Answered Prayers from The Holy Spirit Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Holy Spirit Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions!

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  1. I’ve been following praymore novena for a year now.
    My prayers have been filled with joy and peace each time I pray this novena.
    My son reconcile with me after 1 year and my daughter in law just got babtised this Easter.I will continue praying and also will keep sharing with my love ones.

  2. I have been praying for full time employment and yesterday I was offered my dream job thank you for my answered prayers

  3. We thank the almighty lord throughout , since we began this year, our daughter Annie had a seizure being caused by a brain tumor. We passed through all trying moments through prayer the novena all the time. We were referred to india for our daughter brain surgery. We thank God for all he has done for us, the surgery was successful and our daughter she’s positive and normal. All this we give it back to the almighty, for guidance n giving us a chance n our daughter. God is good and all the time God is good.🙏🏻

  4. I’ve been praying for financial stability and I have seen an increase in business in my company. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

  5. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ. The Holy Spirit blessed me in my search for a new rental house. I was searching for a new house for more than 2 months. Living in a basement for 3 years my family wanted to move to a better top floor with big windows and plenty of sunlight in the house. I am a single mother with 4 kids and absolutely cannot afford it. However when I started the novena I applied for an apartment house. And within the 9 days novena they reviewed and accepted my application even with low income. ALLELUIA!! Holy Sprit and Christ work in mysterious ways. Keep faith and keep praying. I have other challenges too and know this will also pass with prayers. Thank you for praying and especially for blessing all we these abundant novena prayers.

  6. Thank you for these beautiful novena prayers many prayers have been answered but it also brings great comfort knowing I can always come back to these prayers and the love of God always there x

  7. I have been a sick person all my life. When I was born, the Dr., told my parents to go get me baptized right away as I was going to died. So my parents parents did. Well 68 years old I am still here. I have had all kinds of illnesses. I had a very rare form of cancer in the ear canal. That was 24 years ago. I never needed any kind of treatment. Praise God. I have been cancer free for over 24 years now.Now as we were praying the last Novena, my son and I both tested positive for Covid 19. Praise God that my son and zi both got vaccinated and out booster. The Dr., did say I have it much worse than my son. I just keep praying to God our Father to please spare me life as my son needs me yet
    But if he is ready for me, I shall go with open arms.. God is so good to me.

  8. Praise God,I have a testimony to make about the hoot spirit novena God has done it for me and my family I was TTC for 2years with my second child but through the novena prayers God has changed my story am not pregnant so I pray for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery cone January 🙏🙏 there is nothing hard for God to do he can rewrite your story and make you smile again when all hopes are lost

  9. I thank God 4 answered prayers. He healed me of whatever sickness that has embarrassed me 4 years. Thank u JESUS. JESUS i love U.

  10. I want to give thanks back to God for answering my prayer. Not the Holy spirit novena, but st Rita’s Novena.
    I was praying for many things, but 1 was answered, my father has been a drunkard since I was born, now am 36 years old, he has quit taking alcohol, all the glory to the most High God, although am not a Catholic, but I keep praying with you always, Amen🙏

  11. 1. I was praying to have a permanent job and I started this June to be on a payroll
    2. Praying for peace in our family and we received
    Thanks to the Almighty

  12. The Holy Spirit knew my heart, and my good intent. I was doing his work. My job was to find client jobs. During the pandemic, There was a client that had two children that needed additional assistance than a job. ie food, transportation, rental assistance. I provided assistance with my own funding to assist the client and I was terminated from my job. I am a widow with a student in college and a mortage to be paid with no job. My family step in to help with all my bills. I continued to have faith and was not angry. After four months of being unemployed God blessed me with job making more money than my previous job.
    I have learned every interruption is for Gods Purpose.
    I will continue to pray for you as you prayed for me. Blessings upon you and your family.

  13. The novena was ending with pentecostal celebration which happened to be the baptismal day of our 2 sons. It had taken too long to do this since they are aged 4 and 3. The younger one was somehow rebellious (most probably due to ignorance and the age factor) – we would excitedly tell him on such and such a day it’s your baptism day and he was like no I don’t want to be baptized. Obviously he didn’t know what this is all about. So I prayed for his calmness, and for everything to turn out well. And yes the Holy Spirit delivered. It went on so well, my heart is full of Joy.

  14. I had challenges in work place but now my boss has become friendly than before, my colleagues are now supporting me more.I also feel at peace and more calm

  15. Thanks John-Paul and Annie. I joined the novena of the Holy Spirit praying for improved work relations at my work place, but i am seeing a ray of Hope. Very optimistic God knows/sees all and He will fully respond one day. Continue , please, praying for us. God bless

  16. The Novena of Holy Spirit has brought good news in my family. One is financial breakthrough to my husband, Surprised baby shower from my brethren on the Pentecost day. It was a great Joy!. The knots which were so tight to my husbands company are untying 0one by one. I was in dilemma in a certain issue, but now it is solved during the Novena.Thank you Holy Spirit thank you my dear brethren for praying with me. To God be the Glory! Amen!

  17. Had trouble getting my baby baptised but thanks to God he was finally baptised on fourth of June. God was gracious that even my niece was baptized also at the age of 4

  18. Indeed, the Novena for the Holy Spirit is a very powerful Prayer. Right after completing the 9 day Novena, my Brother helped me by lending me a few funds so I can pay my debts. I know it’s not the end of my debt problem yet, but God’s timing is always perfect! Thank You very much my Holy Spirit for staying in my heart all the time! I love you! 💖

  19. Thank you Holy Spirit prayed that I would hear about my operation date and got a date !!
    Thank you and prayers for successful operation!

  20. Very grateful to God for the successful commute everyday for me and for all my loved ones. It’s not very safe out there so it’s a huge blessing for me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit

  21. At the beginning of the Novena, I was almost out of my mind over a serious problem at work…..but I have now experience PEACE in my soul and whole being!! And I received intervention for a financial situation I really needed! It’s a pure miracle. Thanks be to the HOLY SPIRIT and all of u who prayed for me.

  22. Through this novena, I was given an opportunity to travel to Europe to serve at a meeting. Eternally grateful to all the saints and prayers. God bless you all.

  23. Just as we starting the Novena my wife quarrelled with my son over his drinking problem and he left in anger! I put him as my special prayer of the Holy Spirit Novena for his restoration and salvation. He did not come back home , switched off his phones but on the day we were completing the Novena , he came back home sober and has been humble, reflecting on his life, and we thank God for the answered prayers and Holy spirit to remain with him in his journey of restoration and salvation – Hallelujah

  24. I am thankful, the Holy Spirit led me to a detailed examination of conscious that i was able to come to the awareness of the things that i did not even know were sins.

  25. I thank God for His mercy and grace. I am going through a phase in my life that I am finding very difficult-empty nest, loneliness, emptiness. I thank God for the Holy Spirit that is keeping me calm and guiding me and one of my prayer requests was for the Holy Spirit to fill the void in me. I have even been able to start fasting. I know that the various knots and mysteries surrounding me will be unraveled by the Holy Spirit fully.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  26. Thanks brothers and sisters for praying with me in many novenas for the past years. I did not have a job for the past three years, the good lord has answered my prayers i started to work last month.
    I also prayed to give birth to my second baby and the Lord answered my Prayers as well.
    Paul and Annie thanks for encouraging many of us,who had already lost hope.
    Friends do not give up praying the novenas, put your praying requests and pray until you receive an answer from the Lord. The good lord answers at the right time.
    We lift his name high always.

  27. One of my worldly requests was answered.. I prayed in union with St Anthony & St Martin de Porres & the Holy Spirit to find my son’s wallet as his Drivers License was in.. I really put my whole trust in the prayer I knew it would be answered and of course it was. Thank you. Alleluia.

  28. Good morning brothers and sisters. I have a lot to thank the holy spirit for and a lot of prayers have been answered for me, my family and friends ever since we started praying these Novenas. My sisters was pregnant with twins but it was called a risky pregnancy and chances of it surviving were so minimal but with God’s grace the twins made one year.
    My friend had issues with her tender she had supplied the good Lord blessed them and finally products accepted and payments made.
    I really have a lot to thank God for. Thank you my Lord

  29. I want to thank God for my life, I have been carrying some burdens over and over again since all this while but not realising that I was carrying a burden. During the novena to St. Neri and the holy spirit.i feel so light, instead of the burden building up in my heart, I begin to experience peace, joy and praise. I no longer see the burden again but praise.may the holy spirit who has taken this burden , continue to take it way until it never exist anymore in Jesus name Amen. Thank you O Holy spirit.

  30. My daughter got a job in the country of her choice after I prayed this Novena and her health issues has been cleared. Our family ties too are much closer ever since I started praying Novenas these past few years with you.
    Thank you.

  31. Prayed to the Holy Spirit to help my daughter get an American Visa and she had to go all the way to Mozambique to try and get it from another country since our country is not offering any American visas. God heard my prayers she managed to get it yesterday, I give all glory to GOD, Love you God.

  32. The HolySpirit showed up in a big way for me. I was in debt and I was wondering how I was going to pay some bills that were weighing down on me. Just this week I received some payments I had given up on months ago. I felt like that was a true miracle. Also I was unwell together with my son and God healed us and now my son can go back to school. Won’t He do it. He is a true God. I can’t wait for the rest of my prayers to be answered.

  33. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for my answered prayers: my son whom I was praying to get job he finally got employed. I was praying for the extra income to help my family since I am a bread winner, My prayers were answered, Thank you holy spirit, I praise the Lord until my last breath.
    Talohole, M.

  34. Thank you for praying with me. Life is so much easier for me, if I have hardships and problems that arise, there’s always some miracle which gets me out of it and I am certain that it’s God at work. I a blessed to be a part of this prayer group.

  35. I have been praying for my daughter’s studies. She is brilliant but she sometimes get demotivated. In the middle of this novena, she ended the school year with a gold medal. And the Saturday after Pentecost Sunday, she will be confirmed. Praise you Lord for all the blessings. Pls continue to pray for her. Thank you! God bless!

  36. My dear friends in Christ, allow me to thank God for each one of you are for praying with me . During the novena of Holy Spirit I was praying for a scholarship for my niece or any body to in and help. Truly the Holy Spirit worked wonders in my intention. This a good Samaritan stepped in and my niece was a le to go to school. May God be glorified for ever in our lives. Prayer is power. Let’s remain focused in trusting God in everything that we do and say. And may He grant the Spirit and the power of Prayer. Stay blessed,MM

  37. My son’s long term health condition has improved and he has found a girl friend.

    My granddaughter’s mental health has improved.

    Thank you Holy Spirit

  38. I had been let go off my previous job and was extremely anxious that I would not be able to find another job. My sister suggested that I prayer the Novena and within one month I found an amazing job with an amazing boss. It brings me to tears to think about how the Novena has touched my life. Thank you Jesus Amen.

  39. Thankyou brothers and sisters for praying for me through the novena of the holy spirit i have got anew job .

  40. In God”s time He will answer my prayers day by day I will hang on there by the gifts of Holy spirit he will showered wisdom. Understanding, counsel, piety, knowledge, fear of God to each one of us praying that God all my troubles and worries in life God will give me peace and solid faith in Him

  41. I discouraged my niece to take the job overseas because I heard horrible things about that country and by that time she was already serving notice on her job.
    I prayed that she gets another job and yesterday she texted me saying after doing an interview on line earlier this week, she got a permanent job and will be starting on the 1st of July.

  42. Before this novena, my children were depressed. They had been traumatized by my husband’s death 14months ago , job losses and hopelessness. But after this novena , they are happier, more communicative.
    One just got a job offer yesterday , one has started a weight loss program and the third is making some money from dee jaying .
    Thank you Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mother Mary.
    Thank you John Paul and Annie. Prayers truly work.

  43. Thanks brethren for prayers as i have been blessed with a 6 months contract job with a possibility of permanent, under the condition of financially blacklisted status, your prayers has made it possible through our mother Mary Novena that i was appointed irrespective.

  44. Please pray for me that I will have a successful knee replacement on June 28th. I had my other knee done in 2014 and I didn’t have very good luck. Please pray that this one will go better. The pain is unbearable. Thank you and God bless you all!

  45. Thank you Holy Spirit for restoring my brother’s life and healing his body. Thank you for peace in my marriage.

  46. Thanks to God Brothers and sisters. I am happy to be a member of this group for the first time. I asked God for peace in my Marriage and my family between me and my wife and after praying the Novena I am seeing fruits with my family life is healthier now my wife and I are now settling our differences in Gods Grace.

  47. Thank you dear family for praying for me. Just about to end the novena to the Holy Spirit, I got a distress call that my brother was unlawfully detained. In my prayers, I beckoned on the holy spirit to forgive, protect and deliver him. And today he is free.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  48. My kids succeeded in school with flying colors.
    An MP in Edmonton Canada has opted to aid precipitate our documents.
    Praise the living God 🙏

  49. Answered prayers better than we could have imagined
    the Mother of our grandkids had not let anyone in our family see them for over 3montbs. We prayed her heart would be softened. Prayers answered, she reached out saying our son/our family can have the children every other weekend. Praise the Lord

  50. My daughter met her husband during lockdown and after 6month got married a year ago at 39 (under strict lockdown) with family wedding home. After the last day of my Novena to the Holy Spirit I found out that she is pregnant.Thank you Lord Jesus

  51. Praise God,I sent my prayer requests with faith.
    I have been applying for job opportunities and finally I have been invited for a job interview in Newyork,am trusting in God for a breakthrough 🙏🙏
    I also prayed for a loving and caring spouse and am now dating a very humble man,I ask God to sustain our relationship to marriage🙏🙏

  52. I got invited to an interview that I had been praying for for quite some time. Now I patiently await the results in hope. Being invited for the interview alone is totally grace. Thankful.

  53. Answered prayer for me because i get the job that ive been applying for since January 8. The position that they offered me also was more than I have asked for. Thank you for one of the gift of Holy Spirit, Patience. Thank you Lord.

  54. I have been having doubts with my distant relationship because communication has been rare ,unlike before when we would talk almost the whole day. But he eventually called and told me to trust him as he was busy now that business is picking up after covid restrictions almost destroyed it. He assured me of his commitment.
    Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you Jesus. To God be all Glory

  55. My brother’s son finally accepted a phone call from him after several months. A true miracle. He still has 3 sons who refuse to speak to him but God is answering our prayers.

  56. I asked that the Holy Spirit give my heart calmness as I face serious strains on my finances brought on by steep rent raises on top of the rest of the economy. I was panicking when shopping for food and gas like everyone else faces. I have had much a much more calm heart. We senior citizens tend to get very anxious. Thanks for asking that we make a specific request. I am confident I received an answer.

  57. Hi,am Daniel,my son Brian Mutuku kathusi is developing a tendency of being pushed to go to school, when he boards the the school vehicle he alights at the school gate and takes a motorbike back to the house.This has been going on for sometime.He is in class seven at machakos primary.Remember him in prayers for God to transform him to cease the habit and concentrate in class Am on my knees praying too.Remember me and my family needs in prayers too.Thankyou

  58. Thanks for your prayers my daughter healed and my mom’s health has improved am just praying for her complete healing 🙏

  59. Thank you brothers and sisters for praying with me during this novena. When I started, I had three concrete requests I was praying for and literally a couple of days in, I received a response for one of them being an admission to study for my MBA in my preferred school of choice. I am beyond elated and still hold on to hope for the rest.

    Thank you so much for this platform as it continues to save lives and restore hope and faith.

  60. I give thanks to God for helping me release anxiety and emotional breakdown. Its not yet complete but am seeing good progress in my life. I have faith I will be healed.
    Thank you for praying for me.

  61. There is a gentleness and peace and patience arising in my heart after praying the novena to the Holy Spirit. My impatience and anxiety that have caused much sadness and suffering to me and other members of my family over many years were brought into the light. The blindness and deafness of my selfish heart have received healing and wholeness. I am being restored to emotional health through the grace and favour of God’s Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for praying this Novena with me.

  62. I personally received blessings ….this makes my faith grow to be much stronger than before ……..we were not in good terms with my boyfriend but we later set to a day to talk and miraculously we reconciled and now we are okay .I don’t know what to offer the Lord for such a blessing

  63. Through the holyspirit novena one of my requests “Gods guidance in my relationship with my boyfriend” was answered

  64. My uncle has been terminally ill with cancer and had more or less given up after chemotherapy failed. I prayed for him during the Holy Spirit Novena. Just as the Novena was ending, he was introduced to a new drug which is helping him. Thank you Holy Spirit. Glory be to God. Thank you John-Paul and Annie.

  65. After my mom had run me away a month ago. She called me to come see her I did and she gave me a big hug. Said she was sorry by her actions. Praise God and the graces of the Holy Spirit

  66. Dear brothers and sisters, thank you for praying with me. My mother’s health is much better, my application for study has been received and initial discussions held, the threats on our lives have been dissolved and our finances are set to improve! We give thanks to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the favour and blessings!

  67. I love this prayer togetherness, through this I have prayed for my cancer surgery to go well and my prayers were answered! Not only that but the outpouring of cards and phone calls I received was overwhelming. I have been blessed, amen.

  68. Praise the Lord.
    During the holy spirit Novena I prayed for different things but inner peace above all… It’s magically happened to my soul in away I can’t believe myself… Even amidst uncertainties in my marriage it is well with my soul and I give total glory back God and my beloved Holy spirit..

  69. Thank you to all for your prayers during the novena. Prayers were answer and my son got a job offer. Now just waiting to hear when he starts. Next I hope and pray he cuts down on his drinking and start on sobriety.
    Thank you all and to God be the Glory🙏

  70. Our daughter was driving an hour each way to work for the past 5 years. I prayed for her to get a job closer to home. After an unexpected position opened up she got the job which is only 10 minutes from her home and almost double the salary. God has truly blessed us!

  71. Thank you for my daughter’s job. She is so happy and proud of her new job & her responsibilities.
    With the Lord’s Will, please completely heal my friend Gina, sister Mary, my mother and me. Please help me to soon be able to run around w/ children at my job and eventually take care of any future grandchildren.

  72. Holy Spirit walked with me to visit an old friend who has been sick and held in isolation by the wife. As I pray for my family I also include this family to be delivered from satanic practices. May Christ save and receive all of us into His kingdom. No souls deserve to be lost.

  73. Thank you everyone for joining us in prayer to the Holy Spirit and novenas I find here in the page like Novena to Mary, the Undoer of Knots. My fiance’ who had been suffering emotional pains due to some sad & hurtful past are gradually recovering. His headache triggers are minimally decreased, my erratic chest pains due to angina pectoris are no longer happening & hoping that thru the novena prayers we will totally healed with the self-help & being watchful on our health. Miracles do happen in each of our lives, we may never know what God’s plans are but He is on his way to guide us in the good path. We are also putting our long distance relationship on every prayer we are uttering, we feel most secured and steady by praying, God heals us from emotional hurts and keeping us both strong, holding on to each other forever. We are planning to get married next year and we are hardly praying for that too, that everything will be and May God continue to write this loving, happy story that we both started. Every prayer of the Holy Spirit gives us renewed and stronger faith each day. Please continue to pray for us both as we prepare for marriage and family life. God Bless Us All
    ~ Cheryle

  74. Hai good morning. Ilove these novenas specially Holy spirit. Holy spirit poured blessings in our home. On me and my hubby. Thanks holy. Spirit. .i have 1Request. Today my hubby going to other place alone to have fistula and cataract operation. It’s very expensive in mumbai . So he is going to his native to do this. Kindly pray for him to have surgeries successful and safe without any problem. Praise the lord

  75. My nephew has been in depression since recovering from COVID last august, and his dad passed away from COVID at the same time. He has not left the house except to attend Drs appointments for continuing ill health. During this Novena he called me and told me his cousin has invited him to her place and he was staying with them for a week. He sounded happy and said he had gone out with them even though he felt anxious. Thank you Holy Spirit

  76. Praise to the Lord

    Thank you Holy Trinity, my daughter passed her MBBS exam. And also thanks for all blessings showered on our family

    Thank you God
    Thank you Jesus
    Thank you Holy Spirit

  77. I prayed for a successful surgery for my husband. This was his 5th surgery to his arm. Thanks to God and the Holy Spirit for allowing him to be free of infection and to have a good outcome post-op. He is still recovering with some pain still present and I continue to pray for a successful recovery.
    Thank you all for continued prayers!🥰

  78. I had started praying the Novena to the Holy Spirit for my daughter to find her faith again and declare Jesus as her Lord. On day 3rd of the Novena my daughter informed me she had a lump on her tongue and the Doctor was concerned and made an urgent referral to the specialist. I then added my request for a positive outcome to the Novena.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for your powerful intervention. She saw the specialist yesterday who said it was a cyst and could be removed surgically.
    I continue to pray that she finds her faith and want to thank you for the wonderful ministry you both promote and for your constant gift of prayers.
    May the Holy Spirit fall afresh on us all.

  79. Thank you John Paul and Ann for saying we ask for something specific. I have been praying for my Children Ciku and Gabi to improve in their studies and they did. My daughter Christine Is also now able to relate with me well as mum and is working well in the family business happily without being pushed! Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you to all who are in this group. I never understood importance of Novena untill I joined this Group. God bless you all

  80. I had asked that I might here the whispers oh the Holy Spirit and that I would love the lord more.
    Both were answered near the end of the Novena.
    Thanks be to God! Thank you to everyone praying. PK

  81. I had asked that I might here the whispers oh the Holy Spirit and that I would love the lord more.
    Both were answered near the end of the Novena.
    Thanks be to God! Thank you to everyone praying.

  82. Good night I will like to thank everyone who prayed the novena together my son got a job and he started working today I praise and thank God for answered prayers

  83. I felt overwhelmed by work because of workload and expectations from my Seniors,l became agitated, intolerant ,stressed and will often lashout to others.l appreciate and am grateful to the Holy Spirit for helping me to know how to handle the situation and be happy,peaceful and to work more without been affected by workload. The workload is even more now but I work with much ease, happiness, joy,innovation ,peace etc and also have time to help others. Thank you Father,thank you Jesus,thank you Holy Spirit. John-Paul ,Annie and Team,you are all awesomely amazing. Thank you for this site that is changing lives for better through Novena prayers. God bless you abundantly.

  84. Thank you Holy Spirit for everyday’s guidance, please Holy Spirit guide me to the path where i can go to work in Singapore which is my dream for many years :( …. amen

  85. My sister is a dialysis patient and we have been praying for a kidney donor for her. That is my intention on this Novena. And God made a way, 2nd of June when my sister got a call that there is a donor that matched her. Her transplant is a success and praying for her fast recovery now.
    Truly God answers praying in his time and that time is perfect.

  86. I have been praying for my husband he’s very sick had a massive heart attack and didn’t want to get help but thank god he decided to get hospitalized and they been running tests and he’s doing better and stable and they offer him a heart transplant he’s so blessed god still has a plan for him praise to you my Lord Jesus.Amen B.I

  87. Truly God works in wondrous ways and grants prayer requests in His perfect time! My daughter has been looking for a regular job for two years now. She had several interviews but nothing fruitful. Two days after praying the novena to the Holy Spirit, my daughter received a job offer. Thank you so much our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for granting our petition through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mother. Thank you to all who joined and prayed with us during this novena journey to the Holy Spirit, and to John-Paul and Annie! To God be the glory!

  88. Praise God for his love and mercy and thank you John and Annie for your prayers and support extended to us through your ministry . My son was able to clear all his exam papers all because of this . Thank you once again

  89. Thanks be to The Holy Spirit for prayers answered through the power of the Holy Spirit! Blessed be God forever!!

  90. THANKYOU Holy Spirit for an answered prayer! JESUS I trust in YOU! I walk in faith knowing YOU ARE answering the rest of my prayers, especially a few of the urgent ones that I keep believing on and are coming soon! THANKYOU HOLY SPIRIT!

  91. I was operated on a few days ago, before that I was very anxious and scared, but on the day of the surgery I was so calm and everything went well. Thank you God , I know you were with me every step of the way…

  92. I have been praying for my son to get a secure job where he will be vested at. After praying this novena and many others, it got the job. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  93. My prayers have been centered around the healing of metastatic breast cancer which has spread to lymph nodes. I’m now on Keytruda which is an immunotherapy drug to help keep the cancer from spreading further and to keep my immune system healthy. I’m praying that I can tolerate it. I had my second treatment two weeks ago and the worse side effect so far is the fatigue I’m experiencing. I find if I take frequent rest periods it helps. Please Lord help me get through this and please continue to answer my prayers. Thank you for all my blessings!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻