace with all these changes. I pray for all saying this novena, that we all draw closer to our Lord as we wait on his timing. I pray for peace in my heart. Thank you Lord for answered and unanswered prayers and never leaving me even when I think you are not near.

  22. I pray for Albino that he attends mass on Sunday and that he really believes in Jesus. I pray for Michael and his girlfriend that they grow in love and go back to Jesus. I pray for Joshua that if Norkis is the right woman for him that they get married if not you oh lord Jesus choose the right woman for him Amen!
    I pray for myself and Albino to have a great trip to Florida and we go and return safely in Jesus name.

  23. During this Divine Mercy Novena, I would like to pray for my neighbor who has been suffering deeply from mental illness. She is in a real dark place right now and I pray that the dark cloud of her depression may be lifted by the Lord’s Mercy. I would also like to pray for a friend’s son who has been battling with the demons of addiction which has led to poor choices for which he has been jailed on multiple occasions. He continues to relapse and has been on death’s doorstep more than once. His mother does not know what to do anymore other than to ask for prayers and turn things over to God. I pray that he may turn to the Lord and that he may be enveloped in the Lord’s Mercy. I would like to pray for my family and the intentions of all those that are praying this Novena with me. Amen!

  24. Lord hear my prayer I pray that no hurricanes come this summer and I don’t get up to eat after I go to sleep that I can bring a drink with me every night when I go to sleep. I also pray that Dr. Santana can give me celexa or something similar to that so I can at least control my depression and I am not depressed all the time. I also pray that I can see Carol in person on Friday and it doesn’t rain and they don’t cancel the appointment. I also pray that she can talk to my mom and tell what I am doing and she really talks to my mom for 10-15 minutes on the phone.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  25. Pray for my husband to stop alcohol n to Love me n our children more n not distracted by other woman. Also to help me in my job n further study. Also so that my children behave n do good in their studies. Amen

  26. I am praying for the conversion of my family. I am also praying that God will bring my daughter a faithful and devout husband and that He will gently lead her out of the relationship she is in. I am praying that God will capture her heart completely so she knows how loved and cherished she is. Fill us all with your Spirit, Jesus!

  27. Thanking Jesus for healing in the past for my brother and sister in law for her results in April 24th . Also for my sister’s brother in law just diagnosed with cancer of the lung, liver and ribs. He is going this week for chemotherapy. Praise Jesus for his healing of Vince. Amen

  28. My medical results came out very good news I want to thank God for everything and to have mercy on the sick and heal them

  29. Please pray for good health for my husband and I . Pray for our marriage and that we may bring God into our marriage and pray together. Praying for our daughter to trust and seek God’s will in all things. Praying for our son for him to get the hours he needs at his internship so he can finish his school. I pray for our finances, that I may learn to manage our finances better.

  30. Dear God, I pray for the following:
    -financial blessings so we can pay our debts, take care of my daughter full time, start up a business and help others
    -good healthy of my family;my husband Tony and daughter Ava.
    -safety of Tony in driving to and from work
    -enlighten me, I wanted to be with my daughter as she grows but at the same time I need to help my husband to sustain our daily needs.
    -positive job interview result
    -smooth paper presentation of my research
    -good health of my mother and father in laws
    -safe travel for me and my husband to San Diego.
    I ask this through the intercession of the Divine Mercy. Amen
    Thank you Lord.

  31. God to give myself and my Family strength as we are trying hard to deal with Transgenderism. Born female and says they are Feels they are Male. I’m a Mom that has Been supportive for 7 years. But trying so hard to get them The proper mental health healing they need. I’m just trying to hold this family together. I need God’s Grace to help restore peace, Love, Health and Protect us from all that is Evil.

  32. Praying for my husband’s health. Please God help him stay on track with his diet and he overcomes being at an unhealthy weight.
    Please pray for me too to stay on track with my diet.
    Praying we can get at a healthy weight. In Jesus name I pray 🙏.

  33. Lord Jesus, I come before you this morning to pray ask for your mercy.
    I pray that through this novena of divine mercy, you may forgive me my sins and open every closed doors in my family.
    I pray that you open the doors to financial breakthrough.
    Marital settlements,
    Miracle jobs and favors.
    You said in Mathew 7:7 that we should ask and we will receive.
    This morning I pray that may the prayers of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be accepted and granted by You O Lord, I pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  34. For me to be successful in getting a job
    For peace within my family
    For my partner and I to be able to solemnize our union in the church
    For peace within my country

  35. Please Dear Lord in Heaven, give Frank and Bill, my 2 sons, strength and grace to take on the challenge of good health. Please help Bill to quit smoking and help Frank get on a mission to loose all his excess weight for better health.
    Thank you. I ask this in Your Holy Name.

  36. Praying for suitable and affordable housing, for my daughters to study so that they can attain exams success, for my niece to be motivated to complete her work, for me to be more organized, for guidance and protection for my family.
    In Jesus name.

  37. Please pray for guidance and wisdom to know the path that you want us to take in life and the courage to take it. For all pregnant woman for safe deliveries.

  38. *Financial breakthrough to pay off debits and help out others
    *An honest and pure love that grows to lifetime commitment.

    * PHD acceptance at a good university

    * divine protection over my family
    * to have a meaningful relationship with almighty
    * find a property to buy for business & me

  39. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal our wonderful son of his anxiety.

    Please heal Jack of his pancreatitis.

    Please heal me of my COVID fatigue.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.🙏

  40. Praise God,
    I am grateful after a long job search God blessed me with one, thanks to everyone for keeping me in prayers and being there during my hard times.
    I also pray that God opens more opportunities with better pay for me and everyone looking forward to that too.

  41. Please pray that all of my husbands anger and hatred be turned into love, joy, happiness and peace.
    Please pray that my boys come back to the Catholic faith and they bring their spouses into the faith and that they raise their children to know, to love and to want to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that my sons stop drinking..
    Please pray for the conversion of my in laws.
    Please pray that my son does Gods will.
    In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  42. To be healed of leg and knee pain and hip pain for my husband and me. No more surgeries or infections. Salvation for my family. That the world will bring God back in everything we do. Not to get Covid or other variants and viruses. Jesus, have mercy on my family.

  43. Lord Jesus please, continue to shower your divine mercy and grace on my family.
    Protect us, heal us, grant us long life and more zeal to worship and serve You, bless and favour us, more winnings and success for us, help us with the issue of our father account, good business and jobs for us, deliver our grandchildren from the enemy and help them to grow in the fear of God and to be good children and successful in life, liberate our family and may the souls of our dead family members, the souls in purgatory and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace with the Lord. Amen.

  44. I pray to be debt free, and God to open the doors of wealth in my family. I also pray to concentrate in my studies and be able to finish my Honor Degree on time.

  45. I am praying for God’s mercy and grace to be sufficient in my life and also for God to bless my family financially and bless my husband with a job Amen.

  46. My prayer is to pass nursing licensure exam this coming April 22,23, 2023. I pray that during this day. God will guide me to answer all right answer and I pray that this day, I will be healthy. No sickness, no headache, no anxiety and nervousness. Please grant my wish so I will be able to render my help to those patient need my care when I will be a license nurse. So help me God. Amen

  47. I am praying for my daughter”s dowry payment function which will happen in less than two week”s time from now. Praying for divine mercy for it”s success. Saint Faustina, pray for us!

  48. Please pray for healing of my son from autism, video game addiction, severe depression, severe anxiety, lack of motivation, sleep apnea, and obesity.
    Please pray my son and daughter have a closer relationship with God.
    Please pray for me to find a job with a good pay, good benefits, good working environment, and good preceptors.
    Please heal my body.
    Please pray for protection over me and my family.

  49. I pray for the good health of my fiancee and her two children. I pray I will be able to provide for them and we will be reunited soon. I pray she will continue to have hope. Thank you for your prayers. I truly appreciate it.

  50. Jesus please deliver me and my children from this noise pollution that we are experiencing 7 days a week 20 hours a day.This noise is coming from a RUMSHOP nextdoor to me; 6 ft. From my house.This noise is going on more than 2 years now and the police is taking bribes to turn a blind eye.Deliver us Oh God from the works of the evil one Amen and thanks in advance.

  51. I pray that my friend Jane K, will receive the renewal of her driver’s license soon and that God will always grant her good health and peace. Also, I pray for Birthday Blessings on her! I pray all these in the name of Jesus, the Divine Mercy! Amen!

  52. Please Pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby for my daughter.
    Most scared heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world!

  53. God hear my prayers for a good and healthy working environment ..I pray for my son Sihawu to put more effort on his school work and to do well in all areas of his studies. I pray for the souls of my mother, uncle and daughter. Lord Jesus….guide me guide me guide my great redeemer.

    I ask for a good job,good working environment with a good pay..

  54. My Mommy to Rest In Peace with the Lord. My children to have a closer relationship with God and all their prayers are answered. My marriage to be what is God’s will and for my heart to have the strength and courage to please our Lord with his will. Praying for everything to line up for a good and best way to earn income, looking to only please the Lord. I trust in only you Lord. Please Divine Mercy, have Mercy on us and show us the way to your love and eternity. Amen!!!

  55. I would like to ask for prayers for myself so that I might be a better witness to the faith. I’m feeling near the despair and despondency as we pray about in the closing of the chaplet. I feel the weight of the world. Tragedies in the news are too much to bear. And I worry so much about my daughter – her health, vocation, direction. My own health has been a struggle. I think it’s improving and pray that I heal fully of my allergies and muscle twitching. Also, for some reason my past is haunting me even though I had been healed of that. Lord, please help me to be a better person and to build your kingdom! Yikes! There’s so much need in the world that I don’t like to focus on mine. Have mercy on us and on the whole world!

  56. To Jesus&Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for Jesus died on the cross for us
    Please increase your faith to my sons let them go back to church. Please heal my elder son and stop all addiction, stop his depression and cleanse his sins. Let there be peace and love in my home. Thank you Jesus, thank you Blessed Mother. Jesus please stay in their hearts and continue bless our home.

  57. For my son to recover from addiction
    For my children to return to our Catholic faith
    For safe travels for my family and me.

  58. Dear Jesus,

    Help me to get rid of Crohn’s disease . Please do pray for all the people suffering in pain.

  59. 1. That Got would grant me a financial miracle.
    2. That my 2 children from my first marriage would come back to me.
    3 To go to Heaven in the Rapture or when I die, whichever comes first.

  60. Please pray for God’s will with Standard insurance decision-makers and Dr. Kaplan’s paperwork, as I have not been able to work since May, 2022 because of disability. Please pray for full remission if it is God’s will, or the acceptance of suffering with Him on the cross. I pray for all those who are experiencing disability and unemployment. Thank you for your prayers. God bless and keep you.

  61. Lead my daughter back to church
    Keep my second daughter faithful to the church

    Move my daughter and her boyfriend closer to marriage

  62. I pray for my daughter that she has a blessed week st home and at her job. Please answer her prayer that the people coming to observe her work site observes another classroom and not hers.
    In Jesus name I pray 🙏

  63. For the successful operation of breast cancer of Mrs Gladys that the heavenly Doctors and Nurses will come in human form to carry out the operation so that it will be perfectly done.

  64. Good health and God’s protection for all the members of my family. Journey mercies for all travellers. Success in their postgraduate programs and their jobs for all my children and their spouses. Fruit of the womb and healthy children for my daughters U and I. For my daughter U to pass her exams.

  65. I pray for God to make my business flourish, grand success to my family members and grant us all good health

  66. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for the Divine Mercy and Blessings to our loved ones.🙏

    A Blessed Easter to all!

  67. For God to give B strength and grace to choose herself, focus on her well being and to love herself.

    To bless the work of my hands. To grant me financial stability, means to take care of mine and my family’s needs, to help the less fortunate and to give in the church.

    To heal my dad.

    To grant my mom a long and healthy life.

    To bring my husband back to the church.

    Wisdom to raise our children in the right way and to be good role models to them and to others.

  68. Please join me in praying for my son bryan so that Our almighty God may have mercy on him so that he may graduate.

  69. For successful pregnancy and safe delivery of baby girl for Meghan and Sergey

    Health: Kat, Zoe, Carol, Doug, Richard, Bonnie, Judy, Kim, Paul, Nancy, Mel, Sarah, Ed

    Successful business: Bernard

  70. Dear Lord my God my family and I trust in your mercy to save us, heal our family, our marriage, our financial situation, our plans, our faith to serve you more, deliver us from all our bad vices,
    Dear Lord honour your words in our lives our children, s examinations, job/PR applications, needs your Divine intervention
    May your name be glorified but now and forever

  71. For my family.
    For Erica a young mother of 3 who has cancer & not many months to live.
    For Regina who has breast cancer.

  72. Please God, help my sister Anna heal from her sicknesses in body and in mind. She has suffered a long time and is at the point of giving up.

  73. Please pray for God’s protection over my children George Zara and Sandra lives. God’s fearing life partner for my daughter Zara. God’s strengthen my grandson Joshua’s speech and understanding.
    Peace in our homes and in the world.

  74. Please pray that the mercy of Jesus strengthen my son and free him forever from addiction. Thank you

  75. Please pray taht the mercy of Jesus strengthen my son and free him forever from addiction. Thank you

  76. 1) prayer for my business / job hunting
    2) prayer for my sons eyesight
    3) prayer for my husband’s job
    4) prayer that God blesses us with a home

  77. Praying for my husband’s health, Lord Jesus you are the ultimate healer! I pray that may he will be healed from his back pain. I pray for his good health and I pray that he may find a best job in the city we are moving this month. I also pray that You guide us Jesus as we are transitioning into another chapter of our lives. Help us in the smooth transition Lord Jesus.


  78. * i pray for comfort, and help for the people suffering in Nigeria and all other troubled countries
    * i pray for that the Holy spirit may comfort and protect children in foster care and group homes, i pray that there might be a change in the adoption and foster care system.
    * I ask the divine mercy for acceptance into SUNY downstate EME program of 2023 summer regardless of the mistakes i may have made in my application
    * i pray through divine mercy there will be financial breakthroughs in my life and family
    * I ask divine mercy to give me the courage to speak to the tall boy I’m crushing on in church and i pray that we may exchange numbers Amen.

  79. I pray to get employed and also my brothers and sisters that are seeking for jobs so that God should open for us in this time of resurrection.
    I pray for family so that to have peace with enemies more so brothers to my dad so that they should unite as a family.
    I also pray for the Lord to help my relationship to be successful so that should lead to marriage.

  80. Dear Lord,
    Sister Faustina please ask Jesus Christ on our behalf for health and guidance for Dan who adores you and prays to you daily.
    Grant him a job he begs for .
    Heals our wounds with my daughter.
    Amen 🙏

  81. 1. Thanksgiving to God for devine protection and provision.
    2. Gift of the womb for my son and his wife.
    3. May God grant my other son a God fearing wife
    4. New wine in my marriage.
    5. Completion of outstanding diploma paper for my daughter.
    6. Healing of athritis for mum.

  82. Lord hear my prayer I pray that my mom’s car does not take long to fix that it only takes 3-4 days to fix it. I also pray that there is Housing available by May or June and that Racheal or Daisy have something and that we can go on the waiting list and that hopefully we can move in 2024 or 2025 to Casa Familia. I also pray that it doesn’t rain on Friday so I can see Carol in person because it is serious. I also pray that Dr. Santana gives me something to calm down and it does not make me sleepy during the day and it can be something like Celexa or similar to it.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  83. Praying for supernatural exponential growth in my family business beginning this month so we can be financially stable and secure. Praying for 20 good quality, ambitious, long term, hard working leaders who will be part of our personal width that are visionaries to come into my path who will understand my industry, and ones that I can mentor to grow personally, in leadership, and in business, and who will build up other leaders. All for God’s glory.

  84. Pray for me I have an interview for Cabin Crew Recruitment. It’s a big process . Pray for me so that I should pass the whole process and become one in Jesus’s name. Amen