Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena this year! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. My brother who suffers from severe mental health issues was facing yet another crisis moment in his life, having to change/find housing and work. Often he turns to drinking as a coping mechanism. By the Grace of God, he has made advancement in his transition and stayed sober. I continue to pray to the Holy Spirit and ask that he is given not only peace and strength but stability and joy.

  2. I prayed for a healing of my marriage by a healing of my husband’s mind and heart.
    We’re on our way. Praised be to God!
    Thank you for all your prayers and Novena’s.
    God bless you

  3. I asked the Holy Spirit to touch my daughter to accept to go and finish her papers which she has to redo at the university,she accepted and now she is happy that she understands everything in class.
    I am so humbled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  4. I have had relationship problems with my family for about seven years. I have prayed many novenas over the years. During this novena, my relationship with four members of my family was healed. I am so happy and grateful to the Holy Spirit, 🙏

  5. I was praying for my Mom and Dad both of whom are elderly and severely ill. After completing the Novena, we found a doctor who was finally able to diagnose why my Mom was having severe stomach pain. She is now on medication and feeling a lot better. Bless you all and thank you so much for your prayers!

  6. Thank you Lord for our safe and sound trip. We successfully back home safe. Thank you for my son Lendle another job and hope it will a big help to our family. I have also thankful for all the blessings we received and good health. Amen

  7. I would like to give thanks to the Holy spirit novena cause it helped our family to see my brothers true colours and we are just thankful for that, he needs help shame, he needs to go to church cause he has never been into church since I don’t know when and he’s now 57years of age and his wife too they’ve never went to church

    Ive been been missed by cars twice since ever I’ve prayed this novena and am gratefulful for that
    Thanks God for sparing mylife

  8. The day after this novena, my husband received a treatment to reduce his spinal pain & increase his abity to walk again- and it works!! I have felt more peace and clarity of mind. Thank you for providing these novenas. God is Good Every Day!

  9. In all the Novenas, I have prayed for my son to return to church and that he would find ways to supplement his income. He has begun to attend Sunday mass and he was offered overtime positions at his employment.
    Thank you God through the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

  10. May God alone be praised. I prayed for healing at the start of the Novena, and before it ended my prayers were answered. I even forgot that I was sick. I thank God, and I thank you for putting me in your prayers. Novenas are sources of miracles

  11. Holy Spirit heal me of vertigo and vestibular migraine after this novena prayer, thank you Holy Spirit of God for healing me

  12. My daughter recently completed breast cancer treatment and her most recent scans show no signs of cancer. God is so good. Still praying for my son to return to Mass with his family.

  13. I prayed that a multiple, years-long difficult relationship with my niece would be restored. She came home for a visit from the military and fences have been mended. Praise Jesus!! Thanks be to God!

  14. Thank u Jesus 4 life, i thank u especially 4 sparing my life amidst all my health challenges. Conclude d healing Jesus. U r all i ve. Thank u Jesus 4 Favour in my place of work.
    Thank u Jesus. Thank u holy spirit.
    Jesus i Love u.

  15. I prayed the holy spirit Novena God to bless me with a new Job and yesterday I got a new job.Thanks God

  16. I have prayed many Pray More Novenas for this miracle. Through all these intercessions, my husband and I now have restoration of our marriage and I am so very grateful and thankful for this miracle from God! Thank You, God!

  17. I had been praying for my grandson who was struggling to graduate from high school with his class. Also for success at his prom and graduation party. All prayers were answered. God is good.

  18. Thank you for prayers answered. I have peace in my heart because my son and his partner have gone into rehab and my finances have improved. Amen 🙏

  19. One of my daughters was offered a very good job 3days ago.It was one of my request for the just concluded novena.We are all very happy for her.
    My infinite gratitude to God for prayer answered.

  20. Holy Spirit thank you for revealing the truth about poor relations in the Sacristy, a place where God is to be served in truth and light.The healing process has started, I thank you and God.

  21. We were facing very serious financial problems,because we needed a new well (the cost for this is unbelievable). We prayed and God sent us angels to help with the financial costs through our local parish , government programs and local agencies. This was very hard for us since we had never asked for help before, even though our income has always been low. Pray always….it does work !!

  22. Thanks be to God!
    My friend has changed.
    He became calm and appreciative.
    God is a good God that really makes miracle in every faithful heart who patiently wait for His answers .🙏

  23. Prayed for baby to sleep through the night. Tried sleep training again after several failed attempts and went from 5-6 wake ups per night to finally getting a full night of sleep without resistance! Thank you Lord for these small graces ❤️

  24. I need help I’m begging you Jesus. Take food away. You Jesus all I need. Please show me transform me. Thank you Jesus. You are all the food I need I trust. 101.5

  25. I prayed to Holy Spirit Novena for my daughter Mary Chiles to bring the crown in beauty pageant last Pentecost Sunday. Alas she won the Miss Friendship, an iconic award and included in the Finalists. Blessing for the first timer like her to join national events like Binibining Pilipinas
    Thank you Holy Spirit
    In mighty name of Jesus Christ and through intercession of Mama Mary.

  26. Prayed for healing from the Holy Spirit to heal my daughter after surgery, she was able to bend her knee to 90 degrees in one week, a goal that was set for a month. Thank you Lord!!

  27. I thank God for healing me on my pilgrimage. Thank you Jesus. I pray for continued healing❤️❤️🙏🙏

  28. I have been praying that my grandaughter is able to start kidney transplant testing and she will be shortly. Thanks to the power of prayer🙏🏻

  29. I am in the middle of a vocation change, and I was having a great deal of difficulty finding a position for my internship. Towards the middle of the Novena, the Lord opened an amazing door for me. His ways are so far beyond my imagining. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

  30. I thank God for the answered prayers for a new job placement. And my children are fine and have resumed school. I have paid at least 50% of the school fees. I pray God to give the balance and I manage rent for us.

  31. I got a job as a public Finance Management Consultant. Having been unemployed for close to 3 years. Thsi a short term employement but a very big eye opener in the consultancy world. I thank God for this opportunity and I continue praying for more such opportunities.


  32. Hello, I have been praying for my husband and son, as their business is in dire straights, looking as if they would need to close it. I pray to the Holy Spirit daily and have for quite sometime. On the last day of the Novena, the Holy Spirit answered my prayers, as late that afternoon, my husband and son, received word that there was an investor, who would help save their company. I believe!

  33. I have prayed for my son who had numerous problems,pills, drink,
    And for my younger son whom we had not seen for years. My older son died from a fatal heart attack, and my younger came to the Funeral.
    Sometimes the answer you get is shattering, but God knows best!
    I told God I was tired, and placed all my. Worries in his hands.

    He answered! I love you Lord!

  34. Thank you Holy Spirit for bestowing us with a beautiful healthy grand daughter. Our daughter had a challenging nine months so are prayers were answered.

  35. I’m posting the novena everyday as I say the prayers sharing to my friends and these gives me peace in my heart and showing thankfulness to God and the Holy Spirit for guidance. Thank you Holy Spirit for everything!
    I’ll be praying for my eldest daughter this Sacred Heart Novena. May she has the heart to listen to God as always. For I always believe that God is the ultimate planner and provider for all of us.
    In Jesus name thank you Lord God and the Holy Spirit for everything. ♥️♥️♥️

  36. I always thank our Heavenly father through the intercession of these Novenas, I managed to buy a plot of land, my children finished Universities although my daughters have not yet got the job, with the help of Holy Spirit will get. John and Anne may God Almighty always bless you for leading us in praying Novenas.

  37. I prayed to the Holy Spirit for months for our grandchildren to be Baptized. To my excitement and blessed thanks, out 10 year old grandson decided on his own to be Baptized. Thanks be to God.

  38. Praise and thanks I have been praying for my marriage things are much better now all praise be to the Holy Spirit

  39. Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit, my daughter returned after being absent for a year. And also for providing us with our own home, one that has all the room we need and in a safe neighborhood.
    Praise God for His mercy endures forever

  40. I was so blessed during this novena… Praise God and His Holy Name. I received spiritual strength when I was overwhelmed by LIFE… family drama.. the world. Praying this Novena and being supported by others who were praying this novena, helped me to keep my eyes on Jesus, be calm and trust in Jesus. Great Outcomes. Blessings!

  41. I had been working at a place that was very unhealthy for my mental health. I took the leap of faith and left. I was truly scared to leave because I was comfortable but unhappy. I applied for MANY jobs for about 3 months and finally got a job I had been praying for a long time. God is good and it is truly always His timing.

  42. I’m not sure which Novena I was praying back in January-February, but I found out on Saturday (May 27) that my only grandson (8 yrs) was Baptized Feb 18th. This allowed him to receive 1st Holy Communion with his classmates. He told his parents that he wanted to be baptized.

    At first I was crushed that our families were not invited to join in these celebrations, but that night God reminded me that I had prayed for his Baptism even if it was done privately & I wouldn’t be there.

    Thank you God for hearing my prayers. Now I need to continue praying my granddaughter (6 yrs) into the Sacraments.

    God is moving in the lives of my adult children. Praise God always!

  43. I signed my first business contract on 26.05.23. Glory to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All honour to Mary.

  44. I am so happy my prayers were for me and my husband to get better paying jobs get pregnant and for me to be retained at my job until I get another one.
    I just got an invite to the first step and he hot an interview as well. I am qt my current job and I believe that I will.come back here declaring that I have a new nd well paying jobs for both of us. And also I will be expectant.
    So happy and praise be to God. Continuing to pray and fast as well. Thank you Lord

  45. Dear Lord Please watch over my family. Watch over my beautiful daughter. Let her be strong. Thankful for everything in my life!

  46. 1. Through the Novena, God helped my husband change his mind about a tough decision he had taken which had a big impact on me.
    2. My kids were also healed and their health was restored. Praise be to His name.

  47. After many years of upheaval in her life, my sister in law secured her own apartment which will finally permit her re-establish her sense of peace and order.

  48. I prayed this Novena for Employment and Financial breakthrough. Soon after praying the final prayer the following day I received an email inviting me for an interview. As I am writing this I am going for an interview.

  49. God answered my prayers when I had lost ALL hope and thought I was done with.God’s ways are certainly His own,don’t EVER give up

  50. I have been praying for my son, who suffers from depression and anxiety. He has decided to eat a healthier diet and exercise more. His depression symptoms are beginning to ebb and he is sleeping better. Thank you Mary and your beloved son, Jesus for this change in his behavior and improvement in his symptoms.

  51. The novena of the holy spirit helped my family its miracles happened iam praying for my brother in law he got heart stroke major by God’s grace the operation successfully completed and he is out of danger thank you for all your valuable prayers. Please kindly continue pray for the speedly recovery from his health

  52. My daughter returned to mass after 3 yrs 🙏praise dear Jesus ❣️More peace and less anxiety in my life as I am still praying and working on giving all my worries to Jesus and let him handle them and me.. he is so GREAT 🙏❣️❤️Thank you dear Jesus for all my answered prayers and being in my life 🙏I love ❤️ you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  53. I am grateful to God for answering my prayer as I was called for an interview. The Holy Spirit was with me and allowed me to answer the questions to the best of my ability. Thank you Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit.

  54. Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting a child in December and they never thought it would be possible. Also thanks for our son’s good health after his anxiety and depression issues.

  55. Thank you Holy Spirit for allowing my daughter to be with her children after such a long 5 months period. As concerned grandparents we are relieved and very happy. We still need to pray more. Amen

  56. I thank the Holy Spirit for answered prayers for giving me peace of mind to bear the vandalising, destruction and of my hard earned property and material possessions stolen from my home, And bringing help as am far away in an other country.
    Thank you Holy Trinity🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  57. So many miracles blessings I’ve received and more are coming in Jesus Christ Holy name Amen. .y son was in Florida and homeless with no one to turn to I prayed that God will bring him home and I am truly bless it’s a miracle he went into a store in which he use to shop he knew the cashier she said your wife was just in here and she was with a man who could have been his brother and they just left he went into the parking lot and it was his twin brother. No one can ever tell me their isn’t a God up abov who answer prayers. Praise God! my son came home and I’ll continued to pray for him in Jesus’ Holy name, Amen. Thank you, all for praying with me.

  58. I have been praying for guidance for my son for so long. My prayers were answered during the last Novena. I am so grateful!
    I will continue to pray for my husband, my children, my family and friends and everyone here too.

  59. My son and daughter in law are pregnant! I prayed for this. She has a difficult uterus and needs prayers to carry long enough to be viable! Please pray for Mandy🙏

  60. Good Afternoon my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I want to thank God Almighty for granting me and my family journey mercies through this Novena in the month of May.
    I need to thank God for restoring my relationship with my husband and for granting my heart desires.
    I pray that God would perfect everything that concerns me and my family. I pray that the good work He started would be completed in Jesus Mighty name Amen 🙏

  61. Thank you Holy Sprit for the dream job, thank you Holy Spirit for the financial providence. I thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you! I remain faithful & patience & God has put me in a place He has long time prepared me. Grateful, in awe of God’s love, mercy & overflowing providence. In Jesus name through the Holy Spirit & Blessed Mother Mary & her most chaste spouse St Joseph. Amen.

  62. Thank you Holy Spirit! My husband has been having numerous severe leg cramps every night. I prayed asking for help for get some relief so he could sleep. Then one night he didn’t even have one. Since then they have been very few and far between. He saw his doctor who took him off a certain medication that he said could be causing them, however they had already almost disappeared. I’m so grateful and thank you Holy Spirit with my whole heart.


  63. I’ve been experiencing a dark cloud over my life for many years now, and as a result, have been suffering with anxiety and depression. Through Catholic counseling in the past month I have come to pinpoint the source of that agony and the things that needed to change within my marriage. The month of May was when things came to a head and I knew I needed to make a major life change (i.e. seek after an annulment), as my physical and mental health were rapidly declining, or witness God coming into my husbands heart to move mountains and heal the deep wounds that had taken hold of him that were negatively affecting myself and our marriage.

    The week before Pentecost, I was completely and utterly ripped open. On my knees I begged and pleaded with the Lord and the Blessed Mother Mary to step in and give me the strength to bear whatever was to come. I started this novena to the Holy Spirit with the intention of discernment in whether or not I should remain married to my spouse. That Friday (two days before Pentecost) I was so heartbroken I couldn’t eat or sleep and felt like my spirit was leaving my body. I asked my husband to call my dad to pray over me and through his prayer I had the strength to sit up and take another breath. After that call, my heart felt the intense sorrow of the Father’s heart as well as our Blessed Mother’s heart for my husband and all the hurt and wounds he had experienced as a child. I relayed that message to my husband and told him in those dark times as a child, the Holy Family saw him, and was with him, and that I knew that message came straight from Heaven for him to hear.

    The following day, my parents came to visit and I asked them if I could move back home to clear my head. While visiting, my dad had the opportunity to speak with my husband and pray with him a little bit. No major changes were evident yet at this point, though I was thankful my husband was able to be open to praying with him.

    The following day, Pentecost, my husband asked for prayer. (Yes, Lord, you are Awesome!) For nearly two hours, my husband was prayed over and the Holy Spirit came down in POWER. My husband was healed of all the wounds and hurt that had taken over him and held him in bondage. He received such sweet consolation from the Holy Family and received from the Holy Spirit the gift of tongues. He is now experiencing a lightness and joy that he has never experienced before – all because of God’s incredible power, might, mercy, and all consuming love.

    I, too, was prayed over on Pentecost and was able to receive our Lord’s sweet peace and healing from my own wounds and brokenness.

    What a grace, what a mercy. Needless to say, I received my answer. I feel like a new bride, and my husband, a new creation.
    We will continue to seek after the Lord and armor ourselves with the artillery cover of prayer to continue the good fight in this world that so desperately needs to hear the message of God’s truth, his authentic love, and our reason to hope.

    Let us go out and proclaim God’s goodness to all we meet, one person at a time. God is good and faithful indeed. And he comes to fight for us.

  64. The lord has eased the headaches I get, it use to be all day now with the grace of the Holy Spirit and our Lord I only get 1 or 2 a day. Thank you Lord Jesus. I pray for you and all your families!! I can’t give cause I am poor. I am a survivor of D V and God let me live and he’s Healed me over the last 7 yrs. Thank you Jesus. Amen Alleluia🙏🙏🙏

  65. God is good! My husband and I prayed for the intercession of the Holy Spirit regarding the outcome of his prostate cancer biopsy, as recent imaging showed progression of the cancer. We asked for results that would provide a path to complete healing. We learned on Day 8 of the novena that the grade and type of the cancer makes him a candidate for a new and promising treatment. As an alternative to the traditional surgery or radiation, he can receive a heat based ultrasound therapy now available in certain circumstances that irradicates his type of cancer without surgery or radiation! Such a blessing as he can avoid the negative side effects from those traditional treatments. We are so grateful for answered prayers for a positive treatment path, and for your prayerful support, as well as for all of those who prayed the novena. Blessings to all and thanksgiving to God.

  66. I have been battling anxiety and real bad morning anxiousness. All having to do with my job I have been praying for a while now. This week is the first day in a long time I go to work and have little to no anxiety. Praise God! It feels beautiful to be a peace for a moment in my life! Thank you God and all the prayers.

  67. Thank you for your prayers. Chris’s strange symptoms and cough have gone away and because of this condition and all your prayers we found out that he had very high blood pressure that could have contributed to all and settlings symptoms. Also thank you for the prayers for Tony. Even though he’s still has cancer in one love all other tests are coming back negative and it seems to be contained. Thank you for your continued prayers as he journey through chemotherapy. I pray for all here also.

  68. I thank the Lord for his presence in me. I have been praying with praymorenovenas for over 5 yrs. I am a housewife and another of 5 children of whom one is autistic and I am going through many challenges but I am brave and courageous to do what the Lord wants me to do. This has been Ever since I started praying with you . I feel Strong in the Lord and I sometimes cancel other people who approach me to know how I go through my trials. Thank you so much for all novenas I always feel closer to God.

  69. I got confirmed at work. Glory be to God

    In the same spirit I continue to pray for the UK visa this year. I pray for the faithfulness and trust from the agency and the people I am using to diligently everything;Amen

  70. My son was born 35 years ago tomorrow. He has suffered from Graves’ disease for most of those years. He struggled thru life. His last blood draw was done inApril and a new nurse saw the number, was alarmed at how high it was and called for a specialist appointment. They said they could see him in August but he told them he didn’t think he could last that long. She called back and said I got you a 2:00 tomorrow. He went, met with a new specialist who could not believe he was functioning with such alarming thyroid numbers. Then he asked why he wasn’t taking a particular drug that was mentioned in his file 2.5 years ago. It was to treat his Addisons disease which no one had ever told him about. It has completely changed his life. He was given this information on Good Friday. He’s free!

  71. These novena’s have been a blessing in so many ways. I was able to send a donation but am unable to order “pocket guide to novenas” & “ praying the rosary “ as no place for Canada is on donation area but not on ordering books area. Would appreciate assistance please. God bless & thank you Carla Catherwood

  72. I thank God for answering my prayer that I could be my mothers side when she would pass away which happened this past Mother’s Day. She was 90yrs old. She had her eyes closed for days due to sedation but 10 minutes prior to going with the Lord she opened her eyes and started staring at me. We had 10 days of praying and me talking to her, said mass via phone, had our priest visit and give her the last rites. It was my honor to help her pass to the Lord as she closed her eyes. I will miss her forever But knowing she is with our Lord gives me great peace🙏

  73. My wife and I are doing pretty well and my daughter is getting better. Thanks for all the prayers.
    I hope everyone’s prayers were answered.

  74. My daughter was about to lose her job as the project was closing, and we all have almost given up hope. On the Day 7 of the Novena she got deployed to another division miraculously.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  75. We are so grateful to The Holy Spirit for the miracle of the total eradication of cancer from our sister.

  76. Thank you Abba Father for answered prayers:
    We have received two solid offers on our properties and hoping for the 3rd & 4th ones soon. We thank God for having hopes about my sister’s status in this country. Thank God for our meaningful family meeting and peace, unity and guidance on our family. You are the beginning and the end. You are the all and all. Thank God almighty!

  77. Thank you, Holy Spirit, Three in One, Paraclete for all you have done for me and my loved ones, especially during this novena.

  78. Through this novena my elder sister underwent a major operation and it was successful, I pray that the holy Spirit will continue his healing mercy upon her.
    (2) I have prayed for success in my examination so far so good the exams has been going on well through the help of the holy Spirit the result will also come out well
    (3) through this novena the lost peace in my family has been restored
    I give thanks to the holy Spirit for the all prayer answered also thank the holy Spirit for the blessings I’m yet to receive 🙏

  79. Holy Spirit please watch over and guide my grandson David. He needs your help. Take away his aggression and help him make good decisions. Please help Celeste come back to the faith and send her someone to love her. Send grace to big Dave and Monica. Thank you

  80. My SIL Carole was able to be discharged from the hospital to participate in her two Son’s Confirmations! Thanks be to God! Her kidney function improved, her faith is increasing and she is on a road to heal! Come Holy Spirit!

  81. Our trip to Italy has been so successful.
    Thank you God. I requested for a successful wedding for my daughter Pamela. She got married to Brunello. The weather was beautiful and the ceremony was amazing. God is Faithful!
    On the Pentecost Day . I was given a card to sit in side the Basilica of St Peter. I attended Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at St Peters Basilica. It is a miracle for me.
    Thank you Holy Spirit .

  82. I give thanks to the Holy Spirit for the news that my son finished paying his last loan consolation payment, that my grandson finished his confirmation project🙏🕊️continued blessings to all who prayed this novena🙏❤️

  83. I had asked the Holy Spirit with the intercession of the Blessed Mother for my baby, due June 5th, to be born in May. I woke up to contractions this morning and I safely delivered him this afternoon on Pentecost!

  84. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to grant me peace and remove anxiety in my waiting period for an expecting miracle. God did!

    I have peace that makes no sense in the midst of my chaos, and I am hoping to return here to complete my testimony soon.

  85. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, I am in good terms with one of the family whom I think we’ll never be able to resolve our differences.

  86. I was praying for my niece to be employed. She graduated at college in 2018 and had no job. On the sixth day of the novena her name appeared for a teaching post. Thank you all, God be praised

  87. I was sidetracked and forgot to thank everyone for praying. Part of my request was met. A very important part. My grand nephew was born. He has a little breathing problem but overall he is perfect. His mother is also doing well. The other part of my request is still in progress but I do not doubt that in time it will also be fulfilled. Thank you for the prayers and may everyone be blessed. Amen.

  88. Giving thanks for this novena and answered prayers for my son who is improving from his depression and anxiety. Also for the peace I have experienced with the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life since starting this novena to the Holy Spirit.
    “Peace is not the absence of troubles but the PRESENCE of God.”
    This has become more and more apparent to me recently.
    Praise be to God for his love, compassion and presence in all our lives.

  89. I thank God for answering my prayer on giving my daughter employment opportunity.
    Glory be unto Him and thank you all for praying with me.