Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions every day.

Hang in there and hold onto hope, Jesus is near. God bless you!

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  1. I was a 3rd year pharmacy student. I had reassessment exams and I was really stressed about failing the year and not being able to get through. I prayed to Mother Mary undoer of Knots and I repeated the novena everyday for 3 months. On the day of Mary’s feast day in September, I received my results. By the grace of God and the intercession of Mother Mary I passed my exams and I am now in final year. I strongly urge anyone to ask for Mary’s intercession. It is powerful .Thank you Jesus for this blessing

  2. Mary the undoer of Knots help me change the heart of Christain Eze to Trust God and may i find acceptance in marital Bliss.

  3. Mary Undoer of knots,
    I ask that you bring my non-believer boyfriend to Christ and for his heart to change on his stance on abortion. I feel so lost because I feel so guilty that I can’t bring him to know God, please mother Mary, I’m asking for a miracle here.

  4. I prayed novena last June,July,August to pass my university 2nd yr exams and I passed by intercession of Mary. Please intercede for me to pass my exams this yr mother mary and start september as 4th yr final pharmacy student

  5. I just joined this undoer of knots novena iam iam feeling so good from inside… My most loving mother i humbly ask you to undo the knots of delayed marriage in my life and stagnation through your most precious intercessions…and for God to turn his face towards me and bless and keep…i trust in your intercession mama and for this i receive the divine favour and divine connection in my life that will turn things around in my life..Ave maria. Your daughter loves you.

  6. I’m trusting God through this novena for a financial breakthrough, for marriage with my 2yrs relationship girlfriend and for success in all endeavors, and peace with God after the lose my parent from a deadly sickness ( cancer ). I’m just an orphan now. O Lord show me mercy and please grace me with an apartment this July.

    thank You Jesus.

  7. God has seen me through my day to day needs with my family. Through Mary undoer of knotes novena. Pls continue interceeding for us

  8. Mary Undoer of Knots, I pray that my boyfriend and I will find peace and humility in our hearts to be able to resolve our problems and get together again.
    Thank you Mary Undoer of knots, today is my 3rd day and I have complete faith in your intercesory power to your son Jesus, my savior and redeemer, Amen.

  9. Am continuing with this novena.MotherMary untie the knots in my marriage… I pray for marriage restoration. 🙏

  10. I prayed the Novena to Mother Mary Untier of Knots…on the 9th day my boyfriend and I prayed the rosary together again…we had a very big problem, and now we are resolving it slowly . I believe everything will be all right. Please continue to bless our relationship.
    Thank you Mama Mary. Thank you Jesus…
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you!

  11. Mary Undoer of Knots I pray for my anxiety to end in relation to my housing. I pray it will bring me closer to God and stop all the bad thoughts this illness causes me.


  12. I praise God Almighty for life. Thank you Jesus for grace. I began Mary undoer of knots 6 days ago, I was crushed, my relationship wasn’t working out. I am 32 years old never been married and I have always wanted to settle down with a good man. I prayed this novena asking Mother Mary to untie the knot of delayed marriage, Mary did it for I feel it… everything is falling into place and I know I shall get married this year in June. Also, Mary interceded to God for me for financial breakthrough…. Thank you Mother Mary. I am forever grateful. I praise God

  13. Mama Mary Undoer of Knots, please undo the knots in my relationship with Carlos. Please pray that he will come back to me and message me. Please pray for our reconciliation. Mama Mary Undoer of Knots, I trust in you.

  14. I was praying for healing from serious
    recurring sexually transmitted infections, UTI s, yeast infections, my body had just misbehaved for years I had no peace, mother Mary remembered me , I am free and free indeed, I thank mother Mary and Jesus for the mercies

  15. My daughter was at university and was on her final year when her dad became unemployed. there seemed to be no way to meet this financial obligation. I began the Undoer of Knots Novena and my daughter called home shouting and crying thanking her grandmother and myself for our prayers. We told her mother Mary and her son Jesus did it all. She had received emails on the same day stating that she had received a full scholarship and a job in the school.
    I love you my King Jesus and my blessed mother Mary.

  16. Thank you Mother Mary undoer of knots for the important information that was revealed to me unexpectedly.i shall be forever grateful

  17. Oh Blessed Holy Mother thank you for listening to my prayers. Some were answered but others still need your precious intercession. Blessed Mother please stay with me now that I need you the most. Please continue to intervene for me to the Heavenly Father.

  18. I prayed the Novena Mary undoer of knots and asked for financial assistance as on of my petition.My baby daddy had flatly refused to support him financial but before I ended the Novena,he finally agreed to be sending some money for support,it was miracle because,he had earlier refused.I thank Mother Mary undoer of knots because,this was Amazing for me.

  19. I prayed the Novena Mary undoer of knots and asked for financial assistance as on of my petition.My baby daddy had flatly refused to support him financial but before I ended the Novena,he finally agreed to be sending some money for support,it was miracle because,he had earlier refused.I thank Mother Mary undoer of knots because,this was Amazing for me.

  20. The Blessed Mother untied 2 deep knots for me.
    Christopher got a job and Michael ended his relationship w his non Catholic girlfriend.

  21. Was praying for a payment that I have waited for 3 months to come through and today I got that long awaited text that it has gone through…forever grateful to Mary undoer of knots for this and many answered prayers!

  22. Hi All,
    I was praying to pass the finals in all my subjects for my MSc. Programme because I felt I didn’t do very well overall in the courses. I was moving to a new country in the middle of the semester with my family (wife and child) to pursue this dream we have of living and experiencing a new way of life and I was feeling very overwhelmed. In the end I passed all 4 courses and even achieved merits in 2 of them which I definitely didn’t see coming! I give God, Jesus and our mother Mary (the undoer of knots) all the glory for this outcome! Amen.

  23. Praise be to God. My prayer requests were answered. I had stayed for three years without any job and I had attended more than ten interview with no positive feedback. I prayed Mary, undoer of knots novena and after two weeks I got a job offer. I have joined the company and signed a contract, this is my first time job after three years of unemployment, all glory be to God. Amen 🙏.

  24. Thank you for needed prayer.please continue to pray for myself,daughter,and our grandchildren be never separated.

  25. In Malta, there is a high devotion to Mary undoer of Knots. This devotion became popular in Malta thanks to a Maltese Missionary priest Fr. Goerge Grima. He founded The Missionary Movement “Jesus in thy neighbour” is a (NGO VO/0140) that was founded in Gozo, Malta by Monsignor George Grima.

    He prayed to Mary undoer of Knots to help him overcome the problems he faced as a missionary.

  26. Hi John-Paul,

    May God continue to bless you and your wife for this ministry. Usually, I do not just have one intention for any novena and I am happy if one or more is/are granted. Sometimes, I do not realise that a particular fulfillment is attributable to the novena. However, something happens at some time and brings my mind to the success I am experiencing and the relation to the Novena.

    Given this background, I will explain the fulfillment that I want to attribute to one of the answers from Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

    I will be 50 in October this year and one of the things I want to do is retire and by retirement, I need to have an income that does not require my having to depend on a job. So I need to learn new opportunities that will provide me the income that will not be dependent on a regular job.

    Overtime, I have come to a decision that this will lie in the realm of trading the markets – crypto, forex, derivatives. I have taken the time to read and improve my knowledge and sought opportunities that I can put to practice what I have read. I have made and lost money in the process but certain blocks are falling in place that will enable me build on this vision.

    The Novena started on the 10th of May and I met a new mentor in the process of building my vision on 13th of May. It only occured to me on the 4th of June that probably the decision to reach out to the mentor on the 13th of May was related to the Novena and that I had an early answer to a key request I have always laid at the feet of God during all my Novenas.

    I will continue to pray for perfection of the work with this mentor while I continue seeking other opportunities. So far, two very critical blocks have fitted as I seek the goal of the intention to retire.

    May the Good Lord continue to bless and keep us all and grant us our hearts desires in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  27. Praise God,I got a Job offer ,but my contract will be fully honored after I pass my exams
    My prayer right now is to pass all my exam in June and July.

  28. For Peter and Tina such great need for miracles of healing and for life’s difficulties trying to prevent the true message of Jesus to be spread to stop. For those who do the Lords work will not be thwarted by the enemy, may Mary crush his head. For Mary to crush the head of disease in our lives irregardless of the cause, to restore our health and vibrancy, Mary nothing can withstand your power please make us well again.

  29. Last year, despite my best efforts, I was unable to complete my tertiary level studies due to my inability to pay outstanding tuition fees. I had been struggling financially for quite some time. This would have been my third attempt as attaining tertiary level academic certification. The first two occasion, I would have abandoned the course for different, unexplainable reason. It seemed impossible to achieve this accomplishment, nevertheless, I was determined.
    I decided to pray the ‘Mary Un-doer of Knots’ Novena, seeking her intervention and that of the Lord Jesus, to ‘undo the knots’ I believe existed, and open a way whereby I may resume my studies.
    The first three days of the Novena I engaged in a 6am-6pm fast. On the morning of the 4th day, I received a financial breakthrough. Although significant, with regards to alleviating a number of longstanding debts, it was not sufficient to settle my outstanding school fees. Nevertheless, I followed through with the Novena to the end, remaining earnest and hopeful in prayer. Nine days after completing the Novena, I received another financial breakthrough. This time enabling me to settle my tuition fees as well as additional outstanding debts.
    All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother Mary! My prayers were heard and answered. I am now resolute, that I will complete my studies without any further disruptions; and also maintain my current stable financial status.
    My sincere thanks also to the Pray More Novena team for exposing me to this Novena.

  30. With God’s Grace, even with average scores I managed to get into Medicine, to study and become a doctor. I thank God for giving me that big opportunity and all the blessings he has showered on me. Trust in him, and he will give you what is right.

  31. Cure for wife helene high blood pressure to come.down to normal and remain normal,memory to return to normal undergo stiffnes in ankel to ease.and walk normal foot drop to go away.and doctor to get surgery done saby surgery to be successful,wean and cathy depression to ho away

  32. Thank you to Our Lady, Mary, Undoer of Knots, for all her help throughout this Novena! She has been there to do things for me in the natural such as jolting my broken air conditioner back into working order during a thunderstorm after it had been out during record high temperatures this month. I continue to call upon you for help with so many needs that overwhelm me! Thank you for the continuous signs of progress each time I take action to address a pressing problem which may seem minor in the big scheme of things but is daunting to me, such as a car desperately in need of repairs. However, it will still go a few miles to the nearby grocery store and post office before overheating so I am not without a car for necessities! Also my phone was disconnected through no fault of my own which they have been trying to restore for weeks and which they keep saying is a closed case when in fact it is still not working. The only thing that has worked is that I have been able to continue to pay the monthly bill so they continue to troubleshoot it each time I call. I thank God for the ability to keep doing what I can each day and I pray for help from Mary, Undoer of Knots! Mary also helped me attend a Webinar successfully during this Novena and I am not savvy with technology so that was a relief!
    Things continue to arise that need to be addressed, fixed or maintained, which is a part of life, but when they happen in rapid succession and efforts to remedy them don’t work or are delayed, it takes a miracle from above to make it happen. I thank Mary, Undoer of Knots, for those ongoing miracles in my daily life! I give all the credit to God and I thank our beloved Mother Mary for her intercession with my humble needs and for the needs of others in the world who are suffering losses. Amen

  33. One of my prayers that was answered after praying the novena to St. Rita is the one for seeking employment. I got a job. It’s been two months now. My mother also got a job. Well paying. After praying the novena to St. Rita. She is the one who encouraged me to do the same and I haven’t stopped since.

  34. The evening after the end of the novena, my son, who has been estranged for over 6 month and refusing to discuss what triggered this separation, sent an email asking for a chance to talk. Though the one and a half hour conversation was very difficult, full of gut-wrenching emotion and painful, it ended with my son sobbing uncontrollably as his dad and I told how proud we were of what he has accomplished over the past 15 years. It as if he forgot how much we love him.
    Though we are still on shaky ground, text and emails have followed this conversation. we asked to see he and his family on Father’s Day and he thought it was a good ides. I will continue to pray to Mary to pour he blessings on our family as we try to rekindle our relationship with our son.
    FYI, this was the first time I ever posted my intention to this site prior to praying the novena- glad I did!
    Love to all! MC

  35. I was out of work for more than 2 years. It was during the pandemic that a lot of people were jobless, so I thought maybe when this pandemic starts to slowdown, I will find a job. I haven’t stop applying and praying but nothing was happening. Few times I got calls from recruiters and got interviews but nothing pushed through. We already have problems financially. My eldest son is going to college and he needs to stay in a dorm and we still have mortgage to pay. Though my husband has work, I’m still the breadwinner of the family. I started praying the novena on May 9th, I had my interview on May 10th. I got my job offer on May 13th and I accepted it on May 16th. Everything happened during my novena to Our Lady of The Knots. Now, I’m just waiting for my background check to be approved and my starting date will be on June 6th.
    I was so overwhelmed with God’s grace and mercy and with Mama Mary’s intercession. I really believed that Our Lady of the Knots, untie the biggest knot in my life for more than 2 years. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer with Mama Mary’s intercession. To Jesus, through Mary. Amen.

  36. My scan was clear. No sign of cancer. God is great and prayers were definitely answered. Thank and god bless you all who prayed for me

  37. I started the novena with a desperate need to raise around $7880 for my school fee. By the end of day 9, I had already raised $ 7022 through the intercession of our mother undoer of our knots.. I still believe she will come through for me to get the remaining $858 in due time. Thank you mother undoer of our knots..
    Thank Paul and Anne for taking us closer to the Holy Trinity.. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

  38. I am thanking God through the Intercession of our Mother Mary undoer of knots for miraculous provision of my daughter’s school fees and my needs. Also provision of
    a job vacancy suited for my brother though I am believing God for the testimony of his being employed.
    Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary

  39. I prayed this novena for our accute financial problems. My fears and anxiety were eating me up. I pleaded with Mary to untie these knots (hoping, of course, that it would rain money!). Instead, one afternoon, I felt how the physical knots that I had felt for weeks already gradually loosened and disappeared! I was able to experience the peace that Jesus gives IN SPITE OF the circumstances, not because of them! Thank you so much, Holy Mother, for hearing me!

  40. I have been searching for a job for over 3 years and I prayed, but still nothing only one rejection after the other, I ws depressed and lost all hope. This time around I prayed and searched online everyday and just after finishing this novena to our lady undoer of knots, I opened my email and there it was, a provisional job offer! From the company I had been praying for. Thank you so much our Lady, what a true blessing. I still have obstacles to overcome with the final stage of the application process before being offered the job and so I continue to pray for these knots to be untied to pass every requirement. Still many knots to be untied especially for full recovery for my brother and our family reunion. Thank you

  41. Thank you for all the prayers and your beautiful novenas! My daughter is speaking to us again. Praise God and our Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession!

  42. Praise God! My brother-in-law, Hugh, 64-years old, was Diagnosed with cancer of the colon and liver back in December 2022. He was originally told they would need to treat the liver and remove part of it before they could address his colon. He underwent chemo, and when he returned to schedule the surgery to remove his liver, to their surprise, the liver cancer was gone. No one will convince me it was not divine intervention.

    Now, they are treating the colon. I’m praying God will perform a miracle that none of the doctors, nurses or family members can do anything but praise God for.

  43. I had many knots I prayed for Mary to untie .. so far one has been untied .. my son found a roommate and good housing . Other have been loosened but not fully resolved yet. I am looking forward to Mary finishing untieing then knots of my sons employment situation , my situation with my siblings , my health , my overwhelming responsibilities .

  44. Praying in Thanksgiving. My daughter has been offered a new job, which will be life changing for their family.
    I have been offered a part time job. I have been praying about this, if it was to be God’s will, as I am disabled. This job will be one that I can do within my limitations and it will be a major difference for us, financially. I am so grateful. I kept telling myself that all through my 33 years of this disability and questionable financial situations, God has never let us down. Again, He has Blessed us. And my daughter. Thank you, Mary, for being the Mother of our family. And protecting us. I am so grateful.

  45. Mary Undoer knots has granted my neice a school after a long search for a high school, thank you so much

  46. 2 prayers answered –

    My, rather unusual friend (ex husband, divorced 20 years ago) has begun to calm down and showing interest in my lovely garden at last.

    My youngest daughter has been wanting to have her first born child Christened – he’s now 14 months old – and her husband has just suggested they have their son baptised 👏🏻🙏😁
    an answer to prayers indeed.

  47. Dear Mary undoer of knots

    I am just so thankful for your blessing. I thought I will not able to make it but through your grace I am grateful. Thank you for answering my prayers and taking away my anxiety. Thank you.

    Please also answer the prayers of all those people who needs your help and shower them all the blessings that they deserve. Amen.

  48. Prayed this novena asking for help for my grandson who finally, after many tries, made it into PT school. Just got a text from him that he mad an “A” on his first text. So very thankful.

  49. Prayed for my husband’s back he had back surgery in August but last week he was in so much pain and couldn’t stand up tall curved back and just as this novena started I prayed for his back and just went to see his doctor today and said everything looks good. He is in less pain and standing up tall again- almost back to normal. Praise GOD

  50. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility. We, with our families have been praying and asking the Blessed Mother to intercede for us that we might be blessed with a child. On the last day of this novena, we learned I’m pregnant. God is Great!

  51. My prayer was for healing of my husband’s relationship with our son and knots of my son’s life being loosed. Was granted incredible signs of both knots being untied towards end of Novena. Thank you Holy Mother

  52. My daughter had gotten angry at me for a situation I had no control over and refused to speak to me. I was broken-hearted. The day after the novena ended, my daughter finally started talking to me again! Thank you Mary, Undoer of Knots for your intercession! Thank you, God for answered prayers. 🙏🏻

  53. Have some difficult relationships because of the plandemic. We chose not to Vax due to abortive and other harmful materials. Those who have refused to see us are softening and doors are opening up. We are trusting that the other knots are being affected too! Thank you!

  54. I was struggling at school and I could not understand a thing. My request to Mary undoer of Knots was for me to see light in my studies and have an understanding especially when it comes to the research project I am supposed to do. Just three days after I started the Novena, I began to feel like a lot of weight that I felt is wearing me down has been lifted from me, and everything is now becoming clearer.
    Thank you to Mary for undoing the knots in my way to success.

  55. Its amazing Our prayers were answered before the 9th day. I requested for healing, reconciliation and unity in our family. My son came home after 3 months away and told us he’s going to change and wanted to go back to college. My daughter is getting close to us again coming home once in a while. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mary undoer of knots.

  56. Please pray for
    Mackenzie Grace-born at 33 weeks. She is in the NICU and having tests for several issues.
    Kim A diagnosed with liver cancer-waiting for more tests & visit with surgeon.
    Carol – dementia &in a care facility.
    Betty-95 years old with Parkinson’s in a care facility.
    Jay-anxiety issues.
    Mike-anxiety and financial issues.
    Mark-for patience and listening skills.
    And their families.
    Thank you and God bless.

  57. I thank God for protecting my son from a fall. He fell from his bed -decker on day 60of this Novena. One of my intentions was for God to break any knots against my children. Am so blessed and grateful that after tests and scan he is all well. Praise Jesus

  58. To God be the glory my prayers was answered I was praying for peace between me and my boyfriend, those who trust and pray with faith our faithful God always listen and answer

  59. I am a 17 year breast cancer survivor. Back then, I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. This past week a mammogram on my other breast was inconclusive. I prayed for a good outcome in this novena. My husband also prayed in this novena. I was scheduled for ultrasound and possible biopsy. The exam was successful and I didn’t need a biopsy. There was no cancer and conclusion was normal. I thank the Lord and Mary, under of knots. I believe our prayers worked. Thank you so much.

  60. My prayers were answered regarding a serious potential water leak in my home and at first thought I would have to re-pipe my house to repair the leak. The leak was found to be under a sink and not serious. This was an answer to prayers from my husband and myself. Praise God!

  61. I have always prayed these novenas for the conversion of my daughter Annie. The morning of our 9th day, I received at text from her asking if she could stop by with my granddaughters on the way through town this Sunday. I never believed she would come to my home again as the pandemic has given her great control of us seeing our grandkids. I haven’t hugged my daughter or granddaughters in almost three years. We will still have to social distance outside with masks, but this is a baby step in the right direction. Thank you all for praying with me and for my intentions. What an amazing gift God has given us in these novenas. God bless you all. In Christ’s love and peace. Tami

  62. Give All Glory to God our Father – in the name of Jesus Christ!!
    The knots of despair and fear has been untied for me!! I prayed to loosen these knots but they were untied!!
    My fear of loosing my house – and despair made by wrong financial choices. I prayed to Mary our Mother for assistance – but she untied the knots of financial, relational and spiritual!!

    I owe a great gratitude to our Lord and Savior and our heavenly mother Mary!

    Go boldly and confidently in prayer, humility and gratitude

  63. Dear Mary, Undoer of Knots, thank you for finding me a job; and in an unexpected place too! I love you, Mother Mary, and am so grateful to you and God’s mercy. Love, your daughter Sally

  64. Thank you Mary my Mother for interceding to your Son for me, my eyesight has been restored. This is such a powerful novena.

  65. My best friend has been suffering from illness for years. Just recently, I prayed this novena, and she got the answers she was looking for. Turns out she can be cured completely! Thank you Mary undoer of knots!

  66. Dear Lord Jesus,

    One of my prayers has been answered. Our family was looking for an excellent independent house and we were granted a big villa within our budget. Thank you Mother Mary for untying this knot and I pray that you will continue to untie the other knot(works in Upwork). Amen.

  67. God truely answers prayers and He is closer than we think.
    May his name be praised forever.
    Mother mary has interceded for me.
    My immigration journey of over 3 year now has a ray of hope as my appication is now being attended too and am hopeful it l he concluded soon.
    Thank You mother mary.

  68. Our da in law is doing much better from her chemo treatments. Now she will start radiation and we pray for a great turnout. We are still pray for our son, to find a good job.
    Thank you Blessed Mother for helping our da in law.
    Please untie this knot for us.

  69. We had two very bad news announcements during the novena. Very hard to accept. I continued the novena. I do hope some prayers are eventually answered.

  70. One of my prayers have been answered. I was desperately looking for a job and I have been granted one. Thank you Mother Mary for untying this Knot and I pray that you will continue to untie the other knots. Amen.

  71. Thank you Sweet Mother for taking our prayers to your loving son Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you dear Jesus for hearing our prayers always

  72. I got the JOB!!!
    Noticed some developmental milestones growth with the boys and Hubby is seriously considering moving jobs. Thank you J & A for this group
    I pray our Lady intercedes for everyone seeking her help. God bless🙏🙏🙏🙏

  73. This was a poem I wrote for my daughter on the last day of this Novena was a beautiful answer to my prayer

    For love of this gift

    For love of this gift she paid no heed
    To others who judged her
    For her “ deed”
    For love of this gift from her Father above
    Sacrifice is not sacrifice its love…
    What others think matters less and less
    As stronger she grows from that babies caress
    Protect him she will from the worlds cruel words
    And long knowing looks with judgement unheard
    God knows the hurt entrusted to her as He holds her heart where in lies the spur..
    Arise my child our work is not done
    For I have a plan for you and your son
    Listen not to those who wish to hold you back
    Where hearts are hard and compassion lack
    I hear your prayers in a special way
    And I heard your yes on that special day!
    Turn to me when you need somewhere to lean
    I will support you in my fantastic dream.
    So listen not to others who don’t understand
    Look up to me for my outstretched hand
    I have put people there to help you along
    To sing to the world your beautiful song….
    Love God

  74. Thank you Mother Mary for granting one of my petitions. I was praying for employment and on the last day of the novena l received a call informing me l had gotten the job I applied for over a month ago.
    I was so happy and knew it was from doing this novena.
    Thank you Mama Mary for your intercession and faithfulness. Amen 🙏

  75. Thank you Mother Mary for granting one of my petitions. I was praying for employment and on the last day of the novena l received a call informing me l had received a job l applied for.
    Thank you Mama Mary for your intercession and faithfulness. Amen 🙏

  76. I prayed the novena. It worked! I will never look at the Undoer of Knots the same ever again. I don’t know how to thank you, but I’ll pay you back someday, somehow. Thank you again 💙

  77. I was asked to withdraw from school and in order to be given another chance I had to write an appeal. After doing that, I prayed the novena to Our Lady undoer of Knots and begged for her intercession in my situation. I am pleased and thankful that she heard her daughter’s plea and interceded for me. May Our Lady our mother continue to intercede for us.

  78. I have terrible back pain and prayed that my surgery would be scheduled soon. This morning I got a call from Spine Clinic and surgery is scheduled next Thursday. I am so thankful. Thank you Mary for watching out for me.

  79. Mother Mary undoer of knots I Thank you so much Thanks for revealing the truth to me about a hidden so grateful . I’m still trusting in you for complete emotional healing

  80. My request granted to the opposite,he came back unexpectedly. Am still praying that almighty help me to forgive,forget and keep my morals up no matter what happens. & so grateful for praying my 9 days of this novena. 🙏🙏