Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena this year! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. I earnestly prayed for job interview and I managed one during the period. As I wait I believe it will go through

  2. Thank you John and Annie, praying this Novena gave me strength to leave my daughter who was expected but was delaying, I left for the WACOM in Western Samoa and seven days later I received the message from my daughter that baby girl was delivered normally and they are both in good health. thank a lot for your prayers for me and my children.👏👏👏❤️

  3. God has answered a multitude of a multitude of Novenas and prayers and sacrifices and letters to save St Gianna Parishes in the St Louis Diocese from merger/closure. It is a miracle announced by the bishop on Pentecost!

  4. I I’ve been praying for the past year and a half for my daughter who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. She had to undergo both chemotherapy and radiation. This week at the appointment with her oncologist, she was told there is no cancer at this time. Thank you for the novenas and for the continued prayers from all. God bless you!

  5. I’m a doctoral student and I had to write a final paper that counted for 60% of my grade. Before I started writing, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide me, illuminate my mind, and help me express my thoughts accurately. I received a perfect score on my paper. Thank you Holy Spirit for hearing and answering my prayers.

  6. My two grandchildren are finding some success this year in school. They are the 2 I have focused on during my recent Novenas. My son is the center of my prayers now. Prayers for him to find the best carrer possible .

  7. We were at high risk of pre-term birth. I’ve been at the hospital since mid of May, praying novena for safe delivery and a healthy boy. Praise be to God who graciously heard our prayer. The doctors managed to keep my pregnancy for another two weeks and our son although born a month earlier than expected, is healthy and full of life. Thank you Lord.

  8. I thank God for answering my prayers, I applied for Visa application to UK and we were told to wait for 15days but within 5 days decision was made and it was successful. I should not take it for granted because other people wait for days for them to be answered.

  9. I was praying the Holy Spirit Novena for myself and my daughter. She had been having monthly issues with women cycles and had been on her menstrual for 19 days as I would be praying I kept including her daily and before I finished it her cycle had stopped and I Thank God and the Holy Sporit for giving me peace now🙏

  10. Greetings
    I have been praying for a new vehicle and my husband and I successfully purchased a brand new car for me.
    I have also prayed for my son to get a more permanent and better paying job. He is currently inundated with offers from promising componies.Even the one in which he is currently working,albeit on a short contract are contemplating to make a counter offer to keep him lo ger.
    Glory be to God.

  11. 1)For a friend for a home loan which is now been approved by two banks.

    2) For the health of a friend. After a scan, she is Cancer Free.

  12. My sister in law has turned the corner in her post bone marrow transplant complications in her courageous fight against bone marrow cancer… praise God

  13. I know The Holy Spirit is with us and will hear our prayers. All in God’s time. All in God’s hands.🙏
    Thank you Lord for all prayers answered.

  14. Thank you for my prayers were answered and my daughter gave birth to a beautiful hand healthy little girl. They are both doing well and recovering. Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother.

  15. My son was just told that he had a new job 5 months after he was fired from his last job. I have been praying all the novenas since he was fired. Thanks be to God he again has a job.

  16. Dear Holy Spirit,

    Thanks for your majesty and awesome answered prayer for our family and whole world, may continue be with us. We love you so much. And thanks for giving us an instrument of prayermorenovena staff.
    God bless us all. Continue pray for us.

  17. I am happy to announce that my daughter got herself a job a good job and her life is about to take the turn for the better
    Thanks everyone for praying with me and I continue to praise Our Almighty Father for answering me and guiding my daughter in the correct direction
    Thank you all.

  18. It was difficult getting school fees and reqirement,
    During the Holy Spirit novena, the way was made on the 4th day,we thank God

  19. A number of challenges causing me ditress are in the process of being solved. and I am grateful to the almighty God that so far challenges related to property are being solved.

  20. I prayed to the holy spirit for guidance for my husbands and my career path and on the last day of the novena , we received a much larger tent than expected when ordering and we are now going to set it up as a business along with my husbands boxing club getting started back up again . We are so grateful and thankful 🙏

  21. I give thanks to God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. I prayed for a job by end of May. During the novena I was called for an interview and I passed. To start my new job on 15th June. Glory to God.

  22. Thank You Lord!
    My son got a interview for a new job. He has been unployed for a long time. I am now praying he gets the job and that he will be happy with it and that it will be permanent. Holy Spirit, please guide him when he drives and give him self confidence with his job and the new people around him. Mary our Mother, protect him and keep him safe. St Joseph, pray for him and help him with his job. Guide him like You did take care and protect Jesus. Thank You Lord! Jesus I trust in You ❤️

  23. Thanking God Almighty for an answered prayer for passing my practical driving exams. He changed everything within seconds to for it to be successful, thank you Jesus

  24. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for answering my prayers through the intersession of several Novenas I have prayed. I am so grateful and humble because my needs were dire. I live in faith and believe in God The Father, Jesus Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints. Amen!

  25. I have been praying for a friend of mine for a very long time that she receives her dream job. She’s going on several interviews and they all failed to come to light. She found out the other day that she has a fourth interview with her dream company next week Thursday Hundred dollars a month. Thank you Jesus I have been praying for my daughter Allyson that she received somebody in her life and I love her and take care of her. 🙏🏻❤️

  26. Thank you Lord for making my spouse and me able to move about with less pain. Thank you for giving us a little more energy. Thank you for helping my grandchildren, my children, children in law, siblings and their families.

  27. The Holy Spirit answered my prayers that my nephew would find a job and feel good about himself. He did and I am so grateful❤️❤️

  28. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    All the novenas I have prayed with you have been for long term solutions and I know my prayers will be answered at some point ; however the last one to the Holy Spirit was for a personal healing of a knee problem so as I can go on a pilgrimage to Fatima in July
    and I am so grateful that I am healing and the trip is on the horizon once again. Thank you. Keep praying, it works!

  29. I want to thank God for answered prayers. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to direct my husband back to the family. There is a great improvement he is now communicating and he is providing family support something that he had stopped.

  30. I just started my food business and an my first outdoor event coming up and my request through this novena was for God to grant me success all through, turn at the event favored me and I made great sales, sustained an injury that could have have being worse if it cut through my vein, but God kept me safe and it ended as just a surface scratch that’s healing speedily. I had also added as my requests success in the examinations of my sisters and God made a way like always

  31. Thanks and Glory to Lord Jesus for answering my prayers. Thank you to the Holy Spirit for listening to all the Angels and Saints and to everyone that has prayed for my son CJ. He has been substance free for 7 weeks, attends all his meetings and may the blessing of the Lord with him with his life long journey.

  32. I have been asking for answers to two separate relationships that I have been so confused about. The Holy Spirit answered all my questions bringing perfect clarity to the whole situation for me! I have perfect peace now replacing all the anxiety and confusion and it happened on Sunday following the last prayer of the Novena!

  33. I had to take a CT Cardiac Calcium Screening. I was nervous about how it would turn out, but Thank God it came out fine. I did a lot of praying and this novena helped me so much.

  34. my husband has lost his interest in attending mass. please pray for a renewal of desire in him again.
    thank you so much.

  35. I thank God for answered prayers,I prayed for peace and promotion, God granted!!!I prayed for God’s favors and He granted,He has continued to provide all our needs,I am grateful Father 🙏🙏🙏

  36. Thanking The Holy Spirit for answered prayers:
    My son got a full time job after a long while of anxiety and he is very happy in himself and is enjoying his new job. I have received such Peace over a stressful situation and am very grateful to The Holy Trinity and to you my prayer family.
    God bless you all.

  37. I pray for my daughter rash to clear up from her face and body and it did. Praise God. I’m still praying for her healing. Amen I’m still believing for the other 2 things I prayed about, I have faith my prayers will be answered.