Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena this year! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. God has Blessed me with peace recently . I’m happy, my health is also getting Better. My Brother got a govt. Job my family is Happy and Blessed. I have passed my 1sem exam too. I’m very Thankful to you ooh God . Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for all the miracle. Thank you that people around me love me and care for me ❤️💯 A see a Blessing in disguise. My friendship with my best friend has also healed. I have also recently travelled and saw a beautiful side of world with your grace. I see progress in my coming days. I trust u oh lord. Keep you loving Blessings over me always and guide me through my journey. Thank you for everything 🙏💟

  2. My intention for this novena was to have purity of heart with the help of the Holy Spirit. After a good confession with my priest, we discussed some things. After this I decided I needed to have a talk with my boyfriend that my priest had told me early on that we should have had (about purity and modesty and things of that nature necessary to grow into a couple after God’s own heart). After this conversation, I felt like it would be so much easier to avoid near occasions of sun, now that everything was out in the open and we knew we were on the same page. I was just now praying this last 9th day of this novena because I wasn’t sure if I had finished it or not, so I just did it, and as I took a split second to remember what my intention was, I realized that it had been purity of heart…and that is just the fruit that will be much easier to live out in my life now, and I am so grateful. All prayers really do get answered, even if they are in ways we don’t realize at first, or at all.

  3. Praying for my husband to have the courage and strength to accept wholeheartedly his sickness. We know that Our Almighty Lord will always provide. He is needing a kidney donor and going to hemodialysis right now. Thank you Lord! And Mama Mary! I know you love my husband and this sickness will pass.

  4. Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing my friend back into my life during this Novena. Help me always to remember that to have a friend you must be a friend! Amen

  5. I have been praying for my son and daughter-in-law to take her baby to full-term. She’s had four miscarriages and just got word that she’s pregnant and that her baby has a heartbeat. I’m still praying that she can get past her first trimester. Praise be to God.

  6. I have a testimony. I’ve been on a job search for a while. I did a couple of Novenas when you posted it. God answered and I was given a verbal offer. After about 1 Month the written offer came. It was a long wait, that Month felt like a year. Join me and Thank God. I kindly request you pray for me so that this Job will favour in all ramifications. Amen.