Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. I had no heard from my youngest sister since Nov. 18 due to a misunderstanding!
    St. Joseph came through for me. Two days after I finished the Novena she called to ask for advice and support! No indications of any misunderstanding!
    Thank you St. Joseph as I still continue to prayer for her mental & spiritual healing.

  2. Thank you all.
    God has been faithful to me. Guiding me in my new job.
    Thank you Lord for safe delivery of my niece.
    Thank you for many miracles we receive daily

  3. I prayed to St. Joseph to heal our family of a recent family conflict that kept us all in turmoil and apart for the past six months. It was a slow progression throughout the days praying the Novena but at the end my son invited me and my husband out for dinner and our evening together after all this time apart was very healing! My husband and son have since gotten together to play golf and they had a great time. I’m so very thankful to St. Joseph and the Holy Family for bringing us back together!!

  4. I prayed during the St Joseph’s novena for my husband to get a job as this would help us find a house in an area we wanted as where he was working was too expensive for us.
    My husband called this morning to tell my everything has been concluded and contract signed. So now are hoping to move to the new work area which is more affordable for us.
    Thank you St Joseph. I am still still trusting you for a job for my brother.

  5. My 84 year old dad (whose middle name is Joseph) had a successful heart valve replacement surgery, thanks to the intercession of Saint Joseph. . My parents have a great devotion to Saint Joseph, all 4 of my brothers have Joseph for their middle name. God is good.

  6. Thanks to the intersection of St. Joseph I passed my board exam after two failures. I also recieved good news from my doctor about the health of my baby and my pregnancy.

  7. Praying novenas has really drawn me closer to God.
    Many answered prayers for me ,the most recent is that I got admission into one of the schools in UK, didn’t have much money for the whole admission process but God came through for me ! I’m in the UK now for my nursing science degree

    Still praying for smooth transition, great job,financial favours ,success with my academic and forth coming job interview. Amen

  8. St joseph novena make me to forgive my husband for chasing me out of my house after 13yrs of marriage,now i wil pray devine mercy to return back and its my pray to u all to pray for me too

  9. Like Amy, Thank you St Joseph for emotional healing and clarity. I am much more at peace. I will continue to find strength through Pray More Novenas. It has added a more focused approach to my prayer life.

  10. My son starts a new job on April 6. Mark (51) was laid off in October 2020. He received word on the last day of the St. Joseph Novena that was a very good chance he would get the position he applied for with the same company that laid him off in October. A much better position, more responsibility, higher pay & perks. Praise God! We are so thankful to St. Joseph & all the other prayers that were said for him.

  11. I got a job after praying this novena
    I look forward to the divine mercy novena as it will enable me to pray asking for God’s mercy to be successful at my job

  12. I pray all of your novenas. I feel it has healed me, I have a very difficult relationship with my mother. I have been praying and praying and praying for the grace to be kinder to her in spite of her behavior. I feel these. novenas have helped me to try to understand her better

  13. We pray the novena as a family for my daughter to get a house so she had to be out of her apartment by May 11. We found out today she got the house and settlement will be April 29 thank you Saint Joseph

  14. Our daughter’s MRI was completed in record time and the possible tumour shown by an earlier CT scan had totally disappeared! It was an incredible relief and the surgeon is checking for autoimmune pancreatitis. In any case, an extensive major & dangerous surgery with about 3 months off work was avoided. Thank you St. Joseph for prayers answered!

  15. I had an insurance claim for tens of thousands of dollars that was being resubmitted to the hospital with questions, and stuck in system. It kept saying I could be responsible for payment. As of yesterday it seems to be moving now thru various departments and hopefully insurance will pay for it and I can concentrate on healing. Thanks be to St Joseph!

  16. My daughter applied to medical schools in July and finally heard from two on the feast of St Joseph! She got in one and is wait listed on the most economical one. May Gods will be done with divine mercy. Thank you for the novenas.

  17. Thank you Saint Joseph for granting success and answering our prayers for our sons business! We are most grateful!

  18. My son has not stopped his alcohol and steady drug use for almost 3 weeks..
    Thank you St.Joseph and for all of your prayers.

  19. Business sales have greatly improved, and we were able to pay off several large debts. Thank you St. Joseph

  20. I pray all the novenas sent to me. I can say without a doubt a change in my life both personal and interacting with my wife and son. My change from the Saint Joseph novena has been a deep understanding of how to be a good father and husband. Believe me that also involves pain, heartache and suffering. How we deal with it with Gods grace and strength is the key.

  21. The Novena to St Joseph does bring an inner peace and strength, if nothing else in particular they are so joyful each and every one of them with such a deep meaning to each. Bless you both for sharing these.

  22. I have been saying all novenas begging God for my healing from cancer. Although I don’t feel I’m healed, people around me say I look & act better… I only have God to thank for everything… I continue to depend on Him & to keep praying & trusting ..

  23. My husband was out of work a year on March 6. I prayed the St. Joseph Novena for a job. Thank you St. Joseph he started a new job on March 15. I praise you Dear Jesus for this new job and St. Joseph for his intercession. I have so much faith in you Lord, with every breath I take I breath you in. Amen!

  24. I prayed to St. Joesph to please pray that the vaccine shot would be opened up to all those younger than 65 in our County.
    My son who is a Big Box store worker in his 40s was so wanting to get the vaccine, since he’s been required to work this whole pandemic in a crowded store.
    A few days later our County, the first one in our State, was opened up to anyone who wanted the vaccine and my son received his. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession!

  25. I needed a job so badly, and on day 8 of the novena, a job offer came. I accepted and begin in a week. Thank you St. Joseph!

  26. Dear all
    I was at the edge with my cash reserves almost depleted but someone I had lent equivalent thousand dollars called me (this amazed me) and told me to meet him at the local bank. He gave me equivalent of 800 dollars. I fueled my car, paid for water, electricity among other bills, and bought chocolate for my daughters. Thanks to St Joseph! To be honest, it was a complete surprise for me. Am now at peace as I continue making applications and hoping for the best for I know his intercession is for ever

  27. I have been doing these novena and these novena’s gave me lot of clarity in life what I need to do, peace in family life , happiness and complimentary working atmosphere . Thank you St . Joseph and all the saints for my personal and spiritual healing. Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love towards me and my family. Have faith and keep praying. JB

  28. I have prayed many Novenas over the past 50 years, to St Jude and everytime I thought when all was lost St Jude stood by my side, and answerd my prayer…The St Joseph Novena The Father of Families came at the right time..My son with a young family had to liquidate his company..I prayed the Novena and on the 9th day he was successful, now employed in a very good position..St Jude St Joseph and Our Mother Mary, without your love and guidance I would have been lost..Thank you for always hearing my prayers..Jesus I trust in you.

  29. I thought I would be alone forever, and be haunted by my former girlfriend. I met a wonderful women not far from me. She’s given me Hope again, and my prayers to St Joseph brought her to me. I thank him everyday.

  30. I prayed for peace and love in my marriage as part of my requests to St Joseph. Halfway through the novena, my husband is a different person. No moods or anger and much more loving. I’m eternally grateful to St Joseph.

  31. My son was finally able to find an apartment that’s close to his work and a very affordable price. This leaves my husband and me to keep trying to repair our marriage by ourselves. All praise, glory and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ and dearest St. Joseph!

  32. The lenten retreat and St Joseph novena helped me a lot with my fasting suring this lent . I was more focused and dedicated, its true Man cannot leave with bread alone the Holy spirit can fill you. And through the St Joseph novena I was blessed in finding a home for me and my son trusting God to take over. :)
    We are blessed.

  33. I was going through lot of stress and sleepless nights as I was finding very difficult to manage and take care of my mother suffering from mental illness- Alzheimer. Also I was not getting response from any home for the aged.

    I prayed fervently to St. Joseph to find me a way to face and control my day to day challenges.
    Thanks to St. Joseph for answering my prayers that in mid of the novena I received a call from one of the home for the aged and got her admitted where now she is been taken good care.

  34. Thank you St. Joseph for all the many favours granted. May You help us to accept God’s will with faith and patience.

  35. I’ve been praying forever for my son’s addiction problem. I finally see a light – thank you Lord for his sobriety and recovery. He got a job, and seems to be happy. He’s now living at his sister’s house. Continued prayers foe his healing, salvation and conversion. He needs to start going to Mass again. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  36. I have prayed to St Joseph for my son in law to find a job and to be a provider for the family. He finally got a job offer;( after looking for two years) right after I finished the Novena. Thank you St Joseph for interceded for my prayer.

  37. This Novena and many others have Greatly helped me. I prayed for Saint Joseph’s intercession to bless me with a spouse. I recently got introduced to someone and everything being equal, it’s gonna be a celebration time.
    Thank you Saint Joseph for answered prayers.

  38. I recently had surgery on my colon to remove a large polyp. The surgery was successful and no cancer, most importantly.

    Thx, St. Joseph. No doubt this prayer intention contributed significantly to my situation.

  39. Thank you St. Joseph I finished the interview smoothly. I’m able to answer all the question being asked by your help and interceding to Our Lord our God.

  40. I prayed for my brother-in-law to receive disability benefits. He served in the Vietnam War in combat. He received 60%, thank you for your intercession St Joseph!

  41. My husband wanted to sell our home of 32 years, I wasn’t to keen on the idea. I asked St. Joseph that if it was God’s will to let it be sold but to please find us a home, The market in Miami has skyrocketed w people moving in from NY CA and Il. Well, we never even put it on the market and the daughter of a friend came to visit, and she fell in love w it and offered to buy it! That same week we were able to find a home we were all happy with. Thank you St, Joseph for interceding for us!

  42. I prayed to St Joseph to get a new job . I prayed the novena and on the last day on March 19th, I received a phone call with a job offer for the job that I always wanted!
    Thank you St Joseph for answering my petition, I’m truly blessed to have received this favor from you. Bless be St Joseph 🙏🏻

  43. Thank you for letting us join these wonderful Novenas.
    It brings peace to my inner self. Calms the storms

    I Love my Heavenly Family with all my
    Mind, Heart, and Soul♥️

    Feeling blessed

    Amen 🙏🏽

  44. On the Solemnity of St Joseph prayers answered as interview date opened and was given. Now awaiting interview. Glory to God. Thank you St. Joseph and you all for praying with me.

  45. Happy to tell that the works of God still exist, with my regular novena prayer here helps me to be more closer to GOD and He answered my prayers to my husband who is into a lung cancer treatment and we got the good news this week that the mass on his lungs became smaller. I will continue to pray for the complete healing of my husband. In Jesus name Amen.

  46. At the start of St. Joseph Novena, I had a friend with COVID-19 in
    ICU on a ventilator. The Doctor for my friend was being asked to give up on patient but he felt something was pulling the patient. On the last day of the Novena, my friend started to improve and is now home recovering. Thanks everbody for your prayers!!

  47. My Brother Phillip got accepted into an assisted living facility on the Feast of St Joseph after 5 and 1/2 years of waiting!
    My sister Susan’s biopsy was negative during the Novena. And although she had Covid she had it very mildly and is now back to normal!

    We praise and thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We thank you Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception,
    and last but not least we thank you St. Joseph our Spiritual Father , most holy intercessor and
    most holy spouse of the Mother of God and the earthly Father of the Son of God Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !
    To God be the Glory!
    Always and forever.

  48. I have prayed these novenas for many, many years for the health of my son. Praise God he finally got a liver transplant the last week in January and is doing amazingly well. I now continue prayers that his health will be completely restored!

  49. While I am still expectant , I have inner peace and I thank God everyday.

    Thank you St Joseph for your intercessions

  50. My son is doing better with his addiction, he is really trying. St Joseph thank you for guiding him in the right direction. Continue to watch over him.

  51. Towards the last days of the Novena to St. Joseph, my Son received a job offer to a job of his dreams. The job offer was the answer to our prayers, and has brought much joy, happiness and peace to our son.

  52. I thank St. Joseph for the blessings of full time work and a place to live for my son. I’m also starting to see improvement in my relationship with my husband.

  53. Please pray that our granddaughter will give up drugs and get her life on track for her little son. I beg for many prayers!

  54. My prayers were answered in that my girlfriend/bestfriend was found to be free of cancer. I am so grateful, beyond words.
    Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit.
    Thank you Blessed Mother. Thank you St. Joseph. Thank you all you saints.

  55. After a year of grief and indecision, thru novenas and prayer. I
    have been granted the courage to make positive changes needed to move forward.

  56. Thank you God for the gift of my family and my marriage, the health of us all physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many answered prayers! St. Joseph, please continue to pray for us~

  57. My marriage has been blessed through the intercession of St Joseph! I’ve prayed for many years for this happiness between me and my husband. Barriers have been removed!
    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!!
    Jesus, I Trust in You.
    God bless you all for your prayers.

  58. I had a recall for mammogram, and was very worried. I prayed the Novena of St. Joseph daily, and everything turned out fine. God is great and at times you may feel like your prayers aren’t heard, but they truly always are. Amen.

  59. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession.
    My daughter and her family moved to a beautiful house that is spacious for her 4 children.
    Answered prayers.

  60. I learned a different perspective of St. Joseph thru this novena. He was always in the background and I did not know why, now I do. His role was of a quieter influence in the Holy Family and the merit of who he was shines brightly to those of a similar nature. A blessing to learn more about him.

  61. My son who is addicted to Opiates, but on a program has been in trouble with these things for 17 years, also has a son (11) and was in jail recently; After praying the Novena to St. Joseph, he is working on being drug free, admitted to his addictions and the mom is letting my son talk to his son again…thanks for prayers, they work! Amen 🙏

  62. Pray more novenas.
    How would you suggest I keep straight which novena I used & which I prayed for what? Do I have to write them down? I have said novenas in the past, but by the time it is answered I forget who I prayed to.

  63. We prayed during St Joseph’s Novena to God for a very highly competitive interview my son had, for him to be successful.
    I want to share with you that my son got the job.
    Please thank St Joseph for interceding for us and thank God for granted our request.

  64. March 19, 2021, St Joseph’s Feast Day was the day our daughter passed the physician licensure examination.

    Truly,”God never abandons us” Our prayers were answered. Please allow us (my family) to share the Goodness of the Lord to all who reads this. May this testimony serve as an inspiration to you as well.

    We will be forever grateful to St. Joseph.

    God Bless!!
    Gonzales Family

  65. Thank You, St. Joseph !!! You have protected me all my life and I realize now you stand before me against the demons. I know you are not finished praying for me so I submit my gratitude now and forever…… TO JESUS THROUGH MARY AND JOSEPH 😇

  66. Thank you to all and especially Lord Father Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Anne, Virgen Mary, Virgen de Guadalupe, St. Dymphna, St. Rita, St. Monicia, Venerable Matt Talbott, St. Anthony, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, Arch Angels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, ALL ANGELS AND SAINTS… THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTERCESSION
    I continue to pray for your intercession daily.

  67. Since I joined I feel more confident about myself.I struggle with anxiety ..with the help of St.Joseph I feel much better and able to handle my anxiety..St.Joseph also help protect my daughter and her new baby..Thank you..But I’m struggling with my marriage we fight all the time ..My husband is an alcoholic and I don’t know how to handle the situation it’s so hard..can’t wait to pray the next novena…

  68. I’ve been praying for my husband to find a new job and after this novena he was successful in his search. Thank you St. Joseph for answered prayers.

  69. I applied for jobs in the UK for almost a year no invite. But was successfully scheduled for one on the 19th of March I was so keen to find out the saint feast day only to find out it was St Joseph’s feast day. I was perplexed because I never knew it could be that same day but to the glory of God I started Novena to St Joseph and I got a interview invite 1hr 30mins after the interview!! I was very happy!! I return all the glory to God through the intercession of St Joseph!!

  70. I thank God for the many answers to prayers. I had been praying for my husband physical healing of cancer but we did not receive the healing we prayed for. The Lord however, gave him a better healing- he went home to be with the Lord on March 10th and now he is totally healed and resting in the arms of our dear Lord.

    I pray blessings for everyone.


  71. Dear St. Joseph,

    I am so greatful to you for always helping in my needs. Thank you for your prayer, our Lord God heard us and answered our prayer. My daughter Joy finally got a new job in Singapore. God is so good. May He continue to guide my daughter on her new work. All praises and thanksgiving to our Lord God.

  72. My son is being promoted and keeping his job at the airlines. My husband had good news from the cancer doc.

  73. My son received an offer for a full time job. Another son received a good health report. Thank you St. Joseph.

  74. With my husband disappearing in front of my eyes due to Alzheimer’s, I’ve had to pick up the hammer, etc to get done what he has always done. I asked for 2 things. 1) St Joseph please help me to know how to use this ‘hammer’ and 2) help our son who is mildly retarded and relies on us to guide him thru life to be able to care and do for himself so we can stop worrying about him. In some way, St. Joseph has shown his support. This week I’ve been able to navigate the heater quiting, a flat tire and ugg my battery powered toothbrush dying (a new battery did not help). . . all on the same day! My son with some assistance from me, was able to refinance his condo and his payments lowered by $150 will be auto withdrawn from his account each month. This also happened this past week. Thank you St Joseph for asking God to send his grace to allow me to handle my challenges AND give our son some of the help he needs. I’ve been so blessed. AMEN

  75. Our son, Kirk is home, and changing his life. His scans were clear, he is off drugs, and he is making amends. Thank you Lord God, and your precious intercessors, Father St Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit.

  76. I prayed to St. Joseph to be able to get the Covid vaccine. I would not be able to get the shot until later due to my state”s allocation and my lateness in registering. I got the call to come on March 19th, St. Joseph’s feast day. I’m so grateful.

  77. Saint Joseph holds a dear place in my heart. I prayed the St. Joseph novena throughout my fourth pregnancy. Our son was given a prenatal diagnosis which was not limited to, but included the absence of a corpus callosum (the main connective highway between the two hemispheres of the brain). After multiple ultrasounds, we were told to anticipate the birth of a child who would have severe disabilities including blindness and hemiparesis. After much prayer and a long pregnancy, our son was born with a partial corpus callosum. He walk, runs, has perfect vision, and a has been the greatest joy family! I am positive that Saint Joseph was an incredible intercessor for him (and us)!

  78. I was not close to God, but praying more novenas I’m now able to communion with Christ. But still praying for His Grace
    Thank you Jesus.

  79. I prayed for assistance for two people who were seeking employment. Both of them have been hired. Thank you to the most Loving of Fathers.

  80. I thank the Lord that my husband and I have found peace in our marriage and we are totally committed to making it work I thank you all for your prayers and I thank God for these novenas they bring us closer to the Lord and truly help me to keep a positive attitude and keep going!!!
    Thank you praymorenovenas🙏✝️♥️

  81. I have just realized that in the past when praying I would incline myself to pray to Jesus but of late I find myself praying to the Heavenly Father more often through Jesus and not forgetting Mother Mary , the Angels and the Saints I was wondering how come am not limiting myself but literally flowing in prayer i remember asking St Joseph that he prays with me

  82. I really thank you for leading us into important novena prayers. I pray to St Joseph that I write books which I begin and fail to go far with. Right now, I am at total peace of heart due intervention of the saints through the novenas, I am employed once again, and I am paying my debts!

  83. when I began the novena I had certain intentions. After a couple of days I remembered people saying if you need to sell a home to ask St Joseph for help. So I added that intention. In that week we had 3 inquiries. None worked out. But last week we had a call from a woman in a desperate need to get her own place…God provided for her and us through St. Joseph’s intercession…We go to the lawyers today. We sold. Amen 🙏

  84. My son found a job after a year so blessed and my daughter’s breast cancer was not envasive and she will have a complete recovery. Thank you st Joseph

  85. Being praying st joseph novena and it was marvelous,prayed for my friend to be stable in his place of work and get his stability permanent resident ,it was granted and also my mums ailment was better and better ..My work and my intention re all answered ..Too many prayers from st joseph novena answered was just a miracle that I can’t even say all here.. Thanks to the novena

  86. For a cure to my lung cancer. I’d like to stay with my beloved wife and 5 children, Father. 🙏🏻

  87. This novena has helped bring my husband and I closer and helped me be more understanding and patient in my words.

  88. My nephew has had severe anxiety issues following difficulties in his young life. He is in his twenties and has had no success with employment due to his debilitating anxieties.
    With thanks to our Lord and the intercession of St. Joseph, my nephew has begun a job, and with God goodness and grace, will gain confidence and will be able to be successful.
    With a grateful heart, I offer up thanks to God.