Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. Please pray for my family to be healthy and strong and out of barmway each every day.We found s new home help to be able to afford each month and. Safe good for family.Help to provide for my family housing and financial .work k ertime parttime job to provide
    Find a cure for Alzheimers disease soon or before my kids could get it Amen

  2. I prayed the novena of St. Joseph, asking for the success of IELTS exam of my husband. And St. Joseph heard my petition and he granted my humble request.
    Thank you Lord, for hearing my prayer and Thank you St. Joseph for your prayer and help.

  3. With St Joseph’s intercession my son got admission into the university thank God countless blessings. John Paul and Annie God bless more amen.

  4. Thanks Annie en John and all the people around the world. Ever since I started praying with You my life has changed for the best I have seen the love of God. En I finally got a job en my business grows everyday. Thanks

  5. As I prayed the St. Joseph Novena for many of my intentions were answered. Thank you St. Joseph! May you always intercede me to our Almighty God.

  6. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession helping my nephew and his daughter (my great-niece). For the last 4-5 years, he has struggled with his daughter being in a harmful environment, and he was finally granted custody. Please pray for their safety, and ask for guidance to help them.

  7. Day 7 of this Novena my husband had a job interview” – the following week he got that job. We are so delighted and relieved, I am praying all goes well for him in his new job and our subsequent move to a different State. My mother-in-law was a great believer in St.Joseph and always prayed to him for protection and blessings for her family. Thank you St. Joseph for helping us and my Thanks to Jesus, Mary and all the great Saints and Angels for blessing and guiding our family. I will never give up praying, prayer is powerful and Novenas work wonders.

  8. I’ve been struggling for the past six months since my and my long term boyfriend broke up. I’ve done almost all of the novenas that have been sent out since then plus some, but the St. Joseph novena brought me incredible peace and ended my sorrows. I’ve finally been able to come to grips with reality and I’ve gotten more serious about praying for my future husband, praying that he can be like St. Joseph. I’ve also been praying a lot of my ex boyfriend, that he can follow in St. Joseph footsteps and be a good future husband for someone someday.

  9. I received a phone call for a job offer today 4/1/2021 for an opportunity I could only have dreamed existed. I owe this to the powerful intercession of St. Joseph, to whom I also made my consecration during this novena. I also want to thank the other Saints (St. Maddalena di Canossa, St. Josephine Bakhita, St. Therese de Lisieux, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Rita of Cascia), and my Guardian Angel, who have been interceding for me during, and since, we made this novena. God bless you all!

  10. Please pray for my son Jaffy and my daughter in-law Cindy. They are married for 9 years and they didn’t have baby, and pray for their faith that they will come closer to Jesus Christ and open their heart to love Jesus. Thank you!

  11. I prayed the St. Joseph Novena specifically for the birth of our second child. I was 38 weeks pregnant and wanted a Saint to pray to to aid in our hopeful unmedicated childbirth. I couldn’t think of a better support person than St. Joseph who accompanied Mary at Jesus’ birth.

    I am pleased to report that I had a very smooth and unmedicated birth to a healthy baby girl!

  12. Thank you, St. Joseph for your intercession. My parents and brother passed their Citizenship interview and test. Thank you Lord God for the many answered prayers and blessings we receive through the intercession of Mama Mary, St. Joseph, and all the saints.

  13. St Joseph novena helped me give my husband his authority and resppnsibilities in the house. And praying the novena most hidden issues were revealed in our family and still more to be revealed I believe in the name of mighty Lord.

  14. Few days after I finished the St. Joseph Novena I got an invitation to my first job interview and I was called the next day to resume work. My brother was also offered a job. Thanks to St. Joseph and to ‘pray more novenas’. Keep up the good work.

  15. Praying St Joseph novena, it’s has highlighted many doubts I had within. During this time I have been undeployed, but someone said they’d make their connections to see that I am deployed. Am thankful for these prayers, that despite my being undeployed I still had to get deals thru which i was able to put food on the table…. Glory be to God

  16. Prayers answered with respect to compromise with my spouse making us able to move forward through a difficult situation. I’ve been praying daily and through multiple novenas for nearly two years for God to answer this prayer. He is faithful and His timing is perfect!

  17. I had been praying all the novenas that I have received over the past 4 years for two deeply requested answers to my prayers. I never gave up praying because I know that everything is in God’s hands, God’s will for my better good, and God’s time. Praise be to God for prayers answered.
    Thank you for all you do for us in prayer.

  18. St Joseph has been answering my prayers over the years.My two daughters got married. He answered my prayers when l called unto him to help me deal with my business partners. He has been granting me deep good night sleeps.Infant he has done countless things for me and l’m so grateful. SI

  19. I have just had a successful Bowel Cancer operation without any complications by a Keyhole surgery. The entire left side of large intestine was removed. I am recovering extremely well praise be to God through the intercession of St. Joseph

  20. I prayed through St Joseph’s Holy Novena and other Novenas before him for success in my PhD confirmation presentation last month on 25th of March and God granted me success. I Give Glory and Thanks to God, Amen

  21. I prayed to St. Joseph for my grandson who was going to be sent to Japan by the Marines, that he would not have to go and be separated from his wife and children. He has a 2-year-old and a newborn. Last week he found out that he would not have to go and can remain in his present position and with his family!

  22. I have been praying all the novena and I am so grateful to God that I have many prayer answered. I have a job now, my husband and I are getting on better now, we are expecting our second baby 4 years after d first baby, two ectopic pregnancy, I have be so touched by all the novena and my life has more meaning now. I have peace of mind and getting on well better in my marriage . God I know this is your hand work in my life. Thank you so much my father lord . Thank God for connecting me to this wonderful praying group. I pray through this group God prepare me and my loved ones for your coking so qe do not miss heaven please my God.

  23. I as fortunate to pray the St Joseph novena while I had COVID. I’m certain that I got healed from his intercession. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession for healing of mind and body.

  24. You simply can not pray sincerely and not have prayers answered, maybe it is not as you had anticipated for none of us know how and why God is working in certain ways but if you can still your heart and wait for the answer it will come, Thank you for this beautiful Novena and for prayers answered, god Bless evreyone who visits this site and God bless those who don’t

  25. I asked for my son to finally find a job after many interviews and no offers. My prayers were answered, he got an offer and started work this week despite some obstacles.

  26. I prayed this novena for a friend whose father is ill; he is hanging in there. Blessed for each day to be with his family.

  27. My husband has been very sick this past year. Shingles, 12 falls, some loss of sight in his right eye, speech problems, hospitalized twice. Missed Easter and Christmas. He is some better now. Prayers are answered! Thank you, God for your love!

  28. This is so awesome to pray more novena I received blessings from
    The under of knots and enlightenment from the Lenten novena
    Thank you Jesus

  29. My son’s were looking for land to buy, due to the high prices we were giving up. My husband and l put it as a prayer intention during the St. Joseph Novena. By the eighth day of the novena we found a very beautiful land with a fair price and a willing bank to finance them. Glory to God.

  30. Through the Holy intersession of St. Joseph, my prayers were answered. In the name of Jesus Christ for my blessings received and those yet to come. Amen

  31. After 16 years of waiting for his US visa, my brother finally obtained it.
    Thank You St Joseph.
    St Joseph Foster Father of Jesus Pray For Us!

  32. quiet surrender today serve others thank you 101.5 tiny runner I am Healed Please continue to have Mercy on me I beg I trust you Jesus I will Never give up thank you for all tommie tanner misti steve danielle marg sean Jen dad de mom chuck gene mary nocole dad de mary gene brad di scott marg eveyone I love you jesus thank you tiny 101.5 total healing thank ypou I believe

  33. Thanks you o very much for Praying with me. I successfully underwent a medical procedure that I was dreading and worried of the costs. But God not only fully covered over 90% of the expenses, His favour and hand was upon me, and I am healing super fast. Praise and Glory be to God for His goodness!

  34. I pray every novena that you sent to me. I know God has really helped me with my depression. I’m praying that my stomach problems be answered. Thank you Jesus
    I love you.

  35. This particular Novena was so enlightening for me. Not only were my prayers answered, I became so much more aware of the influence St. Joseph has. Because of this St. Joseph Novena, I find myself contemplating St. Joseph more than ever. Thank you for these Novenas and thank you St. Joseph!

  36. I have been a AIN for 3 years just lately after Christmas, most of my clients that tend to start to be sick some very sickly during the starting of St Joseph si constantly pray for them to St Joseph . Before the Novena end some got better those sickly recovered and I can’t Thank Saint Joseph for his intercession for my clients.Thank Saint Joseph, Thank You Jesus Christ, Thank You God .
    Thanks a lot for the novenas I nlive praying them .
    Thanks Annie & Paul.

  37. Dealing with pancreatic cancer but also had another medical issue occur that worried me and after praying the Novena to Saint Joseph, the issue cleared up and did not require further testing, procedures or surgery.

  38. My Novena to St Joseph was for the safe delivery of our first great-grandchild, due on 15th March.
    I know St Joseph was watching over the little family, because the peaceful home delivery, which was planned, turned into an obstetric nightmare, a desperate dash to hospital, an emergency delivery and a baby in Intensive Care :
    BUT .. all has been well ! The right people did the right things at the right time at each step of the emergency; mother and baby are both now out of hospital and are doing extremely well. The dangerous unforeseen emergency could have left the baby dead .. but, praise be, she is flourishing and beautiful.
    Thank you St Joseph !

  39. I qualified for an online certification course I had been struggling with for three months. Also, I feel my faith is stronger and I am more empathetic to the people in my life. Starting to find solace in prayer.

  40. I was praying for a debt i had to be paid of and should have been paid years ago but everytime something else kept happening to prevent . Finally the bill is being paid. Thank you St. Joseph for interceeding for me to Jesus to answer my prayer.

  41. My friend and I starting going to a new parish its a beautiful polish/American parish and on Tuesdays & Fridays they only do masses in polish. So this year the feast of St Joseph (March 19th) fell on a Friday, so we wouldn’t be able to go to mass here on that day, I prayed to St Joseph to ask if he could intercede for us to have an English mass that morning and prayers answered Father informed us the day before(Thursday) he was going to do an English mass on that Friday morning, on the actual feast day of St Joseph. THANK YOU, dear St Joseph prayers answered

  42. Thank you St Joseph for interceding on behalf of my son who has now found a job and even though it is contractual it can lead to something permanent and his new boss says he can also look for other work!
    So happy for him! Thank you John Paul and Annie for your gracious ministry!

  43. I have been praying all the Novenas with you for the past 4 years and 8 months and after praying for this special favour to happen it has finally been fulfilled. How great is God and only he knows how very much we need these favours and in his time. Thank you to all those saints who have intervened in my request and thank you to John Paul and Annie and to all of you who also have been praying for all our intentions,

  44. Thank you for always sharing and praying for me. My son who had stopped praying is now on track. I engaged him with a brother of a congregation to journey with him in faith and encourage him in his Studies and to improve his performance and grades in school

  45. Thank you St Paul and Annie and the entire family of pray more Novena team, God’s blessings be with you all. Since i joined this group of Novena, God has done great to me and my family. Prayers has been answered and i will keep on praying. As we start tomorrow the Novena of the Divine Mercy i would like to be remembered as i go for craniotomy surgery tomorrow,through prayers everything is possible and the surgery will be successful in Jesus Name. Amen

  46. I participated on the Novena daily for my mom who was very ill at 81 years she was in hospital for 6 weeks not talking or eating neither waking up, forever in oxygen. My request was that she is nolonger belonging to us she belongs to god. She past on on the 10th March peaceful after lunch, it is hard without her but she is at peace now and healed.

  47. I thank God for Saint Joseph and the ability to pray this novena with so many Catholic faithful. This is truly a blessing. God has answered so many of prayers and I am thankful and trust in his timing. I will continue pray for my needs and ask God to help me be patient. God help me to accept your will. I love you.

    Thanks to John-Paul and Annie for always sending me these beautiful Novenas. They have taught me to not only pray for myself but also to pray for others.

  48. My sister in law has small cell lung cancer with mets. She needed to match one of 10 different genetic links to receive the immunotherapy. She matched and the Dr said the medicine to treat it was 80% effective for her specific genetic match. She only needs to take one pill, no Chemo or radiation. Thank you Lord, we pray and trust God will take care of the remaining 20%🙏

  49. I am grateful i participated in the novena didn’t miss on one and will continue participating. I prayed for financial breakthrough for me and my family and God is a miracle working God he has done it for us.

  50. I have been participating in all the novena for the past few years and God has changed our family life . The kids are doing well and my husband has an ongoing Job. My health issues are getting better. God answers prayers

  51. I prayed this novena while my father was dying in the hospital from advanced Parkinson disease…I prayed he would have a happy death and he passed within hours of me finishing it. Thank you St Joseph for ending his suffering and him passing on in peace. May he rest in peace.

  52. Having recently taken over the responsibility of collecting monthly levies as Treasurer, previously done by a Property Agent, I have managed to collect all debts owed to the Company. Thank you St Joseph for your intercession. Thank you to John & Annie. BC

  53. My husband had a small amount of blood in his urine seen with two urine tests in February. Thanks to St Joseph’s intercession through this novena, his recent urine test was clear as was the ultrasound of his kidneys. Praise God. Miracles happen if we pray. Thank you for offering these novenas.

  54. My husband and I prayed the St. Joseph Novena together asking for his intercession for my husband following a job interview for a new position that would allow him to leave a job that is affecting his mental and physical health. On the second day of the novena, he was offered the job and will be starting in 2 weeks! Thank you, St. Joseph, for blessing us with your intercession and to God for answering our prayers.

  55. We were praying that the adoption of our foster son would finally complete after delay. Everything came together within a few days and it was finalized on the Feast of St Joseph!

  56. I have been doing the novenas in this forum and have been asking for Matching into Residency Program for Medical Specialty training. I am happy to share with you all that I got matched on 19th of March this year – Feast of St. Joseph. Thank God for me and thank you for praying with me too.

  57. Through the intercession of St. Josep, I’m very thankful for the continues healing of my daughter’s mental illness. Praise be to God!

  58. Praying the St. Joseph Novena this year reminded me of praying it last year as my father was very ill. I prayed that my father would have a peaceful death, and so he did. My father went so peacefully, as if going from one dream to another. I was so grateful for my answered prayers.

  59. Through the intersection of StJoseph the worker I finally have a lot of work coming my way.
    Thank you St Joseph and Our Blessed Mother for your intercession.

  60. Since I came across the PrayMoreNovenas site, I have experienced increase in my prayer life. I’ve also shared the site with church groups and family who have appreciated it.
    Thanks to you wonderful people. May God continue to bless you and us all.
    I’m a member of the Committee of Divine Mercy in my Diocese and through sensitization and encouragement, devotion to the DM is being done. Printouts of the Novena are already in circulation to parishes in preparation for Good Friday.
    May God be praised and adored.

  61. I just want to say, yes I have prayed and in Faith still believing for a great change with in my Children’s life. Mist of All I want to say thank you for these Novenas, I do my best not to miss any. May God continue to bless you both.

  62. My vision got bettter. I no longer need my eyeglasses and can drive my car.

    My prayers were answered!

    Les Mester

  63. Sorry, this is not a reply to the St. Joseph Novena.
    I am a little behind your pace and am looking for day #8 of the St. Joseph Novena. I cannot find it. Could you please send it to me?

    thank you

  64. Since I have been praying the Novenas I have been asking for my daughter to get a job and I can say St Joseph novena has answered my prayers together with Paul and Annie each day I pray and I want to say I will continue praying for her together with you all thank you for this intercession can’t wait for the next novena to start

  65. Glory to JESUS, I have been participating and deligently praying all the novenas. My son’s surgery was successful and he is healing fast and well.

  66. After praying St. Joseph’s novena, through his intercession, the house we are renting now got sold that weekend after the first open house (two days on the market) took place and the same day, my daughter received a call that her job’s relocation was accepted. Not only we can now move to another city for her new position, but all expenses are the employer’s responsibility, unexpected! God, our father’s providence. Thank you St. Joseph for this and other favors granted. PG.

  67. I did the 33 day consecration to St Joseph along with the St. Jospeh Novena and he did not let me and my family down. Covid had swept through our house and by the grace of God and through St Joseph’s intercession, we all survived it. It was a brutal virus and I felt St. Joseph’s presence everyday we struggled through it. I’m so blessed to be part of the Holy Family! Thank you St. Joseph, my spiritual father.

  68. I wasn’t able to join this year’s novena but I did last year. And my intention was for my fiancee to say yes to Jesus in the Catholic faith. And Yes! he is saying yes this Easter vigil, this very weekend! What a mountain I have climbed with the help of st. Joseph.
    Thank you st Joseph, Thank you My sweet Jesus.

  69. I do believe God has answered my prayers through prayer more Novenas. Because, I have beginning to observed little changes in my marriage. All thanks to God almight for his mercy towards my marriage. I hope God will continue his works in my life Amen.

  70. After 5 years without a vehicle or the ability to purchase one, St. Joseph interceded and my family found the perfect vehicle, the means to buy it, and we drove it home on the Feast of St. Joseph! Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers for this reliable vehicle! Mirror of Patience and Pillar of Families, pray for us!

  71. St Joseph answered my prayers for my son Joe to get his life back together. Today he told me he has started a small business and is very enthusiastic about it. I will continue to pray to St Joseph the Worker, to watch over my son. This is such a big step for him and I’m so grateful.
    Thank you St Joseph.

  72. One of my intentions during the novena to Saint Joseph was whether or not I should go through with surgery on my knee. 3 or 4 days after the end of the novena to St Joseph I received a call from the hospital booking me for an appointment re an assessment for surgery. Thank you St Joseph
    for hearing my prayers. I place everything into your hands.

  73. Dear John-Paul Annie,
    Thanks for sending me the novena of St. Joseph. I prayed to him using his novena and I regained my appetite completely and overcome my depression and weakness. May our Ever Loving God reward and bless both of you always for promoting novenas to other saints.

  74. I have prayed the St Joseph Novena and one of my needs was over an application for a job and soon after I got an email with positive outcome to my application. St Joseph is my patron Saint and I am forever grateful for his continuous intercession for my needs and the needs of countless others. God bless.

  75. I asked St Joseph to help my son hear my prayers to respond to me, to have a chance to talk with me, and my son did. It was a conversation which allowed me to say all the things I needed to get off my chest, as well as allow for a much needed reconnection with him. It was like old times and it was wonderful. I pray St J will always protect him as a father would.

  76. I am so grateful for all the answered prayers through all the saints novenas I have prayed through pray more novena! God bless you

  77. I have been praying for the completed healing of my son for over three years. He has a huge problem with addiction and the consequent employment, financial and social consequences. I have taken part in nearly every novena and whilst I have seen some improvements they do not last.
    For some reason lately I have stopped praying. When I read these comments, knowing that I did not pray the St Joseph novena I realise that I have missed an opportunity.

    I read this in a message in one of Annie and John Paul’s other posts and realise I have to keep believing and that it will happen in Gods time.

    “The Lord is near. He has you. Don’t give up. Hang in there.”

    I found these words inspiring and hope to be more committed and not doubt.
    Please St Joseph intercede for my son for his healing and opening up opportunities?

  78. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Feb. 9. My lumpectomy surgery was scheduled for Thursday, March 18….so, I was “sandwiched” between the feasts of St. Patrick and St. Joseph. My surgeon’s name is Patrick; and my name is Jo. My husband had been praying and telling me that he felt like when my surgeon did surgery, he would find the tumor gone! My husband said that after surgery, the doctor came out and talked with him. He told my husband, “When I got in there, I honestly couldn’t see anything; but, I took enough tissue that if a tumor/mass was there, I got it all.” At my post-op appointment, my doctor said that pathology showed clear margins and no lymph involvement. I will have to have radiation for a few weeks, just to make sure. But, God is so good to me! Thanking St. Joseph for his intercession.

  79. I have always participated in any novena sent to my mail. In my country access to good health facility is almost impossible as corruption has eaten deep into every sector. I want to thank God for a successful surgery and divine healing and also praying for the fruit of the womb.
    Pls join me in Thanksgiving and prayers as we begin the next novena for divine mercy.

  80. St. Joseph, in this novena, in conjunction with Mother Mary to whom I was also reciting a daily rosary with the same prayer intentions, both answered my prayers on day 4 of the novena. My son had a immediate positive turn around with his situation at work, and he also received immediate relief from a medical condition that had plagued him for the better part of a year. Thank you Mother Mary and St. Joseph! R.

  81. I pray nearly every Novena. My prayers have been answered in that my breast cancer is completely gone! God is so Good! – LAM

  82. Thanks be to God. I also prayed St Joseph novena. I retired but things are not good for me now, in such a way that I need a job. I got a one month job, its better than nothing. I still hope that I will get another job

  83. I pray all the novenas sent to me. I find them v healing if I feel stressful in life. My novena prayers have been listened to . Thank god all my family are still staying safe and well during these difficult times.

  84. thank you Jesus and st Joseph the mother of god and all his angels and saints. My daughter was having test and scans and I was so worried about heras I have not seen botheh my daughters in over a year due to pandemic.i asked Jesus and st Joseph to pray for them.i prayed she would have good results and her test came back clear.we are so greatful.i also ask him to keep them safe in their homes and on the prayers are all been answered.thank you Jesus and st Joseph.

  85. All the novenas have played a big part in my daughter’s healing…the last one was St. Joseph Novena and right after March 19, my daughter proclaimed that she is cancer free. I believe that continuing with the Divine Mercy will bring my children back to their Catholic Faith. God is good all the time!

  86. Thanks St Joseph for giving me the miracle of a home.
    Intercede for people who are looking to have their own home so that they can be happy as I am!
    Be with me in my new home. Bless me with love.

  87. I prayed this novena for my guardian Fr. Fritz Stenger who had a surgery on Wednesday 17th March. Sadly, the surgery was unsuccessful. However, I guess it turned out to be a prayer for him to have a happy death and have only found solace in it after the deep reflection I went through as I grieved. He was so at peace with himself by Tuesday. May God rest his kind soul in eternal peace. I miss him every day.