Join us: The Divine Mercy Novena, 2023

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The next novena we’ll pray together begins this Friday on Good Friday. It’s the Divine Mercy Novena!

God’s Mercy is central to our lives and we must continually depend on it and ask for it daily.

We look forward to praying with you and for you — you can share your prayer intentions with us all below.

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God bless you!

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  2. ✨️Miracle for my son in prison that he is released. ✨️Miracle for me in a wheelchair that my right hand and leg work better so I can be more independent. That my husband remains in good health. That my family has peace together.

  3. Hello John and Anne
    I have been having continuous miscarriage. I feel like another one is or about to occur for the 5th time

    Please suggest a novena I can pray and please pray with me and for me please
    Thank you

  4. Pope Francis for health, poor souls in purgatory, for the war to stop in Ukraine, for the poor, sick, dying, lonely, homeless and those most need of thy help. For my father, mother, 2 brothers and son for health issues. For husband with MS, granddaughter with anxiety issues, granddaughter who stutters, for daughter in law for healthy twins to be delivered with no complications to babies or mother, for son in law for successful business. For myself so I do not have cancer. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  5. Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are. Augustine of Hippo

  6. Dear Lord Jesus, my husband and I are traveling. We have been through a lot so this is a well deserved vacation. My husband has been so much dealing with my cancer. We are leaving my Mom, children and grandsons, please keep us all safe. I’m nervous leaving my safety home.
    Please Lord Jesus, all the saints and Angels watch over us as we travel and for all the intentions known in my heart. We pray in Jesus name. Jesus May your will be done. Amen.

  7. Pls God in my basement rental person will be very nice and give money on time , very good person. $1500 rent come from my basement. Very good person to my family and God you too . Thank you 🙏

  8. Dear Divine Mercy master Jesus
    Please help me so that I will win my case with AD and let Judge AY rule in my favor in Jesus Christ mighty name amen

  9. – Irene McKell..
    – David Ramirez for healing and mental relief..
    – Mona Sterr..
    – Cecelia Lopez and her Mom for healing (had a car accident)..
    – Pray for a young girl who run the red light..

    – Jameson..
    – Kelley Foulk, and her boys Shane and Collin..
    – Robyn for her second series of chemotherapy today..
    – Jackie Vickery and Jim wilhelm for peace at the end of life..

    + Pray for vocations to the religious life especially for an increase in the number of holy priests..
    🙏 Day 3 St. Gianna Novena for Healthy, Supportive Marriages..

    * Sincere condolences to Foulk and Lora Tohill and Ulibarri families..
    Repose of souls:
    + Jay Foulk
    + Oliver Ulibarri
    + All Souls in Purgatory.

  10. Am asking God to stretch His hand of healing on my friend who is fighting for his life in the ICU after a road accident and for God to be the provider for his family during this hard time.

  11. – Machelle..Sharon Palmar..Alex..
    – Mike Kueber..Theresa and her families…
    Repose of soul;
    – Rosalie Maitland..
    – All Souls in Purgatory.

    Day 2 Saint Gianna Novena for Lora Tohill.
    + Pray for vocations to the religious life especially for an increase in the number of holy priests.

  12. Thanking God for being here again after I stopped for months. Through this novena prayers I got my visa, conceived and carried to full term after 3 years of miscarriages thank you Jesus. Please my brothers and sisters kindly help me and beg our merciful God to attend to prayer requests. I am heavily pregnant and my husband has been on a restraining order since January. He had been charge to court, the court defendant, police and the witness care had updated me on the outcome of the court that my husband has some fine to pay and suspension that followed up that he is now free to come back to his house, but the probation officer disapproved that till God knows when?. I will be due by August and I want to Good Lord to set him free before then Amen.

  13. -Sophia,
    -Garrett and his wife Aliyah.
    – Mark Neyer, spiritual enlightenment. 
    * married couples whose having difficulty.

    + May God bless Br. Justinus.
    + + Pray for vocations to the religious life especially for an increase in the number of holy priests. 
    +All Souls in Purgatory.

  14. Mike and Alex’s terrible marriage needs God’s help
    Karen and Michael need God’s help with their special needs children
    Our disastrous society needs God now more than ever.
    prayers for those poor souls in Purgatory…. may they see hope of eternal joy soon

  15. Divine Mercy: I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith and love. I pray that we are happy/successful in our jobs. I pray for financial aid for a good used vehicle. I pray for our oldest son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs, their health will be good, and their faith will grow daily; I pray for our middle son with his financial burden, that he and S will be happy/successful in their jobs, their health will be good, and their faith will increase daily. I pray for our daughter, son on-law & 2 grandsons that they will be healthy, and their faith will grow. That they will be happy/successful in their jobs. Thank you for blessing us w/grandsons. Please help us to always have Christ in our hearts and minds. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  16. Pray for all cancer fighters ! This is more of a Thank God for miracles. My brother Tim is winning the battle after almost 30 years. These Novenas have been a lifeline for our family!!

  17. Pray desperately that I keep my job for many years. Please God help secure my job. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love, need and worship. Amen

  18. We pray for the enlightenment of JC Von, JB Vinz, Eric and me.
    For the enlightenment of Lola Ellen and Cathy.
    For peace and light in all days through.
    We thank your Lord Jesus for your blessings and guidance.
    Please bless us always with our daily needs. Bless us with your
    peace and kindness, good health and safety.
    Bless us with your love and hope.
    We pray in Jesus name, Our Divine Mercy. Amen.

  19. Please pray for Lola Ellen, Cathy, JC Von, JB Vinz, Precious Mae,
    RK Paul, K Shynn, Eric&Marie, Mark&Edylyn, Khen&Rica for God’s
    blessings of our daily needs, protection & guidance.
    We also pray that JC Von will remain zealous and dedicated to
    his calling. For his vocation. JB Vinz will remain dedicated to his studies.
    That the children will remain dedicated to their studies.
    Bless them with your love, kindness and calm.
    May they be patient always.
    For all souls in purgatory.
    We ask this in Jesus name, His Divine Mercy and in Mama Mary’s
    intercession. Amen.

  20. Jesus, thank you for your Divine Mercy!
    —62 years old with a disability and I lost my job the Monday beginning of Holy Week.
    —was given no monetary compensation and now having difficulty paying monthly financial obligations, as well as rent.
    —need to be realistic and realize that I may now lose my home of 16 years, though despite my present circumstances,
    I believe in the Divine Mercy and have been saying the chaplet everyday for over 20 years.
    Jesus, I Trust In You and I believe in your Mercy!
    May everyone be blessed to receive the outpouring of Divine Mercy upon their souls.

    Jesus, I Trust In You!
    Thank you and may God richly bless everyone.

  21. – Angela & Joe Patton, and 5 children, Rich P, Robert.
    – All my families.
    – All the Prayer Warriors who Pray with me.
    + All Souls in Purgatory.
    – For my vocation
    – 54 days Novena for our Nation and the world.

  22. For the enlightenment of my wife to see, understand and act from within her mind and heart to love as she should.

  23. – Monique, Alex, Susan Gagnier, Jesus Castanon, Mary Negrete, Angela Patton,
    Rich Patton, Robert.
    * Congratulating Deacon. Justinus Grebowicz.
    – Sincere condolences to Sister Celine, Ongemba, Patricia and Negrett’s families. 
    + Repose of souls:
    + Catherine Dounies.
    + Br. Albert Ongemba. 
    + Victoria Negrett.
    + All Souls in Purgatory. 

  24. Dear Jesus,

    Please help me to learn my new job, become excellent at my job, and succeed.
    Please bless me with a financial miracle and a release of my financial debts.
    Please heal my sciatica, leg pain, sleep apnea, extreme fatigue, and diabetes.
    Please heal my son emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
    Please bring my son and daughter back to you and the church.
    Please protect me and my family from illness, poor health and evil.
    Please heal my mother.
    Please keep me safe as I travel the 75 minutes to work and back home each day for work.

  25. Dear Jesus in your Divine Mercy, thank you for all of your blessings.
    Please bless, watch over and pray for my son.
    Please bless my sisters, family.
    I pray for all in my healing prayer, Annie and John-Paul, and those praying this novena and their intentions.

    Thank you dearest Lord, I love you.

  26. Divine Mercy come to my life and make things right in our house
    Keep stress away from me and especially people who stress and lie about me.
    Some one asked for a divorce today just because I failed an exam,pray that this may never gonna happen.
    I pray for people who mistreat foreigners.May you change them.
    Pray for my job contract to be renewed.
    Thank you for providing my daily bread and keep me blessed.

    In Jesus name I pray.Amen

  27. LH comes back to church and becomes all that God needs him to be
    RH LH strong minds bodies and souls
    DH makes right decision about career
    RH handles added pressure at work well
    We live in gratitude, identfying our talents, developing our talents and using them where God intends and in His timing
    We do not waste neither time, talent, nor treasure
    No substance abuse
    My mother and brothers and sisters
    Our country, the right leaders
    DH stops regretting and having resentment and jealousy
    LH and RH each find the right spouse
    healing of our family individually and collectively such that nothing is wasted and God’s will is accomplished in our lives
    healing of our relationships
    choosing right college
    good decisions, good use of time, good associations
    mnd, mercy mcauley, hazn, miami
    aunt janice
    patty loreto walsh, terri shannon, therese condit
    mom and mark
    siblings and their kids

  28. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Carol can talk to my mom this afternoon and that she takes care of everything. I also pray that the lead she gave me they can mail us an application and we can go on the waiting list because we can’t move now. I also pray that my mom understands. I also pray that Dr. Santana gives something like Celexa or something similar and that he takes me off the paxil.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  29. I pray for all the families and intentions
    Already mentioned .
    For all the souls in purgatory , for the
    Catholic faith.
    For my deceased parents , grandparents , cousins .
    Finally for my brothers , sisters , my wife and
    Children and that I my find a suitable job

  30. Father in your hands I place my son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith Amen.
    Praying for my sister Fiona and Aanoo who is not well may God heal them and whoever is sick out there 🙏
    Praying for myself my children and grandchildren for protection each day.
    Lord I trust in you only you have the answers to all my intentions.. AMEN

  31. Thanksgiving
    Forgiveness of Sins
    Our sons university admission for God to show is the way that he should go where h8s destiny is
    Let God in His infinite mercy show MERCY to our family by healing, increase in finances and true love and unity amongst us.

  32. Divine Mercy,
    Today I pray for love and understanding between my family members. Give us all peace, health and happiness. Help my two sons find employment , love and come back to the Holy Catholic Church. Let them gain self confidence. Keep them away from all addiction, also of smoking marihuana I pray for my nephew to get out of his bad addiction and to seek help. Give my sister strength to deal with this all. I pray for all praying this Novena to have their prayers answered. Father of Mercy, I beg You by the bitter Passion of Your Son and by His three-hour agony on the Cross: Please answer my prayers!

  33. Praying for the fruit of womb and to carry pregnancy to term.

    Praying for professional jobs for my husband and I.

    Praying for visa sponsorship for my husband and I.

  34. 1. Thanks giving to God for blessings, healing of sick in the family
    2. Thanks giving to God for my daughter Carmella getting an internship job and praying for her to get permanent job
    3. Prayer to my son Michael and niece for openings in their business ventures to enable them cater for themselves and for Michael to to come back to church.
    4. Praying to God to guide me in my new beginning as a retiree and be able to finish stalled projects we had started before passing on of my husband.

  35. Prayers for healing and good health.
    Prayers for guidance toward the path that God has for me.
    Prayers for a new job and financial blessings.
    Prayers for the man that God has for me to come into my life at the right time and patience while I wait.

    For everyone else praying this novena, for their prayers and special intentions be heard and answered.


  36. Pray for Valentine’s family to settle in Bangalore, bless Neha with Bank job govt job in Bangalore, Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in Bangalore, bless Vellu Judy with good jobs in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners who will keep Vellu Judy in their homes, bless Neha Nikita to settle very close to each other in Bangalore, Anoint Valentines Arun’s Jeevans Jairuss families and families of Vellus siblings with Heavenly Grace’s, Anoint us with Holy Spirit gifts fruits charisms of Holy Spirit to guide us in 6 areas of our lives every day and to take right decisions at the right time, bless our finances lives intentions prayers studies future health and teaching profession.

  37. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon me.
    I pray for happiness, success, and stability in my new job.
    I pray for a financial miracle and a release of my financial debt.
    I pray for healing of my son both physical and mental.
    I pray to find a good therapist for my son.
    I pray for healing of my body and mind.
    I pray for both of my children to return to God and the church.
    I pray for protection over my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.

  38. Praying for my sister Fiona may God heal her. Let all her results be negative in Jesus name cancer I say get out 🙏Protection over her while she going under and operation next week🙏
    Praying go Aanoo he has cancer lord please protect him and heal him in his operation.
    Father take away my pains I feel. On my both hands thanking you Jesus for the week you have given me at home and at work thank you for your Strength and comfort and protection over my children and grandchildren. My son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith and there dad Fred.
    May I have a blessed weekend with love and happiness Amen.

  39. Please pray I can accept and be in the present to prepare me for the marriage God has for me and the man He knows is best. Me for him and him for me. Trust in Jesus. Amen

  40. I pray for my daughter A to find a nice godly young man. She’s been trying to find someone for a long time, and they always seem to reject her. Please guide my daughter to the right circumstances that will help her find the right boy for her.

  41. For my son who is trying to give up a severe addiction to marijuana. Please pray for him to receive the graces he needs and for his return to the faith.

  42. Please pray with me that I’ll be able to be a kidney donor for my husband. He’s on dialysis right now.

    Thank you!!

  43. Thanks for your prayers
    Pray for me that I stay in peace with My chosen One that God should grant us with his Love and Massey’s that we full fill our plane of introduction and marriege, financial breakthrough


  44. I am praying for a speedy, merciful, and fair solution and resolution between me and someone who has been very adversarial towards me and all others who come in contact with him. I also have major health and financial issues that I pray are mercifully resolved.

  45. Prayers for the Result of my Board Examination.PrYers for the Health of my mother ,siblings children and my partner.prayers to my cousin having breast cancer.prayers for all the people who is in kail…and prayers for the blessing of my family…

  46. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Dr. Santana gives me Celexa or a pill similar towards my depression and that it is not Paxil because I have had trouble falling asleep at night. I also pray that there is Housing available by May or June and that I can be on the waiting list on June and or I can move to Casa Familia in 2025 if that is the case. I also pray that I can feel better after talking to Carol and that we find a good comforter on line today and that we can order one.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  47. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for special blessings for our daughter.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

    Thank you dear Lord.

  48. Please pray for my friend Anita and her husband Tom. He is having some major heart disease problems and had 4 heart surgeries this week for an aneurism and aortic valve replacement. They are faithful believers and need our prayers and God’s help for healing and peace.

  49. Pray for my son and his fiance that they will begin attending church again. Pray for all their needs, especially financial, as they plan their wedding.

  50. Divine Mercy,
    I pray for all the souls in Purgatory. For my loving husband, parents, in-laws, all my relatives and friends. For all the souls no one has to pray for. Let them all come into Your Kingdom as soon as possible. Have mercy on them and let them rest in peace with You for ever and ever. Sweet Jesus I pray for my two sons to find good jobs and work hard. For their health, emotional, physical and spiritual. Let them have self confidence and no fear towards life challenges. Give them strength. I pray that they get married to good Christian girls. Dear Lord I know You have a plan for them and that You will answer my prayers. I also pray for all who are praying this Novena to have their prayers answered.
    Jesus I trust in Your Divine Mercy!

  51. Dear Jesus,

    I pray for a financial miracle and a release of my financial burdens.
    I pray for success and happiness in my new job.
    I pray for healing of my body.
    I pray for healing of my son from feelings of hopelessness, suicidal ideations, severe depression, crippling anxiety, sleep apnea, obesity, and video game addiction.
    I pray my son and daughter come back to God, the church, and live a Christian life.
    I pray for protection over me and my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.

  52. I pray for a miracle.. please Jesus heal my cat. Animals are your creations aswell and I pray from the bottom of my heart for you to have mercy on my cat and give her a speedy and complete healing. You are The Almighty God and nothing is impossible with you!!
    Jesus I trust in you!
    I thank you in advance Lord Jesus Christ!
    Amen .. Amen.. Amen

  53. 1. God’s divine mercy, healing, liberation, transformation, restoration, salvation, guidance, protection and blessings for my family and myself;
    2. God’s freedom and deliverance of Peter and all other family members and friends from every form of addiction, affliction, bondage, yoke, generational curses, strongholds and insanity;
    3. God’s divine favor, open doors, longevity and good health for myself and all family members;
    5. God’s grace to draw all my family members closer to Himself, that we may know, love and serve Him more; that we may dwell in His Presence forever; that we grow in faith, hope, charity and fear of Him; and that we may be nourished physically and spiritually by the body and blood of Jesus, Amen.

  54. Dear Suffering & Merciful Jesus,

    I pray for my son, Eric, that he may return to Jesus’ Holy Church and obtain some peace in his life. Please allow him to find the job and the path you wish for him. I pray for my daughter and her fiance that they may always seek and do God’s loving will. I pray for my husband and myself that we will always pray and believe for our children.

    Thank you, Jesus!

  55. Oh Lord, I thank you for your love and mercy and my family. I pray for my husband to secure a good job, that we may be able to pay off all our debts,to be able to get a good home for our family, to be able to secure our permanent stay in the UK. Praying for safe journey for my children to join us in the UK. Please Lord grant us success in all our lives endeavours,Amen. St.Maria Faustina,pray for us. Amen.

  56. Pray for me Against spirit of rejection. I find challenges whenever I meet someone I have never met in my life, the person hates me on first sight.
    I see hatred and rejection almost every where. Plus false allegations.

  57. For my husband to know if he should switch to another job. Please make it clear what he should do and give him peace in doing it. Prayers also to conceive and bear another child if it’s God’s will. For healing for Michelle, Sarah, and Mary. For a holy marriage and family. For my parents who were a witness to us kids of a pure and holy marriage and who helped form us kids in our faith Thank you God for all they sacrificed throughout their lives. For the Oblates of the Virgin Mary. For holy priests and holy marriages.

  58. Please intercede for an 11 year old boy A who is addicted to violent video games, and seeking unhealthy relationships online. He has had alot of sadness in his life, please help heal his heart the right way, and send him help. He needs parent guidance, rules and discipline before it’s too late, and he goes down the wrong path. I pray for a change of heart for him.

  59. Prayer Intentions;
    1)To have matrimonial peace with spouse.
    2)To have a successful and hitch free immigration process.

  60. Please pray for my grandson Stephen Kitchen. He has struggled for many years with addiction of one form or another. Please pray that he will be healed & most importantly to be in his sons life. Pray that his innocent son Stephen J. will not be burdened with adult issues. Thank you so much!

  61. I pray desperately for both of my children as they are both struggling with health. Our son is not working and his health issues have affected his work, and his work place did not understand or care to work with him.
    Our daughter also has physical health issues, she’s had back and head surgery and is limited to the jobs she is able to do. Our Dr abruptly quit her practice and never got to sign dusability papers.
    We are struggling financially and I’m struggling emotionally.
    Please help me pray for them to get through this and my husband and I are retirees. I’m not begging for money by any means, just Gods will that we can get through this. Thank you God.

  62. I pray desperately that if it is God’s will that the principal talks to me today about moving into the special needs room so I can permanently stay employed with the school. In Jesus name I pray 🙏.

  63. Prayers for blessings in keeping our grandson healthy and safe.
    Prayers for our daughter.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in this world.
    Thank you dear Lord.

  64. Praying for everyone that praying this novena may God graciously hear us🙏father in your hands I leave all my intentions thanking God for each day he gives me🙏Protection over my grandchildren each day in wisdom and knowledge. my grandson Xavier may his words flow out of
    His mouth probably so he can enjoy school. Father i Trust in you Amen 🙏

  65. Praying for children to be united has siblings. My family to also be united in family values. Lord graciously hear my prayer 🙏.
    Father I trust in you in all you do for me each day. Praying for my son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith. My sister Fiona gets her results today lord let every test be negative 🙏. Praying for Arnoo who has cancer to get well and all cancer patients.
    Father in your hands I place everything my home that’s for sale my children to reunite and my family. Thank you Jesus for your Strength each day you give me. I love you Father🙏. Jesus i Trust in you 🙏

  66. Divine Mercy,
    Please bring my two sons back to the Holy Catholic Church and all my family members, my nephews, nieces and their children.
    I also pray for a successful season in renting my little apartment. Send me good and responsible guests. Give me strength to get all my work done and take away my fears and worries. I pray for all praying this Novena to get their prayers answered. Jesus I trust in You!

  67. Dear Jesus,

    Please bless me with a financial miracle and a release of my financial debt.
    Please heal my son of autism, suicidal ideations, severe depression, severe anxiety, video game addiction, negative outlook on life, sleep apnea, lack of motivation, and obesity.
    Please heal my physical and emotional being.
    Please bring my daughter and son back to Jesus.
    Please bring my daughter back to me.
    Please protect me and my children from Satan and all evil.

  68. Please pray for God’s healing for my family and other known sick loved ones .
    Pray for God’s direction for my son at his new place of wotk .
    Pray for a stronger relationship with God for all members of my family.

  69. Help me praying for my daughter Blandina who is sitting for her primary leaving certificate examinations.

  70. May the lord answer all our prayers who are praying with us during this nine days. Lord jesus please intercede for me to our God the Father to help me in my financial situation to overcome the debts and loans, also the police case on me for bounce cheque may by your power I maybe able to overcome the situation and lead and happy and peaceful life with my wife and my newborn baby. Please hear and answer my prayers lord and requesting all my brother’s and sisters to pray for me and my intentions.

  71. Dear Lord Jesus our Divine Mercy, we thank you for your continued guidance and answered prayers. Thank you so much for every you do for us. I pray during this Divine Mercy novena that our children O,D and S will never leave the Catholic faith, they won’t be too woke to say that there is no God. I pray for their protection, guidance and they will succeed in everything they do. I pray that they won’t see evil and be evil. I pray that they won’t have mental health issues and will be filled with your joy, kindness and happiness. I pray for my husband to keep excelling in his profession, no issues or mistakes. I pray that we will keep being in love and keep having a wonderful life together. I pray for myself to get the promotion at work. I pray for my family, friends and relatives to receive answers to their prayers, for the world to be a better place and those praying this novena with me to receive answers to prayers. Amen!

  72. Praise Jesus, prayer fam.
    I thank you all for praying with me when my foot was problematic. I am now healed, in Jesus’ Holy Name! ☝️
    Now I am requesting again, I need to get an affordable shop to start a business in tailoring.
    I am grateful for my life, but tired of staying at home.
    God bless you all, and may He answer each of your prayers, according to His mercies and abundance in glory.
    Amen 🙏

  73. Dear Team of John Paul and Annie, thank you for the wonderful Novenas. Very grateful indeed. Would like you to Pray for my children Emmanuel Mugalula and his smal business he is doing kindly Pray for his success. Pray for my daughter Eve Namwanje and her job that she is successful with Uganda Bureau of Statistics. Pray that they get good Spouses.
    F Pray for my health and my Projects that they are successful and financially supported. All this I request in the name of Jesus Christ my personal Saviour Amen. Judith Namusisi of Entebbe Uganda.

  74. – Robyn and his family. 
    – Irene Howard for a peaceful transition and peace for 52 years husband Dick making hard decision.
    – Margaret Dale for peaceful and holy passing into the arms of our Lord.

    – Pray for Mateo’s brother and young driver who must be suffering in life.
    – Sharon in hospice
    – Daniel
    – Congratulations Barbara became grandmother to baby girl, Mila Murphy.

    *Continue prayers for Carrie and her baby, Damien is in NICU.
    + Dominican Brother Justinus Grebowicz, his deacon ordination, on April 15th.
    🙏 Day 6 – Divine Mercy Novena
    – 54 days Novena for our Nation and the peace in the world.

    Repose of souls:
    • Dane
    • Anita O’Donoghue
    • Mateo
    • All Souls in Purgatory
    – Sincere condolences to Erin and O’Donoghue and Mateo families. 

  75. Dear Divine Mercy JESUS please show Your Divine Mercy to me and help me start over;start a new life/ new beginning! I need Your provision and help to do this: a large enough financial miracle to buy a 1(prefer 2) berm condo/townhome in South (city/my heart desires) to buy/own! I also need a new God fearing boyfriend! Also I am extremely upset and anxiety filled regarding a situation ( and my sister is too) that my non Christian evil minded evil spirited,jealous older brothers are doing to upset my Military son! Please give me,my sis and my son divine intervention/ miraculous solutions to STOP my brothers from taking ring cameras from outside of my elderly fathered house that my son put up outside so we can get notifications to keep my dad safe! This is URGENT! And also to NOt return iPad so we can talk to my Military son on deployment! These brothers are not God fearing and are alcoholics and sociopathic tendencies! They have evil hearts toward me,my son! Been going on since I had my son! URGENT!!!! Pray for all us but especially that we will not get in fights and especially lead them to NOT touch the cameras or expensive iPad! And they won’t upset my son(J) who’s a brave Military Christian man who wants to go to Theology school in Military as well! I’m asking everyone on this to please pray for him, my sister,father and conversion for my mean hearted 3 mentally I’ll older brothers; for their conversion to Jesus through Blessed Mother! Also pray for my son and my high blood pressure! Divine Mercy please hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this forum! JESUS We trust in YOU! XO

  76. My Intentions are::::
    1. I pray for My Brother, who has chosen to be away from Family, no contact whatever.
    2. I pray for a Friend who I love very much ,who would not speak to me or acknowledge when I try to make contact
    3. I pray for the doors to open so that my siblings and I would receive the Deed to inherited Lands

  77. Please pray for Peace, love, unity and trust in our family. That God may touch each individual in this family. That wisdom will reign and reasoning will prevail and the land issues will be solved amicably.
    Pray for my children to know God and to to be close to God
    Pray for finances and business growth for me, family and those who are struggling
    Pray for our Nation to find ways of improving the economy
    Pray for the health and protection of my family
    Pray for Joshua, Aggrey, Simo, Hezekia, Philip, John amongst others to heal
    Pray for jobs to the jobless and good and perfect gift of a child to Grace, Maureen, Val, June and Akodhe.
    Lord hear us

  78. Pray for my brother who fainted and when he recoverd he disappeared pray for him to come back home

  79. -Praying for a breakthrough of my daughter’s mental and emotional states.
    -Praying she learns control of her feelings, emotions, urges.
    -Praying she comes to a state of peace with herself and let go of toxic relationships, like that of her boyfriend.
    -praying that her and I have and develop a strong, respectful relationship.
    -Praying she underestands I only want the best for her, NOT to control her as she tells me.
    -Praying she sees the light and believes in YOU lord.

  80. I pray for the total conversion of Osita Mamah and all the derailed follower of Christ. Lord have mercy on them and guide their heart to the true religion in discipleship.

  81. Dear Jesus,
    Please pray for my friend on his birthday and his mother who is suffering so now.

    Please pray for my son and all family and friends.
    Thank your dearest Lord.

  82. For my relationship with the father of my children
    For the strength of my family bonds
    Into your hands Heavenly Father I place my marriage – for saving or breaking. I am yours.

    • Praying for restoration of all my blessings that the devil had swallowed. May the devil vomit my business, employment, good friends, my good health, good financial status, all my physical assets, my job, my marriage, peace in my family, all my monies lent out to clients, and everything that is dead in my life to resurrect back to life.
      I pray for open doors of blessings which satan will never close again and God to close doors which satan will never open again. I say all these in Jesus’s Name amen 🙏

  83. I am praying for a breakthrough in my health, and healing of my emotions.
    I pray especially that my body would no longer be reacting to jewelry and I may be able to wear it again. I have no idea what’s going on, but I feel so afraid.

  84. God has been so merciful and kind to me. I am praying for the grace to see His purpose and strength in my Career and destiny and in my soul that I may know Him more and love Him better in prayer and service.
    I am also praying for my choir, my work place and my family that His merciful love may envelope all our would and keep us ever in the abode of His most merciful heart; and for the souls of my departed family members and souls in purgatory that they may see the eternal life promised my our loving saviour. Amen

  85. Please pray for a young boy who is going through a difficult time right now, and is coping by seeking unhealthy behaviors with violent video games, and strangers online. Help send him on the right path towards people who care about him, and better health and wellness.