Answered Prayers from The Pentecost Novena 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not give up on hope. God is with you! He is for you!

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  1. Desperately in need of prayer from my prayer group for Wendy (ova cancer) her daughter Ky (breast cancer) my daughter and grand daughter…Wendy recently developed clot on her leg please pray for it to disappear and for perfect on 11/19 plz pray for us..thank you so much and St. Jude ..Jesus send Your angels and saints and bless my prayer group..including John-Paul and Annie for all their blessed work…Thanking you in advance. Because You are always faithful…Amen..

  2. Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary and the Saints that we prayed to in Novena for difficult times. My husband got the job and his work visa is approved. Praise The Lord!

  3. Neck pain that was radiating down the chest was relieved as we prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena. Praise be God for ever.

  4. We have been praying that our home should be connected with electricity , thank God our pray has been answered after staying without power for thirty months

  5. My daughter’s thyroidectomy went well and I know it was truly God’s hand guiding the surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s . The pathology report was clear for cancer. Now we await another biopsy report of an unrelated lymph node. Ours is not a half-way God and I trust in Him as the Great Physician! Thanksgiving Prayers of Hope and love. Fervent prayers as well so that all who pray these novenas may have their prayers answered as well.

  6. God answered my prayer for good test results. He also is answering prayers for my family members, for job opportunities & for guidance. I’m so thankful for these novenas that bring encouragement, hope and help and lead us to a more intimate relationship with Jesus and the saints. Thank you, Jesus, for your abundant mercy!

  7. I prayed for my daughter to have divine guidance during a transition in her life and WOW, has she been guided.
    Much love.

  8. Almighty Father,
    Thank you for prayers answered during the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, God is Good! Life is precious and I am forever grateful for intentions being answered! Looking forward to the next Novena!
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

  9. I got a bid to quote for a job in a company that I am registered as a vendor after a long time. Praying for more bid jobs to come my company way in all the companies that I am registered as a vendor and asking for financial restoration/breakthrough to enable me execute these jobs.
    Scared Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us.

  10. My house has been for sale since last November. During this epidemic, no one was showing nor coming to see the homes in this area. We finally received an offer but it was insultingly low. We countered the offer and again, they offered next to nothing. I spoke to a lady who decided to put in an offer. We declined the low offer and accepted the new one. We are now waiting for their financial affairs to be accepted by their bank. The Holy Spirit was hard at work as he heard my prayers. He knew that I had a difficult time living in our dream home by the lake without my husband who passed away over four years ago. I just cannot do all the work myself nor can I afford to keep hiring people. I pray for God’s will to be done. Thank you Holy Spirit ! PS…this is very long, I don’t expect you to print this. Thank you for your prayers.

  11. I really want to thank God for what he has done for me. I came out of a devastating heart break and I thought I would never be able to move on. During the novena to the sacred heart of Jesus, I found healing, purpose and Happiness. I’m closer to God and never want to leave Him. Thank you Jesus.

  12. My prayer was answered during the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My son’s health doesn’t go well with the summer season. Due to excessive heat, he gets nebulizer nothing less than 2x a day on almost a daily basis in order to manage his wheezing. This gives me great concern and I prayed about it during the novena. In the last 6 days, my son has had no cause to use the nebulizer(it is quite unusual).And with a grateful heart I want to say thank you Jesus for the healing grace and I pray God completes his healing.

  13. I am very grateful to God for prayers answered. Had lost my work end February, but have found a job and have started- I will be able to take care of my family and repay my loans.
    My Son who has lost his job due to COVID-19 has also found another . Our faith as a family is increasing daily and this is God’s Grace, Mercy and Providence for a sinner like me. Thank you all for your prayers and intercessions.

  14. Please help me thank God for answering my prayers. I have been praying for the grace to serve God and be more committed to God, for resolution of the crisis in my marriage that almost led to separation, and for financial Independence. I have been partaking in all the novenas on this platform since last year. The crisis in my marriage have been resolved, my small business is going on steadily, and yesterday 18/06/2020, I got a call from my client who gave me the contract I applied for with promise of more to come.
    May the Blessed Virgin Mary continue to intercede for us and may the name of the Lord be glorified forever.

  15. My job ended May 1st 2020 which was my last pay cheque. I pray and asked the Holy Spirit to take full control. Heal the world restore peace in other that life can be back to normal because we need job groceries bills to pay and two teenagers getting reading for college. Last week I received a Cheque with an amount of $500 thank god. Sometimes unexpected I get a call I have something for the children I pray god to continue to bless those people who has been very supportive especially in this trying time. God is good all the time.

  16. God has been doing great things for me since April 2019. After the company I worked for, for 26 years, closed its doors in March 2013 I could never find any work. Whenever something looks promising an obstacle will present itself. But, with prayers, novenas and rosaries a great organization contacted me end of March 2019. It took a while before I finally get approved to study for my licenses. Meanwhile I was in the process of losing my home. Again, God sent someone to give us a loan. In October 2019 I was blessed with a car. During The week of Thanksgiving I became official with the Company. As of last month my finance is moving towards a positive phase. All those stress caused me to face some health difficulties.
    I believe that God will be doing more and Bigger Miracles in my life and in the life others. Specially those I know and those I pray for.
    In the Name of Jesus.
    Thank you for everything.
    God blessed

  17. Prayed that Referendum 90 would get enough signers to put it on the ballot this fall so people have the opportunity to vote against or for the comprehensive sex education bill passed by the legislators. It received over twice the amount needed and set a state record for referendums! Great success during a state shutdown!! Thank you most Holy Spirit. Amen and amen.

  18. Hello children of God. Besides the Pentecostal novena, i have prayed other novenas here and i thank God for blessing me. During covid-19 out break, many have lost their jobs even where i work but i thank God who has enabled me stay on job, i have got friends coming through for me during this trying time as my salary was cut and now i receive little salary bearable to push through the month since i do not have another source of income but i have not lacked food and i am healthy, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy spirit and i wait for more of your loving touch in my life and your other faithful followers Amen. God bless you all

  19. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would intervene in my son’s life and that he would find a new job in a new field; also for help in selling his house and finding an affordable place to live. It appears that this has happened — thank you Holy Spirit!

  20. I was offered a job at the place I wanted after so many rejections and 2 years of unemployment. Praise the Lord!!!

  21. My daughter and her husband are pregnant after struggling to be able to conceive. Thank you Lord for this truly wonderful blessing! Amen.

  22. God is merciful and loving. I thank him everyday for my answered prayers. I prayed to our Mother Mary undoer of knots novena and many novenas. Thankyou God that my son now has an apprenticeship. God is always here for us all we are his children. I love you God. I pray he protect us all from evil, in Jesus holy name.

  23. My son was estranged from his daughter and grand daughter and the other day he unexpectedly showed up when he knew they were in town. He helped her buy a car financially and co-signed. He also bought her a 6 month insurance policy. Not only have I prayed for this, but it was my dream. I feel blessed and grateful to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  24. Im asking anyone who may read this for prayers for my daughter she is on her first trimester of her pregnancy and is fearful of another miscarriage. Please pray to the Lord that he will keep her and her baby safe. Amen

  25. I would like to that God for He has made my friend Sunny to go ahead and renew his work permit. Glory be to God in the highest!

  26. My husband lost his job a month before the quarantine started. He was getting odd excuses from the workforce center and not receiving any money. 8 weeks passed and finally the money started coming in. Thank you God for your intersection. I also was on unemployment and the claim ended. I got an extension and we’re doing well. No doubt that “God is good all the time “

  27. I was offered a job that I have been waiting for and prayed for on day two of the Novena to the holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the answered Prayers!

  28. Thanks to the Holy Spirit my daughter contacted us and invited us to dinner. She was relaxed and gracious and we had an amazing time together. In addition, she came to her dad’s birthday celebration. This may not seem like a miracle to most people, but to me it is an absolute miracle! Thank for the answered prayers through the Holy Spirit !!

  29. I prayed the novena of St. Micheal and St. Ritah together with the Holyspirit novena and I gladly testify that all my prayer requests are being answered . I reconciled with my boyfriend, my business is working out and my debts are being cleared. Praise God forever more. There is nothing impossible before him. thank you for these prayers.

  30. After battling infertility for over 6 years, we found out that we conceived (one of my intentions) while I was praying the Holy Spirit Novena! Thanks be to God!

  31. I thank God for prayers a swered Had 2 Operations Total knee replacement 2years apart and both successful I .Am long back at work

  32. My prayer for my daughter to be accepted into a particular college was answered. She was given an opportunity and admitted when God stepped in and took over. Thank you Holy Spirit for interceding for us. Thank you for also answering our prayer for our health and that of our extended family! I can always count on you Lord, and for that I am in awe! You are wonderful Father!

  33. Thanks be to God for my brother to get a wife and peace God is a faithful parent He has done it.
    I pray that may the Lord make a way for me to reach my call and provide me with a merciful financial sponsor for Education.

  34. My daughter and I have been estranged for 2 years. I have not seen or heard from her or my grandchildren. My calls and emails go unanswered. My prayer was of course for a healing between my daughter and I and I wanted to see my beautiful grandchildren. My 17 year old granddaughter called me and she asked her mom, my daughter if her and my grandson could see me. My daughter said they could, I picked up my grandchildren and we had a wonderful day in the park. Thank you Mary for answering my prayers. Next will be the reconcilation between my daughter and I
    thank you thank you.

  35. Through the novena of Mother of undoer of knot God answered me when my company retrench staff I wasn’t affected, many battles God gave me victory.

  36. My husband received the job offer I’ve been praying for….in the middle of a pandemic AND after being unemployed for 4 months! The power of prayer right in front of our eyes. God is good and prayer is so powerful.

  37. Thanking God for prayers answered
    We prayed for financial favours to settle some bills
    It was answered
    Praise be to God amen

  38. I am sorry I didn’t mention Annie again God bless all your work and prayers John Paul & Annie.

  39. My nephew Allen has been healed of his sickness, he was in a serious condition before almost dying now he is walking and in a very good condition. Thank you Oh Holy Spirit to your gift of healing Oh Praise and Thank God for giving us John and Paul novenas to remind us for all your Goodness Oh Lord to GOD be the Glory even we dont have financial aid to contribute they keep us sending your Word Thank you John and Paul God bless all your work and prayers.

  40. Thank you Holy Spirit!!!! My son has just gotten a new job which seems like a perfect fit for him. Praise and glory to Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Also, my daughter is likely to have new housing soon. Thank you for answering my prayers during the Novena to the Holy Spirit!

  41. Thank You Lord for answering my Novena prayer. For bringing Peace and Love among the two members in the family that needed it most. TUG
    Pls Lord continue bringing Your Love among our family members, all families and the whole world, amen.

  42. I want to thank The holy spirit for the gift of a new born baby.I put to birth in safe conditions normally thought the Dr had said we I will go through caesarian. I keep trusting the holy spirit for a new job

  43. I pray that my son be transferred to a low security unit where he can serve the rest of his sentence safe from all harm (To Body mind & soul) and the COs will allow him to keep busy with actual work. (Preferably in the kitchen) And he continue to see the error in his ways and seek God to pave a way to a be a better man. In Your name Jesus. Your will be done. Amen

  44. One of my prayer points was for family breakthrough. My husband has been out of job form June, 2019 but now on the 10th of June, 2020 he gotten a job. Praise the Lord.

  45. Our commercial building in Bloomington, MN, was protected during the riots and looting with a wall of angels surrounding it. Praise goes to our God who coordinated the novena through Josh and all you wonderful people!

  46. I noticed that I had enormous peace throughout the period of the Holy Spirit Novena. I became more focused, sensitive and prayerfully meditative. Thank you Lord!


  48. My prayers for my daughter to be taken on the job she had been working at as a contracted employee were answered. Her contract was extended and am still praying that she will be made permanent. Thank you for praying along with me… thank you Holy Spirit.

  49. I want to thank everyone through all our prayers my husband was sickened with Covid and has come home still recovering but a great blessing to have him home and in good shape.

  50. my first intention was to have an increase in faith in Jesus Christ and to tap the fruits of the Holy Spirit. as at now I have full reliance on Jesus Christ as my best friend, confidant and advocate. I have joy, self control, love and many other fruits of the Holy Spirit.


  51. Thank you God Holy Spirit. My novena is answered and I keep on praying more novenas for my intentions. O will forever have faith to the Holy Spirit and Almighty God. Thank you St. Padre Pio. Please heal me continiously.

  52. During the last Novena we had, I was praying for the upgrade of my position because since 2014 the work which I was working was different with the grade i was given. I tried to write letter to change my grade several times but nothing was happening. Thanks to the Holy Spirit and to you all, Today 11 June 2020 I have received a letter for upgrading me. Glory be to God.