Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions every day.

Hang in there and hold onto hope, Jesus is near. God bless you!

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  1. I prayed for relief from financial burden and for the knots to be undone that are preventing me from making traction as a single mom. On day 8 of the novena I received a sum of money that I wasn’t expecting as a pay out from a previous employer. It will help us tremendously and was something I never could have foreseen coming. I truly feel Mary had a hand in this blessing.

  2. Most Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for your prayers and intercessions. Please continue to pray for my son. My sisters/families. All in my healing prayer. Annie and John-Paul. All that are praying this novena.
    Thank you dearest Mother.

  3. My prayers for my daughter and great grandson have been answered. I’ve seen improvement in both. I ask that you continue to answer my prayers for the healing of both my daughter and great grandson and for my family.

    The you for undoing the knots in my life.

  4. I have been shortlisted for a senior position which I have been praying for on this Novena. We keep praying that I pass both interview steps and be offered the job. I thank God rught now for putting me on the shortlist.

  5. Mother Mary , under of knots I thank you so much because my family is unifying slowly and our challenges reduced. I have a break through with some of my debts. Amen

  6. Mother Mary has been such a comfort to me particularly during this Novena for an intention I had a lot of anxiety about that she made so much easier for me!! Mary and Jesus I love you, thank you for your grace and mercy!

  7. Our car got into an accident on 5/13/22. There is damage to the front of a car, and this covered by our insurance for the repairs. Praise God that no one was hurt. We ask for prayers that all the repairs will be done timely and effectively.
    I also asked for healing prayer for our son in law Steve who is suffering greatly from his back. I pray that he will be completely healed as he goes on a trip to Texas on Thursday for his nieces graduation.
    I thank The Lord and mother Mary for all the Graces and Blessings we receive every day.

  8. Through Mother Mary, the “undoer of knots” I thank God that today(Tuesday) I got money to clear fees for a transaction that had stalled for three months. I am now sure to receive my payments, part of which shall enable pay all the debts that have caused me so much pain and have strained my relationship with many people. Thank you, Mother Mary, “undoer of knots”. Thanks, team, ” Pray more novena” for praying with me and for me.

  9. We have been praying for a good house to relocate to another town. On day 7 we got a breakthrough of a very very good house. Thank you Jesus for interceding for us through our mother Mary undoer of knots.

  10. Today I thank mother Mary for Her undoing out knots, as praying for employment was one of my intentions, today I have been called for the Interview 🙏, I hope will secure the employment.

    I am still that Mother Mary undo all the knots in me and my family 🙏

  11. Dear friends,
    This beautiful novena has given me such Peace. Thank you my Lord for sending the Holy Spirit into my life while saying this novena with peace and contentment in my new lifestyle and work.

  12. My daughter since she if FET, she struggles with life science, i have been praying since i started this novena. Today she was telling that the practical she wrote on Monday she got 23/39. Glory to God. Amen

  13. I got a financial break through and a spontaneous Grace to forgive a close person for the pain they caused me recently. Thanks to our Great God and Mary undoer of knots, my heavenly Mother! You are doing wonders in my life.

  14. I have always had so much faith in Mary, this is such a wonderful novena, to our Mother in heaven…..two of my prayers were answered on the first day of this novena…… Mary truly is the undoer of knots, she has NEVER let me down, and she will not let you down either. Stay the course, and pray to Mary, she has the POWER to change things.


  15. I have been saying Mary Undoer of Knots for the past nine days. On the first day I received results of my biopsy of my breast and they came back showing no cancer. Praise The Virgin for the good news, I still can’t believe it. A couple of days later my mom’s mammogram and blood work also came back with good news. Prayers are very powerful. And although we still have financial problems, I would like to tell everyone reading this, miracles do happen, every hour of every day, please no one out there ever give up.

  16. On day 3 of this Novena my prayer was answered. The 18 yr old boy of our community that I prayed would be found was found. Unfortunately, he was found in the river that runs through our community. I now ask Mary, to pray for his soul as well as comfort for phis family and friends as they mourn the loss of his life.

  17. Thank you Mary undoer of knots for answering my prayers.On the 6th day of the novena my husband who left home communicated and we had a long chat.Thank you🙏
    Still praying for more intentions

  18. I asked for complete recovery of my family, my daughter who has Graves disease and is experiencing low sugar today told me that she woke up feeling much better.
    Thank you Mother Mary under of knots

  19. Jason get job opportunities soon out of high school-NFL, College or his own boss something he’s happy with and more than qualified for

    Tieler gets good results US History LEAP test, pass all finals move on to 12th grade with no problem this week.

    I make my self happy and stop worrying and being in fear. My job uncomfortableness easies up and less stressful but peaceful

    My finances improve

  20. I have been answered one of my intentions. I have been promoted at work today. It wasn’t easy for me to be promoted. I have been rejected several time to get this position but Virgin Mary untied this knot for me. Prayers are the best answer.

  21. THANKYOU Blessed Mother Mary for a couple of my prayers that were important on my heart were answered today! You surely know what’s on our hearts, You are so blessed& kind! I’m so glad I found You my sweet Mother! Please help all who I have prayed for in my heart find You as well;a special prayer for my son& daughter! I continue to give You all my prayers& burdens and trust them to You;a special
    Prayer for my 2 adult kids! Prayers for healing in our world for all those hurt/struck by tragedy!Jesus I trust in You!

  22. Been praying for my son who has delayed speech and communication, this week , he’s been able to read vowels , identify sounds and write .

    This is has been my best week ever , I continue praying and thanking God for his Grace upon my son .

    Amen .

  23. I have been answered one of my intentions. I have been promoted at work today. It wasn’t easy for me to be promoted. Prayers are the best answer.

  24. I prayed for healing of my chronic backache and I am healed in Jesus name,I pray.Amen.The pain of so many years have all of sudden reduced drastically to the barest minimum and I know I will be totally healed

  25. While I’ve not yet been offered a job I have however apologised to my co-worker (who perhaps is a friend when I think of it) for wrongly saying that his daughter ‘waltzed’ into a job (something that went to confession for as it is technically slander) and as it turns out he had no memory of it.

    I have no doubt about the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mother is praying for me to get a job for when my internship ends. Mary is the greatest intercessor in my life and she is praying for me, that gives me hope.

  26. I want to thank mother mary for intercession, my God for hearing my cry Nd everyone here for praying with and for me.
    I have been heeled from a seriouse back ach and sick feeling in my body,
    my husband who was not talking to me and not eating my food suddenly accepted and ate.thank u jesus.i know we will see more answered prayers through our mother.

  27. I was worried about my dog, who was suddenly unable to walk. He is doing a lot better! I am grateful to our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus!

  28. Thank you all for praying with me. I have been asking Our Lady to undo the knots in my life that cause me anxiety, particularly when travelling. Today I have been reminded that God is our refuge. Our place of safety. It does not matter where we are, He is always with us. God bless you all.

  29. I want to thank God and Mother Mary undoer of knots for her intercession. I have been praying for my PhD studies at had reached a dead end. My Her intervention the University call me to make a presentation which went very well. I look forward to graduating this year!

  30. A commissioned painting of the Blessed Mother for an ordination card came. The Blessed Mothers beauty and love for us are on full display.

  31. I thank God for answered prayer..
    I trusted him for a financial breakthrough he has brought to me a very good business and also make someone come to my support to make me achieve the financial freedom I needed. All glory to God am happy, encourage n blessed… Indeed there is a God who answers prayers.
    Thank you for always being a blessing to me and others through these Novenas.

  32. I thank God for answered prayer..
    I trusted him for a financial breakthrough he has brought to me a very good business and also make someone come to my support to make me achieve the financial freedom I needed. All glory to God am happy, encourage n blessed… Indeed there is a God who answers prayers.
    Thank you for always being a blessing to me and others through these Novenas.

  33. My husband and I have been praying to our Lady to open my estranged son’s heart to mercy, forgiveness and love. We have not seen each other in 3 years nor have had friendly or respectful conversations. This is the first time I have prayed the novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots with a contrite heart. My son’s birthday was this week and after sending him a nice greeting and asking for forgiveness for “whatever” we may have done to cause this strife, his response was hopeful and promising for reconciliation in our near future. Mary, Undoer of Knots, thank you for coming to the aid of your daughter.

  34. Thank you Mary, mother of God, for your intercession in helping me deal with my quick temper around those I love the most. You are a true mother who loves us unconditionally and always wants the best for her children. I was quick to give an abrupt reply on day 3, however that was the day I hadn’t done the novena as yet. I pray this change becomes permanent as I am not happy when I’m angry.

  35. I thank the virgin Mary undoer of knots most of my prayers has been answered moreso i feel totally at peace 🕊️🙏

  36. I prayed that my sister would pass her math class. She just took her final yesterday and thinks she did okay. I also prayed that her toxic relationship would end. She called me today and said she is finished with her ex.

  37. I prayed for God to bless me with a job through out this novena and today at 16:23 pm EAT, I received a job offer for an interview that I did last week on Thursday
    Praise be to God for answering my prayer

  38. Thank you God for hearing my prayers through Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots. My GS has been accepted into tge program that will heal him. In Jesus Christ our Lord.
    I trust God to answer our other prayers in His Perfect time.
    Thank you A and JP for this novena website. God Bless you.

  39. Thanks be to God and the intercession of Mary Undoer of Knots my health was restored. Praise be to God!

  40. I thank you dearest Mother Mary for your intercession, I finally got the good tenants we’ve been praying for. Our home had been vacant for months and I was in a kind of financial hardship with all the necessary expenses of repairs, etc. As always, you’ve come through for us. We love you, always be our Heavenly Mother!

  41. I thank you dearest Mother Mary for your intercession, I finally got the good tenants we’ve been praying for. Our home had been vacant for months and I was in a kind of financial hardship with all the necessary expenses of repairs, etc. As always, you’ve come through for us. We love you, always be our Heavenly Mother!🙏💘

  42. Last year my relative had appeared for online exam and unnecessarly his results were held up saying he copied in the exam. We tried all possible ways. But we could not help it and time was nearing,he should get the result to join Post graduate course for which he got admission. I prayed to our Mother Mary undoer of knots to help to undo this knot. After this novena,the exam itself was cancelled and now he had to reappear for the exam, passed with outstanding grade and joined the PG Programme. It was all due to the recommendations of our mother Mary undoer of knots.
    Ave Maria

  43. This novena came at a beautiful time. I prayed it specifically for the intentions of undoing the knots of the loss of my period due to an eating disorder about a year ago; my failure to look to the Lord alone for validation; and also my failure to see myself, and others, through the eyes of Christ alone. I cannot express how fully these have been answered in my heart and through the kind acts of others. The Lord has given me the courage to take a leap of faith in trying a new avenue for the return of my period, He has cleaned my eyes to see myself and others how He sees us, and He is greatly helping my heart to not want anyone or anything else’s validation besides His. I wanted to share this to say thank you for your prayers and you are loved and known entirely :)

  44. Thank you mother mary undoer of knots I prayed for biopsy results to be negative of malignancy, today the 9th day of the novena i received the results, though I have a chronic condition, this is good news.
    Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus
    Mary under of knots Thank you for your powerful intercession
    Glory to God!!

  45. good clean report thurs n next week Dr’s n tests results.
    nothing serious find any them n no harm My body..
    heal restore 100 % organs and dis eases. deliverance them.

  46. I begged the Holy Mother on the first day of the novena to change my husband’s heart so that he would consider sending our son to Catholic school instead of the public school he currently goes to. I’m a convert and my husband is agnostic. The first day of the novena my husband said yes. This week we are visiting two great Catholic schools that we’ll decide between. Our Lady answered my prayer. I am crying tears of joy as I write this.

  47. The novena is almost coming to an end ,mg prayer request hasn’t been granted yet which is to obtain the Brazilian visa but I still have faith and confidence in my maker. When his time is right he will make it happen, please keep praying for me because this is my only hope now as I have lost my job already

  48. I prayed to Blessed Mother for personal healing. I believe she is with me and has helped me with healing , renewal and rebirth. I pray to be able to serve God and others Amen! Thank Mary Undoer of Knots ❤️

  49. Thank you John-Paul and Annie for providing these Novenas to a hurting world. It is a wonderful way for us all to be given such a unique opportunity to pray with, and for, our intentions, May God Bless you both and your ministry always 🙏💙🙏

  50. My friend was having trouble in her marriage. For several months she and her husband were not communicating unless they absolutely had to. And there was stress in their jobs that didn’t help the situation. She went to see a priest a few times and I have been praying for them and now things are much better. They are trying very hard to get their marriage back to where it was. I am so thankful!

  51. I asked God to hold off the rain so we could get all our hay baled without getting wet. He answered my prayers, we got 172 round bales baled without getting wet. Then I asked God to give us some cooler temperatures because my daughter who has MS was coming for a visit and she can’t take the heat. This was her 1st visit in 9 years!! Thank you God!! Thank You Mary!!

  52. I am dependent on a prescription, a controlled substance, and I have been on it 26 years. Eight days ago, my prescription ran out, and I have been doing all in my power to get my doctor to call it in. Finally, today, on the last day of the novena, a patient advocate called me. I don’t have the drug yet, but I think the Virgin Mary undid this knot. All thanks to my Mother and your Mother!

  53. I Thank Mother Mary for an immense help. She sent a stranger for me to meet before mass. This lady will walk with me for awhile strengthening our faith. I am returning to daily Mass with her.
    Mary, undoer of knots, pray for us.

  54. Glory be to the Lord,
    Yesterday I received a phone call asking me to come interview for a better paying job just like I have been praying for during the Novena. I applied for this job back in Feb and I had lost all hope since they didn’t contact me initially.
    I am scheduled to interview on the 23rd of May, I believe and declare that this is mine.
    I continue to pray and have faith.
    Thank you Mary, undoer of knots for interceding on my behalf.

  55. In Thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother, Mary undoer of Knots, for granting my special intention. Yesterday, Day 8 of the novena, my nephew received a job offer that he wanted so badly. Thank you Blessed Mother and Jesus for this much appreciated blessing !

  56. Thank you for all your support through these prayerful Novenas. Without peoples prayers where would we be? My prayers for health for friends, my wife and me have been answered many times in the past.

    God Bless ALL of you, Amen!

  57. I have suffered with back pain and sciatica with nerve damage and atrophy of my leg. After praying the Mary Undoer of Knots Novena the pain in my back and leg are much less. Truly a miracle after 14 years of debilitating pain.

  58. Our blessed Mother answered my prayers during this novena. We moved to Az from VA and it looked impossible to get the hybrid Siena van in Le all wheel drive. But we got a call yesterday that it came and we are on our way to pick it up.

    I was also struggling with the Legion of Mary that’s here in Prescott as they are not acting the legion in Northern VA. But our Mother has stepped in and helping fix the issues and rejuvenating the members. Thank you our Blessed Mother who’s watchful eye is always on us!!

  59. In this Precious Novena, my car started acting crazy on me. I prayed for a miracle that what was ever wrong with my car wouldn’t be major. my car is not new but it has been well taken care of. Well good news, my prayers were answered….it was only a hose. cheap to buy and cheap to fix. and Thanks be to God and The Holy Mother, undoer of knott’s it wasen’t engine trouble or something major like that. I feel so luck and Blessed.
    These Novenas are so important, we all need something at a different time and Our Prayers are usually always answered. Isn’t God good to us.
    Thank you Holy Mary Mother of Jesus for always praying for us.
    God Bless you all…

  60. On day 2, (this is my second round this year praying this novena) I received the prayer intention that I’ve been praying for. Thank you so much Mana Mary Undoer of Knots for answering my prayer. I love you so much! Thank you for always interceding for us. Please continue to cover us with your mantle of protection as we serve the Lord. Amen

  61. I prayed during adoration several of the novenas to Mary concerning my son’s relapse where he lost cognitive reality. I prayed hard for his return to mental stability and Mary granted my son that gift. Thank you Mary!!!

  62. I kept hearing and reading to Pray more. This is a great forum to do just that. I’ve personally witnessed the power of all of us praying together. A true blessing

  63. Thank you Mother Mary for answering my prayer for both my sons in relation to their respective jobs. My day 1 intention was answered on day 2 for my one son Timothy and my intention for my son Matthew was answered on day 2 of the Novena. All thanks and praise my Mother forever and ever. I continue to pray that they will both go to mass soon. 🙏

  64. 3 weeks ago I was unexpectedly laid off, and it has left me in a dire financial situation, as well as taken a huge toll on my mental health. I prayed this novena to ask Mary to help me with my job situation. On the ninth day of the novena, I knelt in prayer before the image of Our Lady Undoer of Knots. As the prayers ended, I continued to kneel there for another minute, gazing at Mary’s image. While still on my knees, my phone rang – it was the hiring coordinator from a job I applied to months ago and was not accepted to, calling to tell me that their situation had changed and they wanted to offer me the job. Praise God!! I could not have even dreamed my prayers would be answered in that way or that quickly. Mary loves us so much.

  65. Once again, Mary answered my prayer. I had been estranged from my sister ever since her partner died a year ago. Things between us were very bad. I actually struck her. My apology was not accepted. During the Novena i had a doctor’s appointment. I told the nurse at the desk what happened. She spoke to me privately insisting i bring flowers and an apology to my sister immediately. My thoughts went to the Novena. I did what the nurse said thinking Mary was speaking through her, and my sister and i have been reunited. She, too, apologized. Thank you.

  66. I am most grateful to Our Blessed Mother Mary undoer of knots my prayers have been answered and soon after starting the novena too
    My mind is at ease now concerning a family matter, I have been able to arrange things more easily than I had thought able
    Thankyou Holy Mother Mary.

  67. I pray for the return of my daughter through reconciliation through mercy, love and forgiveness. That you undo this knot.
    I ask for the healing of her mind, body and soul and she be healed of her mental illness bringing peace to her being.
    Thank you Oh Virgin Mary Undoer of Knots

  68. I have been praying for a friend’s to get better after a terrible case of COVID. He has been released from seminary to come home for further rest and recovery time. Will go back to study in 6 months! Thank you Holy Mary and my friends at PMN!
    MY personal knot has been finances. Thank you Holy Mary and PMN! for helping me out!

  69. Thank you, Mary Undoer of Knots! I had been praying for my sister to have the confidence to go back into the workforce and get a job. She was gifted with an interview and they hired her. She is more confident in her abilities and is excited to start this new role. Thank you, Mother, who takes care of us all.

  70. This novena always means a lot to me as I feel there are many knots for the Lord to undo. I know that many are for the ultimate glory of the Lord. I love the imagery of the Virgin Mother holding the ribbon of our lives. This time there were some people that I entrusted in prayer due to issues with addiction. They were given the revelation that they were not living the lives that God would have them lead due to these dependencies. I thank the Lord for this revelation and their verbalization of this understanding. This is an amazing example of God at work and I know He will continue to intervene in our lives. Thank you for your ministry and these novenas that draw us closer to the Lord and our Mother Mary (through Jesus)! Amen

  71. On this 9th day of the novena, one of the knots which has been I prayed against (it has been lingering for 1 year) has been untangled. Thank you our most holy Mother the undoer of knots for your intercession. I return all praise and glory to God. I am thankful for this community. Indeed prayers move mountains.

  72. I was praying for one of my grandchildren who was having difficulty with his college situation, away from home. He called me two nights ago and told me about the positive outcome, as well as the lessons he learned from his mistakes.

  73. Give thanks to God and Mary, Undoer of Knots.
    My daughter called me and she was happy— long story. Also, a project which was tearing me apart; now looks like it will result in a favorable way. God is there even for things which seem insignificant to others. Praise God—watch God Work🙏🏻

  74. Greeting!
    I wanted to post an answer to a lot of prayers as I had a cardiac procedure done of 4/28 to place a Mems device in one of the vessels in my heart. I was scared to pieces to have this done and notified every prayer group, priests, nuns, etc., to pray for me. My own parish priest visited me the day before to give the Sacrament of the Sick and special blessings. My procedure went very well and I recovered without incident. I’m ever grateful for all the prayers said on my behalf and those of my two adult children.
    Thanks to all for your prayers and especially for God and the Blessed Mother for answering me and not abandoning me.
    In Christ,
    Mary Ann

  75. We’ve been trying to help my stepson who is addicted to heroin. Out of the blue we lost contact with him but our hope was that he was in detox. My fervent prayers for Mary‘s intercession we’re finally answered when we received a call from him. We’ve gotten him into a 30 day treatment program and will be bringing him to our home afterwards. Thank you Mary for your intercessory prayers and our king in heaven for this much needed help!

  76. Praise God! I was able to be vaccinated safely with no reactions! I still have to receive the 2nd one but I know Jesus will keep me safe through His Mother’s intercession! Thank you Mother Mary!! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  77. I didn’t tell anyone I started praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, or what knot I was praying to have undone. My kids’ relationships have been getting worse, and so I asked for their relationship to improve. The very day I started praying, my daughters started getting along so much better.

  78. I was praying to get my daughter’s school fees and Mother Mary sent someone who paid all my daughters fees. Thank you Mother Mary.

  79. I’ve had back problems for a few years. Problems with my L4 and L5 in my sciatic nerve. After praying the novena asking for the pain and suffering to go away I believe it was late last week I woke up Saturday morning with no pain. All the shots and injections I had last year didn’t work. Two days after the prayer I was healed and it still feels great today. The prayer fixed with the doctors couldn’t.

  80. I thank you for this novena, I was blessed with complacent job today. Thank you once again, God bless you and your efforts. Keep up the good work, in prayers🤗

  81. A mini answer. Our widowed daughter has been braking contact with us.
    When we asked about dropping off a birthday gift for her youngest, she
    declined, told us they had moved and reiterated the need for space.
    My husband was beside himself with anger and grief, threating more if
    we couldn’t get the gift to our granddaughter. Praise God, our daughter’s mother-in-law is going to be in the area this afternoon and agreed to
    pick up the gift and deliver it. This brought some calm to my husband for which I am most grateful.

  82. The knot of the guilt of abortion. She had the courage and the strength to confess the guilt of abortion, to her parents, committed 8 years ago. God is merciful!

  83. My prayers have not been answered and I’ve been praying for my marriage. And now my husband has filed for a divorce. I’m devastated . I’m married 42 years and retired and now I sit here alone. Yes I have God who will be holding my hands but my pain has still not gone away after 7 years

  84. I believe I have a faith… been devotionally praying but, I lost the job I just found last Friday, May 13!!! So, my faith it’s on the rocks. And I’m hopeful my prayers will be answered sooner than later as I don’t think I’m Our mother Mary wants to answer my prayers; perhaps there’s so much going on in the world that my prayers may not need answering.
    Thank you so much for trying to keep faith & devotion on some of us.

  85. I have handed in my application to mildmay hospital, they need two midwives, and the hospital has a better pay, continue praying for me to be one of the two

  86. I have been having a problem with my neck. The bones are deteriorating at the top of the back at the neck area. I saw the doctor in April for the pain and got medications. The side effects weren’t good.
    The pain can back bad this month with the inability to turn my head and pressure on the back of my head. I don’t want surgery.
    When I started this Novena, I turned it all over to Mary and did not need to go to the doctor for pain and was able to move my neck within a day. I know it is not healed completely but I can live with this. Thank you Mother Mary!

  87. My cousin Vincent found a house. Also my Aunt Marie’s kidneys are good. The doctor called and is asking for a repeat blood test because her failing kidneys looked good. Please continue to ask to help her large wound on her head to heal (skin cancer was removed and it got infected and is painful and won’t close).
    Prayers for my cousin’s to find a house she can afford or her father -in- law turn over the house to her and her 4 children. That he has compassion for his son who died, wife and children. That Beth will be able to have a baby. That Suzie’s UC gets well and she can eat. That we can find a buyer for our house so we don’t have to declare bankruptcy. I know someone needs a good home in Baltimore City in a safe neighborhood with good neighbors. Thank you dear Blessed Mother, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Bernadette and all her asked Our dear Jesus to help fix our problems, cure the sick and unite our families in peace to glorify Our Heavenly Father. Amen

  88. Please pray for to me to find a new job. Pray for my family and protection and pray for people who have lost the love ones.