Answered Prayers from The Pentecost Novena 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not give up on hope. God is with you! He is for you!

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  1. Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit ( Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Three Divine Persons in One), On May 29th my daughter Carolyn received a good news, her biopsy results came back normal. Thanking God!;God is so good! Thank you John-Paul and Annie for this wonderful novena!

  2. I was finally able to be transferred to another area of the office which I was hoping to move into. I was also given higher duties which was a bonus! Time, patience and persistent prayer prevailed. God answered my prayers in His time ^_^

  3. I prayed that my son be reunited with his father ans its a blessing. God has answered part of my things between them are back to normal. Im so blessed! I know the holy spirit is working in my life and gradually God will answer my other requests.

  4. I want to thank Holy Spirit for keeping my job secure even with the pay cut I am grateful that I have a job. I am thankful to the Holy Spirit for guiding me always.

  5. My elderst daughter is deciding to go for mass after missing out for a long time. Please assist me and continue to pray for her marriage situation and for her to secure a job.

    God bless


  6. I prayed for several people that the powerful Holy Spirit would intercede for them in their needs and had answered prayers. The gift of prayer is so very powerful and I am so very thankful to God for answered prayers. A friend is getting the help he desperately needs and wants to change his life for the better. My son is seeking employment and job opportunities are already appearing as I continue to pray that a job so beyond what he could have asked for will be offered to show him the power of prayer and goodness of God. My sister had assistance at the very last moment in a injury claim that is very stressful and her husbands surgery was successful on that very same day. Prayers for continued healing for my son in all his needs and things are going very well in his life. Prayers were answered for rapid healing of a broken wrist for cousin who has MS and is wheelchair bound. God is Good!

  7. I have been praying novenas to st Rita and all your other novenas for the past couple of months for 3 women to become pregnant.2 are now pregnant praise GOD .

  8. I asked for help for my husbands drinking. At the end of last week he said since he’s on furlough he should look in to getting some help with his drinking issue! This Monday he is checking in to a detox and rehab program!!! God is so good! All the prayers helped💚

  9. I have to thank God for many things but the biggest is he’s answered my prayer to get my high school diploma and I took a course for phlebotomy and I was certified I’m 60 years old it was impossible for me but nothing is impossible for God. Hoping and praying to God that he will help me to get a full-time phlebotomy job he has helped me another Waze as well Financially and emotionally praise be Jesus Christ now and forever.

  10. I really thank God from the depth of my heart for his mercies and protection to all my family members during this pandemic for good health. Most especially for giving my company more jobs even in the midst of the pandemic and we are able to help poor little ones with employment. I mostly thank our blessed Virgin Mary , the spouse of the Holy Spirit for her motherly intercession. May the name of God be praised. AMEN

  11. I believe the Lord is going to answer my unanswered prayers at the right time but I want to thank Him for his Divine providence. People have fed my family throughout the lockdown period o three months. I praise you Lord. Thank you.

  12. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, and found that one of my nodes had cancer. I then had a double mastectomy, and prayed to God that I would not have any further cancerous nodes. God listened, and answered my prayer. I am so grateful. Nothing is impossible for God to do.

  13. My sister in law, Dorothy had several surgeries to remove cancer. It took many hours but the doctors believe that all the cancers were removed successfully and that she will be okay after some more chemo and then radiation. God is so good. I have been praying for her every day.

  14. My husband met with an accident, and doctor said he has to go for surgery of his leg, it was very expensive and could not afford,and in lockdown it was difficult asking money from anyone, So we prayed to the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ and holy spirit too,and such a miracle occurred, when we went to another doctor he checked my husband leg and said no surgery only physiotherapy will make him walk again, we were surprised, but the Lord blessed us, and holy spirit took care of everything.Thank you Jesus, Praise u Jesus and the holy spirit

  15. Thanks to the Holy spirit Novena my relationship with my boyfriend had so much deterioreted but things started changing on the 4th day of the Noven and we getting much better..may God continue blessing us to a better future togher…

  16. The Holy Spirit novena was prayed by thousands of catholics: Intention; Come Father of the poor. Come, treasures which endure, Come light of all that live! “Johanninise the souls of our priests and bishops. Please, Lord, grant a Priestly Pentecost.” Our Lady of Fatima help us to persevere daily in God’s Holy Grace.
    We have witnessed many “courageous Holy Priests” throughout our great Nation in God’s Love and truth! Only God’s love and light can drive out darkness. All praise be to the Father, all praise be to the Son, all praise be to the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen!

  17. During the novena if the Holy Spirit, my family members visited me at home with my parents, we had stayed a longer time without meeting, and again my dad who had undergone a surgery recovered fully. Thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

  18. I prayed for healing , spiritual and physical, for a broken hip. Through this novena I have received both. I fell 5 weeks ago and had a hip replacement. I am now walking with a cane outside and without inside. I have received numerous graces and spiritual growth from the Holy Spirit. Thank you for all the novenas.

  19. My sister went for a breast cancer op n reconstructive surgery. Prayed earnestly for her recovery n for it not to be complicated.. God was ever merciful n MOTHER MARY enveloped her in prayer too.. She came ou fine.. No spread.. No chemo.. All was well. She has recovered n is back to work after MCO.. Prayers are our strength, trust n hope. God is so merciful. To God give glory. Come Holy Spirit

  20. Since the Pentecost Novena ended,I have observed the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and daily activities more than ever before.I have the constant awareness of sin and the desire to fight it especially bad addictions. I also have a greater sense of direction than before and can feel God’s constant encouragement.
    Please continue to remember me in prayer as I do too for you.
    Thank you Jesus!

  21. I will like to thank God for never leaving me especially in hard time. Continue to call on Jesus. He truly cares and seeks what’s best for us. He has shown up so many times in my life that I have lost count. With this novena my fiance and I have started marriage prep classes and have set a date to be married. I ask God to do His will in our lives and let His will be done because I know without Jesus we would not be where we are today.

  22. I was living a confused life and I don’t even know what I want to do or be in future. After the novena holy Spirit has done a lot of work in my life. My future is now bright to me, I have been able to discover who I am and what I want for my future. I am very happy to speak the message of peace and love to my family and one other family, it first time in my life. It is the work of holy Spirit in me. Praise be to God.

  23. During these difficult moments and uncertainty all about during the pandemic. I received two major order confirmations to sustain and prove my existence at my workplace. thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit.

  24. At the start of the Holy Spirit Novena, we were asked to pray for something specific. I was doing the 33 Days to Morning Glory consecration to Mary with a small group and we were to have our ceremony on May 31 with our priest at church outside. I prayed that we would receive the Eucharist as my intention. As the day grew closer, we planned to arrive early, bring a laptop, and watch mass together socially distanced. And Father provided Eucharist. Many tears! And some fist pumps 😇

  25. Thanks be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    My prayer was and continues to be for my son and others dealing with addictions. My son has started on the path to recovery, but still needs lots of prayers. Also, for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and renew their faith in God.
    Thank you for the Novenas

  26. FD
    At the beginning of the novena to the holy spirit I prayed for wisdom and ability to run my small projects well like the biblical Proverbs 31 woman who contributes meaningfully to the family income as well as support the needy in my small little way. Prayer answered.

  27. I whole heartedly thank and praise the Holy Spirit which helped me fulfill my prayers and answers them. Thank u so much for all the graces oh lord. I was looking forward to start a new venture but due to this lockdown and some other reasons it was getting delayed. Now, after I finished my Novena to The Holy Spirit, my prayers were answered and I could successfully start with my new business.
    Thank you for all the prayers and blessings.

  28. My husband and I have made first steps toward healing our marriage. Thank you, God, Who are so good and know when and what is right for us.

  29. I tried to explain the Holy Spirit to my husband who is unfamiliar to the Holy Spirit, and he said people made it up. Next moment as he turned his head, he saw a big crucifix pendant on the chest of the cashier helping us at the time. He blinked his eyes and the crucifix disappeared. He said, “That’s weird.” I told him the Holy Spirit was telling him something:) Holy Spirit, please always come to us. Thank you…

  30. I prayed for healing for our family – that My husband and his daughter could continue to rebuild their relationship and that I could continue to build a bridge with my step-daughter. My step-daughter and I have seemingly crossed the bridge and actually seem to be bonding a little. Would have never happened with the power of prayer.

  31. I want to thank ,
    Holy Spirit for guiding me and my husband in all our challenges during covid conditions.

    Thank you God,for solving our visa issue . Please continue Your grace on us .

    We surrender to Almighty,

    Guide us through testing times,


  32. I thank the Holy Spirit the Paraclete in a special way for restoring joy in my mind, peace in my home. My family is a family of 7. We are undergoing so much hardship through this pandemic, but God is sustaining us, how He does that, I can’t just tell. I still beg the most Holy Trinity through send st. Jude to help me with a permanent work for my 5 children’s future, but I still thank God cos I know He is in the future to help me.

  33. During the Holy spirit novena, my sister and her husband were looking for a new place to live, they got a place,, they were cleaning up the house, when the landlord called them, asked them to leave his house, also insulting them, my sister who was also doing the novena called me, we went into prayer, because she said they love the house, that same day, around 8pm, they received a call from the landlord who apologized, and told them to come back, He even prayed and bless them, we are grateful to the Holy spirit

  34. Received news that my friend has conceived after many years of waiting. Unfortunately now she has just had a miscarry, but I know God is faithful he knows best. Help me to continue praying for her and spouse.

  35. While not fully answered I have seen the holy spirit working both in myself and my husband. I know God is moving and working for us.

  36. I noticed changes immediately while praying the novena. My partner and I have become closer and our relationship stronger including my being introduced to his parents and siblings.

  37. I was in a relationship I was hoping to lead to marriage, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I understood that I was heading for unsatisfaction in marriage. I was able to let go and have peace doing so. I thank God I didn’t desperately make the wrong choice for a marriage partner because I would’ve been miserable.
    Believing God to be united to the right God fearing, loving and caring man that I always prayed for. I am not discouraged, but I believe everything worketh together for good for those that love God.

  38. As a single mother (widow), I had a number of debts and after praying the novena to the Holy Spirit, God made a way and I am due to clear most of my debts. My mother was also protected from a snakebite because the snake was seen and killed at her door. Our God is able, thank you Holy Spirit. Grateful Jane.

  39. My family and I were worried about how to buy my sister’s medications from Dubai because of the expenses. We had no money on us. After praying the novena to the Holy Spirit, God provided through friends and good people.
    Thank you God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  40. Thank you Jesus for saving my husband’s life thrice during his job
    firstly from the gas cylinder burst, Vizag gas leak n the West Bengal Amphan cyclone and getting him safely home after completing his quarantine with a negative report.

    Only prayers made this possible. All please pray and recite Psalm 91 & 23 daily. Its our life insurance and assurance.

  41. Thanks Holy Spirit Thankyou Mama Mary my pray was answered. There was changes in the company which I was not happy and pray to God to reverse all decision that was make and finalised.
    God answered my prayers and gave me peace and and everything happened.
    Praise you Holy Mighty God and Holy Spirit. You’re so Good and my every lasting God Glory to Your Name

  42. I was praying to experience God’s special presence in my life, a few days after the novena I had continued praying and one afternoon I felt this special feeling and tears started flowing from my eyes, immediately I fell into prayer and all over sudden I saw a very bright light that I had never seen before. I experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in a special way. Praise be to God.

  43. Thank you, Holy Spirit for bringing my brother in-law home in three days after a stroke. My sister thought it was a seizure, but called 911 anyway. He’s had no major verbal setbacks which affect him due to Parkinson’s. Miracle after miracle, he’s alive and well because of God’s mercy. RR

  44. Our God is Love!! I was offered transport to relocate my baggage by my employer which is not a norm. I thank God for the Grace.

  45. My mum was being accused of bewitching my aunt who was ill( sister to my Dad). The whole village was saying we pretend to be prayerful yet we are super witch. Even our in-laws had been convinced. BUT, We prayed for the holy spirit to make them speak the truth themselves.
    I prayed “God, May they get confused with that rumour themselves, speak the truth and even apologize”.
    My aunt died, but after burial, the relatives seriously interrogated my cousin who begun the rumour and was made to apologize in public, also went to my mum with eight people and apologized. They were too harsh at her.
    She knelt at my mum’s knees, cried and even told us how she was deceived by a woman who produced a child with our dad 34 years back.

    Maria Theresa Nakitende
    Ssese islands.

  46. God is really wonderful for me.I was nervous about my Thesis defense but God makes the defense a successful.I pray for graduation and my certificate will fetch a good Job Amen

  47. My son’s kidney transplant surgery went well,his body has accepted the kidney and he’s recovering well at home.Thanks be to God and for praying the Novena with me and your unceasing prayers.

  48. One of my prayer requests to become a landlord was partially answered in the first 3 days of this novena. God blessed me with starting capital. Thank You Holy Spirit, Thank You God the Father.

    Through the Holy Spirit, the Lord guided me to where I was going wrong and had delayed my blessings. Thank You Lord for this and for all answered prayers to all those who recited this Novena.

  49. I can see a great change in me after the Holy Spirit Novena. I couldn’t resist not being angry with my husband after a quarrel and I didn’t know how to express my pain. Thanks to the Holy Spirit I have been able to express my pain in a way that has even brought us together. May the Holy Spirit keep moving in me.

  50. My relationship with my son improved tremendously. Thank you 🙏 so much for answering my prayers. I hope it stays good as it is now.

  51. St Rita gave me 4 signs during this last novena. But not accomplished yet. This is the 9th novena I do.. I’m tired and really sad

  52. Thank you Holy Spirit for being with me and my family.
    I received peace in my heart in the midst of all the uncertainties.
    Our new business of wholesale and retail has started.
    Progress in my mum’s court case.
    And many other requests for me and my children that the Holy Spirit has intervened and things are shaping up.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  53. Since I started all this novena I have been receiving difference kind of favour specially St Rita both at my office and other places. I say thank you Jesus.

  54. I thank Holy spirit for blessing me with order that is coming out soon . And for my husband’s Job I Know God is working on it.

  55. During the novena to the Holy Spirit my husband who has been just sitting at home for lack of job,got a call to organize a baby shower event after so long since Corona started. Thank you Holy Spirit for being with us always.

  56. With this covid period I had no hope but through the holy spirit I have Been able to pay my bills and replenish my stock. I continue to have my hope in our good lord and I know more blessings are coming my way.

  57. I was praying for God to protect health personal all over the world against the coronavirus and the Holy Spirit is doing it as I work at the hospital and came back home safely and healthy on daily bases, and I believe other health personals are experiencing thesame, Praise God

  58. Dad had a stroke, right sided weakness. My family did this novena and we can see how fast he is recovering. He is able to walk again. We are praying that he can move his right hand very soon.

  59. my prayer was for good health for my uncle from Covid – 19 and cancer and our whole family for good health , financial support
    and good Job for my sisters and brother in law. praying and asking God for guidance and mercy is the only way to live.

  60. Dear God
    Thank you for sending me my new home and the financial assistance I needed which allowed me to buy essentials. Thank you for my son receiving a job in the field he is passionate about. Blessings to those who recognize his potential. Thank you to Jesus, Mary, Joseph, all Saints, Archangels, Angels and my Guardian Angels whom I constantly ask for intervention and assistance and never fail me. Forever grateful.

  61. I thank the Lord for an answered prayers to my family. We dreamt of having our own house since then. Always been denied and rejected.This time he gave us our mortgage approval.

  62. Please pray for my aunt nora n.healing to be free from cancer. Guidance and protection for my family and Monica c.
    Thank you Jesus.

  63. I received strength and consolation with not having my prayers answered in my timing. But I feel the sense of closeness of Jesus more, and know He is listening and gently guiding me.

  64. A day after the novena ended, my son called to tell me that he’s no longer in a relationship with a man. I asked Holy Spirit to guide my son that he will no longer be attracted to same sex and save my son from his sins. Slowly but surely Holy Spirit is intervening in the life of my son . Thank you so much Holy Spirit. Please continue to guide my son and gays not to live in sin anymore.

  65. I am so grateful for these beautiful novenas. God has blessed me by allowing me to pass my health insurance state test for a new job. Also by providing us with extra money to pay for our bills and grocery for our family during these tough times. Thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ!

  66. I feel good thanks to god and the ability to say the novena it has lifted my spirit and i said along with rosary my life is changing thanks for everything and i pray for my family who is and will continue to say these novena thanks lord.

  67. I am very blessed got to buy a great used car and and got some of my finances answered
    Also most of all I made time to thank God every morning during this novena ❤️🙏

  68. My friend’s mum miraculously diagnosed negative of Space Occupying Lesion in the brain.
    She also gained healing from other illnesses she suffered.
    All Glory to God almighty.

  69. My husband was made redundent & was going to take a couple of months off to do some repairs on the house. But due to the Covid he has not been able to find a job. We had a credit card bill to pay and didnt know how to. Just before the due date he got 3/4 of it from IRD. All glory to the father

  70. I was offered the job I prayed for. As a single mother, this promotion will bring me financial security beyond my expectations! Holy Spirit thank you for this gift. May I use it to help others all in His Name. Amen

  71. Thank you Most Sacred Heart of Jesus my family, brothers and sisters families and grandchildren are all doing well and healthy. Please heal all the sick in body mind d and spirit. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please protect all the front liners and all the people in the world fr9m covid 19. Please be with us always! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Amen.

  72. Praising the Holy Spirit for answered
    Prayers my husband test of his
    White blood cell came out good thank
    You Holy Spirit HP.

  73. I had been praying for a family friend who is battling cancer. They are being sent home from treatment earlier than expected due to making progress.
    I also prayed for a vacation home for me and my husband that was affordable for our budget. A friend called and allowed us to rent her beach home within our budget

  74. Our prayer was for good health for our whole family because of Covid – my husband and I are immunocompromised- a grandson who has been laid off had been helping us w odd jobs; he came down with a high fever, loss of taste and smell and aches all over… his mom took him for a Covid test and he was told to keep to himself until the test results came back. One day after Pentecost, as quickly as the fever and other symptoms came on, they disappeared! The next day his test results came in, NEGATIVE! God is so good – praying and asking God for guidance and mercy is the only way to live.

  75. I haven’t gotten answers to my prayers yet but reading all the answered prayers was calming. Thank God and thank you all.

  76. I pray all the time an some are answered an more at different times. I think you have to be patient and
    persevere and all your prayers are answered eventually.
    My husband is out of work since January so we started to run out of money to pay the bills. Thank God he got a new job starting 22nd June.

  77. After a six year struggle, my husband had a grace filled death.
    While missing him greatly, I am left with peace with God’s many blessings.

  78. My marriage got a slight improvement.
    The patient I was praying for also got some improvement. I clearly saw The Holy Spirit’ touch in both those cases.

  79. My dental issue that was bothering me for a year and a half even after treatments is better! Thank you Father, Son And Holy Spirit! Amen.

  80. My daughter was not getting unemployment and she Receive the back unemployment and then she got a phone call the next day that her job was starting up again

  81. The Monday after the novena, an incident happened at work which led to my suspension on the following Wednesday. I reminded the Holy Spirit of who he is in my life, my defence and my advocate. I asked him to intercede for me, as nothing is impossible for him.
    On Monday, I received information from the director of services, followed by my manager that I can return to work on Wednesday, so I am going back to work tomorrow.; no body could have done this but the Holy Spirit. To God be all the glory.
    St Anthony pray for us.

  82. I thank God for his mercy and kindness. I had an offer to train as a teacher this September and was told the bursary which would be given to me would no longer be possible because of how the Covid-19 had effected the economy. I have been praying for God’s direction on my career. To God be the glory on the 29th of May I got an email confirming that I will be given a bursary for my training. God is good he is faithful. Thank you Holy Spirit. I also want to thank God my son today passed his 3 months probation as an engineer even though he has been working from home,only a week into his new job. Thank you God🙏🙏🙏

  83. I have continuously been praying for my son to turn around his life and finally I am seeing some changes. I know the Holy Spirit is working and I continue to give thanks and praise. Not in my time but Yours.

  84. My mother was discharged from hospital and my son has decided to quit drinking and sought medical help to help him cope with withdrawal symptoms. I pray he doesnt relapse and that his suspension from work gets lifted.

  85. My prayers for a change of my negative attitude towards my husband have been answered, I have increased self-awareness and can feel a much peaceful home.

  86. I planned to be with my daughter & family in the Netherlands for the birth of her 2nd child but the pandemic came about. I prayed the novena with you all so she would have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. On Pentecost Sunday she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at home with only her husband assisting and their 3 year old daughter watching. The midwife and doula arrived later and found the new baby already in my daughter’s arms. I’m so grateful for this miracle! I’d like to join you in prayer of Thanksgiving. TA

  87. I like to do the Novena to the Holy Spirit even ordinary times. However I learnt during this time that our Mother Mary and the Apostles didn’t plan to pray for 9 days. They were just at the upper room praying and hoping for the HS. So I knew that even if I didn’t receive what I am hoping for, it will still come when it will. But to my greatest surprise that same Sunday evening, my fiance who has been mute for some time keeping me in a state of uncertainty opened up and asked that we need to move forward . I thank the Holy spirit and ask that what he started will be brought to fulfillment, Amen. Please pray with me

  88. I would like to thank God for HIS unending love for me and my family. Atleast there is some love between me and my husband. I pray that this love increases on a daily as we continue to plan and work together. Amen

  89. Our soon to be great-niece has converted to Catholicism and was to receive her Sacraments on Easter Sunday. Due to the lockdown of the Churches, that needed to be postponed. I was praying that she would be able to receive them on Pentecost Sunday. This, too, was postponed. However, through the grace of God the Holy Spirit
    Ansley received Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and
    Confirmation on June 7, 2020! Thank you Holy Spirit.

  90. My children have reconciled!!Praise God We give him the Glory!!! My husband had a transplant and is doing great!! Again Praise God we give him the Glory🙏🙏