Answered Prayers from The Holy Spirit Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Holy Spirit Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you & your intentions!

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  1. I prayed for God to help me pass the Kentucky Paraeducator Assessment and today I did. In thanksgiving and praise to our God. So thankful for this Novena and everyone praying them with us especially Paul and Anne for bringing the Novena to us. ❤🙌

  2. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to help me make a decision on a voluntary role of responsibility.
    I knew I wanted to help the community but wasn’t sure if this was the right path. I asked the Holy Spirit for a sign that I was making the right decision and to confirm this through a specific sign of two doves. Sure enough on the 8th day, I saw an image of two doves! My prayers were answered!

  3. Thank you, my mom is now responding after being in a coma for 3 days. Thank you Dear Holy Spirit & to all who initiated this novena. 🙏

  4. Sacred heart of Jesus thank you for hearing my prayer. My sister-in-law sister was operated on for ovarian cancer went through chemo and radiation. Today she got her results from her pet scan and MRI and all of her major organs are clear. Thank you so much please keep Mary n your prayers ❤️!!!

  5. I had been looking for a job for almost 2 years. I was utterly depressed with all the rejections, I never saw any hope for myself. I had been praying for a better job for my husband too. After making this novena to the Holy Spirit this time, my prayers have been answered. My husband has got a better job and I have got a job that I desired. I can now dream of a brighter future. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping us always.

  6. Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you so very much for having the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case in the Supreme Court decided in favor of the pro-life cause !! Thank you so very very much for this which so many people have been trying to support happening for so very many long years !!

  7. Good day
    Paul and Anne
    Today i want to thank God..
    He has bought me through so much.. Its been 8 years now im not smoking..
    10 years ago my grandchild was diagnosed with langerhans cancer now she is free of it.. Prayinig all the novenas has helped me cope.. Also last year i had a heart attack and God saw me through that as well..
    Thank you for praying for me..
    One thing i really need prayers for is my anger
    My daughter cant seem to get me when i tell her the things thats going wrong..
    Now she wont even come around to see her kids that i am looking after.. Please pray for the two of us that she can see through me what she is doing is so wrong..
    Thank you so much for the prayers..

  8. Praise God I asked the family to help me in prayers, God has answered me,I have a baby boy, the next prayer request is about a good job.

  9. I have prayed for my nephew and his wife’s third child to be born healthy. They were told the baby would not survive the pregnancy, let alone the birth. They were told the baby would have missing organs, Deformities…etc.
    Little Emmett was born perfect! He is a healthy boy!

  10. Mary undoer of Knots
    Thank you so much
    I was in so much pain . Please never let me go through that again . The fear was as great as the trauma. Plz keep me safe and protect me . Plz hear all my prayers as you did this one . I beg you . In Christ s name . Amen

  11. During this novena I prayed for a normal delivery for my baby who was in breech position at 37 weeks. I received my miracle when the baby turned at 39 weeks and was delivered safely! Praise be to God!

  12. My wife suffered 2 brain hemorrhages (about 30 years apart), which left her with a hemiparesis on her right side. Since last Christmas, she suffered very severe chronic spasms in her leg. I prayed the Mary Help of Christians Novena and on May 31 (one week after the Feast of Mary Help of Christians) the spasms miraculously stopped.

  13. I have been searching for better paying job that will not only pay my bills but will allow me to have enough to be more generous to the needy. I dedicated this novena to getting such a job and today I received an email with a better job offer.
    May Gods name be praised always.

  14. I had been praying specifically for a daily “occupation” for my 17 year old intellectually disabled son who has to stay home alone all day in the summer. Since I hadn’t been able to make any summer arrangements for him despite months of effort, I had decided that God’s will must be for my son to learn to be comfortable and productive learning to stay home alone. But yesterday I found out that a free, 3-day a week summer camp for learning disabled teens had just begun at our local Human Resource Center. My son will be able to attend and transportation is provided. This is God’s answer to my prayer.

  15. Thank you Holy Spirit!!! I’ve learned to pray to you more sincerely and earnestly!!! We’ve gotten good news that one thing mom was having problem with is just a quick remedy. I continue to wait with a grateful heart for prayers answered for my children and so many on my health lists.

  16. Praise be to God, after this novena I received help with a bleeding problem that has been going on for many years. I also was able to reconcile with my sister after a very difficult incident.

  17. I’ve been asking for a healthcare job for my med school application for a very long time, a few days after the Holy Spirit novena, i got employed by CityMD. I am so grateful to God.

  18. I prayer for my daughter success in her University Exams for great credit and the Lord granted this. She scored 4.74 GPA. All glory to God

  19. As we were asked to be concrete I asked that we would be able to get my husband a shed and remodel our bathroom as well as repave our driveway. This seemed impossible because my husband and I are retired and no longer able to do the work ourselves. When we went to check with the person dealing with our mortgage we were told that our home had doubled in value so we were able to not only afford the renovations but pay off our other debts as well.
    We’ve also been praying for the return of our children, brothers and sisters to the Faith. We are seeing a desire in my sister to become closer to God, speaking of her joy in His care for her. Oher members of the family .have been finding ways to return.

  20. I’ve been praying for the citizenship status for my kids years after filing. One was later canceled but luckily he’s been called back and to schedule for an interview. The others haven’t been called for an interview yet but I’m just so excited the Holy Spirit is working. He does everything in his time. I believe I’ll come back here and hopefully soon for the full testimony.

    I’m still hoping for a lot other prayer points to be ticked off my list.
    I am super grateful Lord!

  21. In thanksgiving for accepting a job (after searching for nearly three years), with an organization lead by those who live and share Our Lord’s mission.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you.

  22. I have been applying and looking for a job closer to where I live with a better salary and benefits. While praying this novena must prayers were answered. Thank you for sharing these novena. Thank you Holy Spirit.🙏

  23. Please pray for me on the 28th June and 5 July 2022 I will be undergoing both eyes surgery. Please include Me in the forthcoming Novena.

    Kind regards.

  24. Thank for this channel’ it has been helpful to me,
    My Prayer was answered, I have been looking for a job for a while now and I got an employment letter from one of the ORG I was volunteering to,
    It’s a blessing,

  25. I prayed for financial provision & journey mercies for my brother’s function. God provided & we all traveled safely to & from the function. I thank God for that. And thank you Ann & Paul for the prayers.

  26. I have been having eye trouble and had a successful surgery on day 9. My foot also finally healed after about 4 years of doctors. I thank Jesus and the holy spirit and all those who prayed this novena with me . May god Continue to bless us all through the novena prayers.

  27. Requested for more suitable accommodation / home for my daughter and friends there for my grandchild . Both were received in abundance . Many thanks for blessings received.❤️⭐️

  28. Please pray for the healing of my brother in-law, Julio Tamondong for he is undergoing on an Angiogram procedure on June 22, 2022. Please include him on our forthcoming novena on Sacred Heart of Jesus🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thanks . Sacred Heart of Jesus heal Julio Tamondong

    Novena Support Team

  29. I have been praying for my guy friend to overcome his sadness and depression. I have been praying novenas for a while never thought they were truly being answer. But I was wrong he is getting stronger and he’s also confessed feeling for me. I am happy he’s better and hopefully he can get stronger and we take things slow. Thank you to these novenas because my faith is being restored and I feel a community of friends who are with me always. I also hope that we can continue to pray because I lost my home and I am desperately trying to pray to find something within my budget so I don’t end up in the streets….

  30. My daughter was blessed with a third child, her two previous births were complicated and we worried her third labour would be difficult .My prayers for a safe birth for both mum and baby were answered! My beautiful baby granddaughter was born 3 weeks early on Friday the 10 th June, 6 days after I had finished praying the Novena.
    Thank you Holy Spirit , I will continue to place my faith in you and I am eternally grateful .

  31. My husband became willing to work on our marriage when I thought for sure we were heading for divorce

  32. I have been utilizing the Novenas for mercy and grace on my family since over 8 months. We dedicated The Holy Spirit Novena for a very specific cause of getting some progress on our Visa. We did, there has been a movement in the right direction. I thank the Trinity for this blessing. I also extend my thanks to the lovely Couple and Team who have led us through Prayers!!!

  33. My answered prayer i from Mary Undoer of knots payer that ended 17th May 2022.

    I really thank Jesus, my saviour and provider for answering my prayers and I thank my dearest Mother, Mary for aways interceding on my behalf as my childeren are expecting their first baby. I will be forever be grateful for this wonderful gift of the womb and new addition to our family.

    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are though amongst women and blessed is the fruitof thy womb, Jesus! Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. AMEN

  34. Our son and daughter-in-law were having difficulty conceiving. We were told yesterday that a first grandchild is expected! Thank you Holy Spirit!

  35. Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    Here is a testimony of how God is Great and merciful 🙏 I have tried to pass my driving licence for the past 4 years and being in the UK, due to covid, there is a huge backlog and very few driving instructors.

    I was desperate to pass my practical test as I had spent so much already and income on my family, kids were getting scarce…

    I prayed 2x novenas : The Holy Spirit and Mary U doer of knots 9 days before the test and Asked the Holy Spirit to guide my hand when driving.

    I passed 1st time and with apparently the meanest of examiner but Holy Spirit was guiding her too.

    I praise the Lord Daily and Thank our Mother so Much for such Blessing 🙏🙏🙏

  36. I am so greatful to God for your prayers. A family member that was critical and spent 5 months in hospital, underwent 10 surgeries, can finally walk on his own.Thak you.

  37. I have joined this praymorenovenas since last year.but this year, in novena of d holy spirit, my long awaited prayer was answered. God really surprised me with a job, that I got in a plater of gold. its awesome to walk with God, I’m pleased for been part of this prayer group.

  38. good morning, during this novena,I prayed for peace within me, to stop over thinking and accept what I can’t change. Thanks so much ,I really feel different and more serenity at heart.Without that burning sensation in my chest.

  39. With a challenging ordeal I turned to the Holy Spirit. I admitted to God and all that “walking the talk” was most difficult but cognitively I trusted in the Lord. My prayers are being answered; I have asked God for confirmation to proceed.
    Thank you Everyone for praying together.

  40. I had no luck obtaining money I thought I would need to keep my home. I still need money to keep my home. However, there was a petition brought before the court for my immediate emergency eviction from the property I inherited when my father and then my mother died, There was also a petition to immediately sell my home for cash by one of my two sisters with a buyers agreement already made and advertisements for same. To top it off , my other sister and I were petitioned before the court to pay two-thirds of all legal fees, seller fees to the sister who had herself appointed administratrix without our knowledge, among other fees she was demanding. It was looking pretty grim and my lawyer who filed the my petition to traverse her descriptive list and render judgement of possession prepared me for the worst. Knowing I may be in dire straights, I began this novena and prayed a rosary that I may prevail in all things before the court in the morning. In the morning, the judge rendered my sisters and me in possession of the property, rendering the petition for eviction moot along with denying any sale. Also, the sister who brought the whole ordeal upon us is to pay all costs.

  41. Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayers for a successful eye surgery, improving my overall health and acquiring the funds for my surgery.
    I would also like to thank the Holy Spirit for giving the Cuban Doctors this wonderful gift of restoring sight. Though I paid for my surgery, due to the urgency. However, I could have got it compliment of the Cuban Government, who has provided our small island with free health and education for a number of years.
    Thank again, Holy Spirit.
    Please include the Government and people of Cuba in our prayers.

  42. One of my intentions were for the holy spirit to clearly show me my boyfriend’s clear intentions.
    I was about 11 weeks pregnant n got a miscarriage and my boyfriend never reached out after that. I want to blve that it was the work of the holy spirit not to bring to life a child as a single parent.
    Am still recovering and have faith that will have children and a spouse.

  43. We prayed this Novena in our small christian community (SCC). We were praying for the fundraiser that we were to have on Pentecost Sunday as a SCC to raise funds toward the church projects. The Holy Spirit answered our prayers and we were able to surpass our fundraiser goal! We are grateful to God and all who prayed with us.

  44. God is good. I was diagnosed for lung cancer stage 4 in February 2022, the nodules were 4.2. last month, I had my ct scan and found out that nodules shrunk to 2.something. God put his hands over me. Thank be to God for holding my hands tight. Thank you for all your prayers and please continue praying for me for my next ct scan in August and for my completely healing.

  45. I prayed for a safe trip to Nigeria as I was travelling with my entire family. I am pleased to say that our prayers were answered as we have been to Nigeria and returned to the UK without any security issues or any problems whatsoever. To God be the glory! Thank you all for your prayers.

  46. The Lord and my higher power have answered many a prayer for me which I am always grateful and I know that i am only given what I need and not want.