Join us: The Divine Mercy Novena, 2023

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The next novena we’ll pray together begins this Friday on Good Friday. It’s the Divine Mercy Novena!

God’s Mercy is central to our lives and we must continually depend on it and ask for it daily.

We look forward to praying with you and for you — you can share your prayer intentions with us all below.

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God bless you!

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  1. For clarity if I should wait for the love of my life to sort himself out emotionally, or if God has other plans for me. And for the strength to carry myself with grace through this situation. For the pain to subside. For him to ground himself and be his best again, and for both of us to find true peace.

  2. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I don’t have any accidents while I am driving and I also pray that I can see Carol in person on Friday and that the appointment is not cancelled. I pray that Dr. Santana gives me a pill like celexa or something that does not make too depressed or anxious.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  3. Please bring my son home soon, watch over my children and grandchildren protect them against all evil. Reunite my family under this roof around this table . Please pray my Compa will be able to receive a kidney 🙏 and remove anything that isn’t of you. Amen

  4. Prayer Warriors requesting prayers for;

    ~ ~ Dane and Robyn were engaged couple preparing for marriage. The groom to be died unexpectedly a few days ago. They were going to get married this summer. The bride to be is on shock and has no family or friends in Utah. His funeral is this Friday.
    Prayers for the repose of his soul. His name is Dane. Prayers for his fiancé Robyn and his family.

    ~ Irene Howard,(SJB Warrior) is moved into memory care. Please pray for a peaceful transition.

    ~ Margaret Dale, 91 years old , her son is asking for peaceful and holy passing into the arms of our Lord. Continue prayers.

    ~ Mateo (6 years old) was hit by a truck and was killed in front of his brother (10 years old), and his mom and his aunt (Lisbeth Turcios). while the boys were riding their bikes in a parking lot. Families are suffering much. Continue prayers.
    also pray for the young driver who must be suffering just as much.

    ~ Sharon who is on hospice. Continue prayers.

    ~ Daniel who will be released from jail that he can stay off drugs. Continue prayers.

    ~ Barbara Murphy,(Prayer Warrior) Congratulations 🎈 she became grandmother to beautiful baby girl
    “Mila Atlee Castillo Murphy.”

    💢💢 Update;
    ~ Brian Brumley’s biopsy was negative for cancer, Praise God.
    ~ Linda, her surgery was successful and recovering! Thank you for the prayers!
    🌹 👼❤️ Carrie Nader, Congratulations 🎈 Damien 2lbs 13 ozs 19”, Damien is in NICU. Carrie is good. Continue prayers.

    💝 Dominican Brother Justinus Grebowicz, his deacon ordination, on April 15th. Please Continue prayers.

    🇺🇸 54 day Novena for Our Nation;

    ❤️ 6th day of Divine Mercy Novena ❤️

    Repose of souls;
    ~ Anita O’Donoghue,(SJB Warrior and Magnify90 sister Erin Miller’s Mom)
    ~ Mateo, 6 years old.

    ~ Sincere condolences to Erin and O’Donoghue and Mateo families.
    “May angels lead Anita and Mateo into Paradise”
    “ In Paradisum deducant te angeli”

  5. My wife and I pray for our requests in our Novena to God’s Love come to pass and be fulfilled. Amen thank you Abba for everything. May all who have prayers and intersetion be met with a Yes and Amen. So be it

  6. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for our daughter.
    Prayers for healing graces for the family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  7. Pray for my children and grandchildren who have left their faith and have been taken by the woke culture. I especially pray for my granson who is extremely depressed. His parents are deeply into everything woke. They are telling him that becoming a girl will make him happier and allow him to be his true self.

  8. I pray for my two sons, God grant them psychological and emotional healing , especially my 2nd born I pray for his mental health healing and strength. May they grow to love and serve God. May they find God’s favor in their lives.
    I pray for God to open an opportunity for me to own a business, financial stability and serve God. May the Lord open my spiritual ears, eyes and ❤️. I pray for all people in need.

  9. Please pray for my son steve who is undergoing family problems and is on verge of seperation.he is missing his children so much .we are praying to God for a peaceful solution.we are facing huge financial difficulty due to all this problem.lord please free us from all this problem and grant us to lead pious and peaceful life .we are missing our 2grand children who are taken away from us.they loved us so much.also praying for 2grand children who are there for us from second son.also please lord keep my daughter and husband safe.we are praying for Steve’s wife ammu who moved away from us.

  10. Divine Mercy,
    I pray for the physical, emotional and psychological healing of my two sons. Let them stay away from all addiction. Please let them find good and permanent jobs and live a happy and healthy life. I would like them to get married and have their own families. Let them come back to the Holy Catholic Church. I have been praying for a very long time. Please hear and answer my prayers dear Lord. I pray for all others who are praying this Novena. Please take all our prayers to the Throne of God.

  11. I pray for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage with a Catholic spouse so as to continue with the faith.

  12. ~ Healing prayers for my parents-my mother Gloria (that she be healed from thyroid nodes & her bodily itching & from all illness and infirmities in her body, mind and soul-thank you for good results regarding her throat mass), my dad’s cataracts surgery and all illness and infirmities in his body, mind & soul, MIL (pain), daughter Isabella (that she may be healed from all illness and infirmities in her body, mind and soul) and daughter Victoria (that she may be healed from all illness and infirmities in her body, mind and soul), for Amy (that she may be healed from her anxiety and toileting issues), for cousin Brandon (heal his GI issues and whatever needs healing in his body, mind, soul), heal all illness and infirmities in my body, mind and soul and please help me not have horrible & frightening nightmares so that I can rest during my sleep, BIL Javier (prostate cancer) and for all who suffer from anxiety and depression-help them seek You dearest Jesus as their true Healer, Consoler and Savior.

    ~ Heal us from all disease and illness in our bodies so that we may live a long time on earth to praise, worship, love, honor, serve and adore You.

    ~ Heal those suffering from covid and other illnesses so that they may live a long time on earth to praise, worship, love, honor, serve and adore You.

    ~ Conversion of sinners to the One True Catholic Church that You Jesús founded

    ~ End of abortion, euthanasia, war, human trafficking

    ~ For world peace and peace in families

    ~ For kindness, love, forgiveness, peace & unity in all families especially in my families & those who are fighting or have some kind of issue/misunderstanding with each other

    ~ For love, kindness & humility in the world

    ~ For purification of souls in purgatory so they may reach heaven to glorify and adore You for all eternity

    ~ For our priests especially Father Emanuel Kwofie to guide us through his homilies and his actions to a holy path and help us open our eyes and hearts to our Lord Jesus Christ

    ~ Jesús cover my family and me with your most Precious Holy Blood to protect us from all evil, illness, cancers, accidents

    ~ For my daughters to continue to serve you in our church and community and always know that You are our/their Savior and Redeemer

    ~ Spark that fire of Your love in our hearts especially our children & those who have grown distant from Your church to seek & receive You in the Holy Eucharist every Sunday

    ~ Send our guardian angels to all my family members and to me especially to my daughters to be protected at all times from all evil, illness, cancer and accidents

    ~ Good health granted upon my family and me especially my daughters, husband, parents, sister, brothers, in-laws, nieces/nephews, cousins and aunts/uncles

    ~ For those who have lost a loved one-give them the strength, hope and courage to get through their loss especially the Delgado/Hernández families and most especially John Edward Delgado Sr., Sarah Delgado and sister Emma as they have lost their baby son/brother, John Edward Delgado jr due to a tragic accident involving a gun

    ~ Give our children the wisdom, compassion and strength to learn all that they need to learn to attain their degrees and knowledge to practice their skills given by You, sweet Jesus, so that they can serve You here on earth as You intended them to serve

    ~ If it be Your will, reunite my sister and her husband in their sacramental marriage that You witnessed in Your home and church & that their marriage be a healthy, loving relationship with You as the center of their lives

    ~ Bless all marriages especially sacramental marriages so that they choose to place You in the center of their lives and homes

    ~ Please fill my brother Juan’s heart with patience, humility and compassion for others (remove all the pride from his heart) and that he may find a suitable Catholic Christian woman to share his life with

    ~ Remove all the pride from my and my family members’ hearts (Leyva & Velázquez) so that we may humbly serve You

    ~ For Pamela, Orlando and in-laws to forgive each other so that we may live in unity and kindly share family moments and be able to visit each other to make family memories

    ~ For my Leyva family members to continue to forgive each other so that we may live in unity and kindly share family moments and be able to visit each other to make family memories

    ~ For my Rocha family members (tio Ramon, tia Diana, cousin Vanessa, cuisine Michael) to forgive each other so that they may live in unity and kindly share family moments and be able to visit each other to make family memories

    ~ For my family and I & the whole world to live according to Your Word and commandments so we may enter heaven when we leave this earthly home

    ~ Continued good health for Cardinal Burke

    ~ Please help me see JESUS in everyone and help others see JESUS in me🙏🏻

    Thank you my sweet merciful God for everything You have provided for me and my family. I am eternally grateful to You for my life and family. You have been so gracious to me, an ungrateful sinner. Please forgive me for all my sins. I wish to love, adore and please You, my most merciful God🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Please pray for my sister Fiona she is in hospital my son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith Amen my X husband Fred to also return to the catholic faith 🙏.
    Father in your hands I place all my ententions. For all who has Cancer God’s healing be upon them
    Father thank you for guiding and teaching me your ways through out the 40days of Lent 🙏
    I’m praying for myself to learn more from you each day. Protection over my children and grandchildren family and friends. Lord Jesus today I ask you for a positive outcome in the passing of my home and send forth a buyer for my home.father I give you all the praise Glory and honor thank you Jesus for the each day Amen

  14. Dearest Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, connective tissue disease, COVID, cancer and diabetes.

    Please heal our wonderful son of his anxiety.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help Jack recover from pancreatitis.

    Please heal me of my COVID fatigue.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin and the good people of Taiwan against Xi.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  15. For my health to improve and me to lose weight to better my health. For my son to do well on his medical entrance exam. Asking for Jesus grace for my new business venture!

  16. Hello,
    Thank you for you daily prayers.

    Please pray for me, that the lord blesses my new journey with the new person am with.

    Pray for me that the lord provides for my pre visit and that it shall not stop on that but get to the holy marriage as well.

    Pray for ceaser that God opens doors for him and he gets back on his feet.

    Pray for me that the lord also opens doors for me to get a better decent job, one flexible and well paying.

  17. I like to pray for my mom Anita, for benign tumor in her breast. I like to also pray for continue mental/physical health, and spiritual protection.

  18. Through this Divine Mercy Novena & our Heavenly Father. I. Ask for prayers for reconciliation in our family of 4 sons who have been in a terrible division with 3 brothers against 1. That all have been in business together for over 20 years. @ that they’re Father who is involved with hear from God on how he could help to achieve the reconciliation amongst the all of them , & fir healing for him
    As she has had a struggling relationship with the 1 son.

    I continue to pray for miraculous intervention with all of them.

    In prayer for all the prayer requests during this novena & on Divine Mercy Sunday

  19. That I have a successful Abolition operation on Thursday and my wife has as much peace as possible. Also that everyone else gets their wishes fulfilled according to God’s Provident Plan!

  20. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for your loving kindness.
    I pray through the intercession of St Faustina that my family friend Dr. Josephat Okoye and his niece Sis Joe will assist me secure a Visa to the United States, if it’s in accordance with your Holy will.
    I’m also praying for a Catholic Spouse.
    Thank you awesome Jesus🌹

  21. I pray for healing and comfort for my friend A, who is in so much pain and suffering from so many complications from sickle cell disease.

  22. That I get married and have children and start a holy family
    That i get a promotion and a successful career

    That my nephew has a successful life. Meets a nice girl to marry. And has a successful career and is happy

    That my two sisters get a job, meet their husband’s and start a family

  23. an end to abortion in the whole world
    for my children, their spouses, and children to return to the Catholic faith

    I know that You have been with me and my children throughout this very tough years we have been dealing with. I humbly ask you to please bring a GOD LOVING,GOD FEARING MAN into my daughter’s life 🙏? I fervently plead to You, DEVINE MERCY? I see my beautiful daughter continue to go out with the wrong men and she has agreed that she doesn’t want to settle anything in her life unless You, Devine Mercy were to ask this of her. I pray 🙏 fervently for my other child and humbly plead with You, DEVINE MERCY to please help her to pass her nursing program and become the nurse she has always wanted to be. She doesn’t have the passion for anything else. DEVINE MERCY, please help me with my health, my problems and my finances. Thank you so much my DEVINE MERCY🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤

  25. I pray that all those who suffer diseases will be healed. I pray for my healing from mayomas, nabothian cysts, infertility, asthma and others. I pray for financial blessings and my transfer of work station be approved so that i will be living together with my husband.

  26. Please pray for my sister, Micheline, for a positive result on her biopsy. God bless you abundantly.

  27. Please pray for healing for Nick, Jennifer, Holly and Nicolas.
    Pray for Nicolas to Love our Lord, Jesus Christ with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.
    Guide him to a career so he can provide for a family some day and also guide him to a loving, respectful, holy wife!

  28. Dearest Jesus,
    Thank you for giving to us a beautiful Saint who followed your every word and journaled for our benefit and that is our Beloved St. Faustina Kowslska.
    Please Jesus and St. Faustina be with my every step as I continue on my journey here on earth. I love the words we proclaim often, but in my case not often enough and they are:
    As we approach Divine Mercy Sunday, please help me do what needs to be taken care of to lift the pain and suffering I’ve been going though as co-founder of Shepherd’s Maternity House. I started to heal and started communication with SMH. Then the wound was reopened by a person who done wrong to Sister Marion and me by deeply offending our efforts which was alot of work, blood, sweat and tears to bring SMH to fruition. This priest and doctor actually ridiculed us in front of about 150 guests at an event. Sister was shocked, I cried! One of this so called doctor ‘s best friend came to console us and said she should’ve never said that….that was about 10 years ago or so.
    As I was healing the so called doctor recently took the spotlight with a fundraiser that was conducted to benefit 2 prolife organization, one was SMH the other Crisis Pregnancy center. She posed in a photo with our Pastor for SMH receiving check..
    It hurt me so very was many flashbacks of the lashing we received.
    Please Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Faustina help me.
    I’m hoping and pray Sister Marion is in heaven helping this painful situation.
    Thank you in advance for your remedy and support!
    I Love You All! 🙏💒🙏
    Patricia (Patty)

  29. Dear Lord,

    Thank you for all the blessings. I pray for my family’s health and safety. I also pray for career opportunities for me and my husband so we can continue to provide for our family.
    Thank you Lord!

  30. Saint Faustina, please intercede for a young boy A who is addicted to video games, and seeking unhealthy behaviors and validations
    with strangers who are online. Please bring him closer to my daughter who is his real friend. Help his parents be strong enough to take charge of the situation. Amen

  31. Please pray for my daughter A, she is broken hearted right now, that the boy she liked didn’t treat her well. She is going through a hard time and lacks confidence in herself. Please intercede and let him have a change of heart, and see what a good person my daughter is now.

  32. Our Father in Heaven,
    Thank you for each and everything you are doing in my life. From childhood with no parents to this very minute. Am truly grateful for the overflowing blessings.

    grant me the financial breakthrough I need to finish my school fees, pay rent and help the people who need my help. Am torn apart in thoughts of what to do.

    Grant me a partner/man who loves you, prays without ceasing and a family, loving man.

    Ohh abba father, grant me children without untimely death. I went through a lot with the death of my 5months old daughter who died when I was just 23 years. I’ve never recovered but I accepted that even if I loved her, you loved her more.
    Dear lord, a properly paying job to support me is all I ask for. It’s very hard for me.
    I put my sisters husband in your hands oh lord. He was attacked by robbers and he’s critical..
    Protect me from all harm. The evil behind my back. Spoken, written down, cursed, etc. The World has become dangerous. Protect me oh lord.
    In your name dear lord, I pray.

  33. This Novena is being offered up for my son who is currently going through Divorce and whose spouse is trying to gain full custody of their son.

    I pray that God will bring reason and purpose to this situation. In this current world where there are so many absentee fathers and here you have one who wants to be present in his child’s life but someone is trying to deny him that privilege.

    I also pray for restoration in their common relationship where they can co-parent in peace since it is a done deal with their marriage.

    I trust God to do right in this situation and in the many other prayer situations that are being offered up in this Novena.

    God Bless you all and thank you for praying with us.

  34. I am praying for the peace of Jesus in my sister’s heart as she is very difficult to get along with these days. I am also praying for the full recovery of my friend Jule H. who had a serious fall recently.

  35. I am praying for God’s mercy and help in my current financial problems. I pray that God blesses my struggles to get all the assistant I need.
    I pray for my niece whose life and that of her daughter are threaten. Protect them Lord, save the from that danger and strengthen their faith in you.

  36. I am praying for my aunt with Stage 4 cancer. For a miracle, if it is the will of God and certainly peace and comfort if His plan is different than what we may want. I am also praying for my daughter who has been struggling more with the effects of her Autism diagnosis as she navigates high school and attempts at normalcy in social situations. I pray that she is able to make friends which is something she never has had, but so desperately wants. I continue to pray in earnest for her happiness and for her to realize that she is a child of God and is loved beyond measure regardless of what she experiences from peers. Amen.

  37. Prayers for my husband to be strengthen by God’s grace and mercy, that he may be able to recover from his health issues. In Jesus name, Amen!

  38. I’m praying for an improvement in our financial situation and requesting a breakthrough in the most Holy Name of Jesus. It’s been difficult but I haven’t lost faith. Please guide us in the right path to increases in employment. Jesus, I trust in you! Amen.

  39. I pray my MIL will eventually accept my FIL’s death and be happy he’s with our Savior. For my BIL, that he will offer to spend more time taking care of my MIL so we are not so stressed. For the souls in purgatory, that they may be with our Savior. For those that have left the faith that they return and find the love of Christ is still alive in them.

  40. Dear Merciful Jesus,

    I connect my family myself my nmc exams marital and financial favors to you Jesus.

    Grant admission for my sis ijoo n Amamchukwu into uni of Canada n Hungary. And grant them support financially.

    Safe delivery for eby and other pregnant women

    Divine healing for the sick n peaceful death for the dying, Ann.

    Tochukwu, obum n Adoo business favour.

    Tochi USA n Amamchukwu documents to be a success.

    Success for my nephews and nieces n ugo in life.

    Jesus remove fear in me to study for my OSCE exams 🙏🏻Amennnnnn

  41. Pray for my brother to surrender and come back to the Lord and the Faith.

    Our daughter desperately wants a sister either through adoption or biological; I’m currently pregnant with our fourth son. We’ve been praying about this for a year and a half.

    Thank you and God Bless this ministry!

  42. Oh! thank you, Jesus.
    Jesus help me you know me very well. have mercy and pity on me so that i will praise your holy name. Thank you, Jesus, for what I have and what is right inside my mind I want you to help. O’ Lord help me and i will live for ever to praise now and forever.
    thank you, Jesus, for answering my petitions.

  43. Lord hear my prayer I pray that we can see Carol in person on Friday and that it does not rain or storm at 2:15 p.m. I also pray that no hurricanes come to Miami this summer. I also pray that Dr. Santana can gives me Celexa or something similar to that so I won’t be depressed all the time.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  44. I pray for
    -my greencard extension/renewal will go smooth and faster this June
    -financial blessings to bring helps to others
    -employment at the college
    -good health of the family
    -safety of my husband on his commute for work
    -migration of my friend Tessa
    -recovery of my bro Froilan from stroke
    -church wedding on July for my family from the Phils to be here
    I ask these through the intercession of the Divine Mercy, Amen

  45. Thank you Jesus for what I have and what I want you do for me. Your mercy is plenty and your kindness has no comparison. Please Lord if you say yes to my needs nothing can stop them from being fulfilled.
    My needs are:
    1.Your divine healing to my health
    2. Approval letter for USA citizenship for my son
    3. Approval letter for daughter for green card from her current company
    Kindly listen to me me and solve theses my needs and Glory will be to your Most Holy name now and forever

  46. I pray for my family’s health and well-being. Praying for C to calm down, K’s-health solutions, M’s heartbreak, R’s loneliness, husband’s depression, and for our finances to improve. Please let my health issues improve , and stop my anxiety from memories. Thank you

  47. That my husband is blessed with an employment opportunity that prevents our family from having to move away. And that he and I find clarity together in this next chapter and work towards a stronger marriage.

  48. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for blessings for our daughter in growing her family.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  49. I pray desperately that I keep my current job for many years or my retirement age. If not this job God guides me to that job.
    I pray the principal where I work talks to me today and gives me hope for a long lasting job with the school district or the superintendent encourages me today to apply for the posted payroll clerk position.
    In Jesus name I desperately pray 🙏

  50. Please pray for me that I may have wisdom and discernment. To know the will of the Father, for His Grace and Mercy to do His will. Oh Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us. Jesus I Trust in You!

  51. I want God to send a helper to help me change my situation to a better one, a good and well paying job for me. my husband and my siblings and to bring peace and love in my family in Jesus name. Amen.

  52. O God of divine mercy, have mercy upon me, my children and my family.
    Grant me financial help and Breakthrough to pay my loan debts before the due date.
    Place a hedge of protection upon my life, my children and my family.
    Vindicate my sister in her marriage and give her victory.
    Help my brother Ifeanyi Onuru to finish up his house building and get married this year.
    Heal my mother of her various sickness and bless her with good things of life, may she live long to reap the fruits of her labor.
    May my children be blessed and fruitful in wisdom, knowledge and understanding and may they be growing in fear of God.
    Prosper my business and keep away from evil men and women. Enlarge my coats and let your divine mercy triumph in my life, my children, my family and my business in Jesus Glorious Name Amen.

  53. Praying to God to have mercy on my son, Dennis. Lost job, family and self esteem due to alcohol use disorder. Pray for his salvation because that is the doorway to greater life.

  54. For all loved ones who have left the Catholic Church. Please, Jesus and Mary, heal their hearts and souls, that they return to the faith.🙏

  55. pray for my daughter to be comfortbale to new schools and always guide/proctetive her from every evil.

    pray for my son”s guidance, wisdom and protection and he continues with his studies.

    pray for my guidance, protection and wisdom. I also pray to get a partner as I am lonely.

  56. My intention is to find a good job befitting my qualifications and skills in a good working environment.
    I trust God to grant me the greatest desire of my heart. Amen.

  57. May god & our blessed mother guide my son
    Fred . Keep him safe & protect him from all malice and people that bad influence for him.May he return to the church and prayer. May he stay focus in his college career path and pass all his course.
    Also ,prayer for my daughter Stepy’s health , social skills and may she find a boyfriend who is single, with good morals and has faith in god & our blessed mother.

  58. Yesterday on 10th , i just witnessed 5 different couples wedding, I was very happy for them at the same time asking God what i did to deserve The kind of life am living
    I was born alone with no sister,i later lost my mum who was More of a friend/sister to me. I’ve been single from 2017 till now. No boyfriend,no nothing. Just me and my stressful job. I have prayed all relationship prayers,the St. Ann novena,but i guess my time has not reached.
    Am still praying God to bless me with a husband/ marriage. Someone that could take away the loneliness i sometimes feel and i still have faith and believe that one day,God will remember me.
    Finally, i pray God answer each and everyone’s prayers on these platform. God bless you all and sorry for the long post.

  59. I am praying for a job that I love and enjoy doing, I feel valued and respected member of the team, able to help provide for the needs of my family and help those I would like to help especially my orphaned nieces and nephew.

  60. I continue to pray & beg that I will be allowed to re-purchase my home at 942 Hickory Creek soon after restoring this home & garage as they were prior to the hurricane. Sell this home for enough to purchase Hickory Creek. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!!

  61. I pray for those who have lost there Faith.
    I also pray for a cure for ovarian cancer for me and others.
    A N en

  62. Please pray that it be God’s will that I have no serious health problems, plus my brother to be able to get around.

  63. Pray for the legal dispute with my neighbors that GODs will be done. Forgive us where we fail you. Amen

  64. Oh Devine mercy help me to get out of debt lord let your miracles in my life be perfected . Help me find a life partner the one God has kept for me to take care of me and help me grow in faith and life. Father Lord I am trying to make a major decision help me father direct my part . I ask through Our Risen Lord amen

  65. I pray desperately that my supervisor and I build a better working relationship. I pray she includes me with the ones she is asking if they want to work summer school. I pray that live more each day in gratitude and generosity. I’m struggling so much with that now I see myself comparing myself to others. Please pray I keep my job for many years. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  66. Dear Jesus, Our Redeemer and Savior:

    You are the King of the World, Dear Jesus. Thank-you for all that You have given us, especially the hope of spending eternal life in Heaven with God in the Trinity, the Blessed Mother, the saints, the angels and archangels, and all the good souls in Heaven. Please bless all deceased family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances of our family, and let their souls be in Heaven. Please bless the living family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances of our family mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. Thank-you for watching over us, taking care of us, providing comfort and peace to us. Please help us find a cure for the terrible coronavirus and its mutations. Help us bring peace and unity to our country. Help us to conquer all of the evils affecting us in this world. With Your Divine Mercy Dear Jesus, we can all overcome the illnesses present in our lives. Special thanks for my brother and his family, and my sister-in-law’s family, for showing me true love of family. Through Christ Our Lord, AMEN.

  67. I pray for intercession fir my daughter A. She is going through a difficult stage, and needs to gain more confidence in herself, and become more secure. She would like find a nice godly boy who will return her affection, and treat her well.

  68. Dear Lord,
    My prayer intentions are for: the health & happiness of my family & friends; the conversion of my husband; our marriage & future family; my mom’s reversion; Doug/Brooke/Aidan to be reconciled with my family; Grandpa D & Bev; my (& my husband’s) grandparents in purgatory/heaven; my career & tests that I have to take; our house hunt; Adam & Abbie & their future children; Jake & Rhett; Barbara & Rod; Lon & Anne; Nick & Amanda; Tom; Andrea; Bryan & Spencer; Blakely; all others who have asked me to pray for them; an end to abortion; our country to be united; our world to be at peace. I ask all these things through your holy & precious name, Amen <3

  69. Prayers that I may find my faith stronger.
    Prayers for my children, that they may find good spouses and live close to the heart of Our Savior Jesus Christ.
    And prayer for my siblings, that they may be lead back to the Church.

  70. Praying for the conversion of my brother and his broken family, renewed faith in Church of my children’s tepid hearts for the Lord, and a stronger, faithful, and moving Church worldwide.

  71. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please help my elder son Marlon stop his addiction and anxiety. Let him go back to church. May God grant him inner healing and change him according to his will. I am begging you my Savior. Continue bless me and my family and the whole world.
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Blessed Mother and thank you St Joesph.
    Glory Jesus

  72. For our daughter who has no desire to attend Mass after being raised and educated in the Catholic church. That God will “soften her will and remove the obstacle of her intellect.”

  73. Please pray for my brother Ben who has gone back to drinking and neglecting his family.
    May God grant him inner healing and change him according to his will.
    Pray for my mum that God grant her protection. She stays with my step mum who is very evil.God please save our family so that she may not succeed with her bad intentions.

  74. Dearest Jesus we humbly come before your most sacred heart and ask for complete and perfect health, healing for our little K that she be healed from SC and return to to her normal self and complete and perfect health. We humbly come before your sacred heart and ask for complete and perfect healing for our little M to be healed from all nut allergies and any other allergies and she never be teased or bullied again.
    Thank you for your love and protection over our family.
    In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

  75. Thank God for his mercy and forgiveness of sins upon me and family. Praying for a life partner that will love, care and cherish me and everything that concerns me, God fearing and a blessed, favour and prosperous husband, praying for God favour home filled with joy, fruitful, peaceful and God presence home .All these I pray through Jesus Christ Amen

  76. I’m praying for God to give my Son a dad. I’m desperately praying for a lifetime partner. As a single mum it’s very hard and I’d wish to have someone to do this life with.

  77. I am praying for my daughter and son-in-law, so that they may settle their differences with his brother.

  78. For our daughters that they will be given the wisdom to discern their current relationships and any future marriage prospects.

  79. For CB to return to the church. For JB & NB to have more healthy children. For complete healing of mental illness in our family and for health of my kidney to return.

  80. Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please heal my son from autism, severe depression, severe anxiety, lack of motivation, video game addiction, sleep apnea and autism.
    Please help my son find passion and meaning in life.
    Please help my son let go of past disappointments, anger, and hurts.
    Please heal my body.
    Please bless us with a financial miracle and a release of my financial debt.
    Please protect us from evil.
    Please help my daughter and son find their way back to God.

  81. I pray that I become a more patient, understanding and loving wife. I pray that my husband feels, receives and accepts my love. I pray that my husband and I grow old together in happiness and love with one another.

  82. I pray for a financial blessing. It is so rough for my family and me at this time. We are barely making ends meet. I pray my husband keeps it together. He is having a rough time not being able to provide for his family. With my financial blessing I hope to pay my bills and be a blessing to someone.

  83. To heal my emotional and physical health. Also for my marriage and that both my husband and myself can recognize our contributions to our struggles.

    For my children and thier spouses and grandchildren that we can heal and be a family again.

    That I can find a way to find self worth and something of interest for my future.