Answered Prayers from the St. Monica Novena – 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Monica Novena!

If you had any prayers answered during this novena, please share them with us all below!

If your prayers were seemingly unanswered, please do not give up hope or faith. St. Monica‘s prayers weren’t completely answered for nearly 20 years — so if there’s anything to take away from this novena at all, it is that we must persevere in prayer and continue to grow stronger in our faith and hope in Jesus.

Don’t stop praying and don’t stop believing in God’s mercy and love for you. If you’re struggling with your unanswered prayers, you’re not alone. Here’s a post I wrote that I hope can help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

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  1. St Monica, please pray for CS Families Prayer Petitions especially conversion and thanksgiving 🙏🙏🙏

  2. I am named after St. Monica and pray for her intercession in healing my husband’s prostate cancer.

  3. I Pray that my son will over come his behavioral challenges to show the world the great boy he is that he feels he’s loved and acknowledged by all.that his hair comes back.
    That he learns how to deal with his aggression and use his words to express his emotions . I pray for peace love unity that he loves himself the way he is.

  4. dearest st Monica, you are my patron saint, a times I ask myself why did I choose you at such a young age, I was not a Catholic, until when I was 17years, and when I was asked to choose a name I chose MONICA, people were laughing they said its of school. but I now know y, because a time like this will come. please bless I and my sisters with our husband and good homes. I need you most in this my difficult situation. thanks for interceding for me.

  5. Thanks, Lord Jesus Christ for through St. Monica, I prayed 18th -29th Aug. 2017 for my son to improve in his studies(before we moved three twice that he faced a challenge/confused by meeting new classes/ teachers and new environment) For July-August he joined a new school , I believed he will fail the exams its amazing he passed exams. Thank you Jesus for a quick reply.

  6. Thank you St. Monica for hearing my prayers about my son who like your son was once lost. My prayers were answered when he finally became part of the family again!
    I will forever be grateful for you and Jesus for filling him with the Holy Spirit and being kindness to his heart ❤️

  7. My daughter has not spoken to me for more than 14 years. I also have financial problems. Please pray for a solution. Thank You

  8. Dear st monica
    Thank you for answering my prayers
    My wife’s blood test came back and she does not have cancer.
    Thank you for watching over her.
    I will continue to pray to you for your help with my family matters

  9. I have been dating my boyfriend of 12yrs and he promised to marry me and he had come to do introduction for the past 2 years now up till now no money for him to come and marry me he is am suspecting he has spiritual wife and problems business is not going well for him again and my family are not happy with me anymore and I love him so much what can I do I cry everytime

  10. Prayer for conversion of our family lineages and the
    healing of a tecticular cancer in a young man all to the Glory of God. Please, St Monica, pray for my
    families conversion…asap~ Charity and Grace

  11. I was with my boyfriend for almost 2years, he has a gambling problem and a few months back i started giving him money because he was losing all of his, it started out as a loan and i think he just got used to me giving money because it became more and more regular, i loved him so much that i didn’t mind because id do anything in this world for him, well in the last few weeks i noticed he would talk to me less and less and i asked him over and over was he talking to another girl he reassured me he wasn’t that he loved me so much, anyways a few days ago he asked me for more money and i gave it to him and that night he finished with me saying he wasn’t ready to settle down, less than 24hrs later he proposed to a girl and is now getting married, hes after breaking my heart in the worst way possible, i feel he used me and lied to me about ever loving or caring about me, all i ask in this novena is for him to come and apologise to me its the least i deserve, my heart is breaking in pieces the one person i loved and cared so much for would do this to me, i feel so suicidal right now, i just want a genuine apology, and the strength to get through this nightmare, thank you

  12. Thank you St Jude and Mama Mary for answering my prayer for my daughter Alex and her husband Ahmet that their visa application for the United Arates was approved

    • I thanks st Peregrine for intercede for us especial for my husband , today we wenth to the specialist and gaving us very good news NO CANCER thanks LORD for thet = and thank you evry one to pray toghather God Bless you all xoxo

  13. My husband Bryan has had an elevated PSA test, and we are worried about cancer—please pray for that he will be healed completely. God Bless you for being there…..

  14. I prayed for my son to be cured of addiction and that his insurance would let him stay in rehab for 28 days. My prayers were surpassed and his insurance is paying for recovery is a beautiful place in Florida. Far from the bad influences he is used to. Only God could have arranged this. 31 days clean and counting#

  15. First, thank you for I’ve been praying the Novena to St. Therese this week. I really took in today’s prayer. It was mentioned in the introduction email to look out for roses during our St. Therese Novena. Today, I went to confession that was unusually held in our church office. As I’m in the middle of my confession, I look over and on the desk is a white rose. God’s mercy and grace amazed me once again. I had to share this gift with you. Thank you for blessing me by encouraging the praying of novenas. God bless you. I will be praying for you.
    Laura Daniel

  16. God is intention was granted . After 6 months of tortured mind due to my relationship problem and after several novenas ive prayed my prayers has been answered. I didnt gave up. I really hold on.this is the best gift ive ever had this year from our God. And to all saints who interceded with my prayers thank you so much…to paul and annie thank you for giving me opportunity to be a part of his blessed group..God bless us all..

  17. My husband and I had been trying to become foster parents for almost a year, but our license was hung up for months. Within an hour of completing the novena’s final prayer, I got a call that our license was being issued and they were going to place a 1 year old boy with us. He was placed in our home by the end of the week. I still pray daily for our little boy, his birth mom and family, and everyone connected with his case. So much is out of our knowledge and control, and in God’s hands.

  18. I’ve been praying these novenas asking to find employment. I got phone calls for job interviews, two interviews in 3days. A week later I was called and told that I got the one job. Thank you for all your prayers. God is good. Never stop praying, any moment from now your whole life could change.

  19. I was frantic about paying this months bills and I knew I would not have enough money. My husband is the only one working as I cannot find a job at this time. I prayed the novenas with all my heart and my prayers were answered. My husband received an extra pay check on his regular pay day. The boss said she felt that she needed to give him a bonus check for all his hard work.
    Our prayers were answered, I truly believe. Thank you everyone who participated in praying for one another. This is my first year in praying with this group. I have put this on my facebook and hope it brings people back to praying and renewing their faith.

  20. I am so happy for all these novenas. My younger ones all passed their exams. GCE O & A levels and the ones wit O levels got admission into high school. My mom validated all her courses n my brother waiting for graduation in DEC. I can’t thank God enough for all he has done to my family this past months through the intercession of these saints. Thank you JESUS thank you LORD …….

  21. Praise to you Oh Lord! Ive been praying to God to provide me car.. Ive prayed for it for many months. At last, first week of September, God gave me a perfect vehicle! Thank you Lord. I am also praying for the restoration of love, peace and harmony in my family. It hasnt happened yet, but I know in God’s perfect time, it will all be restored. I am not losing hope and i am still praying for it to happen. Amen!

  22. I prayed for a married couple, friends of ours, who have been separated for several months to find unity again in their marriage. They recently returned from a marriage retreat with hope and talk of healing and restoration in their marriage. Thank you for this novena.

  23. Hello,
    Been praying for an interview for school in the last novenas. I am happy to say that I received my first interview invite. It is a very competitive process where only 160 of 5000 applicants are admitted. Please continue pray for me that I may get accepted into a school close to a catholic church with adoration available. I will continue to pray for you as well.

    Thank you,

  24. Thankful for blessing of answered prayers! My brother got promoted to E7, Sergeant First Class rank. He is an active duty U.S. Army soldier. Thanks be to God!

  25. I have been prying religiously the novena’s and some days I will forget because of busy day at work. But made sure a catch up even if I did 2 prayers in one day. I’m glad to say that my prayers have been answered. I prayed that I can conceive a child after about 3 miscarriages, & God has answered me. I just found out that I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I am scared and concern that what if history repeat’s itself, but I know that my God will not permit that and will ensure that I carry the child full term. Thanks to the God, I humbly request the community to pray for me that I carry the child full term!

  26. I have been prayering the Novenas to help me get through some very difficult times and to make right decisions ,and I have been able to make difficult decisions and I have able to get through from ver difficult times!
    I have been praying for Christian man To come into my life’ . He not only a Christian ,but a devoted Catholic .
    I prayed to have good quality health to take so my grand babies and help out my children . My health has been good and I am getting to take of a grand baby that 2/12 that will get going through surgery!
    I want to that all that prayed for me during these Novenas and God for guiding me to these novenas .God is good love,Beryl

  27. The day I completed the Novena to St. Monica my son-in-law signed the paperwork for a new job. He had been out of work for six months. This was new for him as he had never been out of work before. My daughter phoned me a few days later and told me that St. Monica’s Church was 5 miles from his new job! I am also praying for my beloved son who is having a terrible time with his job. I know that my prayers will be answered for him soon. Thanks be to God in Jesus name. Amen

  28. Please I need job security atleast for few more months. Please do pray for me so that I will be able to achieve my goal and my dream will be fullfilled.
    There is demobilization going on. So Kindly please pray for me.

  29. I have been praying for my eldest son who has been excluded from 3 schools in the past 3 years. My husband called me to tell me about his new school and I felt that God must have answered our prayers.
    He has been given an older boy to mentor him and pray with him. I continue to pray for him but I feel optimistic

  30. Hi, I wanted to share this amazing (well I think) story. I didn’t know you were praying St Monica novena as am new to site. Few nights back on the same day that I wondered why I might not have got any daily email from here (am guessing only daily email during a novena, time differences etc) and that night by pure chance and totally separately something caused to me to Google “Monica” (no link or relevance to me at all) and follow links to St Monica who I hadn’t ever heard of. The next day I received the email from this site saying you had just finished the St Monica novena – what an incredible coincidence or a sign! That day I was desperately pleading with God about miseries within me and my life and begging for a sign that the Devil had not won my life and soul. I feel like God reassured me with a sign as St Monica is particularly relevant to my situation. Had to share this! God Bless!

  31. I was behind in my tuition payments with no way of paying. To make it worse I wasn’t going to be admitted for that semester for nonpayment of fees. After the St Monica novena, the school did not only admit me for the semester, they wrote off my outstanding debt. Thank God for hid mercies and the intervention of St Monica.

  32. my prayer was answered since i joined the novena for marriage and family and novena to saint Monica..My son passed his board exam in Electrical Engineering..AMEN AMEN

  33. Dear John-Paul and Anne,

    Thank you for including me in your prayer, I prayed to St Monica to help me get this job I wanted, I managed to get the job, to start 2 days a week until the end of November. Hopefully get the full time job in December. Please keep me in your prayer that I get this job full time. Please include me in your prayer that I find a loving, kind husband who is catholic, I have been on my owned now for 14 years, hopefully one day I find a good husband. I promise that I will help my family financially and do more volunteering work for the community. Thank you for sending me all this novenas. Thank you John-Paul and Anne for your prayers. God bless you both.

    Take care

  34. Thank you for answering my prayer. We have trying to get a patta for our land and you have been helping us to obtain one. Praise the Lord

  35. I have been praying and asking for healing and for peace in my marriage because my wife was exhibiting an unusual behaviour. After this last two novenas, the hospital started giving me medications and after a month I went for test which read negative. And as for my wife, we have reconnected. Thank you Lord God Almighty and St Monica for making it possible while we still wait for you to bless us with the fruits of the womb.

  36. I have been praying for the gift of a child for my friends, on the 5th of September, one of them called to inform me that she is pregnant.

  37. Glory to Jesus,honor to Mary. I wrote an exam in June and after that,i dreamt that I failed the main paper (my dreams always come to paSs) after praying one of the novenas for my exams,when the result was released,i made all my papers. To God be the Glory!

  38. I have received many blessings through these novena prayers. God Has delivered me. I was from the brink of loosing my license and my job. Through these prayers He let me know that all this time He’s been with me He would not let me down. Thank you God, Thank you Jesus, and Thank You Holy Spirit. Thanks to All the Saints Who intercede for me.

  39. I was about to loose my job and my career, I prayed to Saint Monic along with other devotion, sacred heart and immaculate heart, Saint Jude, Saint Ann and Saint Joseph, with the help of Saint Monica my job has been restored.
    Blessed be God in his Saints !

  40. I have prayed to St. Monica and St Ann that my son will find a job because he had just started a family and a baby is about to be born and yet my son has no job to support his family. So I prayed to St.Monica and St. Ann and my prayers were answered he is now accepted and waiting for his Physical Examination . I thank God, St Monica,St Ann , Mother Mary and to all the angel’s and Saint for their divine intervention, thank you for everything! Praise you my Lord and my God! Amen

  41. Thank you St Anne and St Monica, a long awaited outcome to prayer. Family in touch again, just one part of the jigsaw needed to complete the outcome. I have been praying for 24 years for this, praise you Jesus

  42. Prayers of thanksgiving, my husband has Parkinson’s and has had a difficult time these last three months, so after many prayers and juggling of meds we think we have found the right combination of meds and he is doing much better!! And our son in law had a cancerous lymph node and after two weeks wait on diagnosis, he has the better of the worst kinds of lymphoma , and his wife has a new job !! Thanks be to God ????

  43. Please pray for my house to get sold before we lose it because of behind in payments and they come and take it. So my wife who is disabled and I can move in to a home or else we end up on the street. Let someone buy it quickly God pray for us to have a buyer, please thank u for praying for us

  44. I have prayed in every novena since joining the group a while ago. My last Dr. appt. showed no growth in the pancreatic cancer and especially no spreading. Thank you and especially God for answering my prayers. I will continue to follow each novena and pray that each of you receive the answers to your prayers. God bless you!

  45. I prayed the Novena for marriage and Family, and my fiancé just got me engaged! Secondly I just passed my midwifery exam, after st Monica Novena,i v alwys been favored in ds prayer even though I am a sinner! Thank You JESUS!!!!!!

  46. I prayed for my grown children to return to the church and for their kids to become catholic. My daughter has agreed for her kids (who have always come to church with me) to go through the process to get baptized and become catholic.

    I am so greatful!!

  47. Praise God, his Angels and Beloved Saint Monica and All those who prayed for our requests. During the Novena for Saint Monica, I discovered the she is a Patron Saint of the Addicted. I didn’t know this fact. I e-mailed in with a prayer request for two things. The guidance my husband needs to build an Addiction Rehab facility to help those who are suffering with their addictions. My husband was addicted to both alcohol and drugs and now is a licensed counselor to treat Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling Addictions. The second issue was to get a favorable settlement of a law suit with a large Workers’ Compensation Company, which would allow us to continue God’s work and continue to good works of Saint Monica. It has been a long sixteen years of this battle with this company. My husband has not been allow to even see a doctor. He has a terrible hole in his left heel. He received word yesterday, 9/17/15, that the case has finally been settled. He will be getting his settlement next week. Praise God!!!!! Miracles still happen!! Sixteen long years of disappointments and depression. We are now looking for property to begin our dream and give all Praise to God and Saint Monica! We want to thank everyone who prayed for our dream to come to fruition. As soon as we receive the funds, we will make a sizeable donation to this wonderful ‘Say More Novenas’ group! Bless You All!!!! Veronica & Joe

  48. Thank you God through the intercession of St Monica for bringing a nice man into my life. Our relationship is growing and he is kind and respectful. After my husband passed away I wAs so lonely. God answered my prayers by bringing a good man into my life. God is good ❤️

  49. Oh Lord thank you for healing my children health especially the allergic cough ang skin conditions. Plus others prayers that you have answered.
    Your name be bless for ever.
    Amen and Alleluyah.

  50. My son finally got a full time position. Now I need prayers that he is successful in that job. Thank you God. I will keep praying for him and for the many unemployed or under employed in this country.

  51. Myself and a group of ladies joined pray more novenas in May, our joint intention was for a full house at a Christ Renews His Parish in Sept, this weekend. The past few retreats were fairly attended, we are confirmed to have full participants with a waiting list started for the next retreat!! Thank you for sharing these with everyone and helping us serve The Lord!!

    • It is so wonderful to here that the CRHPs Retreat is still thriving. I attended a CRHPs Retreat 2yrs ago with my daughter and it totally changed my life. I learned to rely on Gods promises for everything. I Pray that you continue to fill your retreats with newcomers and they all learn to LET AND LET GOD. God is Good, ALL THE TIME. AMEN


  52. I prayed all the novenas asking for God to give a Job as a social worker. When the St Monica Novena was announced I was weak and my soul was weary. I only prayed the novena s day 9 prayer and the closing prayer, asking for a job and my prayer has been answered.

  53. Two of my prayers with St Anne and St Monica Novena was for my son and daughter in law to be blessed with a child – they are expecting a child now. my other one was for my son to get a permanent good job, – he has bn doing part time for long now finally he went for interview last week got a very good permanent job. thank you St Anne and St Monica for praying for us.

  54. St Monica is truly a great Saint. I prayed for my daughter that is bed wetting and all through d prayers she never bed wet. I know we still need to pray more. God is Great.

  55. i have prayed two novenas asking to pass my trade test that will determine if i get a permanent job, i have passed and i am now waiting for the appointment letter. thank you so much for praying with me

  56. I am so happy to confess God’s work, i prayed this Novena for my sister who had problems conceiving.Praise be to Jesus!!