Answered Prayers from The Holy Spirit Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Holy Spirit Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions!

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  1. Thank the Holy Spirit which has empowered me with the grace of loving people,accepting,torelating understanding and forgiving them the way they are.It was a big weakness in me.

  2. Dear John-Paul & Annie,
    I praise and thank the Lord the Holy Spirit for bringing peace and love between my daughter and her husband.
    Also His gift of peace and love between my son and his wife.

    May God bless you both for your prayers alongside mine.

    I always look forward to more novenas with many thanks.

  3. Our 9 year old granddaughter received her first communion and our 6 and 3 year old grandsons were recently baptized. Answered prayer!

  4. I having been praying that my son Matthew would find a job he would love. He’s had many jobs but just wasn’t happy. He was getting depressed and hated to go to work. I prayed the Novena’s and my pray was answered. He found a job he loves and is very happy. Thank you Lord and prayers work. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I asked the good Lord to enable the people I am purchasing a property from to give me some extra time for paying them. I thank the Holy spirit that even before the novena could end, they had accepted

  6. I have been praying to move from where l was living l had so many problems even with the maintenance guy n the manager wasn’t doing anything bout him harassing people! My Spirit was so broken there n l couldn’t have any peace there! I had to get a ring doorbell n camera in my Apartment! Because felt like he was goin into my Apartment when l wasn’t home n there was people living next door to smoking CRACK in 2020 l deal with that for 6 months before the manager finally got them out! l went though all this for 3 yrs! But l kept praying n kept the faith n MY prayers was answer in a matter of one month n on June 1st l moved n lm so peaceful now in a nice comfortable place! Thank you Jesus! But l still asking for prayer for my Son Dwayne he’s dealing with a Breakdown! Please GOD help him my only Son! Thank you

  7. I have been praying with John Paul and Annie the last few Novenas and I defintely feel my prayers to some of my most urgent needs have been heard. I will conbtinue to pray these novenas and ask everyone not to give up and keep praying for your special needs.
    God bless John and Annie for their good work in Christ. Amen

  8. I can’t believe that I am now here in wish granted! Thank you to the person who helped me pray for my intentions.Thanking God for my employer’s family they are all kind to me.i hope they won’t change until I finished my contract as a caregiver.God is good all the time.Amen 🙏

  9. My new born grandson had contracted covid from hospital. I have been praying to Lord Jesus to heal our grandson. I was also praying for
    my daughter as she had fever and chills. Thank you Lord for healing my grandson from covid-19 and healing my daughter from Chills/shaking and temperature. Lord I trust in you.

  10. I have been looking for a good job for the past two years and as soon as I added the prayer requests to this novena, I got one. God has been faithful.

  11. My wife has been suffering with pancreas cancer for just about 3 years now. She was immediately operated but cancer resurfaced
    and more radio therapy and chemo was administered with
    limited success as other spots appeared in her lungs.
    So more chemo was required with all the damaging effects and pain this treatment causes.
    However in the last scan the cancer spots seem to have quasi
    disappeared and my wife was adjudged to be in remission.
    This happened during the Holy Spirit novena.
    Thank you dear Holy Spirit for giving us this wonder gift.
    Thank you dear Holy Spirit for giving us such faith in you and the will never to give up.
    Thank you dear Holy Spirit for your faithful love and protection.

  12. During the holyspirit novena, I prayed for peace of mind and a calm and sound mind for there was so much uncertain in my life. I lost my residence unexpectedly and also had to leave my only son to go work as a live-in caregiver.
    By the third day of the Novena my whole countenance changed. My mind cleared and I was filled with peace and calm!! Very surreal feeling and I knew right away it was the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you Annie for the audios as well. I recommend it for insomnia.
    God bless you

  13. My business trip was a huge success. All is going well as regards my business. And I also think I am PREGNANT. IT wasn’t even possible when I took ovulation drugs. God answered me through a natural way. Thank You Holy spirit for your powerful intercessions.

  14. My son is addicted to heroin and fentanyl. He has gone through rehab and is succeeding with his recovery. The Holy Spirit has been guiding him and it is now clicking for my son. Thank you God for helping me to see that things are done in Your time, not mine. The Holy Spirit has given me strength to help my son battle this demon. God is good!

  15. Thank you Holy Spirit. This change was so subtle, I almost missed it and the reason I am responding so much after the novena ended. I did receive an answer, a much-longed for improvement in a family relationship. Thank you all for your dedication and prayers.

  16. My two daughters (Megan and Molly) delivered healthy babies on may 10th (Frank Richard) and June 2nd (Cameron Grace) neither were easy deliveries bit both moms are doing well as are their new infants thanks to your prayers! Thank you!

  17. I prayed that 2 bakkies would be sold. I HAVE
    had them for sale for nearly a year No buyers.
    Just when I was giving up a buyer came today and bought both vehicles. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT NOVENA

  18. I have been praying for the conversion of my grandchildren for sometime particularly for my 22 year old granddaughter. While on holiday in Greece over the past 10 days she sent me a picture of a church where she had attended a church service. Than you Holy Spirit.

  19. My prayers asking the Lord to remove Satan the effects of his evil from our daughter have worked! Her healing journey has begun. God bless you!

  20. Answered prayet, i just got the good news… I passed the nurse licensure God be the glory… Thanks to all of you who prayed for may prayers…

  21. I want to thank God for what He has done for me within the novels to the holy spirit. My daughter has been off and on from the house for the past two years. I have been praying through our Mother Mary that God will intervene in her life in an manner that it pleases Him. Before the end of the 9 days novena,she came back to the house as it pleases God.

  22. I thank the Holy spirit novena and all other novena, that am now able to communicate with my boyfriend (my Son’s father) , thankful that he also bought me a better mobile phone, am therefore looking forward to have our own place of stay, holy matrimony, keep praying for me, and also get a good permanent job, so that am able to take care of my mother, my son, my self and also give a hand to the father of my son when he is in need, my uncle and also be able to change other people’s lives, Amen.

  23. Thanks to the Holy Spirit Novena I was able to land a new job that I really desired and needed. God is Good.

  24. Glory be to Almighty,I really thank God because I had two months unpaid rent and I did not have a crue where I was going to get money but the holy spirit made a way for me and I settled the debt.

  25. I had fees problem for my niece and someone paid part of it and it’s my trust that she will pay the fees up to the completion of the course.

  26. Praise the Lord

    During our Novena I prayed for the gift of Joy. and indeed the merciful Lord has filled me and my lovely daughter with a gift of joy
    I can never be thankful enough to our Lord Jesus.

  27. I thank YOU for always posting the Novena Prayers. I was praying for my daughter to get a job and she did in the PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS. Sometimes I don’t get to start the prayers on the said date but I still do it after.
    I thank FATHER GOD, the BLESSED HOLY MOTHER and all the SAINTS AND ELECT for always answering my prayers and petitions. May FATHER GOD continue to bless you all. AMEN

  28. My novena prayer for a special intention for my daughter was answered.
    She’s been going through a difficult time, and I’m grateful to God that this intention was answered.

  29. My son was driving and almost fell asleep the car behind him beep and flashed lights for him to pull in to an approaching service station. Thank God all is good.
    Thank you both for all Novena.

  30. This is a follow up on my previous testimony where I testified that I got a call from my previous employer after the Holy Spirit Novena, telling me that I am being considered for a call back.
    In the meantime, I had a successful interview with a new employer on the 8 the of June and will be assuming my new duties on the ,13th of June. I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit and he Holy Trinity, in Jesus’name, Amen.
    I pray for speedy answers to all your prayers too.

  31. My father had suffered sudden cardiac arrest, and was in the ICU, and when he awoke, his brain function was very limited. We were worried that he would never regain his memory, but praise God his memory is back and his sweet kind and loving ways are giving us hope as he continues to heal.

  32. help me Jesus to submit to yoour will and radiate you jesus in everything thank you I believe 101.5 total healing with you Thank you for another Great day with you Jesus

  33. Praise God Brethren, I thank God for my Son who had refused say or even wear Rossary saying it’s boring. I had praying to holy to touch him. Just a few days into the Novena he started wearing one and praying . Infact mine! Thank Jesus, thank holy spirit. JFO

  34. I am thanking God for providing financial breakthrough over my children school fees which I’ve been praying for when I joined the novena prayer. Things got bad for me and my kids but God showed up for us. I thank him also for All the families here for his mercy and grace still speaks for us🙏

  35. 1. My daughter finally got a good offer after months of searching. She already started her work. Thank you Lord.

    2. Praise to God. My son got the confirmation of admission to as government funded state university. A well renowned university in the city.

  36. The Holy Spirit did miracle for me to get money to be able to go to the Holy Land in to walk in the footsteps of my Lord Jesus in July. Thanks very much Holy Spirit.

  37. My sister was diagnosed with two different types of cancer in December. She went through a round of chemo and was then supposed to have a lumpectomy and radiation for the breast cancer. She just had a PET scan and all cancer is gone, even the breast cancer. All the novenas I have been praying have been for her. Thank you

  38. Few months ago, I keep on praying to different novenas and it granted all my prayers. I took and passed my English Certifying exam. What’s more is that I even started my Visa Screen Application and moving to the next step. I’m so glad that I came across with this. So blessed!

  39. My husband, who has multiple myeloma, was designated in remission after the latest laboratory tests. Praise be to the Holy Spirit.

  40. Greetings to you my Brothers and Sisters.
    At the middle of the Novena to the Holy Spirit, I received a phone call from my eldest brother that my father suddenly became so sick that he could not stand for some days. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and on Saturday June 4th, my father started walking again. To the Glory of God the Holy Trinity, my father is well now. I believe in Miracles and my father’s Healing is one.
    Thank you very much.

  41. I thank God for healing. I had sever body pain and suffered intestinal parasite for years. Have been praying for healing. All glory to God Almighty,I am healed in Jesus name I pray, amen.

  42. I prayed for my sister-in-law, who has cancer for the Holy Spirit to heal her or give her peace of mind and help her to feel better on her journey! The Holy Spirit has helped her to feel better and she’s in great spirits! I too am feeling more at ease with all my loved ones! Thank you very much to all who have prayed with me this awesome novena.
    I’m ready for the next novena.
    God bless!

  43. My friend Victoria Eyewuoma who has been lying critically ill and in great pains is now free from the pains and can sleep well. I am grateful to God for answered prayers during this Novena and I ask for total and permanent Divine healing upon her IJN Amen. I also believe with strong faith and trust in God for that. Amen

  44. I asked the Holy Spirit through the Novena to help my 25 year old son to get for his addiction to alcohol. Only a few days after starting the novena he called to say he was going into rehab the next day ! I know it won’t be easy once he is out , but I also know that he is in the hands of God ! Jesus I trust in you !!

  45. I joined the Novena and specifically asked for good result on my biopsy. I developed a new atypical mole this year that has two colors and was referred to a dermatologist for evaluation. The doctor ordered a biopsy done. I had the surgical removal of the suspicious mole on the 26th of May and the it was to the lab for biopsy. I started the Novena to the Holy Spirit on the 27th of May. I asked the Holy Spirit for my biopsy to be normal and the mole to be benign and not cancerous. The results of the biopsy normally takes 2 weeks. The Novena ended June 4th, I received a call from the doctor’s office exactly 3 days after the Novena ended. On June 7th I was told the mole was benign. It is not cancerous, I was so relieved. The incision is healing very well. Thank you, Holy Spirit for the wonderful gift. Amen.

  46. Ever since my beginning with pray more Novenas , I asked for a husband. On April 30th I marry a Godsent husband Jimmy. Thank you 🙏

  47. I thank the people that we have prayed with in the holy spirit novena. There was a matter that I was handling that was shifting but During the Novena God opened most of the doors. I pray that the matter can be completed successfully.

  48. I joined the Prayer for Mary Undoer of knots. I recieved a call for the job I have been applying for, for the past 3 years with no response. I’m also able to study my school work and have focus, no longer have headaches or feel tired everytime I have to study.

    The Holy Spirit Novena, Helped me to be consistent with reading the word of God.. Letting go of past Anger and appreciating Everyday Life, filled with positive daily affirmations.

    I thank you for your Prayers!

  49. I am so gratefulthat my prayers and novena was answered. Today was my 9th day of prayer. My daughter who has been depressed for many years finally was able to have an appointment with a psychiatrist that will give her the help she needs. Our prayers were answered. Thank you Mary undoer of knots. We love you.

  50. Praise the Lord!
    I prayed for my daughter to conceive. Past 5 years I have been continuously praying for the same. There was a medical condition that seemed difficult to conceive.
    Last month she is pregnant and scanning results show that it’s twin babies.
    I am giving thanks to God today for the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I truly believe that The Holy Spirit was taking part during the novena prayers and was interceding for me.
    God sometimes answers our prayers differently than we expected. His ways and thoughts are far above our own.

  51. I prayed to the Holy spirit that my daughter have a safe delivery because she had pre-eclampsia. Thank you Lord that my daughter had a successful ceasarian section with a live baby . Thank you my Holy spirit.

  52. I usually do the novenas but I leave the answer of them to the Lord because Is suspect the movement is often hidden from my eyes. I did want to share that one family member has gone into treatment for an addiction while I prayed the Holy Spirit novena for her. I hope it is the start of something good. Prayer to the Lord is always fruitful even if it is to call me to love others more deeply. God Bless!

  53. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to successful surgery and just being with me and healing me and counseling and consuming everything amen

  54. My son has had a drinking problem for 25 years that had escalated out of control. He has stopped drinking anything alcoholic and said he doesn’t even have a desire to drink. I’m so grateful my heart is to bursting. Praise Jesus. Thank y’all for offering these novenas.

  55. In the dentist office right now praying they figure out this tooth pain.
    Praying for my family health, that they will be healed of there diseases.
    In Gods name thank you.

  56. In this novena, I was praying for a lot of people who were getting sacraments during this novena time. 2 friends who got married had beautiful Catholic wedding masses, 2 friends had their babies baptized, and 4 deacons were ordained in the Phoenix diocese. I think everything went peaceful for everyone, so thank you Holy Ghost!

  57. I prayed the novena of Mary untier of knots, I prayed to get a permanent job to help break through my financial issues.
    I am grateful to Mother Mary because my prayer request was answered.i got a job..To God be the glory

  58. Praise to you God , I thank you you God, Alleluia , thank you for all of you help me pray , God answer my prayer, God is heading my son free from drug addiction for 10 years, and God look after him in safe place now. God give my husband is starting new job 11 days later . God is starting let me more understand reading, listening speaking English ,

  59. Had a road accident on April car got extensively damaged.after raising the claim with the insurance company there was no more communication.after novena on 6th this month was called by investigator company that was assigned to follow up on my car by the insurance company.
    My prayers were answered since the company is on the case now . praying for good outcome now

  60. I thank God through the intercession of the holy spirit I have been blessed with a new job I did an interview 1week ago n today I HV been called to start the training.
    Thanks for praying with and for me..
    God Bless u

  61. I have been praying for my son and daughter-in-law who have been struggling to start a family for 3 years. This week they announced that a blessed little one is on the way, due in January. Praise and thank you Jesus!


  63. I requested prayers for my white blood count numbers to increase. Although I normally have a low count, my count was lower than low-a real concern to my oncologist. Within one week of my prayer request, my count went up two whole points! Although not normal, an acceptable number for me, so no drastic/painful procedures.
    Thank you for your prayers. The Holy Spirit, once again, blessed me.


  65. Join me in thanking Him that never happened fails for His mercy.My husband had brake failure while driving his truck but he didn’t hit any body.Again my son was stabbed by thieves at right side of the heart but he made it alive.Glorify God for me.He never fails.Thank you for your prayers.

  66. I had been praying for clarity on the next steps professionally. I also prayed for wisdom on how to end things with my then-boyfriend. It was clear for a while that the relationship needed to end, but I was really scared of being single again and potentially hurting someone in the process. I believe the Holy Spirit gave me encouragement regarding my career path and courage to do the “hard thing”, which was to end things with my then-boyfriend in a way that was respectful and honored both of our dignities.

  67. Thank you Holy Spirit for your mercy and grace in the recovery and on- going healing from back surgery on April 27, 2022, able to walk without assistive device! Amen 🙏

  68. My husband has heart problems, he has had an open heart surgery and recently had to have an Afib ablution. There days after his procedure his blood pressure was out of control, he had dizzy spells and a terrible cough. He was re admitted into the hospital and the doctors did test but we’re not sure what was causes his problems. We both started praying the Holy Spirit Novena. His blood pressure went back to normal, no dizzy spells and he does not have a chronic cough. I believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit my husband has regained his health. Thanks to everyone that was praying for my husband. God is so merciful!

  69. Thank you GOD in Jesus name!!! I prayed my son would graduate high school on time with his peers…he did it!!!! My son walked across the stage yesterday to receive his high school diploma. It has been a struggle through out his school years but GOD answered my prayers!

  70. My husband got successfully another job with a very good pay despite the fact that his previous employer tried to sabotage him and stain his reputation because they don’t want him to move to the other company. Prayed the novena and his previous company did not win. Thank you so much Holy Spirit.

  71. My adult daughter has been suffering long term pain for many years, near the end of Novena, she was introduced to a new (non medicated) procedure that is offering much relief and she has hope for more relief.

    Thank you for praying with me.

  72. Have debilitating bursitis, prayed the novena. Can’t say it is cured but the pain has lessened to the extent I can now perform all household and gardening chores with very little or no pain. All medical procedures had done nothing to relieve the pain. Thank you, Holy Spirit !!

  73. Peace be with u all, when I started this novena I got a call for interview we immediately started training bt tukiendelea tu na training tulichunjwa tena before nimalize my novena am again jobless please continue praying for me

  74. Am seeing the works of the Holy spirit delivering my child from the evil possession. Healed by the blood of Jesus . 👏

  75. I thank God for successful examination and for my friend whose Visa got approved. Praise God! Amen.

  76. Was praying for my children to come back to church. On eve of pentecost Sunday my daughter went to receive Jesus in the eucharist. When I was talking to her later and congratulating her for her decision to avail herself to the sacraments she told me she had gone to confession with her son the previous week. I glorified God for his mercy. Please continue praying for her to continue her journey as a Christian.

  77. The Holy Spirit was covering my family, and communication happens and is stronger than ever, Praise The Lord

  78. Reconciled 30 year marriage after 10 years separated

    Praying for return of losses from financial crash of 2007/2008 guidance for attorney Brown

  79. In Praise of the Holy Spirit I was granted healing of my lung and sinus issues I had been dealing with since last year. Thank you to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to you both at Pray More Novenas. I loved the Novena to the Holy Spirit.

  80. I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me by bringing my family closer,
    to us. It was such a miracle, and brought me much joy.

  81. Dear Brothers and Sisters

    The Holy Spirit manifested itself just after completion of the Novena. There are two youngsters who have been unemployed for years in my family, and both of them got promises yesterday. I am already celebrating like they have started work already. Thank you very much to all of you with your continuing prayer support 🙏🏾😊

  82. All my petitions were answered in God’s special ways, which surpass all human understanding, and they are too numerous to list. However, during the last Novena, I requested the Holy Spirit to give to my son the give wisdom to discern good from evil and truth from error so that he would bear the fruit of self control. To the glory of God my son has developed self and is consciously working hard to maintain it. Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  83. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 3.5 years and I am now 6 weeks pregnant! Just recently I completely surrendered to the Lord and felt at peace with his decision on when it would happen. We did a lot of novenas to the infertility saints and our prayers have been answered. Still praying a lot due to fear of miscarriage as this happened with our first pregnancy.

  84. Thank you so much for this novena
    My daughter is talking more to me and I have let go of her physical heath for her to loss weight s d I believe at age 24 someone will be out in her path for this to happen

    For now I am loving and accepting

  85. My grandson who was drug addicted is now working and living on his own. The Holy Spirit did this when all else failed .

  86. God has helped me with my stomach issues and my depression. God is so good and faithful. Thank you Jesus.

  87. I thank you Lord Holy Spirit for answering my prayers. I have been experiencing His presence every day since the Novena of Holy Spirit started. A great joy & peace is in and around me and my son. I still continue to pray to the Holy Spirit every morning.

  88. My prayers to the Holy Spirit have always been answered. My wife’s mental and physical health has improved considerably. Thank you Holy Spirit and all you who have prayed.

  89. After praying the novina to the Holy Spirit I was reunited with my daughter. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  90. I have been praying all 20 decades of the rosary daily since my husband’s death in January that he pass from purgatory into heaven. I prayed the same during the Holy Spirit novena and also asked if it be God’s will that I may know when this is happened. The last day of the novena I was outside in my back yard and suddenly heard wind chimes above me. I have no wind chimes outside and I live in the middle of 40 acres where it is very quiet. Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing peace to a grieving wife’s heart!

  91. I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit Novena! My boss was in hospital and not doing good at all! We were worried about his and his family as well as our jobs! But God came through for all of us, he came out of ICU and hospital and is now recuperating at home, we can even talk to him about work over the phone. We praise God through the Holy Spirit, He healed him and will continue to do so!

    Thank you for this platform

  92. I prayed my son would find some peace and happiness in his career. I prayed that he would find positive development and by the power of the saints, angels, Holy Spirit, and dear Lord, he is promoted. Thank you, dear Lord Jesus for everything.

  93. I’d prayed for a situation around a mistake I’d made to be resolved. A meeting took place with the family I’d unintentionally offended with my words. I needed this family’s forgiveness because my actions were not meant to hurt anyone. The family accepted my apology and forgave me, understanding my intentions/words were just misstated and mis measured. God is very very good indeed because the consequences could have had dire implications. Thank you for praying with me!

  94. During the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday, I had a feeling that I should take a pregnancy test. Being married for more than eight years and struggling with infertility, let’s just say that my husband and I were in AWE when the result was positive! I have prayed many novenas along with the PrayMoreNovenas community since its beginnings, with the personal prayer intention for my husband and I to become parents. The Lord, in His goodness, faithfulness, and time, has answered not only the longings of our hearts, but those of all our family members and friends who have prayed for us over the years. Praise the Lord! Come, Holy Spirit! I am so grateful for the beautiful founders of this ministry and to the entire PrayMoreNovenas community for their dedication, prayers, and witness.

  95. Praying novenas helps me boost my faith in GOD. One way or another I feel blessed all the time. GOD already answered my prayer, a prayer almost 9 years ago. Thus, I do believe that prayer is so powerful for as long as trust in him will continue to boost and do not perish.
    Also I realized that in prayer, everything comes in unexpected ways, hence, answer to that has its own timing.

    So we just need to trust his process, his time and reason so everything will fall into place. And while waiting, still continue to pray 🙏. In prayer you will not lost nor lose anything, instead you gain something, and thats called a blessing.

    Thank you for this community who prayed with me through out the challenges in life.

    May GOD continue to guide and bless us. AMEN.

  96. Although my children are on speaking terms I found a quiet cordiality and lack of warmth. My husband and I prayed to the Holy Spirit, for family unity and more love. I have seen streaks of genuine care and love emerging. I thank the Holy Spirit and beg that this feeling may grow in my children. Praise the Lord