A Novena for Difficult Times

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We are so grateful to join you in prayer every month. Thank you for praying with us and being a part of this community!

We know God hears us. We know we are never alone. And yet, we all go through difficult times throughout our lives that can be painful and challenging.

Our next novena is for times like these — it’s The Novena for Difficult Times.

We’ll start praying on Tuesday, June 30th. You can scroll down to see which saints are included in this novena!

And you can share your prayer intentions in the comment section below. We’re praying for you!

This novena is for anyone who may be going through a difficult time right now.

And even if you’re not, the saints always want to bring us closer to Christ, so we can really ask them for prayers for any intention in our lives.

During the novena, we will ask these saints for their prayers for us:

+ St. Matthew the Apostle and St. Nicholas, for financial matters & financial problems

+ St. Joseph and St. Cajetan, for employment and those looking for work

+ St. Dymphna, Venerable Matt Talbot and St. Frances de Chantal; for mental health matters, addictions, and spiritual anguish or darkness

+ St. Benedict Joseph Labre and St. Elizabeth of Hungary; for the poor and homeless, and those at-risk

+ St. Charbel, St. Anne and Mary, Undoer of Knots; for healing

+ St. Joseph and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton; for those who have died, those who are dying, and those who are grieving

+ St. John Paul II, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Charles Borromeo; to grow in our Faith and move closer to Jesus

+ St. Jude and St. Rita; for impossible causes

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God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie – PrayMoreNovenas.com

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  1. Dear Our Lady Undoer of knots,Jesus,St Joseph,St. Micheal,St.Jude helper of the impossible please answer everyone’s prayers on this who are praying to You and have been on these novenas! Protect me&my.loved ones and me&my oral surgeon tomorrow from covid19& me&loved ones too and protect us from all harm,danger,evil&evil retaliations-us(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M&all our animals! I pray for a miracle to happen tomorrow(or soon this week) for my daughter&I so that evil doer will never be allowed to be near us again or any of his supporters! Please help him get violated &sent to jail for long time and no time to cause harm to us! We need advocates,helpers,earthly&angelic angels to do this so we aren’t a part of his blaming us for all of his own son’s! Set us free from them all now,real soon&please bless us with a new miracle home near my son in his warm state soon in a very safe neighborhood&godly husband’s to take care of us! Please bring a miracle solution to this overwhelming nightmare problem tomorrow for us or by end of week! Please don’t let us have trouble with him/them anymore or Kim in office!! SOS!!! Xo

  2. Pray that B recognized the toxic friends and boyfriend she is keeping and make a change. Pray that she be delivered from all this negative advice and turn to God and her love ones who are trying to help her make the right choices. Pray for a clear vision for her to get out of this destructive path and be a good mother to her son.

  3. To John -Paul and Annie and Jesus,Blessed Mother,St. Micheal,St. Jude&St. Rita,St Joseph,St Micheal the Archangels &ALL the Holy powerful warring Angels&Saints in Heaven. Thank you for my prayer(s) getting answered recently and especially today regarding an urgent petition for a situation/person causing my daughter and I trouble my doing illegal/evil activity very close to us (in our dwelling)! Today was first day after 9 day novena! This person still near below us(badgering us indirectly along with his friend who isn’t even suppose to have him on property(long story)! Today a good thing occurred that may get rid of him for good but we have to wait&see! We still are fearful as he doesn’t take direction when told he’s not allowed here(by law and heirachies)! We are asking for ALL YOUR prayers for this nightmare to FINALLY end so we don’t have to run away/ move! We are low income/ I’m disabled! Please please please pray hard for him to FINALLY get sent away and for my daughter and I to have peace/healing/restoration? Pray for God(All I’m praying too for this urgent miracle(s) to bring this mission to completion fast!!! Pray for this and for an urgent financial / creative miracle for me to somehow- buy/ own / purchase a 2 bdrm(or even 1) condo for my daughter&I so I(we) can move near my son in his warm state( he’s in Military(hard program)& I miss him very much and we just want to move out of this nightmare regarding these 2 evil doer drug addict men below us who we are afraid of! Our complex doesn’t help us and they won’t even move us to another apartment! We love Jesus and feel so victimized by these 2/3 evil doers constant brutality/ emotional abuse! Her dad is telling me he’s getting sick of hearing about it!! My daughter&I trust in Jesus etc! If anyone can bless us with a condo/ townhome there in NC we will gladly pick up payments-we just need a safe neighborhood there! The cold is very hard on me too! Just let us know through John Paul&Annie! We are so so so very grateful for this novena and we are praying daily for everyone’s prayers to be answered!!! Thank you everyone!!!XO

  4. Dear John-Paul and Annie,

    This is to inform you that our prayers were answered during this novena.
    1) My Company was nominated to be elevated for more business in the Oil and Gas Industry. Please asking for St. Joseph and St. Cajetan, to pray for us so that our nomination and proposals will be approved to enable continuous expansion of my company business.

    2) I normally suffer malaria almost every month but for 4 months, I have not suffered malaria or any sickness/illness. Please I am asking St. Dymphna, Venerable Matt Talbot and St. Frances de Chantal to continue praying for my health and my family protection from any sickness. May St. Charbel, St. Anne and Mary, Undoer of Knots continue to heal us.

    We are asking for the following Saints to continue to pray for our intentions below:

    3) For our financial breakthrough to keep giving thanksgiving to God, support the church and evangelization projects, help the poor, orphanage and needy, build or buy our own house, expand our company business and welfare of our family, please St. Matthew the Apostle and St. Nicholas, pray for us.

    4) For us to continue to grow in our faith and move closer to God, St. John Paul II, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Charles Borromeo, please pray for us.

    5) For impossible causes of any sort in our life, St. Jude and St. Rita, please pray for us.

  5. Thank u Annie and John-Paul for the hardwork u put in preparing the Novenas. This Novena for Difficult times was the most enjoyable and i know our prayers will be answered. I love being part of the PraymoreNovenas community. Mau God Bless everyone and their families and friends.

  6. Please pray for my oldest son that him and his wife learn to manage their finances to live a responsible respectful life

  7. Thank you StJude and Mother of Undoer of knots for my prayers being answered my brother Ricky is home and he is doing alright we were able to hear from him after not knowing where he was after a couple of days he was safe and doing well thanks for prayers answered

  8. St Jude and Mother Undoer of knots thank you for prayers answered my brother Ricky is home and doing alright so far we have heard from him after not knowing how he was or were he was Thanks for prayers answered

  9. Dear God I pray for safety of my son and he and my husband quit drinking alcohol and focus on their health and family. I pray for healing of my mind, body and soul. I pray for protection from the coronavirus and all illness and diseases for me and my family and everyone. I pray for an end to the coronavirus. Healing for the sick comfort for the dying and their families and protection for the health care workers. I pray that me and my siblings settle our mom’s estate soon. I pray I get approved for medical coverage and it covers my medical screenings. I pray for a financial blessing tomorrow night for me and my husband to help us with our lives. I pray for a deeper faith, stronger relationships with God and happiness and well health. Mary our mother and all the saints please pray for me and my family. In Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  10. To Jesus,Blessed Mother,St. Jude&St. Rita(helper of the impossible situations),St Micheal and all HIS powerful Holy warring ANGELS&ALL the Holy powerful Angels&Saints in heaven please hear&answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Please being a powerful vaccine for covid 19! Pray for us:(Me-K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M&all our animals&my women’s group! Pray a special prayer for my son in the Military(hard program etc)& bless him with a special compatible team made up of mature godly wisdom filled godly soldiers who will be his best friends&visa/ versa! Bless him with a very safe deployment area(his hearts desires where are resources etc)& bless all our US Military &their families! Protect us from all evil,covid19& help us to have nice safe homes near him(each other) in his state in very safe neighborhoods-homes&a special.prayer for my daughter &I to move soon we’ll before cold winter there in nice home(s) of our own to own in safe neighborhood so we don’t ever have to live near drug addicts again who abuse us like we had here! SOS to You ALL🙏! Pray a special.prayer for my oral surgeon consultation Monday and not get covid 19 ever and pray a special.prayer for my oral surgeon(DrM) or whoever I see! Help him to give me thorough x-rays to see if infection! It hurts horrible,my gums I have no teeth but feel&see bones spurs and I’m grinding them,very painful&tmj maybe! Help him see the truth,give him godly wisdom,concern and know how and what yo do for me and all paid for-profit from beginning to end including anesthesia etc and my insurance NOT to deny payment! Also new great snug fitting dentures paid for and a gum specialist referral too! Please heal me Jesus EtC..it hurts horrible!! Your will be done!!! Thank you JESUS,Blessed Mother,All angels,saints for coming to ALL our aid!!! XO

  11. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the eeg calls me soon and that Larry does not cancel today. I also pray that they don’t call me when my parents are on vacaton but after Aug 7 or before July 23. I pray that I can get the conoloscopy done on after Aug 7 not on Aug 18 but any other time. I also pray that I can get my bipolar controlled asap.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  12. For my daughter to open her heart to receiving a good man, falling in love and marry and be happy.

    For my other daughter to find employment that matches her skill set and pays well and be happy and not worry.

    I pray to continue keeping us all safe and healthy during this time.

    Thank you Lord for all the blessings in my life.

  13. I need ur prayers as my fiance gonna start his court case next month(25thAug). He filed a complaint against a known person and cheated. Plz pray for him and to help us to finish this case as soon as possible.. we have 3 kids.. Thanks !

  14. I pray for protection over my family from the COVID-19 virus and all other diseases.
    I pray to earn all A’s in my classes.
    I pray for God’s guidance on my decision to change programs.
    I pray for God’s guidance on the sale of my home.
    I pray to be able to pay for my education. I had borrowed $13,000 for my education and my ex-husband stole all of it.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial abundance, financial prosperity.
    I pray for a release from my financial debt.
    I pray for healing of my son from autism, severe depression, severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and sleep apnea.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from autism, severe depression, migraines, severe anxiety, severe mood swings, and kidney problems.
    I pray for blessings of peace, joy, happiness, laughter and lover over my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself from sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, asthma, diabetes, and leg, knee, and hip pain.
    I thank you for all of the blessings you bestow upon us each day.

  15. I couldn’t join the novena earlier but want to start it now. I’m praying for my brother-in-law John Ameh and my nephew Samuel, that may be merciful to them and grant them their hearts desires. I also pray for the new business I’m about to start up, that the hand/favour of the Almighty God may rest upon it and cause it to prosper. For my husband/children, that the Spirit of God remains with them, guiding their steps and protecting them, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  16. Am thanking God for the gift of life and my family and am asking for the intercessions of all the saints to help my son with addiction to alcohol,tobacco,porn videos and bad temper Lord help him to concentrate on his studies and stay away from bad company through the help of God.. secondly l pray for the intercessions of St Jude and Rita for impossible cases, st Ann and Mary undoer of knots for healing and good health and st Charles Boromeo to grow in our faith and closer to Jesus.

  17. I ask that you keep my 5 month old great-grandson, Henry, his Mommy and Daddy, and our family in your prayers. Henry, born with Down Syndrome has blessed his family in so, so many ways, he has helped us to love more and have Our God more present in each of our lives. Henry needs ours and your prayers. Next week our sweet boy will have a procedure to determine if a blockage he has with one kidney will require surgery. Henry will have also additional testing to rule out leukemia, and thyroid conditions. Please pray. Our family believes in the Power of Prayer and that God will surround Henry with His Miraculous Hands. I ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede so that her Son may answer our prayers. I thank God for all that He has done, is doing and will do, in Jesus’ Name I pray. Thank you so much and God Bless.

  18. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for everything!
    Please bless everybody in my family with good health and financial stability! Please keep my daughters and their babies healthy and safe and protect them! I pray for my elder nephew to have very good results from his tests tomorrow and to be healthy. Please pray that we keep our jobs and help my son-in-law to find a very good job. Please heal G from her cancer and grant the prayers of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  19. My God my Jesus my Mother Mary please send us our Paul back on this Blessed day in body mind spirit and soul have him show up at our house
    we are all waiting for him
    I love you with all my heart and I trust in your love for me and my family who came to Jesus on their own will with the example of Paul
    please have mercy and pity on our family bring our Paul today thank you

  20. Please pray for my youngest son that he receive help and guidance to live a responsible respectful live, heal him mentally and find a job and a partner to live a happy life. Thank you.