Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. After constantly praying about a specific job I had been wanting at a specific company I prayed the Novena to St Joseph and on day 9 I woke up to a call from a recruiter with an open position to the exact company/role I asked for. Thank you St. Joseph for your powerful intercession.

  2. St. Joseph answered my prayers for a healthy pregnancy, healthy labor and healthy baby boy! We were so grateful for St. Joseph’s intercession and our son’s middle name is Joseph. Thank you St. Joseph for praying for us and our baby boy!

  3. Through St. Joseph’s intercession, I finally was able to start a new chapter in my life: I got into grad school where I received both a graduate assistant position and a full tuition remission.

  4. Thank you St. Joseph and Brother Andre for prayers answered for the health of my sister a job for my grandson and health in mind and body for my son.Heartfelt thanks.

  5. Praying for safe travel for my job. Praying for God to provide financially for my finance so that our wedding can be done.

  6. After St. Joseph and Divine Mercy Novenas, God answered my prayers by providing money I used in paying my house rent, renewing of my company’s expired documents and starting a new business. I thank GOD for His Divine Mercy and also
    St. Joseph for interceding for me during the novena.

  7. Hi. I’d like to thank to Lord almighty for answering my prayers. I have done a lot of Novenas with you so I’m not sure which one was answered. All of them have blessed me and my family. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August last year. I prayed Novenas and God answered my prayer. I went through treatment even during these difficult times when lots of people’s treatment is being put on hold. God cured me of breast cancer. I cannot thank God enough. I will endeavour to live a life that is pleasing to my God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you to all the saints – Padre Pio, St Joseph, St Theresa and for you John Paul and Annie for praying with and for me. God bless you.

  8. Thank you St Joseph for protecting my family from the pandemic of COVID-19.
    I pray all the novenas and I am finding inner peace and joy. Thank you John Paul and Annie for introducing us to these novenas. May God bless you. AMB

  9. Prayed for my husbands healing when he was diagnosed with cancer in2017 he is fully cured thank you so much for showing us a way to be near Our Lord Jesus

  10. Through St. Joseph’s intession I received an offer for the job I was looking for. Praise God!

  11. I just wanted to say a special thanks and acknowledge the power of the novena. I prayed for my daughter to finally meet someone who loves God and his family.

  12. Praying for my daughter’s breakthrough with a job was one of my prayer intentions. Thank you for the intercession of St Joseph and God for answering my request. My daughter got a job at a time when things were getting bad.
    Thank you for praying with me. God bless you

  13. I prayed the St. Joseph Novena in the hope that my husband would regain his spirituality. He is a convert to Catholicism and has lately been saying “you Catholics” or “the Catholics” and expressing doubt about some of the traditions of our faith. He suddenly agreed to go to confession, attend Mass on Easter, and has been reading books about how early Christianity blossomed into the Catholic faith. Thank you, St. Joseph!

  14. My parents were getting ready to put their house on the market and my mom was anxious about it selling and getting a good price for it. We prayed the novena and a few weeks later they put the house up for sale and within a few days it sold for the right price and conditions.

  15. Thank you saint joseph for giving me a job which by faith and the power of the holy spirit, I know I have a permanent job thank you for interceding for me. May God be praised.

  16. I know this is not about the novena, but I wanted to testify to the power of St. Joseph. My husband and I did the Consecration to St. Joseph this year to beg St. Joseph for a new job and help with possibly making a career change. In the meantime, we started applying to jobs, which seemed like such a long shot. On the feast of St. Joseph, he got an email, inviting him to interview for the best job we applied for and just yesterday he got the job. Thank you for your intercession, St. Joseph!!!!

    I want to thank your ministry for always reminding us to pray. It is really a great encouragement!!

  17. I have been out of work and in the Job market for some time so I started the novena to the patron saint of workers, St. Joseph. On the final day of the novena, I got my first job offer in nearly 2 years! And the job had originally denied me at first, but GOD! 🙌🏾 Thank you for your intercession St Joseph, the most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thank you for giving me a testimony.

  18. I asked the intercession of St. Joseph last year for me to get a job. 3 days into the novena, a friend called me and said they were recruiting in her place of work. I got the job.

    This year I asked to be moved back inot the department where I initially worked and before the noven ended I was moved back.

    Please for any needs let us turn to St. Joseph, he is a very powerful inteceesor.
    St. Joseph, pray for us.

  19. Thank you Annie and John Paul for this beautiful ministry!
    One of my intentions for the St. Joseph novena was to get clarity on a romantic relationship I was in but had several uncertainties about. The relationship ended the day before St. Joseph’s feast. The gentleman I was dating suggested we stepped back. The main reason being he was unwilling to accept my boundaries on intimacy, beyond the sexual act itself. Although the breakup hurts (sometimes God’s answer hurts) because he is a likeable young man despite his weaknesses, I am at peace because I know God is working wonders in my life and He is bringing me the husband I really need and whose heart is after His’. Thank you St. Joseph.
    Thanks again Annie & John Paul – Stay blessed!

  20. Additional work was given to me and praise goes to the Almighty for Hes kindness and intersession – PS

  21. My daughter has been looking for a job for over a year. She has been to several job interviews but not successful. During this Novena of St. Joseph I earnestly prayed for her to get a job. One business that had told her no over six months ago now called her back and offered her the job, with no further questions. Thank you God, St. Joseph, and all of you that prayed this Novena with me.

  22. A miracle has happened as a result of the Novena to St. Joseph and continuing with the Divine Mercy Novena.
    Our son, Mark, called to let us know he is turning a page from his past and is taking ownership of his own happiness instead of blaming others. Just 2 days ago he practically cursed both of us along with his wife as being the blame for his unhappiness, pain and suffering.
    His paranoia has been evident the last 5-7 years and the more he distanced himself from the whole family, the more concern all of us were with his mental stability.
    I ask all of you seeing this now to join me in thanking St. Joseph, Mary and Jesus for intervening for our son and though I know this is only the beginning that all of you will continue to pray for healing and protection from the evil spirts plaguing him.
    Thank you.

  23. With Joy in my Heart I want to tell you that Prayers and waiting upon the Lord
    Work We have been praying For Darrel
    Cancer praise God the treating is working . SHIRLEYY SISTER is healing
    Fell hit 6 teeth 5th of December Cast in her hoping Denis can remove Cast today from her mouth Please God 9thers little Miracle
    Sandra Devine mercy comma 50~% breathing on her own Please contact to pray for for more miracle Thank you souch I pray for all world wide Love
    Fr Rose in Canada GOD BLESS

  24. 2 members of our prayer group were praying the St Joseph novena. One individual’s prayers were answered; her brother was released from prison, & found not guilty for the crime he did not commit. The second, prayer answered regarded home assistance and transportation for a cousin’s special needs. She now receives home nursing care and transportation to her dialysis.

  25. I prayed to St. Joseph to help our NGO that helps women and children and we recieved a donation that put us up to date with our expenses. I am thankful also for keeping my family together and for blessing my husband and children with peace. Everything seems to be more manageable since praying to St. Joseph.

  26. I prayed the St. Joseph Novena asking the Lord to please grant my newly married daughter a child. A gift from heaven. And on Easter Sunday she told us he is pregnant. Thank you God. All that is good comes from you. Thank you for listening to my prayers. In God’s name we praise. ALLELUIA!

  27. Greetings!

    During the St. Joseph novena I was praying for the Lord to bring me peace regarding my future spouse.

    After that prayer the man I thought I was going to marry- I found out he was engaged. I was crushed, total devastated by what I found on social media — then on that special last day of the novena~ a Catholic book store called me to tell me that I had won a St. Joseph statue❤️🙏🏼

    It was so special because the man I thought I was going to marry was named Joseph— I may not have him; but the Jesus gave me the REAL St. Joseph 😻

    Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you! Praise you Lord Jesus!

  28. My prayers were answered of which I am so grateful. A test which I had to undertake returned with a result that was clear and gave me a clean bill of health. Deo gratias

  29. My baby grand nephew, Hunter, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at only 3 weeks of age. I’ve been using your site to pray different novenas every 10 days. So far, Hunter is doing very well. He’s handling his treatments well, his tumor is shrinking and he’s 4 months old now! I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that our Lord is with baby Hunter. I will continue to pray for a miracle, as Hunter still has a long road ahead of him.

  30. I needed to sell my current home and buy another. I prayed the novena to St. Joseph and both prayers were answered.
    I sold my current home and almost immediately found the perfect new home for me and my little dog.
    This is the second time St. Joseph helped me with home sales and purchase.
    Thank you St. Joseph

  31. Dear St Joseph,

    Thank you so much for your praying, all my family members did the confession on Saturday, including a member who didn’t have confession for so many years. Tears of joy from my heart, i know my Lord is healing them, all i need to do is to put my trust to Him! Thank you so much St Joseph!!!

    With love,

  32. When the novena started, I wrote that I want to get my driving license. My exam was on saint Joseph feast day and I passed. So I got my driving license that same day. I want to thank God for the answered prayers and I give him all the glory.

  33. Thank you for the novena od Saint Joseph. I’d like to offer you to read Polish books about this Saint patron by John dobraczynski- a title: the shadow od the father. Thank you

  34. I have prayed all novenas since
    I joined your site and found peace, consolation, and most of all more faith. I used to go to church every Sunday but stopped (not sure why)
    I have been working from home
    For over a year and am waiting for full protection from
    Covid injections befor going back to work.
    I pray constantly for my kidney function to stay at a safe number so I can avoid dialysis as long as possible last month it fell almost to the next leve and I was
    Extremely distraught and sad however I
    Kept praying to st Jude I pray to him every night no matter what other no Ena I am praying I started the divine mercy novena on Friday and Saturday I had blood drawn I am relieved and BLESSED to say that my
    Number went back up to the level I have been at for over 3 years
    I am grateful to at Jude at Joseph and the divine mercy
    God bless everyone else praying and don’t despair if it is gods will it will happen
    Happy Easter to all

  35. A friend of mine has an uncle who is a Monsignor in the Catholic Church who was rushed to the Hospital I think after we started the St. Joseph Novena but once I got word I started adding him to my intentions and so did some friends of mine. He is recovering in rehab and doing quite well. He is in his 80’s too.
    God Bless you

  36. St Joseph, thank you for your prayers, my daughter found employment, it’s temporary, but, it’s a job. Thank you, Thank you.
    In Jesus name we pray. Thank you.

  37. Thank you for praying for us.Thank you St Joseph. My prayer for my flat was answered. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your blessings and love.

  38. My son waited for this job over fourteen months after praying the novena he was called how blessed we are

  39. God thank You you allowing St. Joseph to bring to you my prays. St. Joseph interceded on my behalf and because of this Novena my prays were answered for my heath and the health of my family. Also Michael the Lord’s Strongest Angel continues to shield us from this awful virus. Praise God’s in Jesus’s name Am

  40. Through the loving intercession of St Joseph I was able to sell my house and buy a smaller house in a suitable area. I am truly thankful to God and St Joseph and our Blessed Mother for this blessing.
    I thank you for your novenas.

  41. Hi good morning John-Paul and Annie.
    This is not answered prayer post but a complaint.
    During the last three novenas including this present one, I have been receiving my prayers a day after the day of the prayer. For example, I will receive the 1st day prayer on the second day and so following until the end of the novena period.
    I feel really frustrated by this irregularity and wish that you look into it and make necessary corrections. I am resident in Nigeria West Africa. I have been following the novena prayers for the last seven years or so without any issues. To have this distortion happening now is very frustrating.
    Thank you and God bless

  42. Thank you St. Joseph for making me pass my 9th exam and still waiting to pass the next 9papers. Through pray more Novenas I feel am more closer to God. Thank you Jesus.

  43. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession in many many requests that I have asked in the past two years – you are truly reliable and beloved of God. During this novena I prayed for Andrew’s healing. Miraculously, repeat test now shows PSA range has dropped from 35 to 1.7! To God be the glory forever. Thank you all who prayed with us and for us!

  44. I was praying for a Good Job, and I got it thank you so much St Joseph for intercending for me to the Lord.

  45. Having joined John Paul and Annie for the many novenas, I can not specify individual request and intentions answered as there are so many. I can only thank Our Lord Jesus through Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints specially our recent St. Joseph for their help and intercession. God really hears our prayers. All we need is have faith and trust in Him. God bless us all. Thank you John Paul and Annie for this ongoing Prayer Novenas.

  46. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession. My apt. dilemma has been resolved. I’m humbled and grateful. AMEN!

  47. I give GOD praise and thanks for answering prayers during the St. Joseph Novena. I give thanks for the job opportunity that I received. It is a favourable one and I claim it in the name of Jesus. Praises that my daughter has realized what triggers her anger and depression. She’s working through it with support and she’s doing much better. I also received some financial help which came at a much needed time.
    I am grateful to GOD for all blessings.

  48. Am greatful that God answered my prayers according to his own will. I have been jobless for long but since I prayed the St Joseph novena, I saw an advert for a job vacancy and applied. The following day I was called for an interview and within two days I got employed in April. May God’s intervention be upon my job and protect it for me not to be jobless again amen.

  49. I prayed for St Joseph to intercede for my daughter to be healed from alcoholism and drug addiction and she’s a lot better. She has even gone back to work. Thank you Lord .

  50. I had prayed that my husband would find a new job. During the novena he got a call from a prospective employer who he met with and they are interested in interviewing him. I believe St. Joseph answered my prayer and I will continue to pray if this job is God’s will that it work out for him.
    Thank you St. Joseph.

  51. I received money to help me out in writing and printing out of my assignments from three sources and I glorify God and praise him for his unending love and mercy for me.
    Lord indeed I’m grateful.

  52. After praying the St.Joseph novena, i gained so much more confidence at work. Was absent from work for a while and i was worrying about going back. Didn’t worry anymore.
    My nephew was depressed and now is much improved.
    Thank you St. Joseph

  53. After praying the St. Joseph Novena, we are expecting our rainbow baby after a loss in January. Thank you, St. Joseph. Please guide us through this pregnancy.

  54. The St Joseph novena was prayed for my daughter who was having a difficult high risk pregnancy. On March 19, her doctor told her she was no longer high risk and that her placenta moved to allow a normal birth. Thank you St Joseph, Mary and the holy family.

  55. I prayed for my father in law who was admitted in icu after numerous failed operation. On the last day of praying, he woke up and started talking. Now he is discharged from hospital and under home care. Thank God for intervention and continue praying novena together.

  56. Thank you JohnPaul & Annie, for organizing these Novenas.
    Since I joined praymorenovea, I have had a plot of peace with myself, trust in God and Jesus. Since we started Novena of St. Joseph, my daughter has gotten a permanent job with the government. Many other prayers has been answered. Let us continue praying for each other.

  57. During the 8th day novena to St. Joseph my prayer was answered. I got a message from the person which the prayers were intended for.
    Thanks a lot St. Joseph.
    Hoping of more answered prayers

  58. After being rejected for a job opportunity in NYC, my son, Anthony received a better job offer closer to his home. He has already started work. Praise God!

  59. I got healed from strange flu like symptoms and weakness at the end of the novena. During the day of the final prayer I got strength, I felt very healthy and did my duties normally to date. Thank you Jesus. Thank you st. Joseph for your intercessions. Amen

  60. I am grateful for the intercession of St. Joseph in helping me to have a more prayerful reflective Lenten season to become closer to Jesus Christ.

  61. My prayer to St Joseph has been answered. I have been out of work for over a year and my novena prayer request for the job I wanted was answered yesterday on Holy Thursday. I’ve received the job offer!! I am very grateful for this act of intercession on my behalf.

  62. I prayed for children to be protected. Especially for a boy who had gone missing. I found out yesterday that he had been found!!! Thank You Saint Joseph!!! I’m waiting to find out about another young girl I have been continuing to praying for too, that had gone missing, Francine. I pray she is well and safe too. Thank You for all you do!!!

  63. I skipped St.Joseph novena, but I read some of the miracles the novena brought to many believers. While reading I started to pray intensely with an Image of Mary in my mind, I cried and felt that I could forgive my father, he passed away many years ago, but for the first time in my life I wished he was still in this world to hug him.

  64. Thank you for your Divine intervention St Joseph. My prayer is answered through your novena prayer. My daughter passed the Board Exams for Medicine. Thank you so much! We’ll be forever your servant! We praise you and Thank you in Jesus name our Lord! Mama Mary pray for us!

  65. Dear Father Joseph,
    When have you not answered my prayers? When have you ever let me down? When have you not been an earthly father to me? I thank you for always being there as you are now to stand in the gap and to intercede on my behalf. I thank you Mother Mary for being a constant source of support, strength and inspiration. But Father God, how I thank you for your Son Jesus. Stay with me always. My eyes do not have to see your works in my life, because I know that without you, my very breath would be impossible!
    Stay with me and my family and extended family always, especially those who are going through a hard time with health issues, financial issues or a loss of hope and purpose. Oh Father, I thank you for what I believe, that I cannot yet see!