Day 7 – Novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost 2020

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Come holy Spirit renew us all come with thy blessings fill uor hierarchy of need calamities baptized us with thy power and and empower our beuatiful souls come holy ghost fully with love for us …

  2. Anne has been 2 weeks on ventilator Covit19, came off yesterday. Not out of
    Woods yet but hope is there.

  3. Many years ago I have saddened God, Our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
    This Novena is the first Prayer where I felt a little connection with the Holy Spirit. I am so greatfull !!
    Glory to God the Father to the Son our Lord Jesus And the Holy Spirit!

  4. Praying that my children will return to their faith. Urgent prayers for my daughter.
    I know miracles happen everyday.
    Thank you

  5. Have been praying to become pregnant after having 4 miscarriages and my only Male child dying.
    I tested positive on the 5th day of this novena. I consecrate this pregnancy in the precious blood of Jesus.
    Thank yoyholy spirit.

  6. Prayers for the end of the pandemic. For my family to stay safe and healthy and faithful. For my daughters and husbands to have a healthy loving family. Got my son and his family. Thank you so much. Amen!

  7. Praise to the Holy Spirt for answering my prayers, my son got a job offer! With a grateful heart, praise Jesus for all His blessings.

  8. I was praying that my son would find a job. About a week into this Novena he found one. Thank You Jesus!

  9. I’ve been praying these Novenas for only the last two years. I mostly focus on my son coming back to the church, a church. He lost his job this past week and he let me pray over him. The peace and relaxation that filled him was visable, we’re on the right road. Thank you Lord for letting him know your love for him In times of trouble.

  10. Thanks be to God! My main novena intention was answered! I sm praying for my daughter in law Kaytee, who is 31, had complete cardiac arrest on Sunday May 17. In God’s mercy and kindness my son Joseph was with her in the room when that occurred, he was able to do CPR, ubtil the paramedics arrived. They shocked to heart back into a rhythm snd she was intabated in the ambulance before leaving for the hospital. She was transferred to Rush Hospital that Thursday, but she took a turn gor the worse in afternoon. My son and her Mom were allowed to see her, because the doctor said she would not make it to Friday morning. Thriugh the grace of God, and calls out to all family and friends, she pulled through
    The doctor told my son, every medical sign pointed to Kaytee’s not making it, BUT HE CONCERNED IT A MIRACLE! Kaytee was taken off the ventilator on this past Tuesday morning! GOT IS GREAT! She is making small steps of progress everyday, she is still in ICU., talking in a whisper, still unable to swallow and is being feed thru a nose tube to her stomach, she has an onfectoon in her sml intestine, is getting speech, occupational and physical therapy, she is still on high dose oxygen. However she is no longer septic! She was able to see their daughter Betty, who will be 1 year old on June 4th, via zoom yesterday! Kaytee was able to lift her arm and hand a bit to wave hello to Betty! A long way to go, but DO THANKFUL FOR ALL THE ANSWERED PRAYERS, ESPECIALLY DURING THIS NOVENA TO THE HOLY SPIRIT! THANKS BE TO HIS INTERCESSION! And beghing for complete and full recovery of Kaytee and her perserverance, along with Joseph and Betty too! GOD IS GOOD! AMEN! AMEN!

  11. On the third day of the last novena, Mary undoer of knots, I had asked Our Lady to help me to start fasting again. Then on the third day, I was and am now able to fast for so many causes. I appreciate all the work you do, to help people to become better people. Also, I need to tell you, that my credit card was blocked, because someone tried to use it for a purchase of $39.00. I should be receiving another one soon. When, it comes, I will be sending it to you. May God shower you with much love. Did you hear about the website, Countdown to the Kingdom? It is about the revelation of Mary, to so many people over the years, about the Illumination of our Conscience. It is very inspiring, and I haven’t found one thing that disagrees with Church teaching. Like, everything else, we always need to discern the truth. Again, I want to thank you, for all the good you do.


  13. Thank you God for giving the grace to trust him and he granted me success good results in my assignments. 😇 I pray for understanding of questions and grace to answer my exams with the guidance of the Holy spirit… Amen

  14. O God have mercy on me, a sinner.

    Vene Creator Spiritus!
    I pray for the seniors in my life. Many are alone and depressed. They haven’t seen their families in months. A few have died. I pray I can spread joy to those in my care. Continue to allow our leaders to make the right decisions regarding covid-19. Allow everyone to continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask. All this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  15. Dear Lord,
    bless Janet with much more than she requested. Please Pour out your bountiful blessings upon her in Jesus name. Amen!!!

  16. Father God, please give your mercy on my mum, take away the pain from her body and please heal her cancer.

    The Holy Spirit, please guide A so he can be mature and thinking wisely in whatever he is doing. Help him to concentrate in his study and be able to do well in his A level exams.


  17. If it’s God’s will, that my son have the courage and clarity to end his unhealthy relationship with A with timing that best safeguards A’s heart and my son’s heart. A is a beautiful soul, but does not attend Mass with my son, despite his encouragement. Sadly, there are other issues too.
    Thank you with all my heart!

  18. Holy Spirit please move my son and his wife heart with love and forgiveness,peace and all that need to have joyful relationship. In God l trust

  19. Dear Holy Spirit, please heal and protect my family and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please help Mark and Golgi in their struggles with cancer.

    Thank you, Jesus, for my good CT scan results of my heart.

  20. Jim (emergency surgery for tumor on the brain) Praying for his wife, Janice. Only she can be in hospital at this time. Praying for Jim’s family & friends. Blessings to the Doctors & team that will take care of him & surround him/them in love. 🙏🏻

  21. O Lord Jesus, please I beg you to hear my prayer and see to our needs. Send forth Your Holy Spirit to bless what we are asking for. Please send forth the person who in Your Divine Will is meant to buy the house. Make the sale a successful and profitable one. Be our guide, so every step we make or decision we take will be the correct one, You who are ever so righteous. O Lord, we are somehow stuck. O Lord, Your generosity never failed, so with confidence I entrust our present and future in Your Divine Providence. I humbly ask whoever reads this message to pray for my intentions. I need some extra support. I too in return ask God to pour out His Mercy upon you, in Jesus’ Name.

  22. Prayers as I begin my radiation treatments. Prayers the Coronavirus can be contained. Prayers for all those who lost their lives, and for their grieving families. Prayers for those infected with the virus that they have a speedy recovery.🙏

  23. For the intentions of a family that is going through covid-19, that they may be able to heal and have their health again. for my family, that we continue to stay healthy. for my workplace, that we all are able to stay healthy during this pandemic. Amen

  24. Dear Holy Spirit,
    Come to us and free us from all that is not gentle in us. Help us in dealing with people that wrong us by showing your love with gentleness…

    Especially with my mother and children and with everyone else that appear difficult to us.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

    Amen Amen

  25. Come Holy Spirit and end this pandamic to where we can get back to hugging, kissing, touching and socializing without fear-guide the doctors, sciencitists, and leaders with your wisdom.
    Come Holy Spirit and bring my nephew and his family back to church, with full participation and faith in the love, peace and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Come Holy Spirit and provide a way so we can visit our 5-month old great-nephew, without fear.
    Come Holy Spirit and touch the mind, body and Spirit of my nephew and his family. May Everett grow up to be strong, healthy, happy, kind, and compassionate.

  26. Lord hear our prayers teach us your way. Come Holy Spirit come create in me a clean heart. I pray for all in Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏🏾 Amen

  27. Please help me to live my life in the likeness of Jesus and grant me the patience, strength, and perseverance to let it all go and let God. Help me to surrender my human will to direct my path and allow God to hold me and all my worries in the palm of His hand.

  28. O Holy Spirit,

    Thanks for granting my prayers. Thank you for listening to me. Peace be on to you. My finances should be uplifted from here on in. Please help me sort things out and pay my bents. From the bottom of my heart ❤️ I humbly thank you.🙏🙏🙏

    My Chris: thank you for sending aid to him so that we can move on with our lives. I m awaiting his arrival. Bless us O Holy Spirit. I want us to move in a positive direction that uplifts us both. Keep the communication flowing with honesty, love, respect, truthfulness and commitment. We need to be in each other’s presence now. Let’s move on to the next step in life.♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️ 🥩🍰

    Our government: I have been praying for talks between Republicans and Democrats to open up so that they help the American People. O Holy Spirit please I beg you, let them find a meeting ground to help us. They are our life lines and they should hold us in a high regard and protect us. I place this in your hands because we need Devine Intervention. Bless the thoughts and consciousness of the representatives so that they can come to help us , quickly. A new month of bills is a few days away and the American need help paying their bills. Grant us, O Holy Spirit, with this blessing of money 💵 to help the people in our time of need.

    The President- O Holy Spirit please give us the strength to deal with this. man. Guide his thoughts, words and actions so that he present us all and Will avoid dividing us. This is a huge, huge prayer 🙏🙏🙏. I do believe you can handle because you are the Holy Spirit but I know you need my back prayers. Amen

    O Holy Spirit, peace be on to the family of the man that was killed in Minnesota by police.. This is another case of racial brutality. I Pray that the peace can be kept because we have so many problems today we really an more trouble.

    My Big Brother-bless him and help him through these difficult times. My family needs him and we need him strong, healthy and wise. Clear his path so that he is well. Be with him in those where he is most vulnerable and comfort him. He is loved by my family and needs to be part of us more.

    My parents- they are going through a lot right now. Be with them, comfort them. Unite our family and please, please give us the gentleness we need For each other so that we can be a happy family again. O Holy Spirit, I pray that you break those chains that binds and keep us separate. Save my family. They are all I have♥️♥️♥️

    My Son- I have been getting closer to my (adult) son. I spoke with and ask him, “what would you like me to pray for?” He said,”To be fully abled by the universe, to live forfilled and peaceful, prosperous experiences, may he always be close to me and lots of success. O Holy Spirit protect and deliver him from sadness and pain. Hear his word through and bestow your blessings on to him. 🙏🙏🙏 Amén

  29. Most Holy Spirit come into my heart and heal all my hurts, and the hurting heart of FC.
    Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love! ♥️🙏♥️

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph , I love you save souls!
    Amen ♥️🙏 ♥️🙏♥️🙏