2012 St. Therese Novena Starts Saturday!

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St Therese of LisieuxPrayMoreNovenas.com has come a long way since last year’s St. Therese Novena.

The 2013 St. Therese Novena here.

5,100 faithful people prayed the novena to St. Therese last year and now there are more than 24,000 people praying together in this year’s St. Therese Novena!

God has done great things! This ministry has grown to reach people all over the world! It is truly amazing!

I try not to put limits on God’s goodness. I try to expect great things from Him. So, I’m setting a goal for this novena. I want to get 35,000 people praying this novena!

Do you think it’s possible?

I do.

With God, all things are possible!

Will you help me spread the word?

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God bless you!

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  1. Dear St. Therese,
    Your prayers are so powerful. Please help my son with his job as he is facing a difficult time. I pray a rosary every night for him that he will be safe. Pray for him that he will not get discourage and stressed. He has a difficult job and he works nights. Please help him. He also drives a long way to his job. You know what is on my heart. Thank you St. Therese.

  2. Dear St. Therese,

    My confirmation saint, you know my needs. Please present my intentions before the Child Jesus. Ask Him to bless me, give me strength and courage, send me the grace to fulfill my vocation and grant my petitions. Oh, St. Therese, you know what’s on my heart. Send me a rose as a sign to show that The Lord indeed has heard my cry and will grant desires, so I may better serve Him. In Jesus name, Amen!

  3. I prayed this novena with all of my heart and with desperate sincerity. It was one of the few novenas that I didn’t miss a day. I prayed for my health and the health of my loved ones. On the day the novena ended I got very sick and now my doctor says I am showing symptoms for a certain disease. Doing more tests to determine which. I feel so…. I can’t find the words….

  4. Remember to put my late father in your prayer. To mark the 4years 7th october 2008. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace in Jesus name we prayed amen

  5. My dearest saint therese of the child Jesus.am asking thy Lord for this my intention,.knowing fully well in no time my prayers will be answered thru you. Please pray that God will bless my marriage with children. That this year will never pass me by amen. And also my sister Chinelo,Elo,Amaka,Uju,Chinyere,Uche ,Okwy,Rophina and many more,that God will bless them all this year with child. Please my dear saint show me sign that my prays will be answered by giving me rose flower either physically or thru dream to night in Jesus name we prayed amen. I will fullfill al that I promise to do when my prays are being answered

  6. The other day my 3yo daughter gave me an artificial rose that had fallen off an artificial arrangement of my mother’s. My neighbor came over and complemented how wells roses were blooming.
    During this novena, I was praying that my husband would find employment. Today he learned he was hired as a part time employee at a department store. Although it is seasonal, it could become permanent. We are so grateful for this opportunity!!!

  7. My Dear St. Therese,
    Everyday I look for roses, for flowers that brightens my day! As I find them, I always listen to my heart and hold you dear.
    Thank you for all your assistance. May you never get tired of listening to me.
    I love you.

  8. St. Therese,
    I am praying for myself first. I pray that this quiet time in my life is used to completely convert me to God’s way, that I understand, accept, and have a burning heart filled with the Holy Spirit to do God’s will. Pray for me that I may be more like you, Precious Little Flower. Pray that temptations are taken from me and that I am filled with desire to be a better Christian, woman, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor, student, friend, parishoner, servant of Christ. Please take up all the special intentions of my heart to our dear Lord. Also, please pray for the full conversion of the father of my children, my ex husband.
    Thank you again beautiful and ever faithful St. Therese for the beautiful red rose. I look forward to my yellow roses. I know you are interceding for the special intentions I have mentioned and for the special ones in my heart.
    I love you St. Therese. Thank you, Lord!

  9. My prayer was answered on the second day! I’ve been considering St. Therese for a Confirmation Saint, and pardon the pun, but I needed confirmation from her: a rose. The first day of the novena there was a rosehead floating in a bowl of water at my house, but I didn’t think much of it. The next day at Mass, I realized the significance. Upon coming home, I asked my dad where it came from. He had been assisting at a funeral, and the rose had fallen off the casket/one of the flower arrangements. “Do you want it?” he asked.
    My father gave me a rose that He got from leading someone to Heaven. St. Therese will be my rose as our Heavenly Father guides me Home as well.

  10. My dear St. Therese, please intercede for me to my heavenly father, Jesus, and my heavenly mother, Mary, I am desperate for help in this special intention that I am praying this novena for. Give me the guidance and strength I need to do this.

  11. St. Therese,

    You have shown us an incredible example of humility, trust, and a beautiful love for our Lord. Please continue to pray for us as we desire to grow in these virtues. I humbly ask dear Saint for a special intercession for my family as we cope with my Dad’s battle with Huntington’s Disease, my team of FOCUS missionaries, and for the conversion of the students hearts for Christ on the campus at USD. Thank you for your holy example and prayers. It is because of you that I have learned not to try and contain my love for Jesus, but to set it free and shower Him with praise without holding back. Thank you beloved flower of God.

  12. St Therese,
    Please intervene in my behalf and grant me peace and serenity as I wait for my surgery. Guide the surgeons hands and bring me through to safety and health…In Jesus name Amen.

  13. St.Therese please pray to my Father for a good full time job in my profession.
    I have been looking for a full time job one year and half.St.Therese please shower me with your flower blessing.Thank you for your intersession and prayer for me .
    I love you and I will follow you all my life and promote your novena among others.


  14. “My dear Mother Mary, I think that I am more happy than you. I have you as a Mother and you haven’t the Blessed Virgin to love as I have.” – St. Therese… O.P.N.

  15. St. Therese,

    Ever since my husband and I have been married, we have been trying to conceive a child. Please ask our Lord through Our Lady that my husband and I be granted the gift of a child if it is His will.

  16. Little Flower aridity and confusion surround me. It is GOD’s Will I know that I feel no consolation from my prayers and petitions, my novenas and devotionals, Masses and rosaries, tithings and almsgiving. My hopes and dreams, needs and wants, anxieties and frustration have not abated or even changed for some time. As time passes, all seem to become more acute. Ste. Therese pray that our FATHER will beckon me forth from this dungeon; that HE do so at once, today, without delay, very, very soon if not immediately. ABBA call me into the Light of Your Holy Will for me in this life. JESUS now is as good a time as any from my point of view.