A Novena for Difficult Times

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We are so grateful to join you in prayer every month. Thank you for praying with us and being a part of this community!

We know God hears us. We know we are never alone. And yet, we all go through difficult times throughout our lives that can be painful and challenging.

Our next novena is for times like these — it’s The Novena for Difficult Times.

We’ll start praying on Tuesday, June 30th. You can scroll down to see which saints are included in this novena!

And you can share your prayer intentions in the comment section below. We’re praying for you!

This novena is for anyone who may be going through a difficult time right now.

And even if you’re not, the saints always want to bring us closer to Christ, so we can really ask them for prayers for any intention in our lives.

During the novena, we will ask these saints for their prayers for us:

+ St. Matthew the Apostle and St. Nicholas, for financial matters & financial problems

+ St. Joseph and St. Cajetan, for employment and those looking for work

+ St. Dymphna, Venerable Matt Talbot and St. Frances de Chantal; for mental health matters, addictions, and spiritual anguish or darkness

+ St. Benedict Joseph Labre and St. Elizabeth of Hungary; for the poor and homeless, and those at-risk

+ St. Charbel, St. Anne and Mary, Undoer of Knots; for healing

+ St. Joseph and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton; for those who have died, those who are dying, and those who are grieving

+ St. John Paul II, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Charles Borromeo; to grow in our Faith and move closer to Jesus

+ St. Jude and St. Rita; for impossible causes

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God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie – PrayMoreNovenas.com

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  1. Prayers For clarity to have my work path shown to me and An increase of wisdom to recognize and make the right decision when the path is revealed to me.

  2. Thank you father for the offer we made on a new house, I pray and ask that we complete on this house before the end of August.in Jesus name I pray.Amen

  3. Thank you to all the saints for prayers and intercessions.
    I pray for my son.
    I pray for my sisters.
    I pray for all saying this novena.
    Prayers and thank you to Annie and John-Paul.

  4. Please pray for my life situation to improve with spiritual life reigniting and confidence restored. For fulfillment of prayer requests especially ongoing and more recent. Financial strength and family needs as well as all my intentions and those of the sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Meet deadlines and early good vaccine with pandemic over and those sick with it to improve….those spreading it to be brought to their senses.

  5. I just really need to get my anxiety and depression under control so that I can be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Make better financial choices so I can alleviate one major stressor in my life. I need to give it all to God and trust in him.

  6. Please keep my son E. , in your prayers. He is 2 years old and has autism. His anxiety always gets the best of him. Please also keep my newborn son N. in your prayers. When he was born he was in and out of the NICU with odd symptoms… to this day he still has pain but everyone does not know what is causing it. Thank you so much. Peace be with you all

  7. Praying for all those couples wishing to have children but have failed mainly Eve and Edward, Julie and Moses, Martha and Luwemba. All those who have lost their Jobs due to the pandemic and those in war zones due to the suffering they are going through. Financial break and Job break through.

  8. I am praying for peace and harmony in my marriage and home. There is mental illness and addiction and I am terrified of it’s effect on my son. I pray for clarity, guidance and God’s help for me, my wife and my son.

  9. Heavenly Father, I ask of you to grant me success in my business that I am able to meet all my monthly expenses. I ask that you look after my family and friends, that they too can see their way financially. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  10. Dear God please help me to be able to build my mom house for her,and grant her health and wellbeing

  11. Thru Saint Jude and Saint Rita I pray for the fruit of the womb (my triples) to come to pass . I pray for good health, and there will not be premature death in our families both Ezeonyims and Udoji s and all my in-laws, God will protect us. God will forgive us all our sins Amen. After this crisis God will help me and make ways to join my husband. God will help my husband in all his doings as far as it’s not sin.

  12. Praying for all that prayed this novena may God grant them.. Praying for my intentions may god Graciously grant it…thank you jesus for everything…Protections always with my children family and friends.. Lord cancel every virus out there and retore our life’s back… Blessings to everyone out there..Amen…

  13. Please pray for me and my husband. We recently decided to separate after trying to work out some difficult issues in our marriage for the past 18 months. We basically have an unresolved conflict in our relationship! which for various reasons, we cannot resolve nor can we live with. We still love each other very much and are in deep pain. Pray that I can truly surrender this situation to God, for trust and patience and for healing for both of us. Thank you.

  14. Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother, Archangel Michael, St Jude and all the Saints, I ask for your help and intercession for myself, my son,my husband and family for health and strength, guidance and protection from powerful enemies, protection of our jobs and livelihoods, and financial blessings Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  15. Dear Lord, Saint Jude and Saint Rita,
    Please keep my daughters and their babies healthy and safe and help them have smooth pregnancies and deliveries. I pray for my elder nephew to be healthy, all the tests to show that there is nothing to worry about and heal from his pain. I pray for my husband to have his teeth fixed soon so he can start eating and be pain free. I pray for my younger nephew to heal completely physically and mentally and for my both nephews to have a bright future. I pray for all of us to keep our jobs and be financially stable and for my son-in-law to find a very good job soon and to become a supportive husband. I pray for good health for my sister, my mom and me and for everybody in my family to be healthy and financially stable. Please protect us from the corona virus and all diseases.
    I also pray for G to heal from her cancer and for the intentions of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  16. Please pray for us St Jude and St Rita I pray that the Lord grant us the grace of fruit of the womb and pregnancy now. I believe in the power of prayer and Gods word and promises to us for our babies twins. Please pray that the Lord remove all fear anxiety stress from my body and mind and allow my body to relax and conceive now. We will not give up on our babies or Gods promise. I believe with all my heart our prayers will be answered soon. In Jesus name Amen

  17. I pray for God’s guidance on the decision to sell my home.
    I pray for God’s guidance on the decision to change programs. My current program is making us take 19 credit hours over a semester. I don’t think I can handle that. I am contemplating changing programs.
    I pray I am able to find a way to pay for my education. I borrowed $13,000 and my ex-husband stole all of it.
    I pray for a financial miracle, a release of my financial debts, financial prosperity.
    I pray for healing of my son from sleep apnea, severe depression, severe anxiety, autism, suicidal thoughts and anger.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from anger, migraines, kidney problems, autism, severe depression and severe anxiety.
    I pray for protection over my family from the corona virus and all diseases.
    I pray for blessings of joy, happiness, laughter, and peace for my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself from ADD, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, asthma and diabetes.
    I thank you for the blessings you bestow upon us each and every day.

  18. St Elizabeth of Hungary,St Jude&St Rita please heal my 2 adult kids from PTSD! You know all the details. Heal their lives and erase all bad memories out of their minds forever! Same with me and heal us from all generational demonic curses and also same for my future grandkids too!Throw all demonic harassment&curses/ slander&all evil off us forever! Bless us with restoration &new blessed lives in Christ! Help us to use our God given gifts&talents here on Earth to help others and glorify Jesus here on earth-SHOW US THE WAY LORD! Bring us earth angels&holy angels to help,guide,direct us! Bless me with strength to overcome keeping emotional abusers in my life,that’s for my kids&myself! Bless my daughter&I with godly husband’s(me a godly companion)who will treat us very kind,loyal&never abuse us! Please help my daughter&I move near my son in his warm state in airacle nice condo(I own) before cold winter gets here( to You St.Jude&St Rita- helper of impossible situations. Help my kids have nice home of their own too(us 3) to own in very safe neighborhoods-homes! Bless my son&daughter with great secure careers! Help my sons Military career&bless him&wife with healings so they can &will have healthy natural kids( boys&girls)! Hear&answer my prayers,spoken&unspoken&all my intentions! Bless us with new godly loyal kind friends(same sex)& myson&wife godly couple friends! Help me start a new life out of this fear,depression,loneliness,hopelessness etc&my 2 adult kids wherever they need healings! A special prayer for us 4:Me,my daughter,son&his wife! Come to our aid!! X0

  19. St. Jude, St. Rita:

    I pray for my son Anthony that he will go back to school, and find a job with the LAUSD. to received a divine change of heart to return to the church, repent.
    I pray that my son Ernesto stops drinking permanently, that his film in Yosemite Park, come out a winner.
    I pray protection for my family from Convid-19
    I pray that I find a house that we can affort for my sons and me.
    I pray for financial blessings for sons and me.
    I pray for my nephew Robert Nelston for his health.
    I pray for my healing for my left shoulder.
    I pray that my sister adds to the title of the property as soon as possible, and that the property taxes will not be increase.
    I pray for my son Charles that he may soon be discovered as an actor and find work in his acting career.
    I pray that my case with the lawyer be resolved as soon as possible.

  20. St Jude and St Rita please pray for my partner and I that one day through Gods grace he will come back and we solve our differences and live together with our daughter as a family again.Amen..

  21. I lift up Patricia who suffered a brain aneurysm, cover her with your blood Lord Jesus and heal her. Give her sister Stacey nd loved ones strength at this time to deal with this situation, especially as they are unable to visit her due to closed borders

  22. For a new job or for the job currently working to pay more so can afford house and other bills and to be able to save for retirement and donate to church etc.


  23. Saint Jude and Saint Rita please pray for a financial blessing tonight for me and my husband, I’m jobless and I need health insurance and it would help us in our lives. I pray for protection for me and my family and everyone from the coronavirus and all illnesses and diseases. I pray for the sick comfort for the dying and their families and protect the health care workers. I pray for a deeper faith and spritual growth for me and my family. I pray for safety for my son and he and my husband quit drinking alcohol and focus on their health and family. I pray that me and my siblings settle our mom’s estate soon. Please Mother Mary and all saints pray for me and everyone on this Novena. In Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  24. Dear Lord, I thank you for all the blessings. Saint Rita patron of the impossible, I pray for all the obstacles that are making my life difficult to disappear, break all the chains of evil spirit. Mary the undoer of knots pray for me and undo all knots blocking my blessings from God. I pray for my daughter, husband and kids to be protected from all the evil spirits, and that they may progress at their work places. Protect them Lord and save the from the retrenchment that we are facing in this difficult times. I pray for all my siblings to love each other and for Elijah to get a better job. I also pray for my son to also find a job or something to do for a living done sleeping while everyone goes to work. I pray for healing the whole world facing the covid19 pandemic. Lord heal us. I also pray for my neighbors.

  25. Please pray for my daughter Denise and her husband Ananth.

    They want a child and have not been able to conceive. She has been through all the treatments with no success. She cries every month.

    Thank you.

  26. Please pray for successful surgery and a quick return to health for a very dear friend of mine. Thanks so much and God bless!

  27. Beloved kindly pray for me I’m struggling I’m not working I even struggle to get data for Novena prayers. Please pray for me to get a job. I’m a professional, advocate by profession but I struggle so much. I was working at the Municipality and I was promised a promotion but instead I received a termination letter on January. I haven’t been working since then and I am a single parent who has no one to help me raise my kids. Please pray for me. Amen

  28. For God’s blessings and favour upon my life.
    Lord Jesus- release me from my personal struggles 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  29. Lord Jesus, I placed my financial needs into you hand . Lord I am in urgent need of money. Lord make a way when there seems to be no way I pray for justice I pray for reconciliation of friendships today I pray for doors that were unfairly closed in my face be reopened in Jesus name

  30. I pray for financial breakthrough in my family
    I pray for divine protection
    I pray for God’s favour upon my parents in their various workplaces/business
    I pray for success upon me and my siblings in our various schools
    I pray for divine intervention in my dad’s business
    I pray for God’s guidance upon every member of my family
    I pray for divine healing upon every sick person most especially my brother and sister
    I pray for spiritual growth upon every member of my family
    I pray God grants the good intentions of all those participating in this novena

  31. I humbly come before the throne of grace asking for healing and deliverance from the depression, anxiety and panic disorder I am afflicted with. Lord have mercy and hear our prayers. Holy Mary Mother of God, hear our prayers. St. Jude and St. Rita, pray for us. All you holy angels and saints, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Thank you and Amen.

  32. St Jude and St Rita you know the struggles I am going thru.. the letting go of the past, letting go of material things, letting go of all the struggles in my mind and soul. Help me to overcome this depression that is consuming me. Sometimes I cannot see the end… I’m in complete standstill. Help me in my struggles.. I pray for the impossible to be healed. Answer the prayers for those who has shared this novena that peace will come to all.. I pray for your intercession.

  33. Lord, I pray that you help my family reunite with love and peace, to stay in good health, and be in serenity in this time of difficulty. Unite my family with love and keep them safe and healthy.
    Please aid my husband to find the best job for him so he can provide for our growing family, and find peace and prosper. Help us untie the knots and find a clear road ahead in your guidance and light.
    Please keep my baby and my sisters baby healthy and safe and that we may have smooth and safe labor.
    I pray for everyone going through difficulties that you grace them with your help and answer their prayers.
    I am humbled and grateful for your help lord. I continue to pray for your blessings and guidance.

  34. My prayer intentions:
    -Is for their to be peace in this world
    – For people to realize Our Lord is really Jesus
    – That I can be bold to tell my crush I like him before we go off to college
    -So I can find a job and, not be declined like all the jobs I’ve applied too already
    -So college goes well and it turns out to be easier than what I expected it to be
    -For all my friends, family, and for my friend who recently got engaged 💗

  35. St. Jude and St. Rita bless me with hope and courage in my beliefs knowing that my faith has given me strength to endure the changes life is given to me and my family. My life continues to go through changes not knowing from day to day what will be but hope, faith, strength and courage makes it possible to see the light. Bless my finances and assist me in getting the necessary funds to pay my bill this month. Bless my husband and give him guidance to complete his project and return home safely and thanks for these blessings receive.

  36. I need a job. It’s been hard time to be without earning for the last three years, yet have needs, great needs to fulfill. Pray for me.
    I am starting the novena today (around this time 10:55 hours and will conclude it today still at around 18:00 hours). I did not have data at the time the novena started. Please pray for me!

  37. Father today i come to you in asking that who ever is losing Hope in you to be restored back to you pray for Roland at times he tells us his tire and losing hope..for my children may god always be there comfort. When they have no hope..Lord help all off us thats going through hurt pain finance death loneliness protections always.. May all my intentions in this novena be granted.. Lord only you have the answers to this pandemic we facing.trusting and having faith in you always Amen.i pray for a big Turn around in my Finanical situation At home and my home to be sold in your holy name Amen.

  38. I pray for release from financial debt.
    I pray for protection over my family against the COVID-19 virus and all diseases.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity, and financial abundance.
    I pray to find a way to pay for my education. I borrowed $13,000 for my education and my ex-husband took all of it.
    I pray for God’s guidance on the sale of my home and the purchase of a new one for my family.
    I pray for healing of my son from sleep apnea, severe depression, severe anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts.
    I pray for blessings of peace, happiness, joy and success for my family.
    I pray to earn all A’s in my classes, to graduate and find a job to supp0rt my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself from asthma, diabetes, leg and hip pain, and sleep apnea.
    I pray to find a way to repair my home.
    I thank you for all of the blessings you bestow upon us each day.

  39. Thankful for grace and God’s blessings
    Praying for life direction and the will to follow God’s plan
    Praying for continuous financial growth and development
    Praying for intellectual growth and development

  40. St Jude and St Rita,
    Today I pray for the impossible in my life. God knows what we need.
    I pray for my two sons to find jobs, good wives and have a happy, healthy and holy life. I pray and hope that they come back to the Holy Catholic Church. To stay away from all addiction. Also all my nieces and nephews and their children. Protect them all and let them live a life according to God. My dear saints, St. Rita and St Jude we need your intercession. Take my prayers to Almighty God.

  41. Dear Lord,
    I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family. I pray for my younger daughter and her baby to be healthy and to have a smooth and safe delivery of a perfect healthy baby. I pray for my nephew to have great results from his health tests and to be healthy. I pray for my elder daughter and her baby to be healthy and safe. I pray for my other nephew to heal completely physically and mentally. I pray for my husband to have his teeth fixed very soon, so that he is pain free and to heal from his anxiety and insomnia. I pray for my sister, my mom and me to be healthy. Please help us keep our jobs and help my son-in-law to find a very good job soon and to become a supportive husband. I pray for G to heal from her cancer and for the intentions of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  42. I pray that God grants me gainful employment/ a steady flow of income. I also pray for growth in my finances and the ability to be prudent in my spending and savings.
    I also pray that God continues to grant healing to my parents and sister from all forms of illness. I also pray that God blesses the finances of my siblings and parents. Amen

  43. Praying for protection from this coronavirus. Praying that everyone will wear a mask, wash their hands, and practice social distancing to help stop the spread of this virus. Praying for an end to this pandemic.

  44. My son Thomas B. has been ill. I shared on the first day of this novena that he works for a small company of 40 people and now 15 have tested positive for the Coronavirus. He still does not have his results, but this evening he felt a little better. Will you still continue to pray. They did threaten him at work (and he is 37 years old) that since his fever was high that if he did not come in to work (yesterday) that they could cancel his insurance. I don’t understand this world we live in now, where $$$ seems to mean more than a person who is ill and needs time to get well. It’s truly awful to hear something like this. Please pray for his healing and that God in his infinite wisdom will bring a much better job for this good human being. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray, and may God Bless you for caring.

  45. Please pray that I can keep my job (even though I messed up) and that the Lord guides me to do a better job at helping others. I am sorry that I was not as meticulous as I should have been and will work harder at taking my time and doing it right. Amen

  46. Dear Jesus,Our Lady Undoer of knots,St.Micheal the powerful ArchAngel&ALL HIS powerful Angels along with ALL of God’s glorious Powerful Angels&all the HOLY SAINTS in heaven please hear and answer all our prayers on this novena! Protect me&my loved ones from covid19,harm,danger,sickness,any&all evil retaliations from evil people&their supporters- pray for us(Me,my 2adukt kids etc:(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M&all our animals)! Please give me wisdom,guidance,discernment,and lead me to what I should do/call/ talk to regarding the evil doers I had to deal with here and (we) are still dealing with on a daily basis because they live,drug etc under us and we live in same complex so please bring my daughter,and myself and her dad wisdom on who to talk too(especially my daughter&Myself because we live in fear and have anxiety/ fear,Worry,no peace although I TRUST IN ALL OF YOU to show us the way!!! Same for my son&his wife with their trials/health issues&career issues! I beg YOU ALL to bless me now with the financial miracle money I need to finally buy a simple 2 bdrm condo/ townhome (to own/ buy/ purchase in a very safe neighborhood near my son in his state very very very soon please and way before winter 2020/21 arrives! I thank you NOW for these miracles! Hallelujah!!! I pray for them (4) &all their supported to grow consciences,true conviction&repentance and for their cold evil hearts for conversion to Jesus now through the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary now! Also serve justice on them,may their sins find them out! Break their cold cold hearts if necessary! Please break ALL fiery darts&arrows the enemy is sending me&my loved ones(named above) way OFF of us NOW and FOREVER!!! Please bring a powerful vaccine soon to stop covid19! Help all abused,tortured,neglected children&animals(women&people too) now! Set them free now! Set us free now too(me&my loved ones named above) from all demonic cages,traps,curses,harassment from the evil one(s)!! XO

  47. Dear father son and Holy Spirit I pray for my sons mental health and my family’s overall physical and mental well being. I pray for financial security and a good deal with bank. I pray For work to come towards me. I pray for gratitude, courage and confidence.
    Thank God for all I have in my life.

  48. Thanking God for His continued protection and for the negative covid 19 test results for my daughter who had contact with positive person. Praying for A, her daughter and grandson who tested positive that they may recover their health. A is on oxygen and has an underlying condition. May our good Lord visit them and heal them completely. Praying for all those who have tested positive.
    Praying for those waiting for their test results. The waiting is petrifying. That they may find consolation in their faith. For my daughter A as she waits for her results, that they may be negative and she can be able to leave the quarantine facility. All saints and Mary Undoer of knots undo the corona virus, that it will not have control of the human mind and body and the earth which belongs to you Oh God. Incline unto our aid Oh Lord. And make haste to help us. Amen.

  49. Heavenaly Father, Blessed Mother, Archangel St Michael, St Jude and all the Saints. I ask for your help and intercession for myself, my son and family during this time of crisis and uncertainity in our country for health and strength, guidance and protection especially from powerful enemies, job security, and financial blessings and open doors that were shut tight Amen.

    Praying for all asking your help today Amen.

  50. Healthy family.
    Safety for son and son-in-law who are police officers.
    Return to church for son and daughter

  51. Please, please pray for my family as we prepare for our daughter’s wedding. My son may have been exposed to Covid and I am beyond petrified that he will become sick and we will have to cancel the wedding. We have has so many roadblocks and setbacks with regard to planning, rescheduling, family illness, rescheduling of RCIA initiation and so much more. I am not sure they can take much more. Please pray for health and safety of our family and we all stay healthy!!!

  52. Please pray for each of my sons that they each are guided by Jesus and His Most Blessed Mother. Pray for my oldest C that he mature and get his head on straight. That he turn away from alcohol and drugs and get help with his problems. Pray that both he and his brother B find the right woman to share their lives with…to settle down, get married and build a family. Pray for my youngest M that he be healed from his anxiety and that he find happiness without alcohol. That he and D find happiness together. Pray that we are all safe from COVID and put an end to the virus. Pray that my husband heal quickly from his recent surgery and that he is pain free. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

  53. Dear Lord, please help us control our finances when we are blessed with pay from working. Let us not be blinded by wants and let monies flow through our fingers .
    Please Bless us with forever with Gratitude, Abundance and Peace of mind. Amen

  54. We are going through some difficult times financially. Please pray for us. I just want to be able to pay my bills.

  55. Lord Jesus I pray for faith today faith to know that my prayers would be answered
    I pray for money to pray my daughter’s university accommodation
    I pray for victory in the industrial court, I pray for reconciliation of friendships and opening of doors that were unfairly and unjustly closed in my face
    Lord I pray for strength as I walk in faith and wait on you Lord.

  56. Please pray for my brother Tom who is dying of PSP. Please pray that he find acceptance and peace as he prepares to go to the Lord.

  57. Lord, I pray that you help my family reunite with love and peace, to stay in good health, and be in serenity in this time of difficulty. Unite my family with love and keep them safe and healthy.
    Please aid my husband to find the best job for him so he can provide for our growing family, and find peace and prosper. Help us untie the knots and find a clear road ahead in your guidance and light.
    Please keep my baby and my sisters baby healthy and safe and that we may have smooth and safe labor.
    I pray for everyone going through difficulties that you grace them with your help and answer their prayers.
    In the power of your glory, I am humbled and grateful for your help lord.

  58. I am stranded in a tiny city (rather a village) in rural Brazil, being very ill, worsening by the day, and not receiving any treatment or care or help. Everything I have tried to do to help myself has gotten blocked somehow. Here is the place where the supposedly world renowned Healer “John of God”- a top level black magician- was headquartered. I think I have been targeted because I found and have spoken the truth about him. I will probably die very soon, I cannot even pray anymore.

  59. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Dr. Heroes has an answer for me and that everything goes good. I also pray that they allow Herb in the office. I pray that Larry is at Fellowship House tomorrow and that I can go there.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  60. I need prayers for God’s intervention in in work place especially my relationship with my boss. I pray for family and personal deliverance from all demonic oppressions and attacks in Jesus name Amen

  61. Praying for protections over J his been told he has the virus praying for him and family amen.pray that E returns to his faith in jesus christ..Lord today i come to you to ask you to protect all the elders in the old age home heal each and everyone thats going through sumthing.today am not going to ask for my needs but the needs off others amen.bless all that have lost love ones in this time of the pandemic healing upon them.family and friends and people out there only God our saviour can turn things around got to have Faith in his holy name.. Protect all who is helping out there.healing upin Tyrick going through many operations due to and accident protection over him and his family.lord jesus i asked you for many things please grant them according to your will..the hole World. Needs protections Amen.

  62. St. Dymphna, Venerable Matt Talbot, and St. Frances of Chantal,
    Please intercede that my sons Ernesto R. and Charles R. for their alcohol addictions. that they will stop now, that they will reject all forms of addictions, for their spiritual healing, for healing of anxiety and depression. mental anguish. This we pray in Jesus name.

  63. For young Lauren, that she will have the courage to try residential treatment and will heal from her emotional troubles. That she will see her worth and know she is loved by God. That God may give me and my family faith that He will help us help her and the courage to do so. All the angels and saints, please pray for her. She needs strong prayers. Blessed Mother please ask your precious son to be with Lauren and give her hope. Amen

  64. St. John Paul the II, St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Charles Borromeo,
    Please intercede for my son Anthony R., to move more in faith and be closer to Jesus, for spiritual healing, to remove the rebellious, arrogant, rude, disrespectful behavior with his mother and brothers, to be responsible of his own actions, to clean his room that is so duty and unkept for 1 month. to be obedient to his mother and respect her mother.
    this we pray in Jesus name.

  65. St. Jude and St. Rita, please intercede for healing of the lungs and heart of my nephew Robert Nelson who is ill and his going through a very difficult illness, this we pray in Jesus name.

  66. St. John Paul II, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Charles Borromeo; to grow in our Faith and move closer to Jesus!
    Dear Saints, pray for my family and extended family and for the whole world. For the ending of this corona virus. Let all people have a better and safe life and come back to the Holy Church. Protect all people that are struggling in any way. Help the sick, poor and homeless. Almighty God hear our prayer.

  67. I pray for financial breakthrough, financial intelligence and prosperity to create more wealth.
    I pray for my mums healing. I pray for all the sick in the world.
    I pray for focus and success
    I pray for direction.

  68. I pray that God helps grow and prosper our business. I pray for my children to cherish their faith and remain close to the church. I pray that my daughter living with her boyfriend do the right thing. I ask Lord that you intervene in the lives of my other two daughters, to guide them with your peace and strength. I ask the Lord for peace and understanding in our family, and that the poisonous political atmosphere does not succeed in keep us apart. I ask fo wisdom and prudence for myself and my husband. In your name Jesus, not as I will, but that of your fathers.

  69. I am prayinng that life get back to normal. That international borders will open especially for Africans(Kenya). That we may then get visa with kids and travel to Australia to be with their dad.

  70. Please pray for a missing girl in my area. An amber alert came on right before I was about to pray. She is only 10yr old and seems to have grown up a little too fast. She left a suicide note and is believed to have taken an unknown amount of pills. Please pray she, and others across the world missing, be found safe and sound.

  71. I pray for protection over my family against the COVID-19 and all diseases.
    I pray for healing of my son from severe depression, severe anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, autism, wide mood swings, and suicidal thoughts.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from severe anxiety, severe depression, migraines, autism, insomnia, and kidney problems.
    I pray for a release from financial debt.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial abundance, and financial prosperity.
    I pray for God’s guidance on choosing my career path.
    I pray for a way to pay for my education. I borrowed $13,000 for my education and my ex-husband stole all of it.
    I pray to earn all A’s in all of my classes.
    I pray for God’s guidance on the sale of my home and the purchase of another home for my children.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself from diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, depression and anxiety.
    I thank you Lord for all of the blessings you bestow upon me and my family each day.

  72. Dear God,
    I pray and claimed already, with the powerful intercession of all your angels and Saints, the complete healing of my son. I am walking by faith and not by sight. Please help us to train him in the coming school year. A lot of change in school, please Help him in his daily activities and please give him the gift of knowledge and discernment. Thank you Lord. Also, please prepare me again when I go back to work soon. Please give me an environment that is fair and very supportive. Thank you for the answered prayers. Please protect us from all danger, sickness and people who are planning not good to us. Please cover us with your most precious blood. Thank you.

  73. Dear Lord,
    Please keep everybody in my family healthy and safe and protect us from the corona virus and all diseases. Please keep my daughters and their babies healthy and safe. I pray for my nephews to heal completely physically and mentally and to have bright future and families of their own. I pray for my husband to have his teeth fixed soon and not to suffer from the pain and also to heal from his anxiety and insomnia. I pray for all of us to keep our jobs and be financially stable and for my son-in-law to find a very good job and to become a supportive husband. I pray for my sister and my mom and me to be healthy and safe. I pray for G to heal from her cancer. I also pray for all people who are suffering from diseases to be healed and for the intentions of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  74. Dear our Lady Undoer of knots untie any&all demonic strongholds that are causing me,my daughter,my son&wife,their dad from living near each other in my son’s warm state in nice safe neighborhoods and especially keeping me &my 2 adult kids from owning nice homes of our own in his state in safe neighborhoods-homes near my son( his dad too if God will it)! St Micheal come help us&protect us from all evil people,demonic curses&demonic retaliations and all evil creatures,animals&people:(me,my son&wife,My daughter,her dad,daughter’s boyfriend! Please keep my daughter from making bad decisions regarding temptations to run away to ungodly/ addicted relentless boyfriend! Help my son in his Military career&bring him new godly best friends&a great team of smart mature godly men who he compatible with. Bless me&my daughter with godly best female women loyal friends too(best friends)! Bring my son&wife all healings needed to have healthy natural kids soon. Bless my son with a good safe deployment (area)! Keep him&all our US Military families safe! Heal all.our.lungs&wherever we need healings! Keep Jeff&L&L,&D & all their supporters out of our path forever! Set my daughter&Myself free from having to be in same complex,bldg,state with them&protect us from all their evil&supporters! I pray for their conviction,conversion to Jesus&to grow consciences and service justice on them for their relentless sinful evil ways! Help me decide to call Sherriff(D) or cop for help! Send my kids&I strong advocates&heirachies to advocate for us&help us with all on our hearts! To Jesus,Blessed Mother,St.Micheal&all his powerful angels&all the Saints in heaven SOS! Bring a powerful vaccine soon for covid19! XO

  75. please pray that my Probate arrives this week and my visa extension gets sanctioned by the immigration home office in the UK .. IM CURRENTLY IN THE UK AS MY UNCLE PASSED AWAY and as I’m the only kin in the family I’m awaiting the probate. due to covid 19 the process has taken ;longer than usual and my visa expires on the 23rd of July 2020. I don’t wanna go home to India as its gonna be very expensive and besides I’m not allowed to travel due to covid. I need a ” MIRACLE” WITH THIS 6 MONTHS VISA EXTENTION AND IVE BEEN PRAYING AND FASTING AS WELL. I know I can do all things through Christ that Strengthens Me.. But please pray for this Miracle. at the current moment I’m staying in an accommodation and need to pay my rent for this month.

  76. Dear God, through your mighty power, I ask St Anne and the mother of Jesus, Mary to bring my entire life to you. Thank you for these intercessors, to whom Im lifting my prayers for healing, for new clients, for new opportunities for sustainable income, for the ease to resume mortgage payments at the end of my current moratarium, for a job for Fabian so that he can be less dependent on me. Please Lord, press the UN representatives to send me my new offer soon, and reduce delays on all monies owed to me for unpaind work. Mary undoer of knots, untie any demonic strongholds on my property, on my family, on my finances, on my career, on my relationships, on any and all new opportunities in my life. Thank u for the miracles of this novena. In jesus name.

  77. Praying for healing of my husband, spiritually and physically so that we may be able to start a family together. For all those who are suffering from this virus financially, physically and emotionally that they may find healing in Christ.

  78. I pray to a resolution to my financial difficulties. I pray for a resolution the difficulties I face with my current job and the emotional distress it is causing me. I pray for my boss and that her heart will be touched by God. I pray that my children are kept safe from harm in every way and that they find their way in life. I pray for an end to the anxieties that keep me from enjoying my life.

  79. Praying for family unity and an end to hardened hearts. God please give my family members a clean heart. Free from hatred and filled with compassion and love 💕. In Jesus’ name I pray and I call upon Our Blessed Mother and All the Angels and Saints to help too! Thank you 🙏

  80. I am asking for prayers as I have a court case pending for my disability claim which happens to be on the feast day of our lady of Mount Carmel next Thursday. Please join me in prayer as I will be praying for your intentions as well. God bless and thank you in advance.

  81. Please, pray for my brother, my brother inlaw and friends who are in peace keeping in NorthEast Nigeria may God use them as a point of contact to all soldiers in peace keeping in NorthEast Nigeria and the entire world. We need permanent cure and healings from Covid 19 and all deadly illness. And may our hearts desires be granted according to God’s holy will. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.🙏🙏🙏
    Thank You God almighty for our yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you John and A

  82. I am deep into PTSD, since 3yrs old
    I have been abused any and which way possible. Three times in two yrs. THE last by a judge in priestly clothes. I have HIGH ANXIETY and I hide my beliefs of wothlessness. I try to pray in JESUS’s NAME and MARY’s, BUT THE MEMORIES AND WHAT TO DO always intrude. The church lockdown by selfish men of power, who blatantly defied JESUS’ COMMAND “FEED MY SHEEP” has left me physically and mentally a wreck. I pray for help and the ability to recognize it

  83. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, St. Michael, my dearest, sweetest guardian angel, all the angels and saints, protect our Sacred Heart neighborhood and all neighborhoods from violence. Amen

  84. Pls pray for my son who is on drugs and has been arrested. Pls pray for his conversion and release.
    I pray that he wl he touched and that he wl come back to God, that he wl be released. I pray for his rehabilitation and that he will cooperate. I pray for peace and restoration in our fmly. I pray for healing of mind and soul and body for my fmly. Merciful Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit pls hv mercy on him n us. All praise and honour to u Lord for saving my son. Praise God Alleluia.
    Dear John Paul and Annie, pls pray for us.

  85. Praying for job security for son and myself and rebuking all persons/situations trying to bring hardship/harm to us one way or the other.Praying that all obstacles be removed from our path,In your Holy Name 🙏🏾

  86. During this very difficult time, I pray that our little pup is now at peace in my mother’s arms. I pray for freedom from financial distress and to be reunited permanently with my children. I pray for our strong health, employment and freedom from anxiety. Amen

  87. Please pray for my son Thomas B. who is ill and may have Coronavirus. He was tested last Thursday and still has no results. It was 11 people who work with Thomas who have just come down with this virus–as of this morning it is 15 who now have it. It is very upsetting that his employer knew and tried to hide it. My son is now sick and having trouble breathing. Please, please pray for him. Many thanks and God Bless you for praying.

  88. It appears that our son who is 27 years old may have Coronavirus. Unknown to him, 11 people where he works (out of 40 people) have the virus and the company tried to hide it. My son’s name is Thomas. He does not feel well and is still waiting for his test results. PLEASE pray for him. He went back to work just as he was called to do, and is now facing this and feeling horrible. Please, please pray for his recovery. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray and God Bless you.