The Next Novena – the St. Anne Novena, 2015

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A little more than five years ago, John-Paul and I were both single, and I was praying a novena, asking God to help me meet my future husband (John-Paul).

Now, five years later, we are married and coming up on our third wedding anniversary!2ndanniversary

I would like to ask you to join me in the very same novena that I prayed more than five years ago. We will start praying on July 17th!

This novena is to a Saint who is known for truly great things.

So, which novena is it?

It’s the St. Anne Novena! This is one of our favorites.

And we start praying it very soon, so be sure to share it with your family & friends!

St. Anne is the mother of Our Lady and grandmother of Jesus. She is a very powerful intercessor!

You may have heard that unmarried women often pray to St. Anne for help in finding a spouse. But, St. Anne is also known to intercede for people for almost any request, and especially for healing.

So, I hope you will join me in praying this novena for your prayer intentions!

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We look forward to praying with you and for you!

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  1. St Anna pray for me that my boyfriend ihave been with for 6yrs that we reconcile and get back together I pray for marriage

  2. Adored Saint Anne, you know in my heart that I do not want any one else besides the one. Please help guide him in his life and help put into his heart that he does want to marry me. He feels to young and is scared and doesn’t know what he wants in life anymore. It is not that he doesn’t love me or that he doesn’t want me but he is scared. Please bring peace to his heart and help guide him. Bring him back to me so that I may continue to love and care for him. He is my best friend but he is still the love of my life. He is the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with Saint Anne please. I put my trust in you.

  3. Dear St Ann,
    I employ you to intercede in my relationship situation with A. Please help me pray that he will come back and we continue with our plans of settling down. I humbly as you to remove the other woman (C.) from his heart and life. Please grandmother, help me in this dire need. I humbly ask you to intercede for us to be reunited according to the holy will of God the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. This i ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  4. Dear St Ann,
    Please intercede in our marriage, please help to heal my husband’s heart and mind and reunite us if it be God’s Holy Will. Please help to defend us. In Jesus’ Name, I Pray. Amen.

  5. I am so grateful! Our daughter Ana received the job she most wanted on 8th day of the novena. Also, our son in law, without a job since death of our granddaughter, nearly 5 years ago, starts his job on Monday. At. Anne, you are so good! Please continue to pray to your daughter and Her Beloved Son, your grandson, for our yet unanswered prayers!

  6. I had very serious back surgery in March. As a result, I ended up with severe nerve pain intermittently in my body. During the St.Anne novena, I prayed for some relief if it be God’s will. Right about the middle of the novena, I noticed a great amount of relief and have enjoyed that relief for about a week now. I am so grateful. Even if it is God’s will for the nerve pain to return, I am thankful for the relief I have experienced so far. Praise be to God and thank you to St. Anne for interceding on my behalf.

  7. Saint Anne please pray for me. My son is an alcoholic and because of this I get so angry that I lose my temper. Please pray for me to have patience and remain calm to defuse the situations related to his drinking and guide me in the right direction to be more supportive and better able to help him.

  8. St. Anne , we ask that you help my brothers addiction to
    alcoholism, and depression. that you will help him over come this, we pray.
    For my struggle aswell, (the lord knows)
    strengthen my heart, , and not be so upset with our Goverment officials , especialy our president whom is just RUINING this country. 18 trillion in debt. WOW !!!!!
    and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too Father Thomas Palmer here at Padua place, San Antonio, Texas 83years young

  9. Holy St.Anne,please help Julie my nephews wife,to conceive a child soon. Also find a good catholic partner for my sister Ging,my nieces Maureen,Margaret,Denise and An-An. Also I ask you to help and guide
    my nephew Niko with his depression and addiction to video games,drinking,and smoking. Enlighten his mind to go back to school,so he could find a good job and live independently. Through your intercession, I pray that God will grant my petition. Amen

  10. Dear St Anne, please wrap my future spouse in you holy daughter’s mantle that he may be striving to be a man of virtue. I pray that we may see each other soon as possible and recognize God’s will for us in our hearts. In Jesus Christ’s holy name, amen.

  11. Hello,

    Yesterday, God put on my heart something powerful. Here is the story:

    Just recently, I found out that there is approximately 25% of the muslim population in our country that are Jihadist. That is a very large amount. If I am not mistaken, the number that I heard is that there are approximately 1 million muslims in our country of the U.S. That is approximately 250,000 jihadists. My thought that God put on my heart was to get 250,000 people to commit to praying for the conversion of all of the jihadist. This is how it would work: Each person would take 1 jihadist as their spiritual child and pray for their conversion.

    So, after God put that on my heart, I found this website that I had never before heard of. So far, there are close to 200,000 people who pray novenas as a group.

    My thought is this: could we please pray an extra emergency novena to St. Michael the archangel for the conversion of the jihadists. Each person, in their own heart would pray the novena with the specific intention of the conversion of their spiritual muslim jihadist child. Since there is less than 250,000 people some people will take more than one spiritual child

    Please let me know through the email address I submitted to let me know if we can do this ASAP

  12. Glorious St Anne, please help my nieces & nephews find a good partner in life. Also I’m asking you to guide,protect them from all evil temptation of the world. Help also my nephew Niko to come back
    to God not to lose his faith. Through your intercession Blessed St Anne I hope God will grant my petition. Amen

  13. saint anne pray for my marriage to be unseparable.may God maintain it till death do us breakthrough too.ajob for my husband and love and unity amongst all my family members both side.amen

  14. I am praying to God for marital blessing to me before the end of this year 2015, that God will complete what he started in my life this past few weeks, if its God will that the man in my life is the husband he promised me, then I pray that Saint Anne will pray to God for me that this year 2015 he will do it for me, no more marriage delay in my life again. Amen. I believe in my heart that before the end of this year 2015 I will get married. Amen.

  15. I do not feel comfortable praying directly to St. Anne, and so I humbly ask God to convey this message for me: Dear St. Anne, please pray that my son will have his eyes opened to his behavior that has dishonored me, and that he will make a sincere apology. Please pray that my son, daughter, son-in-law, and their sweet baby will have their spiritual blinders removed; that their hearts may be softened so that the Holy Spirit may enter in to lead them to our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen and Amen.

  16. Saint Anne, we named our daughter in your honor, please protect her mother ( my wife) and my mother from sin, please change their hearts toward one another; please please help them find a way to get along; please help me to reconcile how to honor my parents yet perform the role an vows that come with the sacrament of my marriage. I only want to do The Lord, your grandsons will. Through your intercession, and that if your immaculate daughter please help in whatever way appropriate. amen .

  17. St Anne please pray for me that God will take complete control of my marriage and help bring out all the qualities that we should have in order that our marriage can be God centered ,successful and happy.
    Please assist my sons in finding the right marriage partner, one who practises the Catholic faith and will assist them to serve you better.
    Thank you mother for your help.Amen

  18. Dear St Ann Today I ask you to intercede for Ann and James in the selling of there home. Please spark someone’s interest to buy it so they can move to Florida and there purchase their new home. Thanks
    Also , please continue to work on the relationship between Val @ her daughter.

  19. Precious Saint Anne I ask that you intercede on my behalf so that my prayers will be answered. My soulmate and I are deeply in love but due to circumstances beyond our control we are forced to be apart. I’v never loved anyone to the core of my being as I love this man. He is the missing piece to my puzzle. I’m @ the point in my life that I’m ready to be committed relationship with a man who truly loves me and I him. I need your help St. Anne. I need you to please present my petition unto the infant baby Jesus and God himself. I need your grace and the graces of all the staints. I also need the miracles of the God our Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Please do not forsake me.


  20. Dear St. Anne please intercede to our Almighty God and Jesus Christ so JH is healed from all negativity and never takes me for granted rather he takes the initiative to break the silence between us as he realizes what we mean to each other because he is TRULY missing me and can’t bear to be alone anymore. His birthday is on (8/21) so please help him have a true awakening this month so he takes our relationship to the next level and finally makes it right with me. Please let the fear of committing to me now become his true desire. Have mercy on us as we have been through SO much pain and have been longing to be with each other, but his past and his fear or some obstacle ALWAYS stops him. By your POWERFUL intercession please free us from all obstacles and bless us to be together as ONE for eternity. I love&trust You. Thank you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  21. Please pray for me on the following petitions:

    – That my father will be more kind, patient and fulfill his duties as the head of his house hold
    – That the lord will assist me in finding a God fearing, loving, funny, ambitious, intelligent & selfless spouse
    – That i may continue to find favor at work and the learning curve on my new project will be accelerated.
    – That the lord God shall supply all your need, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus

  22. Pray that I find a faithful god fearing man that’ll love me..and that I’m able to buy a car soon and be able to pay all my bills..and that my life be cleaned of all negative karma..

  23. Please Pray for me & My Girl Friend, We are going through a very tough time.
    Her Parents don’t want us to get married or stay connected.
    We both Love each other a lot but, the same time she does not want to hurt her parents.

    Please keep us in your prayers.

  24. Please pray that I can get back to a better attittude and to be more calm.I was doing good for a while,but I feel that I have let myself go again.I pray that I can get patience,peace,hope again in my life and that I can get to praying more again.I also pray that I can have St.Anne restore my broken relationship with JF and make it new again.To give us another opportunity where we can see how much we still love each other and that we can set aside our pride and work on making a better relationship.To have God as our main foundation and help him see that he can help us become better people.For St.Anne and God to help him see that his family is more important than his bad friends,the new woman he has,the alcohol and all the bad temptations are not worth pulling away.That St.Anne helps restore our relationship for a second chance and to be filled with love,memories,respect,faithfulness,loyalty,joy,laughter,acceptance,communication,understanding.To help us move forward and not look back and focus on why we gave up so easily.I do love this man and miss him dearly and hate that this woman had to come in between us.ST.Anne please help restore my relationship with the man i love.Thank you

  25. I sincerely prayed the hourly Novena to my Mother Mary for nine days, I’m so urgently in need of financial blessing, I want to thank God ahead of time for my blessings I’m about to receive. Amen

  26. Through the intercession of St. Anne,
    please pray for our family, my husband and I and a financial situation that is a heavy burden. We pray the Lord may guide us through this journey and we may find freedom from the financial stress that weighs so heavily each day and the stress it has placed on our marriage. For my husband’s healing from depression and general physical health.
    Thank you for your prayers.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  27. Please pray for my wife Cheryl who has a horribly painful nerve disorder in her face. She had brain surgery last September but it did not work. The doctors have said that there is nothing else they can do for her. The only one who can now is God. Thank you and God bless. We will be praying for all of you as well.

  28. Dear St. Anne

    I sincerely pray you intercede for me in the following prayer petition.I have a feeling that some forces are working against me at my work place to an extent that my bosses are not happy with my performance.I am very confused as my job is at risk but through your intercession I will shame the devil and improve my performance.

    I pray that you open doors of new jobs Lord through your daughter Saint Anne.

    I pray that you restore me the favour of God and a Hunger to read your word irrespective of the storms of life am passing through.

    Dear St Anne save me from disgrace and let the evil one be put to shame in Jesus Name.

  29. Dear St. Anne,
    Please intercede for me on the following petitions:
    1. Good health for me and my family members
    2. That my nieces A ,ML and F will be blessed healthy babies. They have been trying for years
    3. That my daughter L will be happy and find fulfilment in her new job. May she have a good working relationship with her boss and colleagues
    4. That God will lead and direct both my daughters L and M to their future husbands. That they will be blessed with God-fearing young men who will love and cherish them always.
    5. Conversion for my husband and success in his business ventures.

    In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

  30. Please pray for my unknown future spouse. May God bless him and guide him closer to Him. May he also mold me into that woman He wants me to be and show me his Will. Thank you! :)

    • I am confused with this novena. Please help! Are we just supposed to say the prayer for 9 days and no rosary or how are we supposed to do this??

      • I’m sorry if you did not get a response yet, but a daily rosary is always a great blessing. We add these novena prayers for the nine days. I say my novena prayers first thing in the morning, my rosary later in the day. Don’t worry. God is so pleased when we seek Him, He will guide you. :-)

  31. Please pray for me and my Family and loved ones
    For protection, blessings, and thanks for them
    I pray to have an stable income so I can help myself and my family you know our situation, sometimes I feel so bad , I studied cause I am not seeing the light in my choice and find a steady Job is almost impossible. Pray so I don’t feel regret.
    Help me stay calm. To keep the hours I got and if I can have more please. To keep my hours and be good at my work.
    Bless me and help me to be the teacher you want me to be. I have tried outside education sector but is not easy to find a decent job.
    Help me to be able to pay my loans too.

    In Jesus name