Final Prayer – St. Anne Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I am for a miracle today. In Jesus Mighty Name, please grant me this miracle today, My Savior, Jesus Christ.
    You know my heart and my deepest desire. Please change his heart to come back to me. PLEASE!!!

  2. Thank you St Anne for your intercession for everyone praying this novena. I am asking you to intercede for my sons to get good jobs with less tress where they can grow in Jesus name. Thank you for interceding for me to get financial break through in Jesus Holy name and I know I will still get more financial break through to pay tuition for son going to UK for training and I believe it will happen. Bless me with an opportunity to be able to help the less fortunate in the society.

  3. Please pray that I will be able to pass all of the challenges that I’m facing today. I know I can do this with God and your prayers. Thank You! Never give up everyone, fighting!

  4. Hello-
    Thank you for this prayer site!
    Did you by chance visit Wisconsin today….? I met aBr JP & wife @ Mass. If so, I didn’t make the connection to Thank you in person!
    God Bless your work

  5. Thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim for your intersession! The fallen trees in our yard were cut up yesterday! Praise to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Thank you God, almighty Father!

  6. Thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim for your intercession. My friend has been trying a very long time to get in the fire department. He received word that if he passes the physical portion and background check, he would be hired! Not only that but your intercession has reached my family and is bringing them closer to God!

  7. Blessed St Anne and Joachim thank you for your intercession my daughter has a new job and will be starting in September. Praise be Jesus! Thank to God our father

  8. I Thank you so very much St.Anne for your intercession. Thank you for hearing my heart! Thank you Blessed Mother for answering my prayer. Praise you Jesus!
    My Neice and Nephew for many years have been wanting a family.
    Today the good news, my neice is pregnant
    I prayed this beautiful Novena. Our prayers are heard.

  9. I pray that my marriage will be a successful one with the help of Saint Joachim and saint Ann being my intercessors

  10. Dear Saint Anne I’m very grateful since all my intentions have all met in Jesus name Amen but from no where tension arouses in my house between myself and my daughter I’ll not despair this are just minor test my living God with come in if there is influence caused by the outsiders please intercede Saint Anne grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ now I’m disadvantaged to play my role as a grandmother please ask the Holy Spirit to please guide me lead me and protect me I know Lord will never leave me nor forsake me. Lord said me I know the plans that I have for you plans to prosper you not to bring disaster in you and to my entire family.God is good all the time protect us from all those who are manipulative.

  11. Dear Lord Jesus, please inspire me to become closer to you on my journey to heaven. Help me to be patient and to always hear what you say to me. Help me to keep my heart open and to love everyone. Help me to be an example to all, so when I speak of you, they see the love in my eyes I have for you. Amen. Jesus and Mary I love you, please save souls……

  12. Thank you for listening to my prayers. Thank you for the successful surgery for my son. Thank you for the recovery and healing. Continue to ask for blessings of healing for my son and that he finds relief soon and that the pain from the stitches and the area leaves his body soon and that he is able to walk normally soon. Thank you for the blessings of good grades in exams. Thank you for the help with his applications to med schools. Continue to ask and pray that he is blessed with a good med school this year to attend with scholarships and complete medicine education to become a doctor soon to serve people. Thank you dear St Anne, dear mother of our Holy Mother Mary for taking and listening to all my prayers for my son and taking them to our God Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless me with an opportunity to come back here to give my testimony of healing, and praises for all your favors and mercies for my son soon. Amen

  13. prayer for god’s favor to turn resume to hire, prayer for his favor, restore stolen career blessings, prayer for money to pay bills, prayer for god to answer soon, standing in agreement in Jesus name, amen.

  14. I pray in thanksgiving that my new daughter in law announced during this Novena to St. Anne that she wants to become a Catholic. I have breast cancer and this is just as good of news as hearing that I am in remission. I pray for my daughter and son and husbands conversions too. Amen

    Anne D.

  15. St.Anne, thank you for hearing my prayers, and interceding
    for me. I hope my prayers will be granted for better health,
    financial help, and for Jim @ I to get together.

  16. Saint Anne please grant me this special favor that i ask.please let me become pregnate and give birth to a healthy beautiful baby.Thank you Amen

  17. Thank you dear God for this Novena. Thank you for Annie and John for Pray More I am grateful for this time of prayer. I pray that through our Mother Mary and her mother St Ann whom we celebrate today I will continue on my path to have strengthened faith and peace knowing that it is Gods timing and plan and not mine and that I find patience in waiting. I work and pray for our financial healing and the safety and blessings for my family. I pray for the healing of my brother and his children. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

  18. thank you for my total healing 102 All about you Jesus Believe receive trust ask Expect All about YOU serve Love forgive All Let me see with your Eyes Jesus thank you Mary ann Jeanne

  19. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands.I place my tax return today and I pray that I would get it back swiftly. I pray for my children that they would get their hearts desires. I lift my marriage up into your blessed hands.I pray for my family.

  20. Dear St. Anne, thank you for your intersections through this novena, I pray for all that they may find peace and fulfillment through Christ our Lord-Amen
    Special prayers and thanks for John-Paul and Annie for sharing this novena and helping me (and all others who they have helped) to build my/our faith with prayers… God bless them…

  21. Dear St Anne , mother of mama mary,i pray for the healing of the goiter and heart disease of my sister thru your intercession. Thank you and we praise you in Jesus name. Amen

  22. Dear St.Anne,
    Please do what is best for my foster son and help him adjust to living with his bio-family if that is God’s will. If it is not His will, please help me to be the best mother I can be for him. Please provide for any and all needs we have. Please help me to find joy and acceptance in God’s will.

  23. I would like to thank you because this is my very first novena and I learn so much from praying it gave my heart so much peace???? I’m waiting on the next novena God bless each and one of you who did this novena May the Lord Bless each and one of you every single day of your life.