God Loves to Work Through Our Prayers // The St. Joseph Novena

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The next novena we’ll pray together is through the intercession of a powerful patron saint. 

Saint John Paul II called him the Guardian of the Redeemer. He’s also known as the Protector of the Church, the Terror of Demons, Hope of the Sick and Comfort of the Sorrowing. He has many titles and patronages!

It’s St. Joseph :)

We’ll start praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena together on Friday, March 10th.

We’re looking forward to praying with you! Because prayer is powerful and it does something — it changes things — even when we don’t feel it or see its effects, and God loves to work through our prayers. Here’s a short reflection from our Lenten Retreat about that:

About St. Joseph:

St. Joseph humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. That’s why St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries. St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and his prayers are powerful!

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

God bless you!

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  1. Please add these friends of mine a lovely married couple Anne has a brain disorder & her husband has been diagnosed with vascular dementia.

  2. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please pray for my family. My two sons need your hand on them. They are working so hard in the family business and don’t see the fruits of their labors. Lift them up in spirit and faith. Let them know that their work is not in vain. Amen

  3. Dear St Joesph,
    Please pray to all wives and wives to be that all husbands will have respect and love for them. John-Paul and Annie thank you all for praying for us and for coming out for this Novena. St Joesph please continue to bless for us and to forgive us. Help my son Marlon find a job. I ask all these petitions to you in Jesus Name Amen.
    Glory to God

  4. Hi can you pray for my husband to find work,and my sister inlaw who is in hospital,I pray for everyone to find Jesus 🙏

  5. 3.20.23

    Dear St. Joseph,
    Please pray for my broken family, that the chains of addiction are broken. That the anger & resentment is replaced by love & forgiveness.
    Reunion of my siblings, that we find healing & comfort with the loss of our father.
    For everyone praying this novena & their special intentions.
    In faith 🙏🏼 I humbly pray 💕

  6. St. Joseph: Please bless my marriage that it will grow in faith and love. Please I pray for my husband’s health that it will get better, & that we are happy/successful in our jobs. Please bless our oldest son and S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs; that their health will be good & their faith will grow daily. Thank you for blessing our middle son w/job; Please I pray that he will be happy/successful in this job, and help him with his financial burdens. Thank you for blessing him w S, that their health will be good, & their faith will increase. Please bless our daughter/son in-law that they will be happy/successful in their jobs; that their health will be good, & faith will grow. Thank you for blessing us w/2 beautiful grandsons; may their health be good, and please protect them from all evil. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Help us to always pray, and keep Jesus in our hearts and minds. Amen.

  7. Dear Lord,
    My prayer intentions are for: the health & happiness of my family & friends; my new marriage, the conversion of my husband to the faith, our future family; the reversion of my mom to the faith; Doug/Brooke/Aidan to be reconciled with my family; Grandpa D & Bev; my & my husband’s grandparents in purgatory/heaven; Adam & Abbie & their future children; Jake & Rhett; Andrea; Rod & Barbara; Tom; all others who have asked me to pray for them; my career & the tests I have to take; our hunt for a bigger house; our country to be united; our world to be at peace. I ask all of these things through your holy & precious name, Amen <3

  8. ~ Monsignor Moore, suffering with stomach bug. Continue prayers.

    ~ Shawn, He’s in the hospital with bad infection in his foot. hoping Dr doesn’t have amputate his foot! Continue prayers.

    ~ Merl Buttler, having surgery for breast cancer on March 24.

    ~ Lacie Davidson, is 35 weeks pregnant. She is in the hospital with Gallbladder issues. They are trying to keep her pregnant for 2 more weeks. Continue prayers.

    ~Rosie Thompson, was in a car accident and she is banged up and bit.

    ~ Sincere condolences to Duprat families.

    Repose of soul;
    ~ Br. Gérard Duprat.

  9. Please protect me and my family.
    Prayers for a happy death.
    To stay cancer free. Please give me the strength and courage I need to undergo chemotherapy. Please let the medicines work with little to no side effects.
    St. Joseph prayer for us!
    All the angels and saints, pray for me and my family.

  10. Praying for a job for my sister Catherine and my brother-in-law Bryan Mburu in accordance to God’s Holy Will for their lives.

  11. please pray to keep my children faithful to the Catholic Church and to develop a deep personal relationship w/ Jesus.

  12. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please protect our family life and give a happiness to our family.
    Please help to find a good job for my husband and give a more mental and physical strength to him.
    Please pray for our family.
    Amen !

  13. Please pray for our son, who is going through a divorce .. that he and his spouse can remain cival to each other and that their sons will know they are loved by both of them and all of our family. Also please pray for our oldest grandchildren especially our Granddaughter who is 26, and is looking for someone to share her life with that will love her and treat her with respect.She is a Beautiful and hard working Nurse in Pediatrics. And lastly for my niece and her husband who were married 2 years ago and desperately want to have a family.. they absolutely love children and would be the best parents… Thankyou

  14. Thanking God for prayers answered in my life
    Praying for a spouse, friend, cheerleader, support and life partner.
    Praying for God’s grace and peace in my sisters marriages.
    Praying for my brother in-laws that they may follow the path of salvation and let God lead in their lives/marriages.
    Praying for my mother, may she be consoled by God with the passing of my Dad.

  15. St. Joseph, bless me with faith, strength, love and determination to the holy word of God. To rely on you for guidance as the holy spirit guided you. Bless my family and keep us in faith in everything we do. Blessings to all relationships in love, and bring peace and comfort to us during this lent season. Keep us faithful and in prayer remembering God word and prayer conquers all. Amen.

  16. Dear St Joesph
    Please pray to all mothers, expecting mothers. Let them have respect from all husbands and husbands to be. Forgive their sins. I ask these petitions to you in Jesus Name Amen.🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

  17. Pray for me, VAB, and my intentions for any sickness, diseases, or growths to be healed and for me to be restored to optimal health. Please pray the same prayer for my brother, JRB.

  18. ~ Heather, who has lupus and is receiving chemotherapy treatments for lupus and her son who has COVID and is very sick. Pray Heather doesn’t get coronavirus while her immune system is more compromised. Continue prayers.

    ~ Tristan Barker, He fell at a track meet and had a serious fracture. When to hospital and had to have surgery to reduce it down. Tristan need to see a specialist. Continue prayers for proper healing. 

    ~ Abby, she is 36 years old and her cancer is back. Continue prayers.

    ~ Sincere condolences to Lauffer families.

    Repose of soul;
    ~ David Lauffer.

  19. For my daughter to meet a husband
    For my son Myles to get his life together
    For my sister to meet a husband
    For my marriage to remain strong
    For my son Kevin to meet a wife

  20. Please pray for a catholic loving husband
    I’m a single mom who needs financial help to pay my 2,400 house property taxes

    3,000 to pay my car loan off

    And my gut health business to grow expansion ally!
    Thank you St Joseph

    In Gratitude and fortitude

    Colleen 🙏🔥

  21. My brother Liu had a kidney removed due to findings of a mass on it. He is doing well & am praying that he continues & comes home today.

  22. I am praying for true genuine change in how I think of myself and others, behave towards myself and others and speak about myself and speak to others. I pray to learn to stop making accusations, assumptions and learn to soft, light hearted, gentle and tender. Remove the anger and envy, to stop comparing please God. I pray to hear from my papa bear and we may be able to work through our conflicts and learn how to communicate in a healthy and loving manner. I pray to hear from him soon, a few days or couple of weeks if possible God or when the right time will be for him. When he feels ready and safe and calm. I pray for his heart his daughter his relationship with you his salvation and that he is being truthful and pure towards our relationship. I pray this space is not for nothing and our pain is not wasted. I ask this in your name. Amen.

  23. Praying for my son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith Amen. ST Joseph today I come to you in asking for peace and understanding within my children Chevy Ad and Dre.
    Healing upon me has I’m not feeling to good in my body. Praying for the sale of my house lord graciously hear my prayer 🙏. Take away this loneliness within me. In your hands I place everything Amen.

  24. Lord hear my prayer I pray that my MRI they can do something after like maybe giving me medicine or something so I won’t be so depressed. I also pray that when I call Fellowship House tomorrow they have Housing available either in South Miami or near Casa Familia or near Dadeland but we can wait six month because we are not ready to move this second. I pray that we don’t have to go to Cutler Bay to do it but that someone in S Miami can help us. I pray hard that we can go this week and that they can help us. I also pray for Herb’s tooth that it is not that bad and that they can do something. I also pray that Carol calls me sometime today.

    Please answer those prayers In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  25. To my son Bryan Chin Vui Ming, I would like to request a prayer for my son, he has unconfident feelings toward everything he decide or do, he would like to be far from family and friends, he wanted to build a new life alone in a new country, he only 20years old. Always feeling down, sad and unstable towards everything, this feelings he has, since me and my ex-husband divorced 7years ago, he really attached with me, he never share anything with him s father but instead me. Because his father never listen and care of theirsl feelings or how they doing on they daily routines. He has 2siblings, a sister which is 13 and 10 years old, he really loved them and like play with them sometimes, if he free or offday. Dear brothers and sister, please pray for my son. Thank you and God bless.

  26. St. Joseph, I pray that you can be a great example to all fathers and those to be will want to follow your example. Bless expecting mothers that their pregnancy will be blessed and comforting. Bless this world and I pray that families will come together and you and Mary did in their daily lives and have thrust and faith in God, amen

  27. That the Lord will give me the grace and strength to carry my cross. For if it be His will to receive a drop of His Devine Will and a drop of His Devine Consolation till My marriage is healed and that I am healed. Also God would heal all the people I have hurt. That sone day I will loved, appreciated and valued.❤️‍🩹

  28. For my 15 year old son, who is addicted to screens and technology , be it video games, videos, texting apps, and downloads to his cellphone and laptop. Attempts to curb and remove the screens are meet with rage, vileness, violence, and rejection of the Catholic Church. I pray for St. Joseph’s intercession to help save his soul.

  29. I need more prayers, i prayed for a job and got it through a novena, thanks to God, but now i seek Gods grace to help me make more sales and keep it

  30. For our boys, that they will grow in good health and become men of Good. That they will be surrounded in their lives by good people that will encourage them to follow God’s path and reach their full potential. That they will live happy lives always in the love of God. That they will love and be loved and be able to have loving families of their own in the future. Help them when they become parents and be always with them. Amen

  31. We are very uncertain in our living situation. I pray and ask St Joseph to intercede for us in front of Jesus so we don’t struggle with that. That we will be able to live where we are comfortably and at peace until we can find a place to buy and move. With no rush or money concerns. It’s too much uncertainty at the moment.

  32. St Joseph, terror of demons,.
    Today I pray for all struggling in any way. Pray for them to get healing and comfort. Be our intercessor. Praying for my two sons to find good wives, who will love them like Mary loved You. Don’t abandon us during this earthly life. Do not allow us fall in despair. Take our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God. Happy feast day my dear Saint.

  33. St Joseph, terror of demons,.
    Today I pray for all struggling in any way. Pray for them to get healing and comfort. Be our intercessor. Praying for my two sons to find good wives, who will love them like Mary loved You. Don’t abandon us during this earthly life. Do not allow us fall in despair. Take our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God. Happy feast day my dear Saint.

  34. St Joseph, terror of demons,.
    Today I pray for all struggling in any way. Pray for them to get healing and comfort. Be our intercessor. Praying for my two sons to find good wives, who will love them like Mary loved You. Don’t abandon us during this earthly life. Do not allow us fall in despair. Take our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God. Happy feast day my dear Saint.

  35. For my daughter Clare that God will be the center of her life, that she may grow more mature in her decisions and find a good husband who will love and care for her in God’s time.

  36. Good employment, help cleaning and organizing and repairing house, good health and help with medical issues, peace in our grieving, prayer petition lists, etc.

  37. Saint Joseph please send my daughter Avery a godly boyfriend and first love that will return her affection, and help build her self confidence.

  38. ~ Robyn, who is starting IV chemotherapy on Monday.
    ~~ Betty, in her 90s having much difficulty breathing. Both are wonderfully, humble believers in Jesus Christ our Savior.

    ~ Gavin, who is struggling with addiction and currently homeless somewhere in British Columbia.

    ~ Gina, she suddenly and tragically lost her 9 month old daughter. Her faith in God has been shaken.

    ~ Sincere condolences to Christina and Buno and Gina and their families.

    Repose of soul;
    ~ Gina’s 9 month old baby girl.
    ~ Joanne Buno.

  39. St. JOSEPH, take me by the had & guide me in my earthly life so that your hand can lead me to the father when he calls me home. St. Joseph pray to our Lord for my intentions… pray for my relationship with my father & siblings to be reconciled. That their hearts will be open to the Grace of God & they will return to the one true church & turn away from all that is not of God. My Lord, My King, close the portals of the occult & remove all their works from me & my family…thank you Sf. JOSEPH TERROR OF DEMONS Protect me & Pray for me.

  40. Help my boys put their
    difference aside, get along
    together and become a family
    Thank you, St Joseph, for helping
    for us get the house.

  41. Prayers for our adopted son who is now 20 yrs.-old and thinks his “girlfriend’s” advice is better than what we tell him. He has anxiety about many things in his life and turns to her “guidance” rather than listen to us. I pray St. Joseph will guide him in the right path.

  42. Please pray for my son George N George that he will meet his future spouse very soon and settled down in life soon.

  43. Patty & Jimmy’s health, son Alec &
    G-team be blessed with concentration, mental toughness, teamwork & intelligence

  44. St Joseph pray for me to have order in my life
    Pray for my work contract to be renewed
    Pray for peace in marriage
    Pray for my Calvin M to recover from all the allergies
    Pray for me to meet a good driving school Teacher and to pass my Driving exam.
    I pray for peace in the whole world
    Save all souls in Pargatory.
    Pray for Mum’s soul,all my relatives souls and all souls.
    In Jesus name I pray

  45. Praying for my son Adrian that he comes back to his catholic faith 🙏praying for healing within my siblings we all are going through many painful things physically and emotionally🙏
    My children to be there for each other Amen 🙏lord my body hurts alot today you are my healer 🙏in your hands I leave my intentions 🙏

  46. St Joseph most great!
    Please pray for my family and all our needs. Don,t abandon us. We believe in your powerful intercession. I also oray for all that are praying this Novena. God Almighty hear our prayers.

  47. I’m need prayer for my health. Mental and physical. I desperately need to lose weight because of heart failure. I care for my husband, who has issues with addictions and is very controlling.

  48. For Romina, Elle, my siblings, and myself as we desire to date intentionally, oriented toward love and marriage. For our future spouses. For Gabe and Ashley and their engagement as they discern if their commitment conforms to the vocation of marriage according to God’s will.

  49. St Joseph please bring me(K), my daughter (A),my son (J) nice new peaceful homes of our own in very safe neighborhoods in warm state(s) to own preferably near each other cuz I want to live near at least one of my adult kids and grandkids! I pray for healthy natural grandkids that I can be close to and love( all my grandkids; I have none currently so I pray some( males/females! Help my daughter get her medical insurance soon! Bless my 2 adult kids and I with godly mates/ marriages-me a godly lifelong loving non addicted God hmfearing boyfriend/companion/mate! Please bless my sons reunions here with us and with his wife’s family! Bless& take good care of my son,his teams,all our US Military and on my sons upcoming long term deployment; all them/us good health,safe travels,love,bonding w/each other,safe travels! Please bless me with great snug fitting dentures that I will love to wear& fit great& look great this time! Help my daughter make good decisions about her lifestyle & living arrangements& needed home(s)! St.Joseph protect us from all harm,danger,violence,sickness& disease& from all unsafe animals& people,creatures(K,A,J,J,R,R,M,M,am& all our animals! Help my current noisy neighbors( very loud tv)& future neighbors not be rude,noisy/violent; bless us all with quiet peaceful homes(prefer we own in very safe neighborhoods; especially me& my 2 adult kids! Jesus I trust in You!

  50. Please pray for that my family know of God’s love for them and that they turn their eyes and ears to Him so they may abide by what He has taught us for our salvation. Please pray that St Joseph guides my husband, son, and all the men in my life so that they too can become men of faith, virtue, and holiness. Thank you!

  51. To be healed of bladder infections and not have to go to the hospital. That husband will mend and heal after his surgery and be okay. Salvation for my family. Conversion back to the Church for family members.

  52. Our friend, Jim, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and is on a treatment plan. He is a beloved husband and father, uncle, friend. I dedicate this Novena to Jim and I ask for peace and comfort for his family who is also suffering.

  53. St. Joseph, please help me get the job that I needed and wanted. I have a job interview on Tuesday at 10am, please help me to answer the questions calmly, have my interviewees to be very kind, guide me as I wrap up my ideas so I can give good answers, please give me this job.

    I also pray pray for financial blessings so we can pay off our debts and help others. For my nephew, Cedric that the Lord may heal his eyes so he could see again and have a good life. For my niece, Cierra who is competing tomorrow on her academics please guide her during her competition and keep her safe.

    Thank you in advance St. Joseph.

  54. Praying to St. Joseph for your powerful intercession for the grace necessary for my contractor to be healed and for Joe, my former husband to be healed of MS and to get a job.

  55. Praying to St. Joseph and the Holy Spirit to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for me for clarity to show me how to finally loose weight.

  56. Praying to St. Joseph and the Holy Spirit to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for me for clarity in my discernment what to do with my former husband who came back and reconciled with me and to be more open to the will of God in our lives.

  57. Please pray that my son’s hamstring injury is not serious and he heals quickly. Please pray that he is able to run in his time trial race on On 3/24 or 3/25 and feel proud of his performance. Please pray that he continues to let God into his heart.

  58. Dear St. Joseph :

    During the days leading up to your Feast Day, please ask God Almighty to bless the married family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances of our family. Please ask the Lord to help me fight any sins and corruption to my soul that can come my way. Please ask God to surround all of us with internal and external peace and joy during this Lenten season. Please ask Our Lord to help keep us mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially safe and sound. Thank-you for displaying grace and love for us as only Jesus’ nurturing earthly father can show. With God’s help, we can all overcome the illnesses present in our lives.

    Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

  59. In the name of Jesus and intercession of St. Joseph, I
    Pray for my fiance Patrick KYAGABA to remain a good partner he already is,
    Pray for Holy Matrimony,
    Pray for a quick financial breakthrough,
    Pray to settle all the financial debts i and my fiance have
    Pray for gainful employment,
    Pray for protection, blessings, and God’s graces.

  60. Pls that my husband and I be able to get good jobs to provide for our family.
    That God will provide for my parents and help the out of poverty.
    That my daughter will get good health.

  61. Dear St. Joesph,
    Please help my younger son Nicholas pass all his exams and please pray for all who needs their exams too. Please continue bless our marriage, our home, and our family. And All homes and families. Help All my in laws find a job and love one another. St Joesph please help us get a garage roof. Please heal my eldest sister Merlene and to forgive her sins and not to worry for her husband he died about two weeks ago. Take away her stress and worries. I ask all these petitions to you in Jesus Name Amen🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

  62. Please pray for me that God may bring breakthrough in my home, through the intercession of St Joseph.

    And also direct my life according to His most holy will.
    Also more peace and love in my home.

  63. My son Andrew and all the children doing GCSC in May. I pray that st Joseph be with them and guide and protect them.

  64. St. Joseph, I offer this novena for my son Efra, for his conversion, coming back to our Catholic faith, and to be a good example as a Christian father for his children and his sister. Intercede for my little family, St. Joseph, that we all Go together each Sunday to the celebration of Holy Mass. Go more often to Reconciliation, and with your intercesión we live our Conversion growing in Faith, Hope, Love, Wisdom, service, humbleness, caring for those in need and all those Graces that only God can grant to my family, our siblings and their love ones. And for John Paul & Annie and family. I ask you St. Joseph in Jesus name I pray and Thank God and to you for your intercession. Amen.

  65. Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace I now implore: Please help my two sons find employment and also return to the Holy Catholic Church. For a financial blessing. I pray for all the people in this Novena and for all their needs, Hear our prayers and take them to Your Virgin Son Jesus.

  66. Even towards the 7th Day of our Novena to St. Joseph, my wife Dinda Octa Puspita-Buenaventura, is still angry with me and shows her disappointment. I have tried to make amends and ask for her forgiveness in all humility; yet, she refuses to do so including my offers of peace. Only this morning, she hurt me again by saying that she is bent on separating from me. For what reason? She cannot explain with substantial reasons. She just wants to. Please St. Joseph, hear my prayer to save our marriage. Please remove Dinda’s thoughts of separating from me as she is on the road to destroying her entire family and affecting the thoughts of our two daughters. This I all ask through the intercession of Papa St. Joseph! Amen.

  67. ~ Ruth Penderghast, our Acts sister is suffering with bad cold. Continue prayers for fast recovery.

    ~ Discernment prayers for SJB Acts Women’s Retreat director.

  68. Please saint Joseph 🙏
    Pay my debts
    Pray for financial breakthrough
    Pray for me to get a job
    Pray for my mum Nice to get a direct knowledge of knowing you more and more
    Forgive my son’s st.joseph

  69. Dearest Pray More Novenas Family,
    We are writing to you tonight to ask for prayers for our friend, Rosanne, who will be undergoing emergency bone marrow tests tomorrow to determine if she has CML leukemia. Rosanne is a very special person and loving mother to two boys; one who is autistic. Along with your prayers, we are asking Jesus to surround her with His healing grace and love.
    With our love and grateful hearts,
    Donna and Preston

  70. Dear St.Joseph please bless my son& wife with safe travels this 4 day wknd as well as safe travels for them for their upcoming family reunion with all us in March/April! Please bless them & all us with love,laughter,safe travels& protection from all unsafe people,travels& from all harm,danger,sickness& evil! Help my daughter get her medical insurance! Bring her& myself godly new non addicted kind loving God fearing loving new boyfriends/ mates! We also need huge enough financial miracle for to buy new homes of our own near each other and close enough to ocean(hearts desires)! Help me go to Hawaii/vacation or move there w/someone I love! Help me not to have to be lonely/or a life of loneliness/empty nest syndrome and getting depressed& sad often! Bring me a new friend for summer who’s kind& have things in common/ husband too! Help ron stop addictions & treat his son/ us 3 better;pray for his conversion to Jesus! I need great fitting new dentures I can& will love to wear! I give You all my prayers in my heart Holy Family! Please answer everyone’s prayers on this novena!

  71. Please add my daughter in this novena, and her husband as they are struggling to have a baby. God bless

  72. Pray for me that I will have Jesus’ presence and healing touch as I undergo my complicated back surgery and recovery. Give the surgeons and medical staff the wisdom and skill as they perform their duties, while I experience your love and care during this time.

  73. My niece is getting married this year, August 18th.
    Please pray that she will have a marriage blessed from God and that she will experience a happy one. Prayers also for her future husband.
    Thank you

  74. I pray St Joseph that you keep my family safe please. I pray for the promotion at work to become a reality very very soon. I pray that I along with my colleagues are able to coordinate and plan a very exciting and enjoyable event for our employees.
    Please intervene on my behalf I pray.

  75. Shalom
    Praise God,praise Jesus!
    Receive Christian greetings from me and my family. We are well kept in the Lord.

    My husband is a paranasal Cancer survivor,he got treated in India last year,the first review after 3 months he got a clean bill of health, and hence declared Cancer free,which I so total believe that God heard our prayers,healed and restored him,to him be the Glory.

    We are supposed to go back for a 2nd review after 6 months,which is already due,but we have a financial challenge,it requires 500,000 ksh.
    Am humbly requesting you to stand in the gap through the intercession of St Joseph,for the provision of the finances,so that my hubby could fly to India for the review.

    I trust and believe in God,for with him nothing is impossible. He’s a God of possibilities,he will surely move this mountain for us.
    May you all be blessed as you purpose to pray with us

    Yours faithfully

  76. Saint Joseph please intercede and help my daughter Avery. She really wants a nice godly boyfriend to like her and return her affection, but she gets rejected alot. She is socially awkward, and lacks confidence in herself now. Her older sister is more outgoing and friendly and everyone ends up gravitating towards her instead. Her sister has many boyfriends, but she has always been alone, as a teenager this is dificult. Please send a nice boy to help build her self esteem, and confidence, and accept her for for who she is.

  77. Pray for companions and future spouses for Maggie, Claire, Emily and Megan. Open their hearts to the possibilities.

  78. Dear St. Joseph, please help our son with difficulties at his place of work. Please also heal his anxiety.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary 🙏

  79. That my daughter meets a spouse that brings her back to the church and helps bring out the very best version of herself.

  80. Pray for me to get a job and money in Jesus name .
    Pray for me to get a serious relationship,a man who will marry me that nothing is impossible when you are there for us
    Pray for me against sickness,bad thoughts , and to live long
    Pray for my mum Nice and family and pray for me to be happy always ,pray I get peace every day , pray for me to get money and pay schoolfees for my sister and rent ooh saint Joseph 🙏 and forgive all my sins

  81. Dear God through the intercession of St Joseph
    Praying for a good husband and a God fearing man. A husband just like st Joseph whom will be faithful and patient with me. A man who will be a good father to our future children. May God grant me the desires of my heart and may st Joseph guide our paths so that we could meet at the right time and at the right place. As i am waiting for my husband to find me please God give me patience,wisdom and guidance. Remove all the wrong people who shouldnt be in my life.
    May my dad continue to rest in eternal peace.
    In Jesus Name Amen

  82. Merciful Jesus, I pray through the intercession of St. Joseph for physical healing especially my elevated liver enzymes and LDL. Also, I pray that my upcoming ultrasound on my right breast will come up normal and benign. Please protect me from any cancer cells in my body. Please continue to bless me with wisdom and joy as I serve you through my parish. I pray for the eternal repose of my Mother, Ignacia Llopis. May her soul rest with you in Heaven. I praise and thank you for normal bloodwork results. Finally, I lift up to you protection and health of my family and those people nobody is praying for them. Amen!