God Loves to Work Through Our Prayers // The St. Joseph Novena

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The next novena we’ll pray together is through the intercession of a powerful patron saint. 

Saint John Paul II called him the Guardian of the Redeemer. He’s also known as the Protector of the Church, the Terror of Demons, Hope of the Sick and Comfort of the Sorrowing. He has many titles and patronages!

It’s St. Joseph :)

We’ll start praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena together on Friday, March 10th.

We’re looking forward to praying with you! Because prayer is powerful and it does something — it changes things — even when we don’t feel it or see its effects, and God loves to work through our prayers. Here’s a short reflection from our Lenten Retreat about that:

About St. Joseph:

St. Joseph humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. That’s why St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries. St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and his prayers are powerful!

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

God bless you!

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  1. I pray for my sister to find a partner who will marry her as well as take such good care of her and her daughter.

  2. Pray for spiritual and physical growth. Pray for wisdom, guidance, protection and financial break through. Praying for a new job opportunity that will leave people standing in awe. Praying for my husband ‘ s estate to be released from the hands of the devil

  3. Praying for God’s blessing, protection and success in exams for our daughter and her friends.
    Seamless success and verdict of our legal issues.
    God’s breath in our jobs, work, career, occupation and project
    God’s healing upon the sick
    Thanks for the rains that are a blessing and not cause havoc
    That St. Joseph may provide us with good workers
    St Joseph to see to the start and completion of our houses
    St Joseph to provide good spouses and jobs to my siblings.
    St Joseph to come through the election of good leaders in church

  4. I pray that my daughter, Morgan, will find the special person to bring her to holiness. She recently broke up with her long term boyfriend and I am so proud of her standing up for what she deserves. I ask that the Holy
    Spirit guide her to activities that fill her soul and surround her with like minded individuals also seeking the path to holiness. God Bless.

  5. Dear St. Joseph through your intercession I pray for a financial blessings so we can pay off all our debts and sustain us so I will be able to stay at home and take care of my toddler until she goes to school.
    -For my family’s good health,
    -For my husband’s safety everytime he drives for work. Please grant his wish to run a successful business.
    -Please help my brothers who are in financial needs,
    -my catholic school in high school and my parish that needed to purchase lands for new buildings,
    -my widowed friend Tessa together with her kids to migrate here in the US that she will be granted a job offer.
    Father, I believe you knew already what our heart’s desires even before we say them to you, but Your will be done. St. Joseph, Pray for Us.

  6. St. Joseph, Bless me with faith and courage and strength to go through the valley of the shadow of death and be fearless. Guide and bless my mom, Helen, Cliff and all my friends that are ill and give them strength and faith to pray and accept Christ as their savior and comforter. Thanks for all blessings received this day and bless my faith in finding good feeling things, amen

  7. Asking for prayers for my marriage. Healing dealing with infidelity. It is hard even after four years.
    Asking prayers to send a holy spouse for my son and daughter that are not married and prayers for the two daughters that are married. Prayers for my grandchildren, watch over them and protect them. Prayers for all family and friends ( their petitions as well). Thy will be done Lord. Healing for my stepfather, bladder. Healing for my daughter gallbladder and My principal’s mother.

  8. Pray fir my mom Anna Hierholzer who passed away March 7 2023. That she may be in heaven with her husband Joseph and all her family. Pray fir me. That I may be strengthened by Saint Joseph Mary and Jesus and do Gods will in my life. That I may find joy and happiness in serving the Lord and living a good life for God and self and others.

  9. Hello family,
    I would like to join me in prayer and pray for my husband who changed when I gave birth, he changed so much in that he doesn’t provide for the baby and neither do I , please I need your prayers.

  10. Heavenly father, the most holy and eternal living God, following the example of the holy and peaceful family of Joseph and Mary grant peace unto our families. Remove anything that is not brought by you in our families heavenly father. lord Jesus Christ only son of the father, you who defeated death, arise and defeat any evil power and forces controlling the family of your children. i pray this all these believing you will in your most powerful name Jesus Christ of Nazareth. AMEN

  11. St Joseph, most prudent,
    Today I pray for the families of my sister and brother. For all their children and grandchildren to live a happy, healthy and holy life. Let them all come back to the Catholic Church. I also pray that my nephew gets healed from his bad addiction. I pray for everyone that has addiction of any kind to get healed with the intercession of St Joseph. I pray for all those who are abounded, lonely, homeless, sad , to find comfort from God Almighty. Let there be peace in the world and a place for everyone to live their lives in happiness. St Joseph, pray for our needs!

  12. Dear Almighty Father thru St.Joseph ‘s intercession on my behalf,
    I praise and thank You for all of Your wonder that we can still see in a world filled with ugliness. Thank You for shining through with the light You bring us each new day, the stars and moon which cast shadows for our night. All of Your mighty works are wonderful! No other can be compared to You! I join the cherubim and the seraphin in praising Your Holy Name, I humbly ask for Your will to be done in the life of those I love esp those who need your discernment and direction at this juncture in their lives.
    Throughy Christ Your Holy Son and St.Joseph

  13. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything that you did and not did yet in mylife.Forgive all my sins.with my humble heart,I begged of you,please healed my past memories,body,soul and spirit.Healed my son asthma ,please protect my family members,my the only daughter and son,stay away us from bad people and bad situation. St. Joseph please intercede for us…I pray for a financial breakthrough for us to be able to pay off our debts, Please pray for my family, that we will go closer to God and one another. And pray for my soul mate ,may I found someone who’s God will and chosen and loving person for my kids and fully accepting them in his life.In Jesus Name.Amen.

  14. ~ Eileen Bodell, our prayer Warrior she is going in for second biopsy Thursday 3/16/2023. Please pray for best outcome.

    ~ Benjamin Harris, he had fluid in the abdominal area. Continue prayers.

    ~ Sincere condolences to Coleen’s families.

    Repose of soul;
    ~ Coleen, who passed Sat night unexpectedly. 51 years old, mother of 2, and wife of 20 years.

  15. Pls pray for my husband to be more open-minded. Also pls pray for my future son-in-law, KAE to remain loyal to my daughter and for my daughter to finally forgive him totally in all the pains he caused her and may the Lord allow my daughter to see KAE’s heart and may my.daughter learn to value KAE’s heart and love for her beyond the mistakes, and may she accept KAE’s marriage proposal in Jesus Mighty name

  16. Dear St Joesph,
    Please pray for All those who needs a job
    especially for my son Marlon, let him stop his depression, addiction and go back to church. Forgive his sins, let him love everyone. I ask all these petitions to you St Joesph in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you St Joesph, Thank you our Jesus.🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

  17. For Baby James, for a blessings and grace for a successful Achilles’ tendon surgery on Friday. 🍀For: all our grandchildren….
    For Baby M Michael, for healing and grace from fevers……For: niece A…..y- a successful surgery on Friday🍀.
    For Sami, healing and eradication of cancer,
    For J M for successful chemo treatments to eradicate prostate cancer,
    For Aunt Eileen, for healing and grace, so her lung capacity may be fully restored.
    For Dylan, who got hit in the occipital lobe with a baseball, so he may be healed.
    For: all our relationships, friends and family.
    For: a complete miraculous healing of all who suffer from depression and anxiety in my family.
    For babies, on the way, their Mothers and Fathers, Kyra and Joseph, Meg and Goeff, Melissa and Colin, Heaven and John, Grace and David, etc.
    For our Moms and Dads.
    For all Aunts and Uncles-living and deceased
    For the Poor Souls in Purgatory
    For ALL Souls
    For Priests, Religious And clergy
    For blessings and grace on our work
    For blessings on our Finances
    For the intentions of our Pope that are pleasing to Jesus
    For our Bishop
    For Sister Alphonsa
    For Uncle Bill’s peace, comfort and back healing
    For all our children, their spouses and the future spouse of Leo……so Leo will be accepted into a college that will challenge his mind, success oriented…..that he will be accepted to the college that will most nurture his faith…..so he will invite a young woman of excellence to the prom.
    So my singing voice will be healed and strengthened so I can continue to sing God’s praises and May record with confidence in the Fall.
    For Donna’s peace of mind, for Marisha’s peace of mind.
    For ALL family members
    For my
    Beloved husband, for grace, blessings and healing. For diabetes and thyroid disease to be eradicated from our family.
    For a very successful track season for Leo!
    , and for his whole team….for Katie too!
    For the safety and protection of our nephews and cousins in the military service.
    For John Paul and Annie!
    For all the intentions offered for this Novena!
    For the soul of Melody.
    Holy Saint Joseph-pray for us!!!

  18. St. Joseph please intercede for us…I pray for a financial breakthrough for us to be able to pay off our debts, have my brothers come here in the US to attend our church wedding on July, help my family and friends fo their medical bills. St. Joseph, Pray for us.

  19. 1. God given husband
    2. A management job in the UN, related to climate change
    3. Able to repay my debts
    4. Protection of my property

  20. Please pray that boyfriend wants us to get married this year. Please pray we find a nice house and please pray that my boyfriend wants to spend more time with me than his male friend. Thank you.

  21. I pray I get healed perfectly from my ACL injury sustained and coming back stronger with the grace and blessings to make me attain every blessings that this injury might have pause in my career .amen

  22. I pray for my daughter AM for a good ultrasound report that the lump under her armpit is benign..

    Also for my other daughter PA for her pelvic ultrasound to be also benign. To keep them both healthy so they can continue to be the best mom to their kids and to put peace in their marriage.

    For me and my husband AR continue to be in remission and cancer free.

    To heal my 3 years old grandson BA from Autism and for his speech to be restored..

    All this I pray in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏻

  23. I pray the the blood of Jesus will touch my mum with a healing hand as she is suffering from severe pain in one of her arms and leg.
    I pray that God may give me a God given sponsor to enable me be able travel to the UK with me and my family as a support worker.
    I pray for financial breakthrough Job break through for my husband John Njangi
    I pray that God may watch over my son and give him good Godly friends and he may never depart from the ways of God. May he also grow to be loved and favored by God and man.
    Finally i pray that God may give me a praying spirit that with here God and pray more, and love God more and more each day. Amen!

  24. For my adult son , Joseph, that he may be physically healed from his illness at this time and that he may become close to St. Joseph through Mary to seek and find God’s will for him; may he open his heart to God’s call and live a more faith filled life.

    Thank you 🙏

  25. Please pray for my son Carlos to find a good job in his field he was so excited to complete his education and start working, but has been difficult and he is getting depressed since this is a new career. Pray that his resume stands out and will receive the right job. Thank you and God bless you all

  26. Lord I ask for my Complete healing body mind soul and spirit. Heal me from my past and memories. Restore me in good health.
    Heal my family.
    Help Andre pass his test so he can get a good job and be a good provider and husband and father.
    In Jesus Christ name, Amen

  27. For healing of Bill, Barb, Amy, Mark, Melody, and other friends.
    For safe travels for Lindsey, Jason, Maddie, and John David,
    That my husband will grow closer to you.
    For all our friends and family who need to grow closer to the Lord.
    For an end to gun violence and global warming.

  28. For Madelin to find her spouse soon.
    For Maddy’s new career to take off, for her to believe in herself and trust you Jesus
    For Tamilynn to conceive
    For Mike and matt to become the spiritual leaders of their families.
    For the just sale of John’s company.
    For Charlie’s healing from bad infection.
    For freedom from the demonic for Steph.

  29. Please Pray for Jacqueline my sister to find a new job where she will feel safe to be safe and be able to Trust, as so far after so many jobs that have been treating her so wrongly and to the point of harassment in this last job; SHE DOES NOT TRUST ANYONE ANYMORE!…EVEN HER OWN FAMILY CANNOT GET CLOSE TO HER, PLEASE SAINT JOSEPH HELP HER, PROTECT HER>>>YES I HAVE MOST CONFIDENCE IN YOU

  30. Saint Joseph please continue to guide and help my sons to be the best fathers they can be to their children in these difficult times.

  31. 1. I thank God for whatever He has done for me, for whatever He does for me and for all that he is yet to do for me.
    2. I pray for the big four petitions (homeland with a home on it (on 5acres+), farm land with a farm on it (100acres+), simplicity in my studies and roles & holy marriage (+making my wife a devoted catholic, a devotee of mother Mary and a good wife whose acts please God and help me to grow both spiritually and physically) +blessing me with twins.
    3. I pray to God to diversify His divine providence to me and my family, for His mercy, protection, overflowing blessings & favor in whatever I do!
    4. I pray to God to have Mercy on my late grandma’s, dad’s and all my deceased relatives’ souls and may He grant them eternal rest!
    5. I pray for my wife’s MSc research to move normally and God to remove all obstacles in her studies!
    6. I pray for international/ UN jobs for my wife and I upon completion of our graduate studies!
    7. I pray to God to help me stick to Him so that I don’t lose His presence even after death
    8. God to grant my friend JSB a scholarship following his admission into his dream graduate program
    9. God to find my wife a juicy PhD study opportunity and get her admitted in her dream PhD program
    10. God to pay all my debts

  32. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Herb’s father can get us something in a year and that when Herb talks to him he is open minded and positive and not negative. I also pray that if not we can either go to Casa Familia or that Daisy or Racheal can help us get housing and that it is either South Miami, Coconut Grove or even near Dadeland or near where Ken Karger lives. Please answer these prayers. I also pray that it is under 1000 dollars.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  33. Most Holy St. Joseph… I pray for your intercession for my husband in his work give him wisdom, knowledge, strength, energy, take control of his health , peace , forgiveness , comfort in the recent loss of his father and guidance as he resolves his father’s estate . For Daniel R lead him in finding a job , career path , guide him in finding what he wants to do and managing his anxiety, for all those suffering with anxiety, depression. For the intentions of KW, KH, AM , KH , all my friends to whom I said that I will pray for , for complete healing for Allen , Lisa , strength , comfort for them and their families. For AJ a summer internship , protection over he and his friends on spring break and their travels over the next few days . For EH’s mom & family , for our country to turn back to God , for our leaders to guide our country safely . For all those going through infertility may they conceive if it be Gods will … esp for LM … for all the intentions of those praying this novena … St. Joseph intercede for us🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  34. Please pray for my Indonesian wife, Dinda, who at times is still scolding me and getting mad at me for no apparent and valid reason. I think she needs St. Joseph and the power of the Holy Spirit to liberate her from these unexplained angry attitudes. Thank you. God bless.

  35. May Saint Joseph intervene on my husband’s behalf to implore our Heavenly Father, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother to protect his mind from cognitive decline.

  36. I pray for my mother’s health, and for my father to treat her with love and patience. Saint Joseph intercedes for this intention and I also pray for my husband so that our Father shows him his justice at his work and he can get that position he longs for if that is in our Lord’s plans.


  37. St. Joseph, bless me with courage and strength. I pray for the hungry that they will have food and shelter and love in their hearts, faith and courage to seek the assistance needed to survive. Bless all families and keep us safe and protected in your arms. Bless Danny , David, mom and Kevin in every step of each day and provide care and shelter from harm, in the name of our father, son and holy spirit I give blessings for life and living, amen.

  38. For financial assistance for all those small businesses and their families, may they continue to have faith and trust in our lord Jesus Christ!

  39. Please pray for my health. Help me to feel better and stop having chest pains, indigestion. Help my husband to have more patience.

  40. St. Joseph, Pray for my two sons who are working so hard n the family business. Let them see the hope that their work is not in vain. We are struggling to make ends meet. Give them joy, happiness and peace. Amen

  41. I am asking for intercession from St. Joseph for my husband. He has turned away from faith and has also turned his heart away from our marriage. I pray that he comes back to both me and Jesus and finds hope in his life again.

  42. I am in great financial crisis due to one friend of mine cheated me with my huge money, I sued a case against him, tomorrow the case is coming for hearing and judgement, kindly pray for me to retrieve my money. Keep it in hands of St.Josephs
    Thank you

  43. Pray for my Aunty Sonja who lost her husband 10 months ago. He was her caregiver, companion and soulmate. She grieves for him and needs God’s comfort and care. Let Him show her how to be happy and healthy again. Pray for all the husbands in my life, that they follow Joseph and be the husband God wants them to be. Pray for me that I find a husband like Joseph. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  44. St Joseph,

    Please pray and intercede on behalf of my daughter Emily, son in-law Geoff and their twin girls whom will be born in April 2023.

    May God grant them through your intercession everything they need to meet their temporal needs.


  45. Please help my husband to see he’s purpose as father and husband. Help him to involve himself more in his duty as husband and father. Help him to be a better father to his son and a more loving and patient husband .

  46. Father Almighty,
    For peace, guidance, discernment, health, love, long life, direction, provision, companionship, for home and family.

  47. For my husband that he can take on the role of a father and husband.

    For Chad that he understands the role of a man who has a wife and children. He is the voice and protector of his family.

    I pray that both of them can become closer to God and understand that through prayer and belief their life will be full.

  48. I pray that Brad can step up and become that man his family needs to keep them safe. even as adult children they need his help now with adult issues.
    I pray for Chad to lean on his father as an adult child, to ask for advice and help as he makes adult decisions.
    I pray for the realtor and home seller for the knowledge and conscience of their misleading my son to buy a home with information that was false.

  49. Jesus thank you for ur love. i pray for divine healing and for answer to all i have begged for. may God arrange my senses so i know what to do and what not to do. i plead for his favour in my place of work. St Joseph intercede for me in Jesus name. Amen.

  50. I pray to God for divine healing. i pray for his favour and that my plea for a job be granted. St Joseph intercede for me in Jesus name. Amen.

  51. Dear Anna & John,

    Please Pray for me to continue having a very loving, caring and successful family regardless of any challenges that may come our way.

    May God touch my husband to become a stronger believer in his Holy word

    And create a way for me to be more fruitful in my career, job and life.

    Many Blessings.
    Nalongo Viv.

  52. St Joseph most strong,
    Please help and pray for my family. My two sons to find employment and to work hard. To keep them away from all kind of addiction, including smoking. They are grown up men. No job, no wives or family. I like a mother am so desperate and sad. I also have problems with my little apartment that I rent, to have some income. At this very moment, there are problems with the isolation. Please let everything work out right and get fixed, so I can rent again. I need a miracle and a financial breakthrough. Don,t abandon us and let us live a normal and happy life according to God,s will. U pray for the soul of my husband, who died 6 years ago. We miss him very much. Let him rest in peace in the Arms of Jesus and Mary like You did. I pray for all that are praying this Novena and there needs. Take our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God.

  53. Dear St Joseph,
    Loving, earthly father of our Lord and savior Jesus, and selfless husband of our Queen Mother Mary, during this Novena, I pray that you intercede for me as follows:
    1. That I may lead my family with humility compassion and sensitivity
    2.To meet my ‘Joseph’ whom to do life with, while i’m young as far as it brings to Greater glory to my God
    3.For my son, and son in-law to be: wisdom and fortitude to solidly lead their families with love, discipline, and compassion; and provide them the financial resources to raise their future children
    For Holiness to all our priests, bishops, and our Holy sea.
    Through Christ our Lord

  54. My sons and a grandson and his wife who just miscarried a baby they had long prayed for. St Joseph please intercede and ask God to give them all the graces He knows they need.

  55. Please for my two daughters one is engaged and the other one to meet the right man for me and my husband for our health and blessing and healings for our family trees. Thank you so much peace for the world 🙏❤️

  56. Saint Joseph please intercede for me.
    For families health,( mental, physical, emotional spiritual) their happiness and holiness.
    Mold my sons to be like you and my daughters to be like Mary. For my older children to grow in their faith. Go to church every weekend , pray the rosary, adoration, be good spiritual parents and role models. Help their marriages grow stronger. For my husband and I to continue to grow in our faith and be good role models. That our marriage gets even stronger. That my husband stays cancer free. For my youngest who is in college away. I worry so much about him. That he stops faith searching and bring him back to his catholic faith even stronger. Who ever is influencing him to do this, please get them out his life. He starts going to mass again, believing in praying the rosary and to saints again. Help him to mature, grow up and be responsible in everything he does. That he makes good choices with friends. Anybody that is a bad influence around him , he stops hanging around them. That he starts hanging around good Catholic church going friends . ( Old and new. ) That Jesus picks the perfect future spouse for him. That she is deep rooted in her Catholic faith. They get married in the Catholic church, and raise their children in the catholic faith. That she comes from a good family ,and we all fall in love with her. That she grew up around us, so they can both be near family. Help him in school. That he starts liking it and he does well. That God puts him on the right career path and he gets a good job after he graduates near us. He is a good kid, I just think his life is messy right now. Please help guide him and put your mantle around him.
    I want to live near my children and grandchildren and have a closer relationship with them.
    Also, my moms health and my in-laws.

  57. Please, remember my family in your prayers. One child is suffering from severe OCD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia.
    One child is struggling with her current job due to her ADHA.
    And the last child is looking for a permanent job at current work place.

  58. I pray for someone that is very close to my heart. He is struggling. Please pray that he can find peace and that he may grow closer to the Catholic faith.

  59. St. Joseph, please pray for my daughter, Holly to have a successful surgery and no cancer.
    Pray for Nicolas to love our Lord and to convert to Catholicism.
    Guide him to a career where he can provide for a family some day.
    Guide him to a loving, respectful, holy wife.
    Health for Nick, Jennifer, Holly, Nicolas, Caden, Noelle and Julie.

  60. Dear St Joseph intercede for the healing of my husband. Mass in his bladder that was found today during an exam. St Joseph pray for us

  61. I pray that this Novena will answer my prayers for my daughters. That St. Joseph will send spouses for them so that they may start a family of their own. I am also asking for peace in my marriage. That he may also guide me in my new endeavor. And to guide my son.

    I pray that this Easter season will bring my family closer to the Lord!

  62. Please pray for a financial miracle for me and my four children. Please pray that I am able to buy a house, a car, pay their tuition, but then clothes & shoes.

  63. For my daughters. Return to the Church, future husbands to be Catholic, jobs that allow them to pay their bills and are safe and wholesome.

  64. Dear St Joseph, I am asking for your help and intervention on behalf of my son please. Find him a good, loving, family oriented and age appropriate, preferably Catholic woman to settle down in marriage with Amen.
    Praying for health and strength, guidance and protection for myself and family Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  65. Please pray for my son. He is getting married in June. I am praying that he will be a good and faithful husband to his new spouse.

  66. Praise God, thank you for praying for us.
    I met a new spouse as I have been praying for, however, pray for me that he is the true one that I have prayed for. That I be a blessing in his life in all ways. And if he is not the one, then let God show and bring that right one for me. That we have a holy marriage and live happily ever.

    Pray for me to get a better job or business. One that is well paying but also flexible.

    Pray for my children wherever they are that the lord keeps them safe for me.

  67. Prayers please for my brother who just found out he will need a triple bypass surgery. He is the most awesome father to his 2 children. They need him to get better. Pray as he preps for his surgery in April. May God heal him. May St. Joseph be with him, so he can continue to guide his children as they grow up.

  68. Dear lord , I kindly ask you to bless, protect, favor me and my loved ones , I pray that my husband turns out into a responsible father to her daughter, Lord bless my relationship and my job as well Amen.

  69. My daughter is getting married in a month, prayers for her and her fiance`. We are all excited and praying for a beautiful ceremony and life for these two fantastic couples.

  70. Through the intercession of St Joseph and the Blessed Mother I pray that…

    🙏 my Son and Sons-in-law would be good fathers, training their children to be respectable, morally responsible and faith-filled citizens.
    🙏 Jayden, a 19 year old girl, who is seriously addicted to drugs, has no job, is living on the street and doing whatever is necessary to pay for the drugs, be released from her addiction. I also pray that her mother, Jessica, find the strength to intervene and help her daughter overcome her addictions and receive the help she so desperately needs.
    🙏 Lilly, a young lady, who just started college, is in critical condition due to complications resulting from treatment for a pseudotumor behind her eye, causing blindness, be healed. The steroids and Chemotherapy caused her vision to return, but the treatment has put her in a life threatening situation.
    🙏 Janice, who has severe back pain, and is trying everything possible not to have surgery, be relieved of the pain and healed through the power of Jesus Christ, so that surgery is not necessary.
    🙏 my Daughter, Jennifer is completely healed of Cancer, so that it never returns.
    🙏 Rachael, Chuck and Herb, would be healed of Cancer, so that it never returns.
    🙏 my son would seek and be granted an annulment from his first marriage, hsve his current marriage Blessed in the Catholic Church and return to the Church as a practicing Catholic.
    🙏 all the members of my family who are not Catholic would convert, and those who are not currently practicing their faith would return to the Church.
    🙏 my daughter, Alison, who has a new job that requires her to fly throughout the US, be safe when traveling and be successful at her job.
    🙏 a release from Purgatory to Heaven for John, David, Judy, Greg, Judy, Walter, Gerry, Charles, Cameron, Billy and all deceased friends and family members. “Eternal rest grant unto them, Oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.”
    🙏 none of my Grandchildren would ever question their gender, but would realize they were created by God as either male or female.
    🙏 each of my Children and Grandchildren would be protected from Satan’s influence through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel.
    🙏 the current administration would realize their responsibility to respect life from conception to natural death by ending Taxpayer funding of the atrocities of abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.
    🙏 all the displaced immigrants who were forced to flee Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, would be filled with the peace of Christ and find solace and acceptance in their temporary homes, and may peace return to the region and throughout the world.
    🙏 I am aware of God’s perfect will in my life every day, and that He would provide me the grace and wisdom to achieve it.
    🙏 I not become a diabetic, and that I am healed of this relentless cough. May the cause of it be discovered so that the appropriate treatments may be administered as quickly as possible.
    🙏 all the intentions on the Holy Cross Prayer Line are answered according to God’s will, in His perfect time and way.
    🙏 all the intentions of those praying this Novena to St. Joseph are answered in God’s perfect time. May each participant receive abundant Blessings.

    ☦ I offer thanksgiving for countless answered prayers and Blessings that
    are a direct result of praying these Novenas.
    ❤ Thanks also to John-Paul and Annie for creating these inspiring Novenas that bring hope and comfort to so many throughout the world. May God Bless you as you continue to Bless countless others through this ministry, which is so vital during these challenging times.

  71. please pray for my brother so he may change his heart and mind to go back to her wife and the children.

    please pray for me so i may soon realize if my partner is my joseph or not .

    please pray that i and my child will soon have an opportunity for our visa application to Australia.

    pls pray for my nephew’s visa

  72. St Joseph, for my daughter that she may find a good and kind man to be her life partner so she wont be lonely and alone. Also help her receive the grace to know God’s plan for her.

  73. My Lord, please cure and heal me completely. Take away my cancer and heal my brother also. Lord I need help and guidance from you with my daily work.

    Thank you Lord for all the graces I receive everyday. I Love you.

  74. Please pray for my son to meet his future spouse. Thankful for my daughter going through infertility and is now pregnant!!! Pray for a healthy baby.

  75. Blessing to each one on my children.their partners and their relationship. May God heal and console them and God to bless them with a loving, caring partner, find happiness and blessings throughout their lives. Amen

  76. Faith for my spouse, and children. None are practicing any faith.
    Healing for my 34 yr old son, diagnosis is heart failure and has had a stroke.
    Healing for my 63 yr old sister who is having knee replacement surgery.

  77. St Joseph please hear my prayer and help me with my intentions .. My intentions are to find a new position in a company that values me since I was laid off. Also a godly husband for my daughter (or me for that matter as I am widowed).
    I asked for St Joseph to hear my prayer.
    St joseph, you know I am self-sufficient and can take care of myself and don’t need someone but I pray you help bring someone where I can enhance their life and they can enhance mine and the same thing for my daughter. As I am getting towards the end of my career I ask that you help me overcome the ageism I am experiencing in the workforce and in the job hunt.

  78. St Joseph, please make it possible or bless me with a car so as to always transport my not well mother to medical facilities. Am struggling a lot. AMEN

  79. My two graduating grandchildren work hard and have high grades and other achievements.
    Please help them to be accepted at the College of their choice.