The Next Novena Can Help Your Loved Ones Return to the Church

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Every saint we ask for intercessory prayers is a persistent saint. They’re in Heaven with our Lord, and they desire for us all to be there too.

This next saint we’re calling on is especially known for being a persistent intercessor, and like St. John Vianney, she also desired for those closest to her to reach Heaven someday.

It’s St. Monica!

St. Monica prayed for her son’s conversion for more than 15 years. She wept and prayed constantly with faith and hope in God.

What was the result of all those years of prayer?

One of the great saints in the history of the Church: her son, St. Augustine!

That’s why Saint Monica is known for her intercession for those who have fallen away from the faith — for their conversions and reversions back to the Church!

We will start praying on Friday, August 18th.

Along with her intercessory prayers for those who have fallen away from the faith, Saint Monica is also the patron saint of alcoholics, married women, mothers, wives, and difficult marriages.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

God bless you!

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  1. My son is going to Baptist church he has left his
    Catholic faith. Please pray that he comes back
    Home to his faith. He’s already been Baptized
    In the Catholic when he was a baby.
    Thank You

  2. Please pray for my two nephews Clive & Daniel Rodrigues to return back to the catholic church & her sacraments!!!

    Thank you & God bless!

  3. Please pray for healing of past abuse, healing of eating disorder, healing of anxiety, love & a holy marriage but mostly to trust God, live God above all things & that His will may reign.

    Thank you!

  4. Please St. Monica pray for my family members and loved ones: that they will return to the catholic church, to the one true faith and for in increase in faith. For my family and loved ones and myself who need improved health, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Freedom from addictions and abuse and control. Freedom from sexual immorality. For purity and an increase in holiness. For protection and safety from all harm, all evil, add accidents, injuries, and illness. For restoration and reconciliation of our family. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen.

  5. Please pray for my family, that we grow closer to God each day, for return to good health, and gainful employment. Amen

  6. I love all these novenas we pray, have shared this site with many. This next Novena is dear to me as many of my loved ones have left our church one is my daughter . I’m crushed. I pray for her return back and her husband too .

  7. Dear St. Monica I humbly ask for your intercession for my children. You were a very dedicated and persistent mother. You understand all too well the pain of a mother’s broken heart. I pray for my son who is incarcerated and needs help and protection. I pray that the judge has an open and compassionate mind and is lenient in his sentence. I pray for my other son who is addicted to drugs, sick and homeless. I pray for his freedom from the bondage of drugs and that he will find a home where he will be safe. I pray for my only daughter who suffers from anxiety. I pray for all three to return to the Church and faith where they were baptized and received their sacraments. My oldest son still has faith and never left the Church. I pray for health, happiness and a fulfilling life for my children. And I also pray for me for my health is not good and my children need me. Amen

  8. Dearest St Monica, I ask that you intercede for me in answering my prayers. St Monica you struggled yourself as a mother, and prayed for your son daily that he might return to a faith-filled life. I pray for my children that they too will return to the faith they were baptized in. I pray that instead of turning to themselves or others that they turn to you. I pray that my daughter who struggles with low self-esteem and harmful choices, that she will find what she needs through you. I pray that my son finds a calling for a successful career and that he finds someone to have a blessed relationship with so he isn’t so lonely. Mostly I pray that they are on the path that you call them to and that they are safe and happy. St Monica pray for me and for all mothers that we may be as dedicated to our prayers to God as you were. Amen

  9. Dearest God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    I pray for financial blessings..
    Lord help me have my own place to live..
    I have been struggling for many years..
    I have been stress, depress, sad, and my heart is filled with hatred..
    I have anxiety and ocd which cause me problems in my daily basis..
    I am really really tired of what’s been happening to my life my Lord, my God..
    All the bad things my family did to me hunt me everyday.. I can’t accept to myself after all the good things I did to them yet I still get the same treatment from them..
    I want to live on my own so I can move on..
    I have lost all my hopes for them to change..
    But I am thankful because you gave a family my bf’s family who treat me better than my own family.. the feeling I belong with them not my own bloodline(family).
    I will still help my family financially, I just can’t live with them anymore cause I am really stress, depress, sad, emotionally suffering, many suicidal thoughts, and I am getting weak physically and mentally.
    I need your blessings and help Lord.
    I can move out and live on my own, my problem is they might lose our house cause they won’t afford the rent just themselves.
    I pray for my brother and his fiance, very selfish, full of pride of themselves or think highly of themselves, and stubborn people. My parents to see my worth and see my care for them. My parents not to tolerate the bad doings of brother and his fiance. My brother and his fiance who are distance to me and make me feel unwanted. I am tired of how they treat me. My brother who has been like since we were little.
    You know everything Lord..
    I can’t change the way they treat me..
    But I can go live on my own, be with people who care about me.. have a happy life..
    no drama, no ocd, no worried, no stress, no depression, no anxiety, no toxic people
    I just can’t live them because they will have financial problem for sure..
    So please Lord, help me have my own place but they will be good when I move out..

  10. I pray that my children are safe and good. I pray that they get full time jobs and are extremely successful, give them the ambition to do great good health, meet a good spouse whom we approve of, that they are happy and have good friends., that they return to the church, get along with their siblings,healthy. I pray that they are financially stable. Please have an angel by their side to keep them safe and guide them. Please help my husband to get promoted and receive a salary increase. Please help me to be healthy and loose weight, successful in my job,with a salary increase.

    Please help my daughters art event this Sunday to be successful and her site to be up Please help her to be organized , happy, successful and good on the 13th

    • Saint Monica, please help my daughter. I am writing on her behalf. She’s my beautiful and smart girl but she’s too loose for boys. She’s not using her smartness very well. She doesn’t listen to her parents, she sneak out in the night with strangers and we don’t know why she does what she does. I have suffered so much to support her but she doesn’t appreciate all my support. She ran away from the family for 2 days today and no one can identify her where about. I pray for her protection, safety and for her to return home as soon as possible. I pray for God to give her a wisdom to identify the bad behavior and follow the good ones. I pray for her concentration with her school and her life in Jesus name. Amen. I also pray for God to protect her siblings and for God to give them his wisdom and also for them to consentrate with their education in Jesus name. Amen.