Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions every day.

Hang in there and hold onto hope, Jesus is near. God bless you!

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  1. My prayer intention for this novena was for a troubled relationship I felt conflicted and cautious about and before the end of the novena had clear resolution of what I needed to do. My mom was also praying this novena for me with the same intention. I’m feeling gratitude to Mary, Undoer of Knots for her faithful help untangling the confusion and helping me to see clearly. Praise the Lord!

  2. I give God the glory and honour to our mother Mary. I started this novena with intention concerning my friend’s permanent residence in USA which has been long delayed since 2019. On day 8 of this novena, his lawyer received an email from USIC asking my friend to submit an evidence they demanded from him since December 2021 which my friend and his lawyer were not aware of.
    But during this Novena, mother marry undid the knots delaying his application. The lawyer received the letter on May 16th, my friend is submitting the evidence tomorrow to USIC.

  3. I have been praying the Novenas with you for a couple of years. Thank you for sending them … there is so much need for prayer in our world today. Your most recent Novena, Mary Undoer of Knots, concluded yesterday. I prayed the 9th prayer at Adoration, which was especially fitting. One of the Knots I prayed for Mary to untie is my need to get back into the work force. I am near retirement, but, living in California, I need to work for a few more years before I feel comfortable enough to retire. I have been out of work since October, 2021 and genuinely need to get back to work. A former employee of mine who started his own business discussed my joining his company. Recent market fluctuations threatened that opportunity. Accordingly, I added this knot to my Novena. Yesterday, again the 9th day of the Novena, my friend sent me an email asking that we meet for lunch to discuss my starting work very soon. Nothing happens by accident … Mary truly is the Undoer of Knots. I pray the knots of all those who prayed this Novena are untied … and I’m confident they will be in God’s own way and time. His Will be done! Christ’s Peace++

  4. So grateful, my request of having a successful medical procedure last Friday. I am healing as expected. I am still praying for my other medical concerns that I will be addressing in the next two weeks.

  5. During this Novena I was granted some financial relief! I prayed and received good news within the same day! The baby I prayed for was born healthy and Mom is doing well. My husband and I have also been growing closer to one another. I am noticing change. God is Good! I have been praying for a long time and have been waiting for the opportunity to share how my prayers have been answered! I am go grateful for God’s grace. Thank you mother Mary undoer of Knots! For undoing these knots in my life!

  6. I give thanks to Our Lady under of Knotts for a good annual report from the Oncologist.
    Thank you for healing g for Lindon He is now out of ICU .He had clots in his lung and legs.

  7. Our God is good all the time. May His name be glorified and praised!!!!!!!
    Some of my prayers are answered and I am forever grateful to God Almighty. Please children of God, group of believers help me praise the Lord and our Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots.

    Thank you

  8. This is the first time I have posted a request for prayers publicly and I asked for rain for drought in our area of southern Alta and Sask. We received rain the next day. Such a blessing. Thank you Jesus and Thank you Our Lady🙏❤️

  9. Thank you for offering these wonderful novenas. They mean so much to me and the family members I have shared your service with. One of the things I prayed for during the Mary Undoer of Knots novena was help in my long term relationship. Things were very bad between my partner and I and I didn’t know what to do and I felt very depressed. Mary helped us and I don’t know how to thank you guys. Things are so much better now. Thank you! God Bless You All!

  10. Thank you for this novena. God blessed me with going on a school trip to an amusement park. I was nervous about it, and it was part of my intentions for that day’s Undoer of Knots Prayer. Even though it was hard, for the most part I was able to overcome my nervousness and had a good time. Glory be to God! God bless.

  11. Our daughter was having an impossible complicated time getting the very expensive medication she needs Very quickly it became available for free to her as we prayed this novena Thank you mother Mary we know you did this for her

  12. My prayer was answered by my mother Mary. I hv a right leg pains for a couple of weeks that refused to go away before the novena. I can tell u now that the pain is gone. To God be all the glory.

  13. One of my intentions answered. I was asking Our Lady to let our family move back to my beloved Alabama. My son was able to transfer with the same company from Arizona toAlabama. Thank you Mother Mary for undoing this big knot!

  14. Dear Jesus and Mary, Undoer of Knots, please help my loved ones and I with our difficulties with anxiety. They cause us so much emotional pain.

    Thank you God.🙏

  15. I was praying for my good friend to be with the love of his life. He asked that I pray for him to be with her and have a child with her. On day 7 of the novena she had agreed and they were even going to an organization for planned parenthood. Thank you Mary Undoer of knots for your faithfulness. I also prayed for my knot of underemployment to be undone and I have a meeting with a potential employer secured for 1st June. Thank you Mary Undoer of knots. Thank you for hearing our prayers every minute of everyday oh Holy Queen. AMEN

  16. Praise God and Our Lady, I have been praying for the perfect placement of two sisters into foster care and we learned yesterday that someone the girls know has stepped forward to receive them today!

  17. Mother Mary under of knots, I thank you In Jesus Name for praying for my Grandson to talk. Thank you for untieing the knots that is preventing him from talking. All to the GLORY of God. His speech is coming; IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN!

  18. Thank you Mary, and my brothers and sisters. The knot I have at the beginning of this novena is beginning to loosen. I will continue to pray. God bless everyone.

  19. I received a bad news recently & instead feeling alarmed, I felt peace overcame me knowing God already took care of it. That I’m just going through the cumbersome process but it’s already taken cared of. My confidence to Mother Undoer of Knots is so strong that She has already undone this knot in my life. I thank you all for praying with me. I thank God for all His Graces, providence & compassion towards me. Thy will be done! Amen.

  20. Our son has reached out to two of his sisters that he had told us he was never going to talk to again. He also said he is thinking of reaching out to the 3 other siblings. Thanks be to God. I will continue to trust in God that the two children who are keeping my husband and I out of their lives will see that they need us. And that all our children see the heartaches brought about by those leaders of the world who do not want God. Mary is so needed for her commitment to us in undoing the knots. Let her work in our hearts to bring us closer to God.

  21. I am glad to be part of this community and to join in the prayer to our blessed Virgin Mary undoer of knots,
    I requested for an open door for my son who is yet to complete school and was affected by the war at Ukraine and after this novena prayer I have hope that all is going to be well
    Thank you all for the support and continue to pray him that God complete what he has started

  22. Prayers for my son Arthur. He needs a great deal of help and will not speak or even look at me and I am his mother. I pray for someone to intercede on my behalf, to lead him to the resources he needs so desperately, starting with his mental health. His anger towards me for his life is deliberating to me. Please pray for a peaceful, resourceful intervention.

  23. My husband has suffered for years with chronic back pain. He had surgery last Thursday, is healing well, and already most of his suffering has been relieved.

  24. On the second day of The Mary Undoer of Knots Novena, my company announced a 4% layoff within 2 weeks. On the last day of the novena, I received an e-mail from my General Manager telling me my job is safe! Also, many health problems have greatly improved. Thank you for this Novena!

  25. Thank you for helping my nephew as he is undergoing help for alcoholism and mental illness. He seems to have accepted the help he has been offered.

  26. I give all glory to God. I was worried about where and how to get my children school fees, but the day we stated the Novena, I was called by my boss to go and cover an international meeting which at the end of the meeting, my children school fees was paid to me as my honorarium. God indeed answers prayers.
    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary.

    I Love you Mama and Jesus.

  27. I prayed the Mary Undoer of Knots novena.I was praying for my husband to get a job.. He got a temporary job these days. I trust that he will get the good job soon.
    Thank you Mother of Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God for answered prayers. Amen !

  28. My prayers for leaving my department and moving to another department have been answered. Praise Jesus.

  29. I give thanks that i am seeing doors opening for my loved ones and I,
    Praises and thanks to all for their prayers

  30. Thank you Heavenly Mother for all your blessings. I pray for good health for myself and all my family. Please undo the knots in our lives. I give thanks and praise.

  31. I prayed for favour on a tough work related matter and God answered my prayers through the intercession of my Blessed Mother. Amen, Amen and Amen.
    I know all my other petitions will be answered in Jesus name. Amen.

  32. I wish to thank our Mary Mother, undoer of Knots, as by her intercesion, l got a grace.
    My 87 year old mother, had a live in carer to look after her and as the novena was clise to start, this carer told us that she would be leaving and it was very difficult to find another live in carer so quick. So l prayed that my mother accepts to go to an elderly home and that we find one in a a couple of days.
    Today, on the feast of Mary Mother, undoer of knots, we admitted my mother to the home
    She wished to go, and she seemed to like it and happy. Please keep praying that all be fine and she keeps happy there.

  33. I’m afraid I get very distracted especially during prayer . However i tried to pray this novena and had lots to pray for, mainly for family members. My brother had told me he was having many problems at his workplace and felt that Satan was behind it. I included him in the novena and he had positive things happening during this time. I know i don’t pray well but Our Lady knows it was for a very good cause. I will pray the novena again for the many other intentions. Thank you Mother Mary and thank you John Paul and Annie for helping us to pray.

  34. I have had severe spondylosis and I was in a lot of pain. Sitting, standing and walking was a problem. I got sick in December 2021 and I have always used a combination of very strong pain relievers.
    On the second day of the Novena – Mary undoer of knots, God healed me , I nolonger take pain relievers and I can sit, stand and walk well.
    I really thank God for healing me and thank you Mother Mary for undoing the knot
    Thank you all for praying for me

  35. I had dedicated previous novenas to my exam in May, and this one started a day before my results were to be released. I was worried as I thought it didn’t go too well, so I laid everything on Our Mother’s shoulders, because it is a thing unheard of that anyone would implore her help and be left forsaken. And I passed my professional exams.
    Thank you Mother Mary for interceding on my behalf, thank you Jesus.
    God be praised today and forever.

  36. “Thank You Our Lady Undoer of Knots for your Beautiful Son releasing my grandson from jail! Please help him to get his life going in the right direction to Jesus and to pray without ceasing! And please heal all our family Spiritually, Mentally and Physically! I Love You Our Lady, Undoer of Knots.” Save souls, save the consecrated. Amen

  37. I prayed the Mary undoer of knots Novena. I would wish to return my gratitude because i was praying for my brother to get a job. On the day i finished the Novena, i got a call asking for my brothers details that they may be further processed.

    I trust that he will get the job. Thank you Mary morher of Jesus. Thank You Jesus. THANK YOU God for answered prayers. Amen

  38. I’m so grateful for the prayers as i can see where I’m going with my financial situation and my brothers whom we fought for over three years just approached me on this past Sunday for reconciliation. God is really great, and thanjs to Mother Mary Amen

  39. I believe and have faith that my prayers are already answered…thank you Jesus l praise you lord

  40. My petition to Our Lady Undoer of Knots was to heal the rift (which was a very serious separation of a mother and daughter who loved each other tremendously in her daughter’s childhood; but she left home out of sheer rebellion as a teenager. I was a divorced mother of three children. It was just so very hard.). The rift had many knots of very bad feelings toward one another for actions and words which had hurt to the core (on both our parts) It did not seem there was any love left between mother and daughter, believe it or not. 14 long years later, she’s a mother too at 27 years old; & I could not even have a relationship with my grandchildren unless everything went her way. When I said the slightest thing wrong or spoke about God too much, she would keep them from me for months at a time. Long story short, Our Lady Undoer of Knots and Jesus the Divine Healer w/ the help of some angels, I am quite sure of it, HEALED THIS MULTI-FACETED RIFT & grew the mustard seed of love that had remained between us! (Our Lady divinely created a time when my daughter needed me; and only her mother could fill the bill)! She let me back into their lives w/ a realization of some of the blood, sweat and tears I went through while raising her and her sisters. Our Lady truly untied this COMPLICATED 14-year -old, seemingly impossible KNOT by Day 8 of the Novena! My heart was overjoyed & I give Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth and our friends JP and Annie who helped pray these novenas, the credit. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you & our heavenly allies. May God bless you all!

  41. Mother Mary beautiful and majestic,thank you for undoing the knot that caused me stagnation on Day 8 of the Novena.You are truly a great intercessor.

  42. Thank you Blessed Mother for answering my prayers. My problem was so convoluted I didn’t even know how explain it. Three days into the novena, problem solved in a surprising way. Just wonderful. Mother, I have a few more if you’re not too busy….

  43. Thank you Our Lady for blessing me abundantly and my work was very fruitful this week during the novena .. I pray it will always be like this!!
    I’m waiting for you to undo the other two knots I prayed to you about and I thank you in advance!!
    Bless me dear Mother The Blessed Virgin Mary!!
    I pray you will bless all my loved ones.. my pets and the whole world.. Amen!!
    Thank you!!

  44. I Prayed for my mother who is sick to get medical attention and she got some help.
    Praise you Mother Mary

    Thank You

  45. Got my American citizenship after 7yrs. I hope that my other intention be answered through the intercession of our blessed mother.

  46. I am so grateful for a prayer answered during this Novena. My son’s travel papers had been stuck in a long legal process. Now there’s a lot of progress and I continue praying that the Lord will open up the pathways for him to join a good university in Sept.
    Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for your intercession

  47. I’m so grateful for Mary’s intercession and answered prayers by undoing knots during this novena! On Day 7, the novena prayers were for overcoming the knot of addiction. My husband did not know that I prayed this novena, but that evening during our rosary, his petition was that Mary help him with recommitment to a “new beginning” in overcoming alcoholism and seeking sobriety.

  48. My prayers have been answered always when I pray novena and I thank God believing whatever I asked God to do in this novena he will do it for me

  49. My prayers have been answered…. It is miraculous what Our Lady will do for you if you just trust her and her Son. Oh thank you JMJ 💗

  50. This was a wonderful Novena!! My little niece’s young one survived a heart surgery yesterday, and reported to be doing very well !!
    Mary we love you oh full of grace!!! Ace Mariam🌹

  51. I was barely maybe 2 days into the novena when an impossible burden was lifted off me. It was an impossible burden for me to remove and it was gone in a snap. I had carried it for years and in vain I tried to change. Thank you Our Lady!!!

  52. I m grateful, dear mother, undoer of knots, for granting success to my child who sat for University entrance.

    In your mercy, Mother dearest, may my other intentions be answered, amen.

  53. Been praying for a job,i have been invited for an interview tomorrow…please pray for me to get the job.

  54. 1. Our Lady has instilled in me a deeper devotion to her!
    2. After almost a year and a half of not going on retreats (sometimes because I was avoiding them), Our Lady has placed one in my life and given me the courage to go! I’m excited and can’t wait!!

  55. Mary Helped me sell my home. As soon as I started praying this novena an interested buyer came in and I had my house under contract within two days. Thank you Blessed mother for all your kindness is toward me.

  56. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. God opened the door of promotion on my job. I’m truly thankful and blessed.

  57. A 3 year old girl fell in a pool and she needed CPR and intensive care but now She is breathing on her own!

  58. My Christian daughter won full custody of her son after 16 years. The father had unlimited funds. This was a miracle!

  59. I prayed during this novena for my son’s employment issue and his contemplation of changing careers. Today my prayer was answered and he has successfuly resolved his work isssues. I am so grateful to the Lord and for Mary’s intercession with my request. Thank you for prayers answered!

  60. There’s been much tension in our household since my daughter shared with her father and I that she is SSA.
    My daughter and I had an argument and a week later she told us she was moving out. We didn’t even know she was looking for a place!
    Our last morning with her (living with us) I asked her if we were going to have a relationship with her, if she was going to keep in contact with us and she told me she didn’t know the answer to those questions.
    I left for Mass ( my husband just had surgery) and when I returned my daughter met me by the car. She asked if she could hug me and we did. She cried saying she wants a relationship with us.
    I don’t know what the future holds for us but I know that moment was a healing moment. A grace from above that I am so grateful for. Thank you Blessed Mother for your prayers of intercession. Please protect my daughter under your mantle of love.

  61. Praise the Lord! After many novenas offered for the well-being and prosperity of my family members, my brother was just yesterday received an amazing job offer for his dream job. May our prayer community always have faith that the lord is always listening to our prayer and that he knows better than we do.

  62. My son has retuned to Mass and is bringing his family! Thank you Blessed Mother! Giving Glory to God!

  63. Hail Mary full of grace please intercede for our asylum that we appear very soon to the immigration officer whom yourSon has chosen for our family that we be granted the same day , make your choice and guide us what to protect ourselves during that time and the soonest will be much appreciated with the grace of. We pray this through our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord.

  64. Thank you Mary Undoer of Knots for interceding for my daughter’s healing from an unexplained fever that seemed unending. By Day 5 of the novena the fever broke and never returned. Thank you!

  65. Thank you Our Lady Undoer of Knots for your intercession to our Lord for the knots. Thank you Lord for answered prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  66. Thank you my prayers to get a job I really wanted so bad have been answered! I will be starting next month. God is great! Thank you Mary undoer of our knots.

  67. Thank you, Mother, John-Paul and Annie and our fellow PrayMoreNovena-ites.

    On Day 9 (my birthday, 17 May) I got an unequivocal answer not to proceed down a life path I felt duty-bound in charity to pursue. It was a clear “absolutely not; under no circumstances!” from the very person concerned.
    Now I know I am free to follow my heart.
    Heaven’s timing is amazing.
    Novenas work! DG!

  68. Peace be with you all !
    I have a testimony to share with you all and I believe and trust this testimony came as a result of the novena.

    I have been praying and asking God for a full time permanent position with a good pay and visa sponsorship in the country I relocated to, this has been my prayers for about 3 years and to the the glory of God and the intercession of our blessed mother Mary, I got a call 3-4 days into the the novena, it was a job offer from a reputable global company! Willing to sponsor my visa immediately I start !
    I just want to thank Mary my mother, the undoer of this knot in my life and who has interceded for me.
    And also thank my Heavenly Father for his grace, favour and mercy upon my life .

  69. My son successfully passed one of the three exams. I pray for him to pass the next two.
    Thank you for all the prayers!

  70. A family member had been trying for a long time to find a suitable home for their family, and today their offer was accepted on a beautiful place convenient to their jobs and safe for their children.TBTG

  71. Thanksgiving for a positive Mri results and positive results from Hemotologist.
    Thank you most Blessed Mother for all your graces and healings that you bestow on us. I am so greatful for your intercession and don’t know how I could make it in the world without you.
    Love RT

  72. There are lots of knots in my family and somethings are happenning but not enough to clarify situations
    A knot that worries me a lot is the eventual chance of school of my daughter that I believe could be a good idea but me and her still need to see it more clearly
    There are also financial knots and knots in some relationships with brothers and their wifes, one of them is a teacher of my daugher and her behaviour is not fair or christien
    I hope that Our Mother will show me the better way to manage all theese situations. I’ll pray another novena until the light comes. Thank You so much to You, both. wishing You a happy life! My kind regards, L

  73. I was praying for two intentions for our two adult children to meet godly partners,on the third day of novena my son informed he had met a nice catholic lady,this truly was from Mary undoer of knots.Thank you Jesus and blessed mother .

  74. A task at work was extremely difficult, almost insurmountable, I had been working on it for weeks but not making much progress. I prayed the Novena clear through (although I had to make up a couple of days :-) ) And on the ninth day — job done!!
    Thank you Blessed Virgin for your help!

  75. Thank you Mary for praying for my mother in law’s passing. The Lord came and got her. She died a peaceful death. The smell of flowers that only my husband and I smelled at that time reassured us that you were present in her passing. Thank you.

  76. Answered prayers for healing, for a long-standing process of a legal issue and for world peace. Thank you, Mary, for undoing the knots.

  77. Thank you Mary Undoer of knots,
    I have being struggling to forgive and forget for over a year but
    I was able to easily forgive a close person the pain they have caused me.

    On the 6th day of novena, my son told me he has forgiven his Dad for abandoning us and from then on he would be at peace with him.

    I have being having insomnia for a while now ,on the 7th day of novena I started sleeping properly.

    Also, through the help of our BLESSED MOTHER , Mary Undoer of Knots I have really eased up to my duties as a mother of 3kids and a single mother, I have understood more that our relationship with God brings us peace ,open doors of Graces to overpour into our lives and stop living in the past of our sins to override our future.
    Things that remained difficult for sometimes have really become more earsier to deal with.

    Mary Undoer of Knots ,thank you for all these answered prayers and many more to come.

  78. Please pray for total recovery from a debilitating wasting neurological rare disorder. I am only 31 years old. I claim total healing and restoration in Jesus name!

  79. I moved to a new city and have been trying to find mobile grooming for my dog. I spent 2-3 weeks calling groomers but everyone was full. If my dog doesn’t get cut she will get sores on her skin. I have been very worried about her. This morning I got a text from a groomer – they can take her in 6 weeks.
    I don’t drive or have a car.
    Thank you Mary, for untying that knot in my life on the last day of the novena.

  80. Our dog whom we love so much is very fearful. We had made the decision to give her up and was so grieved, the dog had stopped eating, sensing our pain. Last Saturday we met with a new trainer who is very hopeful in helping us keep her! We are thrilled to have this new opportunity. Thank you Blessed Mother for hearing our prayers! Jesus Christ is Lord! Amen!

  81. Mary, Undoer of Knots, thank you for hearing me and answering my prayers. Through your intercession, my son will have a place to call home. I am eternally grateful to you.

  82. I have been sharing this Novena with our Daughter who has a son that just wasn’t motivated the last six months to get his school work completed so that he will become a graduate and move forward to Marine Corps in July. Well dearest Mary Undoer of Knots she will now be a proud mother of a United States Marine. Next up is my daughter to steer her back to Church and the Sacraments. Mary Undoer of Knots Pray for Us.

  83. Mother Mary, the Undoer of Knots, pray for me and the whole world. Thank you Mother for your love and constant intercession. Please pray for me and my family especially now that my sons are grown and I am praying that they find God fearing, loving, nurturing, independent and family oriented Christian ladies to date and eventually marry, if it please the Lord. I need your help in making their parts cross. Also, help my only daughter with her job and focus her mind on her education and her faith until you the Lord will bring that gentleman that is made for her, Amen. Also please be with my son that is moving out of state to be safe and fulfilled in his chosen carrier. Please help him to cure every patient he may lay his hands on, in the mighty name of God I pray, Amen.

  84. I am so very grateful for having traveled my journey alongside with John Paul his wife Annie!
    Countless Novenas thanks be to God!
    Truth be told we owe to our Lord Jesus for every little tiny blessing every single second of our life.
    I also have this special inexplicably excruciating
    pain after a shoulder dislocation back 2018 that left
    me with a very weak right hand and an actual “knot” inside my bicep. Needless to say that no
    Physical therapy, no pain killers, no doctors could help. Up until this 9th day of this last novena for Our Holy Mother to actually and truly untie all
    of my knots🙏🏻 physical, emotional and spiritual.
    Thanks to all who have been praying along.
    Let us all vow to keep our hopes up. Thank you my sweet Jesus.

  85. I have been miserable at my job and have been feeling trapped in it. I was praying for God to undo the knot that is my job. Day 2 of this novena my boss called me in to speak with him, he gave me a $10,000 raise – completely out of the blue. More than the money, it gave me an opportunity to tell him how I was feeling and he offered to move me to a position that sounds way more interesting starting in the fall. It was just wonderful affirmation that I am where God want’s me to be. Thank you Our Lady Undoer of Knots for your incredible intercession!

  86. Day 4 my prayers were answered.Got a business contract my kids bsck in school.Hail Mary full of grace!

  87. Join me in thanking God for permanent healing upon my son, am lactating well and for His mercies and blessings upon my life and family

  88. As I pray for Mary to open the doors for employment, as of yesterday I have 2 jobs interviews lined up; one this week and the week after. Mary undoer of knots watch over me until I get these offer letters. Amen.

  89. I want to thank God and Mary undoer of knots for her intercession, my mum got her visa yesterday and just today my sister got her admission letter

  90. Everyday I have felt a shift & a return to faith in my heart & I hear & feel the word Hope everyday. I honestly did not put it to this Novena at first, I was just pleasantly surprised & relieved to be be able to feel that strength of faith in Gods Love & Mercy & be returning back to that faith where I can make sense of all the knots in my life, in every direction, as a mother of 4 young adult, I pray to dissolve the knots in all our lives, within our family & those around us. The Blessed Virgin Mary is dissolving them everyday. Praise & thanks be to God for reminding us our lives & events are set to His timing, not ours.

  91. PRAISE GOD! My sister’s debilitating pain has been eased! Thank you, Mother Mary. Thank you, St. Peregrine! Lord, your endless mercy and loving kindness never fails. We give you all the honor & glory that is truly yours alone. Amen.