Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena – 2015

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St. Anne ChurchThank you for joining us in the St. Anne Novena, one of our very favorite novenas!

We hope that St. Anne’s intercession has brought you peace and comfort.

If you experienced an answered prayer during or after this novena, please share it with us all below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

We know that for every answered prayer we share, there are many other unanswered prayers too; and we know how discouraging that can be. We don’t want you to lose hope or to stop praying.

In fact, nearly all of the Saints that we ask for intercession are incredible examples of how we should persist in our prayers and keep our faith strong. St. Anne, for example, prayed for decades to conceive before God granted this desire of hers (which would become the Blessed Virgin Mary!).

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

We are praying for you.

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  1. I pray for good health to be restored to my brother-in-law. He had some type of acute attack and almost died. He is in the hospital so I’m praying that he will return to good health.

    I pray that my daughter finds her way, stays away from drugs, and gets her life in order.

  2. Thank you my Thirteen Blessed Souls for answered my prayers for getting my daughter out of a bad work situation.

    Novena to the
    Thirteen Blessed Souls
    (Jesus and the Twelve Apostles)

    (Please Note – The repeat of the first line is not a mistake it is supposed to be read twice.)

    Oh my thirteen Blessed souls so wise and understanding, I ask you for
    the Love of God that my request be answered.
    Oh my thirteen Blessed souls so wise and understanding, I ask you for
    the Love of God that my request be answered. Of you I ask for the sake
    of the blood that Jesus shed that my request be answered.

    My Lord Jesus Christ that your protection wrap me with your arms. Guard
    me with your eyes.

    O God of kindness you have been my defender in life and death. I ask
    that you free me from the difficulties that torment me. My thirteen
    blessed souls so wise and understanding having received the grace I seek
    from you (state request) I will be devoted to you.

    Say Thirteen Our Father’s and Thirteen Hail Mary’s for Thirteen
    consecutive days. Publish this prayer (share it with a friend) and
    give a Mass of Thanksgiving.

    My Thirteen Blessed Souls have never failed me.

  3. I i’m so grateful to God because i passed my naturalization exam and He made a way where it seemed complicated and no words can explain how grateful i am. Thank you God

  4. I prayed during the St Jude novena that my husband’s Petscan would not show activity.
    Today we found out that his cancer is stable and I am so thankful to st Jude for answering my prayers.

  5. Thank you St. Anne for your intercession as Jesus had mercy in showing that all was clear for my husband’s cystoscopy. Praise God.

  6. Through praying a number of novenas via your emails over these past 2 years, our diocese has finally made favorable rulings on my annulment and my fiance’s annulments so we can now be married in the Catholic church. This was a long, arduous endeavor and often times we wanted to just say “forget it” and get married outside the church but with continued prayer we held on to our faith and it paid off.

    Thank you so much for providing this spiritual journey.

    God Bless You!!

    St. Anne – pray for us
    Sacred Heart – have mercy on us
    St. Monica – pray for us
    St. Therese – pray for us
    Immaculate Heart of Mary – pray for us
    St. Joseph – pray for us
    St. Jude – pray for us
    Holy Spirit – guide us
    St. Anthony – pray for us
    St. Michael – protect us

  7. I would like to share I AM STILL CANCER FREE!! CTScan was Tues August 8. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻

  8. I prayed for two healthy baby boys. The very end of the St Anne novena, I went into the ultrasound to find out the sex for the twins and they were two boys! Thank you for your intercession, St. Anne.

  9. I don’t know if this is premptove because my mind is still deciding if this is right (even though my heart is excited for it), I had just prayed this novena a month after my boyfriend had broken up with me ans I was completely heart broken. I asked St Anne to help me find a fufilling relationship that honours God, be it through a reconciliation with mt ex or with someone new; being open to healong and moving on.

    After finishing this novena last Tueaday I decided to finish “No Contact” with my ex on the Wednesday and ask for an in person talk; with the intention of saying I can’t just be friends with him as it would hurt too much and try to honestly talk about what went wrong in the relationship so that we can both learn frok it and move on.

    However when I met him on the Friday and said my piece about not wanting to be friends, he then instead told me that for the past 6 weeks hes been overwhelmed with regret and that he wants to fix the damage he’s done – he wanted me back.

    We have had a frank discussion of how to change and I’ve been honest saying that he is going to have to earn my trust but I am blown away and thankful because I did not believe a reconciliation was possible.

    Part of me is still cautious but I have to say with my heart : Thank you St Anne for your intercession!

  10. Our oldest son moved back home to FL from another state and needed a new job. After a few months, we were all a bit anxious. I tried the Surrender Prayer and then felt inspired to request a mass of special intention on July 12th. I then participated in the Novena to St. Anne and this time felt a real connection with the prayer, a special blessing. On July 21st, he got a job offer! I am thankful for all the blessings of our Catholic faith, the saints and the special blessing of the mass. Thank you for your spiritual ministry and novena support.

  11. St Anne has answered one of my major prayers. My daughter has bid on many houses and not gotten them, she is moving three hours away. My prayer was for St Anne was to provide her housing, it didn’t matter what type. Today on St Anne’s feast day on offer they put on a very nice house was accepted. I know that St Anne played a major role in this and I’m beyond grateful! Jesus has been telling me in prayer He would take care of me and my family and to trust Him. I’m blown away. Thank you! St. Anne!

  12. Pls help with prayers that my son’s Asthma gets under control, that he doesn’t have to miss school and he doesn’t have to use so much medicine. That it doesn’t disable him so much on a daily basis. Heal his asthmatic lungs, St. Ann.

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  14. This is my first time praying a novena. This is my first time hearing about it. I was directed here from another article I was reading regarding prayers for when I am beginning to feel desperate for love. Not sure if its God’s will for me to be here but I have read some of the comments and prayers from others and at first I only came here to pray selfishly for myself but now (remembering that that are others who need this more)… Dear St Anne, I heard that you intercede for those who need love but also for those who need healing. The following are whats on my mind and heart tonight:
    – I ask you to intercede for my cousin, St Anne, i have been consumed with my own selfish desires, Im ashamed to say I never considered praying for a miracle for him. My cousin had bleeding in his brain and collapsed. I havent been keeping track, but its been almost 2 years, St Anne, I pray for a miracle, I pray that he will be healed and wake up from his 2 years slumber soon and come back to his family. Our family time is not the same without him. Every special occasion even Christmas Day is no longer as celebrative and joyful as before when we see him laying in bed in that vegetive-like state (it makes us feel if we even have the right to be happy without him). St anne when i think of my cousin, i feel afraid because i dont know what to pray for. honestly dont know if i should be praying for the lord to just take him so that we, espiecially his parents, can finally let go and be less burdened or despite what the doctors say about his condition, to pray for a miracle. But st anne, sometimes hope can create more pain during the season of waiting. At this point, I ask you also to pray for me who is starting to doubt God, pray for me who is losing faith despite knowing the words that God can do the impossible. for those reading this, please send up a short prayer for my cousin too help me pray for a miracle so that god may heal and awaken my now 25 year old cousin whose still in a vegetative state. He is still young and deserves to live his 20s to the fullest
    – now I also ask you to pray for me st anne, i came here to you with the original intention to ask you to help me in my journey in finding love, in meeting my perfect partner, the one God has intended for me. this season of waiting has been tiring me out more and more and im beginning to feel so desperate St Anne , im so afraid of giving up on God, that i come here to you today praying and hoping for the miracle i heard u offered. Im confused about a current love interest in my life on how he fits(or doesnt fit) into Gods plan. and recently im extra confused why Im dreaming about him being with someone else, it makes me feel extra lonely and abandoned waking up…At this point in my life im so lost and confused i dont even know what i need or how to put into words what i want and lay it down to the lord. So please at anne, hear my prayer tonight and intercede for me because i no longer know how to intercede for myself. i desire a love on earth, a love i can feel and touch and physically hug and would appreciate me for who i am as well as a love that makes me feel safe and protected. I pray for god to send his love through a man such that when i see him, i will see god and when he hugs me, I know God is with me too.
    – I also pray for my health and the health of others around the world too i currently suffer from persistent cough after covid recovery and its been months but im still always coughing despite medication. it distracts my daily activities in school and my sleep time. St anne please intercede for me and for others who suffer the same and through ur intercession for us, along with Gods power, may we all be healed!
    – lastly, i pray for all the other people in this platform, i pray for those whose prayers have not be answered, that God may give them clarity and signs, and I pray that God will hear all those desperate pleas for help and save those who are in darkness.

    Thank you st anne for listening to me today despite me not knowing you. But please hear me and intercede for me today. Save me Lord. Amen🙏🏼

  15. I ask in prayer that St. Therese who in the past gave me a miracle and my husband & I are in a serious predicament right now. We put an offer on a house which was accepted but we’ve had a few offers but no one comes through with a firm one & now here we are a week and a half ‘and these people are moving to England
    needing money from the potential buyer for our house. I desperately ask u to St . Therese
    to give my husband peace in his heart & peace for us as well to finally have this prayer answered in good time through having Therese intercede through Jesus so we can finally sell this current or sell the other one we bought.

  16. St. Anne I haven’t been successful at finding a life partner for myself and I pray that my bad decisions won’t influence my children when they look for a life partner.
    I pray to you St. Anne and ask that you guide my children in their relationship decisions. I ask that you bring them someone who will uplift, support, love unconditionally, be respectful, committed only to them and who will walk beside them in faith and love. Someone who will bring them happiness and joy.
    Please open my children’s hearts to love and be loved.
    I pray for world peace. Hardened hearts are open to love, kindness and respect for one another. That biases and prejudices are removed and fairness and equality for all takes precedence.
    Those struggling with a physical or mental
    illness, ailment or a situation.
    Those in places where there is war, disease, poverty and natural disaster.
    For family members struggling with addiction issues that the craving is removed.
    For everyone praying this novena that their special intentions are answered.
    For strength and guidance to navigate through my own darkness.
    For positive results regarding selling my house.
    Financial blessing that would allow me to take care of my obligations and help family and others.
    I will continue to trust that God has my best interest at heart. Amen

  17. I pray to St. Anne for my son that he find a lifelong partner in the next 6 months to love, cherish and fill his days with joy.
    I pray for my eldest grandson that he continues with his chosen partner to fill the rest of his life with marriage, children, love and joy.
    I pray for my grandaughter that she finds success and fulfillment in her college studies.
    I pray for my 2nd grandson that he continues on a successful path in college that leads to the fulfilling life in medicine he so desires.
    I pray for health and happiness for the rest of my family.
    I pray for this country and the world that we find peace and love.

  18. Please pray for me to successfully complete the assignment I am working on by Tuesday 26th April at the 12-noon deadline and to be successful in the final exam on May 4th.
    I am in the final year of my studies and completing my school assignments has been difficult. I have faced many challenges over the years but the last year has been the most difficult losing my mom to Covid-19 and my nephew to suicide three weeks later.

  19. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same.
    Thanking all the saints and st Anne for their intercessions in our various needs and petitions and asking for same Amen.
    Thanking Jesus for my children’s safety back home and journey mercies back to their base.
    May all honour all adoration be your Amen.
    Dear st Anne, intercede for my daughter to be blessed with a good man that will marry her soon Amen. Dear mother, at 33 years, we are becoming a bit worried, desperate and scared but we know that with you Lord all things are possible. Intercede for us our dear grand mother. May God’s will be done in her life Amen. I believe God , you are preparing the best husband for her, the one that will not ask for premarital sex before marriage. That is her wish Oh Lord and I believe and trust you will do it for her Amen.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you our grand mother st Anne for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen