God Loves to Work Through Our Prayers // The St. Joseph Novena

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The next novena we’ll pray together is through the intercession of a powerful patron saint. 

Saint John Paul II called him the Guardian of the Redeemer. He’s also known as the Protector of the Church, the Terror of Demons, Hope of the Sick and Comfort of the Sorrowing. He has many titles and patronages!

It’s St. Joseph :)

We’ll start praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena together on Friday, March 10th.

We’re looking forward to praying with you! Because prayer is powerful and it does something — it changes things — even when we don’t feel it or see its effects, and God loves to work through our prayers. Here’s a short reflection from our Lenten Retreat about that:

About St. Joseph:

St. Joseph humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. That’s why St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries. St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and his prayers are powerful!

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

God bless you!

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  1. Praying for true and honest love from R and that he proposes to me and we have happy fulfilling union for life.

  2. My son and his wife lost their first baby to still birth and are
    expecting again. He is very concerned for this pregnancy
    but a faithful Catholic.
    Please pray that he is strong and confident that “all manner
    of thing shall be well”.

  3. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Jennifer calls me today or tomorrow and that she can at least get a case worker or someone that can help me find housing and that it is in South Miami or Coconut Grove and that it is not just for College Students that me and Herb can go on the waiting list because we are not ready to move now. I pray that we can do it in a year from now. I also pray about my blood work that it comes out good and that the MRI I will leave it in your hands that I don’t have to take radiation therapy that I can take medicine instead. I also pray that by May not April because I have a lot going on the Racheal or Daisy have Housing available where I like.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  4. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saint: Please hear my prayers: For my marriage that it will grow in faith/love. Please bless my husband’s health that it will get better. I pray for a used car. I pray we are happy/successful in our jobs. Please bless our oldest son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs, that their health will be good, and faith will increase daily. Please bless our middle son that he will be happy/successful in his job-thank you. Please help him with his financial burdens. Thank you for blessing him with S. that their health will be good, and faith will grow daily. Please bless our daughter, son inlaw that they too will be happy/successful in their jobs, that their faith/love will grow. That their health will be good. Thank you for blessing us w/2 grandsons, please protect them and all of us from all evil. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  5. For God Almighty to redeem the life of my dear Hilary from nothing to somebody worthwhile. Let his life become reasonable again by your Grace and power.

    I also pray for Tamilore going to University. That as we are in the process of making decision concerning him, that God’s perfect will be done every step of the way through Christ our Lord.

    That Kaduna State Government in Nigeria pay my family for drugs consumable supplies made since 2021

  6. Please join me to pray for my sister and sister inlaw. Lilian Obaruyi and Ivie Iyayi for God to bless them with good husband’s like saint Joseph. Lord hear my prayer

  7. Lord, please heal my son’s mind. He has suffered so long with BPD. I’ve prayed for him every day and he has reached to you too. I know you have heard us and that you will answer our prayers and the prayers of others who also pray for him. Glory to God in the Highest.

  8. Lord hear my prayer I pray that they don’t cancel the MRI. I also pray that they have Housing waiting list opening in Goodwill and that we can go on it. I pray it is 6 months-a year because we are not ready to move this second I pray that we can wait and that we can live where we like. I also pray that we win one of the sweepstakes with a lot of money. Please answer those prayers.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  9. Dear Saint Joseph, please pray to the Lord for our children never to depart from the Catholic faith. For them to be filled with God’s grace kindness and love. Please don’t let them be evil and don’t let them encounter evil. Please pray for my husband and I to keep growing in love , wisdom and understanding. Pray for him to keep excelling in his work and life, pray for me to achieve my goals and be an HEO this year. Pray for my family, friends and relatives to receive answers to their prayers and for the world to be a better place. Amen!

  10. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Herb tells me his back up plan about moving way before January 1 2024 and that it is good. I also pray that Housing becomes available soon and that I am the 1-2 one on the list and that the furthest north I want is Coconut Grove and the furthest south I want is near Dade Land or near Spanish Trace. I also pray that when I call the two places on Monday they can put me on the waiting list for 6 months-a year. Please answer those prayers.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  11. Prayers for Bryan Wetz who desperately needs a liver transplant. Time is running out. He is a husband, father and friend who needs prayers. Please Lord Jesus Christ be merciful to our dear friend and send him a living donor who is a match. I humbly as that you please help by praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet for Bryan. Thank you.

  12. Good morning,

    This morning i pray for the success of the interview that is before me for the position of accountant at executive healthcare solutions Ltd. I pray to the Lord through intercession of St. Joseph and through your prayers. Amen

  13. Please pray for my son. I have lost track of what novenas and rosaries I am doing to set right the life and attitude of my son. God has blessed him with immense success in academics. He was all the way an ardent follower of Jesus right from his childhood up until today. Always used to praise God for everything and gave Thanks. He questions faith and thinks praying does not help anymore today. He has been engulfed by Unchristian, Non Christian friends who are motivating him to deviate from Jesus. Hence today I beg Jesus, all praying people here to join and agree with me to release my son from the clutches of H, I, Non-believers, M, M, P, K now as I write to you Jesus. Free him from evil spirits and bless him with Your light Jesus. Erase the word I, H and all other Ungodly, Unholy people from his body, mind, spirit and soul. Cleanse his body, Jesus, cleanse his tongue and mouth and fill with Your word and bring him back to your path. May all paths he treads lead to You Holy Mary. May all Ungodly leave him now and forever Jesus! Amen

  14. Please pray for Dean Rodrigues and Deloan D’Sa getting married on 7th January 2024. Dean’s mother is pressuring him to do things her way. Her manipulation is causing friction in the family. Dean’s father passed away four years ago. Dean’s paternal grandmother, a gentle person, is getting sidelined. Dean’s father worked while his mother brought him up. And he treat’s his mother’s side as his own and is distant from his father’s side. Please pray that the entire family is unconditiònally united.
    Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, Joseph guide, protect the Rodrigues family and D’Sa family. Amen.

  15. Lord hear my prayer I pray for my MRI and I also pray that Daisy or Racheal have housing open by the beginning of May but not in April because I have too much going on. I also pray that Herb has a good plan for us to move or that we can move to Casa Familia in 2025. I pray that if Daisy or Racheal have Housing available that it is either in Coconut Grove South Miami or the furthest near Dade land or Spanish Trace. I also pray that we win one of the sweepstakes that we entered with a lot of money.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  16. Pray for my r/ship so that to be strong that can lead to marriage

    I pray for a county job as a radiographer.

  17. I would like speacial prayers for me and my 4 children who I’m rearing on my own .father’s alcoholic with no contact has got in contact see or care about them. Please pray for elestest daughter to meet a good husband with good heart who she will marry decent and proper since I had her b4 I was married and her father abandoned me and her I was only 17 years old . I don’t want that for her I’m praying for her be virgin and walk down oil decent and right but there alot EVIL jealous family wishing bad on me and my children .Please pray for my for my speacial intention

  18. Hi Everyone
    Have restarted this novena again because I’m in a season of waiting. I went to an interview on 21st March 2023 and I’m really really praying to God to give me this job. Dear St. Joseph, you’re the patron of jobs please intercede on my behalf. Have really struggled after graduating in 2018.

    Please members if you see this messenge please say a prayer for me.

    Thank you God

  19. LORD JESUS CHRIST, I pray for the forgiveness of my sins and for you to send the HOLY SPIRIT to guide me through the part to success. LORD, you have blessed me with many skills and led me to achieve incredible things yet today I am struggling. LORD, please answer my prayers. I feel helpless. I am struggling. LORD Help me. Oh Loving St. Joseph you were a successful skilled carpenter and you took care of JESUS and Mary with the proceeds of your job. Please intercede on my behalf. Amen.

  20. May st Joseph pray for Megan,Maggi,Becca,Amy,Julie, Suzann,Mary,Nick,Mike,Lisa,NaTesa,Angel,Jazz,Maryellen,marie….healing for all

  21. Dear St Joseph, pray for the salvation of my son and his dad, that they may be reunited. They are estranged. My son battles with addictions and his dad has given up on him. Help his dad to show unconditional love. Help my son to choose wholesome habits, values, pursuits. We are all so miserable due to to the darkness , sadness and evil that is all around us at home. It’s like we can never be happy. Please intercede for all of us to liberate my son from unforgiveness, blame and irresponsibility. He does not love himself and has self harmed in the past. We need so badly for him to follow a safer, more righteous path. We are desperately in need of prayer as I have great stress and health issues that make life difficult. St Josrph be a Father to us all. Pray fervently for hope and light for us. Amen.