Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena this year! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2019 and had a major operation to have it removed . They managed to take off about 90 -95% of tumour. 5-10% they couldn’t take it off because it was intertwined with a critical vein . In l had to continuously go for MRI scan to monitor regrowth.

    Last year November the tumour was 33x 18mm . I started praying that the tumour permanently goes away. On 11 May 2023 after Novena to Our Mother Mary l had an MRI, the doctor said he could not see it and requested for a clear CT scan. I joined the Novena to Holy Spirit and asked that l be totally healed. On Tuesday the scan confirmed, there was nothing. nothing at all , just scars of Grace. Thank you our Blessed Mother for interceding, thank you Jesus for the healing. Thank you Holy Spirit for comforting me.

  2. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead my adult children back to mass. One of my children returned to mass last Sunday.

  3. My prayers for immediate and extended families, descendants of Abraham and all God’s children to be united within the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to be open to receive the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are being manifested in various ways🙏 I praise and thank the Lord for His love and mercy! Amen

  4. It’s been a difficult year, but the Holy Spirit answered our prayers for a baby. We found out we were expecting the last day of the novena! I also have several job interviews lined up back to back as I had wanted to make a career transition after an unfair job loss earlier this year. Thank you God!

  5. Dear God,
    Thank you for your faithfulness, for continuing to answer my prayers. Praying Novenas has given me the peace l have always yarned for but could not get. My faith is stronger because of prayer.

  6. Thank you for praying to the Holy Spirit along with me. The first step in my pray being answered was reveled to me on the 9th day of the Novena to Our Holy Spirit. I hope and pray that everyone had their prayers answered.

  7. My husband left me after Thanksgiving, and filed for a divorce a week later. We went to our first court date a few days ago. The divorce was NOT granted!!!!! Hallelujah, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

  8. Thankyou, Lord, for my little granddaughter’s recovery from a mild concussion. And thankyou for signs of growth, and desire for healing, in my son..and for a growing relationship with my goddaughter.

  9. Spirit Divine, we praise you, for answered prayers; opening the path to miraculous reconciliation and reconnection to our son E who has been avoiding physical presence with the family for a decade, not even a phone call. We’re a trusting for a miracle by the Divine Helper and comforter for victory in the civil litigation in his hands now. Trinity, please protect him, keep him safe, meet his needs, healthy, prosperous, and joyful; grant the entire family emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and financial. We acknowledge YOUR PRESENCE in all our BLESSINGS for which we give you heartfelt GRATEFUL THANKS IN JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY NAME.AMEN. Bless all those who make this opportunity available. COME HOLY SPIRIT.

  10. Please pray for health that God will give him favor and thank for praying with me I am very thankful have a blessed day 😇

  11. I was praying for my bro to get a job and he did on the 7th day of this novena ,thank you lord,may the holy spirit lead him wherever goes.

  12. I thank the Holy Spirit for opening my heart to be patient and understanding.
    God Bless my Family!

    Steve C.

  13. God answered ma prayer for a job and am now working and paid 500000 amonth . GLORY BE TO GOD n all blessings to the novena Praying team.thanks

  14. My daughter wrote her PTS Exam last year and was not successful but just at the start of this current novena she went for a repeat which I called upon the Holy spirit and He answered me. She passed her papers very well

  15. I prayed my daughters boyfriend would receive physical, spiritual and emotional healing after a near fatal motorcycle accident back in October. He has lots of injuries left but I was specifically thinking that he needed about 15 degrees rotation in each direction in neck and his new PT (with God) restored that last week.

  16. I thank the Almighty God for his unconditional blessings from our God, e.g have been blessed with another child and so happy. Also am praying for you all and even to my colleagues to be fulfilled their prayer, request. I also request you all to remember me in our prayers to pass out awaiting exam in two weeks times.

  17. Dear God, thanks for answering our prayer
    My husband got an offer for contract extension for another 5 months
    We are still trusting God for better stable jobs. Amen

  18. Oh, Holy Spirit, please keep my family Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

    Thank you Jesus 🙏.

  19. I pray these novenas all the time and a VERY important prayer has been answered as of late. I believe in the power of prayer, even though sometimes it is so difficult. Thank you so much. Amen!

  20. I started the novena to pray for my health issues that I have been having lately and the Lord has guided me through this process, I prayed that my body would adjust to the medication I was prescribed and it did! Thank the Lord. It was a humbling experience for me and my family during this time for sure. I am more grateful for my life everyday I get the chance to wake up and be with my family, I am grateful to be a vessel for the Lord and pray he continues to use me to help his people.

  21. Praise the Lord. Just now I had a positive fesult to something that was worrying me. AMEN and thank you God.

  22. Our daughter has been tolerating her immunotherapy as we have been praying for during this novena. Praise be to God that she is doing this and please continue to bless her on this journey.

  23. I was praying for my daughters to get jobs one has received an invite for interview. Thank you holy spirit am positive all will work out well. Amen.

  24. I would like to thank God and all those who prayed the Holy Spirit novena with me. My sone has been accepted in University… I am grateful…

  25. Physical restoration of my eyesight, autoimmune system, tick illnesses show me a light at the end of the tunnel Thank you Amen

  26. I am truly grateful to God since I started the Holy spirit novena, the. Whole spirit has been guiding me on how to deal with my boss, I am enjoying my job more and everything is working out in my favour. Thank you thank you thank you for the job opportunity

  27. During this Novena, I’ve experienced the Virgin Mother – the Undoer of Knots come to my aid.
    I am quite thankful and seeing the reality of life unfold in front of me.

    I say thanks again and hope to continue to experience more knots un-doed in God’s time.


  28. I pray that my son would find a job. He has received 2 verbal offers. Thank you God for His grace.

  29. Thank you Lord for all blessings. Our son was advised today that he has been approved for a new home rental. He’s been living with us for 8 months and is ready to start his new life.

  30. Brothers and sisters in Christ I salute you.
    I thank God for all blessings He shows us all days in our life. I want to share with you that when I start this Novena I had an eviction notice and I had no way out, Jesus sent me a Samaritan to pay all I had to pay me and my family are free of debts and we glorify our Lord. I am still struggling with our asylum but I am confident that with God nothing is impossible to be. Pray and intercede for us to get that asylum this year.
    There is a lot to thank God for in our lives. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

  31. Miracles do exist and God makes them happen through the intercessions of Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints bringing us closer to Jesus for healing and help. During this Novena my pelvic lymph node cancer because disease free. This after 50 radiation treatments. 28 the first time and 22 after reoccurrence plus transfusions and surgery. Prognosis was negative with the oncologist but he didn’t know the strength in prayer. Our Blessed Mother Mary loves us and she brings us closer to her son for healing and help.

  32. I have been praying for a job on the 6th day of this novera God answered my prayer for a new job which is also a higher position. I praise God and keep praying for all of us trusting God for breakthrough. Amen

  33. I want to thank God for restoring my peace. The novena to the Holy Spirit helped me to clear all my doubts about a recent relocation I just made and restored my peace and relationship with God. I am so thankful to the Holy Trinity!

  34. I have prayed to Holy Spirit during this novena for my Son in law to get the job he applied for. Found out Thursday he got it! Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayers

  35. Most Holy Spirit, You know all my intentions. Please answer all my prayers which I pray in the most Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, praise and thank You my loving God, Amen

  36. Most Holy Spirit, You know all my intentions. Please answer all my prayers, I pray in the most Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, praise and thank You my loving God, Amen 💕💕🙏🏻💕💕

  37. Thank you Holy spirit, after the 8 days of novena I received a response from US Department. Although it is not the Documentary Qualified letter but we are almost there, yahoooo. Thank Lord, Thank you Jesus and Thank you Holy Spirit.

  38. My wife has just told us she is pregnant with our 6th child (5 weeks), we have lost one prior to this one, please pray for a great and health pregnancy, also I am struggling financially please pray that I obtain a good job and also get my finances in order. This is a big problem at our house. God bless you all. Your novenas give us strength and courage to carry on with our lives! God bless you all!

  39. In 2020,a joined the pray more novena,i was in the process to get a job in USA,i submitted my request in the novena,yes God works miracles am now in Ohio,I don’t know how it happened i was supposed to go to Atlanta, and i discovered John-Paul & Annie pray more novena are from Ohio! Praise the name God!

  40. I prayed for my husband’s addiction to be delivered. Thursday, He went to a 30 day Rehab program. Praise be to our Great Lord‼️
    Total conversion to the Catholic faith is now what I’m begging for Lord. Open his ears & heart to you & your truth within the Catholic Church🙏🏼 It’s with Jesus & in his Holy name I asked for all prayers to be

  41. •My mother was able to get out of bed into her wheelchair for the first time in 2 1/2 months and receive physical therapy after a terrible bout with Covid at 91. She is regaining her strength.
    •My sister’s thyroid biopsy showed no cancer.
    •My aunt is responding to chemotherapy for leukemia and will get to return home from the hospital soon.

    Thank you God for answered prayers!!!!

  42. I thank the HolySpirit for blessing us with good health.
    My prayers will take time to be answered. I am confident the Good Lord will answer our prayers.
    God bless all who prayed this novena. Thank you
    John Paul and Anne for making these novenas possible.

  43. I’ve been praying the Pray more novenas for a few years. Today, we received what I think is an answer to our prayers. We had this tree in our yard that with all the storms we’ve had, the branch broke. And yet another storm came and another large branch broke. We couldn’t afford the $600 estimate, so my 73 year old friend said, I’ll bring my saw and we’ll try to get this tree down. Lots of complications too numerous to mention, but my daughter had to work, she couldn’t help, I have many medical issues, I couldn’t help. So there was my 73 year old friend(who is a heart patient by the way) and my 14 year old granddaughter were trying to cut down this huge tree. I begin to pray to the Holy Spirit. I said my daughter and I can’t help and my friend and granddaughter can’t do it alone….please Holy Spirit….intercede…I was praying so hard I was crying…it wasn’t 10 minutes before this young guy pulled into the neighbors driveway and said…hey…you look like you could use a hand…I have a chain saw. He looked like he was homeless or at best lived out of his car with his 3 dogs. He said I’ve cut trees down for 10 years. He stayed the entire day and I made them all lunch and even fed/watered his dogs. He cut the branches up and loaded them onto my friends truck. He charged us $75…he said I need $75 to get my truck and this is the last day they will hold it. We of course gave him more than $75. I certainly believe with all my heart this was a Divine Intervention. Maybe not a physical healing , but we couldn’t have done that by ourselves. He said his name was Jason…so I ask everyone to pray for him. I thanked him and hugged him…and said I pray God blesses you abundantly!

  44. This novena came in time. I passed my licensing exam. I remember the day the novena was about peace, after praying all the stress I had about the exam just melted away and the next day I took my exam feeling relaxed even when I felt like I had not studied enough.

  45. My husband and I were able to get pregnant naturally after years of trying and right before we were about to start the IVF process! Thank you for your prayers.

  46. I prayed that may daughter may get employment and the day I started the novena she was called for interview and got employed. Thank you Jesus 🙏

  47. I really wanted to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land however, I was scared to go alone .A friend called to ask if I would go with her on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
    We have both signed up this week to go later this year !! You

  48. Join me and thank God Almighty for healing and protection upon my life. Thank you Jesus and may your name be praised Amen.

  49. My life was so full of anger, stress and hopelessness. After I began this novena one night I was so depressed I just wanted all that was happening to me to end. I didn’t know how to pray. I asked the Holy Spirit to speak for me before the throne of God. To ask God to take the pain away . The Lord took my pain away and gave me the strength I needed to keep going. My troubles are still there but I feel now that I can bravely face them with renewed faith and love. Amen!

  50. My prayers have been answered in a particular and unexpected manner regarding a family matter. I am very grateful to my God for this favour
    Thankyou O My God for your blessings your mercy and your love

  51. My eyes both abrasions were heal it’s been a year of trying to get them healed.
    The pressure was so high 4 weeks ago IN BOTH EYES he thought I had Glaucoma. I had to go back just this last Thursday.
    I asked for prayers here and at church!!!
    Thank you all for your prayer…. What a Miracle!!!
    I do have a small cataract coming but nothing to worry about for now!
    God bless you all!!!

  52. My eyes both abrasions were heal it’s been a year of trying to get them healed.
    The pressure was so high 4 weeks ago IN BOTH EYES he thought I had Glaucoma. I had to go back just this last Thursday.
    I asked for prayers here and at church!!!
    Thank you all for your prayer…. What a Miracle!!!
    I do have a small cataract coming but nothing to worry about for now!
    God bless you all!!!

  53. I have been praying for my marriage on this novena. My husband and I have become closer and starting to be more open to each other than before.

  54. I thank God for making my birthday a success that was on 25th May, my elder brother and niece who both had malaria while starting this novena are also now feeling well. I will keep praying for my forthcoming diploma in Mechatronic Technology graduation to be a success and also ask God help me get a fully funded scholarship abroad to do my Bachelor’s Degree.
    Thank you.

  55. I requested for prayers for my sister who was undergoing surgery last week Saturday. The surgery was successful and she is recovering well. Please join me in thanking God for seeing her through and for his healing mercy upon her

  56. I had a repeat blood test done for my liver and viral load and it came back all good. The Goodness of the Holy Spirit Amen. Thank you Jesus

  57. Thank you to the Holly Spirit novena for favor received.In the nale of the Father The Son and The Holly Spirit.

  58. I thank God for his goodness in our lives, I have a testimony my brethren my son got a job last week,let’s keep praying for him to God to do better so that he can be confirmed.

  59. My son is an alcoholic. Eleven days ago he committed to a 30-day detox and recovery program. I have focused this novena on his improved health both physically and mentally. He called me today and sounded much better and he is still there! He was a flight risk for sure. The power of prayer!!
    In Jesus’ name we continue to pray for Cameron.

  60. I prayed for my children especially my daughter having her end of year exams and God blessed them all with his success and mercy .
    Thank you Jesus, you are great

  61. I am close to my Creator most times especially when He Blesses me. I feel lost most times when one day is just the same as yesterday but the Novenas reel me back and Oh what joy.

  62. I asked God for a house that is affordable, comfortable and safe, as my family and I are facing accommodation. Please join me in thanking God because I found a house within our budget it also comfortable and secured. My husband has paid and we are preparing to move in. Thank you Jesus

  63. If it is your holy will Lord and Holy Spirit, please help me get my bus back from Rose. Thank you

  64. My prayer was answered half way through the novena to the Holy Spirit! I’m so happy and appreciative! I prayed that I wouldn’t owe any taxes from my late filing given that I had borrowed some money from my IRA and didn’t pay back. I didn’t. Turns out I had paid enough taxes at my W-2 job! This was a surprise to me!!! Thank you Holy Spirit, Trinity in one God!!’

  65. My daughter has been admitted to college of interest. I pray for a breakthrough for the visa. I was unwell together with my husband and am we are healed. To God be glory.

  66. Thanking God for prayer answered. I got the job that I prayed for in this novena and the sponsorship too. Amen

  67. I’ve been praying for improvement in my marriage and have placed my request with Pray More family. I can see the improvements and would like to thank you for your prayers ever since I’ve been in your mailing list. God continue blessing you and keep on praying for others.

  68. Most Holy Spirit,
    Thank you for watching over and protecting my son. Please continue to watch over protect and bless him.
    Thank you for watching over my sisters and family, please continue to bless them.
    Please keep watch over all in my healing prayer, my friends, Annie and John-Paul, and all those praying this novena and their intentions. Thank you.
    Come Holy Spirit.

  69. I had been praying for the thief in my home to be caught with evidence and by the 5th day,the Lord answered my prayer. Though we have lost a significant amount of money,we have finally found the culprit. I know the Lord will reimburse us.
    Thank you Lord.

  70. Most Holy Spirit,
    Thank you for prayers, watching over, protecting my son. Please continue to keep your watchful eye upon him and bless him.
    Thank you for and please continue watching over my sisters and family.
    Please watch over all my friends and those in my healing prayer. Please bless Annie and John-Paul, and those praying this novena and their intentions.
    Thank you.
    Come Holy Spirit.

  71. I glorify the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen ❤ 🙏 ❤
    Through this Holy Spirit Novena the Lord has answered my prayers as I requested at the beginning of this Novena and our Canadian Permanent Residence has been approved to the glory of God yesterday being the 8th day of the Novena. May God’s Holy Name be exalted now and forever more. Amen ❤ 🙏 ❤

  72. Thank you God for healing me of the stomach and regulatory issue. I am very grateful!!!
    Thank you for blessings and safety for us.
    Please cyto heal our marriage. Glory to you, I love you!❤️

  73. I was praying for good test results and protection of my health. Thanking the Holy Spirit for the blessing! 🙏🏻❤️

  74. Hey
    Christ thy kingdom come?
    I have been looking for a job for the last 4 months, going for interviews and no offer was coming through.
    I was feeling desperate but I knew I had to pray this novena.
    On the 3rd day,one of the hiring managers called and gave the news that I got the job,on the 4th day I received the offer letter and it was remarkable.
    Novena works!!

  75. My sister was undergoing investigations for cancer. Mid way through this novena, she has an unexpected call to tell her all was clear. Even more remarkable was my terminally diagnosed, atheist brother’s response – ‘there is a god!’ My prayers are for his complete healing in body and faith.

  76. I was praying for my son to pass his professional exam… to begin his new career … and he did! I praise God for answered prayers and thank the Holy Spirit and all participants in this novena.

  77. Please prayers for a young lady who has leukemia she is at the hospital reciben treatment but she got an infection in the glands and she is in intensive care ,Eli is her name .Please a lot of prayers for this young lady.
    Also for my son Dominic his mentally health not in good shape.
    Many thanks for your prayers.
    God bless you .