Day 1 – Novena for Difficult Times 2020

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Here’s Day 1 of the Novena for Difficult Times!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I’m in need of prayer! My brother and I were the best of friends! I love his family.. but now he has turned against me over my moms property that doesn’t belong to him!! He’s trying to sell and dispose of all of my moms and brothers belongings without giving me the opportunity to remove them.. he’s money hungry and has a cold heart! I’ve offered to buy the house from him just to keep the peace but isn’t giving me time for my banker to finish the loan .. please I ask fir prayer fir this situation .. Thank you and Blessings to everyone!

  2. I am praying for a job interview I had today, I pray the good Lord hears and give me this job. I will be forever grateful. 😇
    I will testify. Amen.

  3. Praying for all that prayed this Novena may God grant us all according to his holy will….thank you jesus for everything…May my intentions be heard .. Lord today i leave everything in your Holy hands…blessings to everyone and may god protections always be upon us Amen…

  4. I am Praying this novena because I am in an abusive relationship. I want out but he threatens to kill me, my daughter and my family. I need God’s forgiveness for my sins so he would hear my prayers and help me. I need strength and release from this suffering and Torture.

  5. Dear St John of Antioch and Charles Borromeo I pray for my widowed daughter who has a 3 years old son ,,please send her a very Godly Husband and a good father ,,Please rebuild her faith and my son as well Thank you in the name of Jesus

    St Jude and St Rita ,,,You say nothing is Impossible I pray for my friend to let me go and to accept that my life out of town and spend quality time with my kids and grandson …..I prayed and prayed for years for this to Happened Thank you Lord in the name of Jesus ,but my friend gives me hard time ,,about this and makes me guilty about this….I want to start a New Beginning and Help me to follow my Dream ,,,In Jesus name ,,

  6. I am praying for my daughter and siblings to have a relationship with me so we can live in harmony as we used, we have not spoken for three years now.

  7. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. St Matthew & St Nicholas, my younger brother has demolished the house living in with the hope to rebuild, now on suspension no money to finish project. Pls help me get some money to help him as he has no shelter at present. St Mathew & St Nicholas help me also to be able to pay off all the loans I have. St Joseph&StCajetan pls help my daughter, Mabz to get a job. She was retrenched immediately after lockdown

  8. I thank God for all the blessings in my life.

    Praying for my family after we lost our dear Mother, that God may continue to give us strenght in this grieving time, and for her beautiful soul to rest in eternal peace.

    Praying for my husband and I to be blessed with a miracle of a baby. It is especially difficult for me, knowing all is well yet I am not becoming pregnant. St. Rita pray for us.

    Praying for my brother to get a job that he has applied for, and also asking the Lord to touch his heart so that he may turn back to him and believe in God again.

  9. having difficult time handling the financial part of life in this area. technology has changed so much while I was caregiving my husband. this part of my routine is so difficult for me. re learning the computer. the handling of setting up payment options are difficult since his death. prayer please. so that I can absorb and handle these tasks. In the name of Jesus I ask for prayer and help. God bless and ty

  10. I am praying that my son SC gets the job promotion that he applied for recently.Getting this position would mean that he and his family will be moving closer to family where we can help them watch the baby and my daughter in law would be able to work more hours.
    I am also praying for financial stability in my business as we begin to reopen. My staff and I really need to get back to work.
    Please also help my my entire family and my staff And their families with their financial situations as they all are suffering hardships from these past few months.

  11. I humbly implore the intercession of St. Anthony, the Wonder Working Saint to intercede for us all.

  12. My Lord and My God -Abba Father , Mama mary & st joseph Have mercy on me and my family
    St mattew & st Nicholas-please help me support me I beg you to help me to clear all my loans asap ,
    st joseph & st St cajetan-Thankyou for my younger daughter got a job-please bless her permanant in this job and that the company absorb her & bless her the PR status to apply -Please help my elder 2 children are waiting for their SIN number & bless them also to get a permanat good job and also that the company abosorb them and get their pr status to apply — please help my 3 children a miracle -please bless my wife & my job in peace -protect us
    please st jude bless us a finance miracle touch tony heart tell jesus to inspire him to help him to give help, St Rita I offer my 3 children to get them a good permanat job and bless their pr status and for us both parent also — please st jude & st rita , st joseph and mama mary make the impossible a possible blessing from heavenly above — thankyou
    Abba Father save us — Abba Father please grant us success in my family bless us a big miracle soon.

  13. Please pray for my daughter. The doctor wants her to repeat a mamogram and ultrasound. And for me, I will have a medical test soon. Please pray for the physical health of my family.
    I also want to pray for the healing of JB.
    God I trust in You. Please hear our prayers in the name of your son Jesus. Amen
    Thank you to all the saints who will be interceding for our intentions.

  14. I pray for the lord almighty God to heal me my whole body is in alot of pains even my legs gone to hospital but no change l pray and know God is a greater doctor through Jesus Christ amen.

  15. I pray that I may do well on the MCAT exam, I am taking it for the 3rd time and have struggled to do well on my practice exams. It is my passion and dream to become a doctor and I’ve been studying for this exam for 3 years. I pray to stop getting discouraged and that I have faith in myself and that I can perform well and get a good score to pursue my dream.

  16. Praying for loss of income due to covid.

    I am a one family income too and took on medical bills just before recent income loss.

    Praying for normal and our worldly concerns affecting all.

    May God Bless us all.

  17. Dear Triune God, I pray that you soften my children’s hearts so that they return to the Church and strengthen their faith. That you protect them from the evil one, particularly from his influences through the occult and new age beliefs. Additionally I pray for E’s heart condition.

    I pray that I give you my complete obedient surrender, that I discern your will for me and that I freely choose your will. I pray for employment that allows me to do your will and take care of my financial responsibilities, especially to R.


  18. Lord Jesus, Thank you for coming tonight to hear our cries.
    Ask …..
    And It shall be done in my name.
    PLEASE end this pandemic virus.
    I ask this in you Glorious name Jesus, Amen.
    Lord Jesus son of God have Mercy on me a sinner.
    Lord, bring our children back to the church. Amen !

  19. For my health to improve and for my family needs. For everyone suffering these days, please Lord keep us strong.

  20. Prayers my sister and niece continue to improve from Covid. Thank you for all your help during my Cancer treatment. My last radiation treatment is tomorrow. Prayers for all those suffering with Cancer, Covid and other serious diseases.🙏

  21. lord, i am very blessed and thank you for the goodness you have allowed me. help me discern true love, modeled after jesus and the church. i lift up my children as they seek jobs in their young adulthood. and i pray for my former spouse and my loved ones in heaven.

  22. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord be with you.
    I pray for my family that they remain safe, well and employed. I pray for my grandchildren that they stay on the path to happiness, love and fullness of life. I pray to all my guardian angels that they protect and hold each of us.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, For Thine is the Kingdom and the Glory, now and forever. Amen

  23. Today I lift up my son Mason. May God purify his soul and make him worthy to enter into Heaven. I pray for myself and my family that we continue to have the desire to seek God’s Grace and Mercy in order to accept His Will. I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the void his passing has left in my heart and my life. Jesus, You take over. I surrender my life to You.

  24. For the conversion of atheists.
    For peace in the world.
    For understanding among those who disagree, that they may resolve their differences peacefully.
    For an end to hate and prejudice and the hateful backlash it incites
    For an end to abortion so that unwed mothers can get much needed help for themselves and their children
    For and end to the pandemic and a vaccine that will save lives
    For those who are in nursing homes, institutions and prisons during the quarantine.
    For the public to act more responsibly during this health crisis
    For politicians to remain patient, not putting the public at further risk
    For the ill, dying, and homeless.
    For those in the grips of addiction and their families.
    For a new job as I change careers, that God will send me where I am needed most.

  25. Dear Jesus, Mother Mary and all you Holy Saints in heaven,
    I offer to you my entire family. My husband is a “bully type” and my 5 teens have all fallen away from the faith because of the family discord. They no longer trust any authority and are falling for the snares of the devil and the influence of society. I have prayed, fasted, sacrificed and provided the best example that I can, and taught them the faith, but I am powerless in this situation. My entire family is volatile, and our home life is constantly distressing to us all. I think my kids have serious emotional problems due to being raised in this environment since infancy. I beg all of you to please intercede to provide us all with the wisdom, mercy and self control to turn this awful situation around. Please help my husband show gentle, loving guidance and compassion to our kids. Please bring healing to my family so that my kids will accept and practice the faith that they have been taught. I know you are the only ones who can turn this around, and I have full confidence in you. Please hear my prayer and grant it, hastily, in your mercy. Amen.

  26. Dear Lord I am praying for my son Bryan that his new employer will make an appeal with Singapore MOM for the approval of his work pass. My son needs a job to sustain the monthly payment for his house. I fervently pray that the Lord hear and grant my prayers. I also pray to protect him from harm and sickness. Today I plead, Amen.

  27. I pray that Ron will be lifted up out of the muck and mire of adultery and come to see the light.

    I pray that I will let go and leave him to heaven.

  28. For my son to get a job in his field of electrical engineering very soon. Lack of employment has led to depression. I am praying for all of you.
    Thank you with all my heart:)

  29. I am praying for the good Lord to open a door for a job for me as I continue to knock. I am also uplifting my parents and my daughters immigration documents for a positive outcome. Thank you Jesus.

  30. SCK
    Dear saints in heaven.Pray for me that I may concieve good and healthy children,that I may have good health and have my job Jesus’ name I pray.Lord let your will be done.

  31. Please pray for me, im seeking a permanent job. Please also pray for me for a financial breakthrough im curently struggling financially aswell. Also praying for health for me aswell as my children May our Heavenly Father be with us where ever we may find ourselves. Please keep me in your prayers. Im emotionally drained. Amen🙏

  32. Praying for health condition to be resolved for myself, for my children to have their jobs returned which were lost due to Covide.
    Praying also for those who are hungry and suffering in need of help in situations of poverty around the world.
    Praying for wisdom and compassion in my heart and for a deepening of my faith.

  33. Dear Lord & dear Saints, thank u for all blessings esp protection from this pandemic for my family, relatives & friends. I pray for everyone’s continued protection & good health; a favorable decision on my husband JQ’s concern at work. I also pray for my son AL to find a new, better job; for d success of my daughters’ MP & AK plans for their future. I also pray for John Paul & Annie, that their plans & desires be blessed & fulfilled by God as they continue to work hard at bringing us closer to God thru their novenas. Amen.

  34. Dear lord thank you for all your protection during this pandemic. I ask you lord to please continue to protect my family and friends. Lord I pray for all those who have been affected.
    Lord I ask for your healing for all my aches and pains. Please heal watch over my husband , my parents , my children and all those who needs your prayers.
    I ask this in precious name o lord.
    Help my sister in her struggles lord I pray. Amen
    Thank you for all your mercies lord.

  35. Lord Saviour, Mary mother of Jesus.
    Please intercede for me, I am desperate for a miracle for my lower back pains, I am desperate for better health, please remember me with the saints. I am depending on your favor for better health with my heart problems, constant pain in my lower left side of my back please help me.
    Thank you.

  36. Dear Jesus and Mary, I feel as though the whole world is at a tipping point. Please show all Your children the true meaning of life. Help us to live in Your Commandments.

    Please forgive us our sins. Please bring mankind to see Your love and mercy.

    Thank you God.

  37. Jesus, I lift up my husband to you. I am tired of praying and do not feel like praying anymore, so he is yours, you take care of him but at the same time I am Your child and I have been faithful to you no matter what and pray and keep your word, so at least for that sake take pity on me and give me deliverance from this situation, so that finally I may have life. Also because of this situation my son has lost faith in You, so I ask you to deliver him as well from the clutches of UNGodly people and bless him to take up your path and stay in relationship with You as he has been all these years, bring him back to You,which only you can, bless him with a good christian girl as his gf and spouse soon, make way to meet this girl soon. Also I pray for contracts, business at my work today/soon so that I can keep my job which is very important. Please help Jesus and take charge of my situation today. It is not a desperate prayer, it is a faithful hope in You that I have and will have no matter what the devil tries to do. Jesus come into our lives and restore all that is lost. Amen

  38. Through the intercession if St. Dymphna et al a) healing of memories for granddaughters (adopted) who still suffer from feelings of abandonment. That they will learn to trust in their parents’ (both birth and adoptive) love for them.
    b) their parents… that they been given the wisdom, strength, patience and be a reflection of our heavenly Father’s love for them

  39. I pray that my oldest son finds peace and that he is forever healed with his addictions. I pray that the lawsuits that I am in go away quickly. I was the victim, yet the legal system wont let me find peace. I pray for peace in this new troubled world. I have found Jesus, and I know He will hear me, He, God, and all the Angels above. God bless everyone here. I will pray for all of you.

  40. Pray all Holy Saints for our country and the whole world. Give Guidance, Wisdom to all our leaders, doctors and scientists to find a vaccine, treatment; end to this pandemic and bring our country back together.
    Pray Holy Saints for my nephew to pay more attention to his health, pray he, his wife return to the Catholic Faith, with a burning fire in their hearts and bellies that will explode and never leave. I pray for my nephewwife/family to be healthy, happy and safe. Give them the wisdom and guidance to raise their child to be be kind, generous, confident, caring, compassionate and to Know Our Lord, Love Our Lord and Serve Our Lord and others.

  41. I pray for abandoned children and animals, for the employment of all those who need to support their families and for the healing of the planet. Amen 🙏🏼

  42. I am praying for Health for my Husband, myself and family, financial security and abundance, protection in violent political time, successful and fulfilling return to work, if these be the Will of the Father, in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name.

  43. Lord Jesus hear us fallen children of Eve. I pray for understanding, wisdom and love concerning who will be my soulmate, I pray for my daughter on her new beginnings that she be able to rebuild her relationship with her sons, I pray for healing of our land to remove all racism for peace and I pray for my family Lord hear our prayers, all Saints pray for us. In Jesus Christ name I pray Amen

  44. I pray for my daughter that she is safe and happy in her new home. I pray for my son that he will like his new job and that it will be a blessing for him. I pray that he and his wife will be happy in their move. I pray for my nephews that they will both find good jobs that are right for them. I pray for my whole family that they are all protected from coronavirus. Keep everyone healthy and safe as school starts again. I pray that my mom stays healthy and safe. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my family.

  45. Prayers for my son’s continued recovery and for our own discernment to help him on the path. Prayers for best next steps for his future.

  46. For all those suffering from COVID19 , and all those who continue to struggle with the physical , emotional, financial and social fallout of this disease, especially my son and his family. May they and all parents with the same struggles find grace and patience through the Holy Spirit.
    And for an end to this horrible virus . Help us Lord. Holy Spirit , please lead us all to find the wisdom in protecting ourselves and others and continue to progress in finding treatments and a vaccine soon. Amen

  47. Praying for Quinn who has a spinal cord injury, Mahre’s hearing & overall health, Kelly who has been on & off respirator for almost 3 weeks with no improvements, David, Mary H, Elaine, my grandkids and kids, and all my family, Joe L, Sara, Marybeth and in thanksgiving for graces received.

  48. Jesus,
    We pray for good health and sound mind amidst the crisis and our current financial status. May my husband and I find more ways to augment our income so we can pay our bills. We pray for good health of our loved ones and our family especially our parents and siblings. We pray for safety as we go to our work everyday and may my husband find a stable source of income. St Joseph, Mama Mary, St Matthew, St Jude, St Padre Pio and all the saints in heaven, please intercede for us. Amen.

  49. Please pray for my daughter and grandson for safety and protection there are such evil ppl out there that will not leave them alone. Grant them peace and comfort so they can live a happy and faithful life through Jesus Christ our loving father. Amen

  50. For my god son parents to get back together. My husband and I to keep on getting financial assistance to finish our home as we are both elderly.My sisters and brothers who are going through health challenges. Thank you Lord I have faith in you and I know you will deliver as you ALWAYS do. Amen

  51. FATHER ALMIGHTY, please heal and strengthen the people of this great nation. We are all one under God. Help us stop the hate and violence.
    In Jesus name I pray.

  52. Please pray for my Mom, Alice, as she declines in health and mental abilities, particularly her inability to live alone. For my 7 siblings and I to respect each other as we compassion ally go forward with alternative plans to keep her in her own home safely. For healing amongst siblings who have been extremely nasty toward each other. To bind the spirit of same sex attraction- Asmodias and Lileth away from several members of my family in the name of sweet Jesus! Jesus replace those evil spirits with the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Piety, Fortitude, Right Judgement and Fear of the Lord. In Jesus Name through the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

  53. Please Lord Jesus I pray for good health for myself, husband , children and grandchildren. May all our aches pains go away through this difficult and trying time the world is in.

  54. Heavenly Father, full of Grace, compassion, and Love.
    With all your saints in heaven, help me and my family to be more like your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to support and love my son, who was gloriously made by you and is gay and suffering from separation, neglect and acceptance by our family. Help us to show him your light, love and compassion in this world. That all of us are worthy and deserving of your love. Help us to break down the barriers that keep us from truly being the family you wish us to be. Let us count on you constantly as “You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Heb 13:8) Amen

  55. Please pray for my husband, Michael, who suffered a serious stroke on April 6, 2020. He is paralyzed, seriously ill, hospitalized and in Hospice Care. Please pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
    We miss him so. We are only allowed 2 short, socially distanced, outdoor visits per week. Please be with me snd our family, also, as we grieve and try to decide how best to care for him.
    Be with us all, Dear Lord!

  56. Father Almighty,i pray for safe pregnancy journey till term and also for a healthy baby.
    I pray also for all friends who are looking for the fruit of the womb.
    It is my prayer that God will provide work for Vincentia and Sheila
    For this and many others,I pray to the Lord….Amen

  57. I) Praying for both my adult boys to practice their Faith. And partake of the Sacraments. Spiritual and Emotional healing and conversation
    2)For my son and his spouse to for a
    their marriage which is ubstable due to his alcohol addiction and have their marriage blessed in church.
    3)For help with financial difficulties and make ends meet as pensioners
    4)For healing of my spouse and me and my siblings and families and friends in all our chronic illnesses.
    4)For my divorced son abroad to supply all his spiritual. Emotional, physical and, financial needs
    5)For all Frontline workers and those infected and affected with this Covid 19. Pandemic and their families. And the conversions of all sinners.For the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

  58. I am elderly and will be having a hip replacement next month.
    I pray Jesus and Mary his mother will keep me under their
    wings and bring me through this safely.
    Thank you for your prayers.


  60. I pray for my son to be cured of ocd, anxiety and addiction In thanksgiving for his job
    For my sister who’s husband has cancer and she is his caretaker and for his healing and her continued good health. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers