Day 9 – St. Michael the Archangel Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 9 of The St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for my wife Norma. She has been the object of attack from satan and his witches. for the past several years. They the witches have been using her as a pin cushion. They have attacked her face f\or many years until the lord freed her from that attack. Now they are concentrating on her back and hips. It is hard for her to walk and is in extreme pain. The people responsible for this is my family that go to witches for every thing they want. My wife is a very religious person and my family is not so they are opposites they are obsessed with destroying her. I know this is hard to believe, however I know my family growing up and saw them going to witches all my life. Those responsible are my sisters Silvia, Sonia and her daughterTtania. My brother Ramiro and his wife and family are also involved. Please pray that the Lord undo their works and release Norma from their evil so we can live in peace. May God bless you for your prayers.

  2. I am just very grateful for having the opportunity to pray St Michael ‘s
    Novena and all the other novenas that we have prayed and be able to request for God’s mercy and help thru the Pray More Novena .com
    John Paul and Annie ,you are doing a great job. God Bless you in all that
    you do. Thank you .Carmen

  3. St. Michael please intercede with God that my family, myself and all who are praying this novena will have the grace to share eternity with God. Also that all my expenses will be drastically reduced and that all debts will be paid very shortly. And again I pray for great health for my entire family and myself. In God we trust. Amen

  4. On this 9th of the novena dearest St Michael the Archangel please pray for my brothers and sisters and our families also pray for my husband ,my daughter and myself be our protector always also pray for thein departed souls of my loving parents Paul and Beatrice and my dear brothers Zachary and Daniel may their souls rest in eternal peace and let perpetual light forever shine upon them may they rest peace. Amen St Michael the Archangel angel pray for my silent womb so that it can bear me and my hubby another healthy child so that another voice may join us in praise of Jesus Christ. St Michael pray for me to Wed in holy matrimony, pray for all the intentions of everyone who is praying this novena

  5. I pray for love in broken homes and businesses. I pray that the power of God will shine this places. St Michael intercede for us.

  6. Have mercy and pity me O saint, I prayed and prayed to all! Please take my prayers for my son that he gets seat in med school and is able to start form this fall. Have mercy and do not desert us at this point of life of my son. Show the school which God has chosen for him to do medicine and bless with this favor soon. Amen.

  7. Dear St.Michael Archangel please help me in my Nle board exam on June 3and me I can answer correctly my examinations and help me to have a 88% in my board exam ..I trust in you ..Amen

  8. st Michael please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that I am not alone – LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME – thank you – your child

  9. Please join me in prayer for my intentions for my son, who struggles with confidence peace and happiness in his heart. May he feel God’s presence to give him strength to continue striving forward, taking one day at a time, and realizing God does have a plan for him.

  10. St, Michael, thank you for praying for my family and myself, Pray for my grandson, T A B, that he would go back and finish school, and for him to stay away from bad company, Amen

  11. Please pray that our Grandson Kyle will be relaxed and comfortable about ACT testing.

    Also need prayer to stay calm and relaxed for our trip (airport and plane) and get BP stabilized for dental procedure.

    Happiness for everyone.
    Also gun shootings under control.

  12. I am praying for healing — my knee & back pains due to degenerative bone disease, my uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, my heart palpitations, my obesity. As a single parent, with no family or relative support, I work hard to sustain my child & myself, but am feeling that I am not as strong as when I was younger. I need to work still long hours, hoping my child will finish her college studies soon & help support us too.

  13. i am praying that my husband will come back to the church and that he will grow in all areas of his life.
    i am also praying that my children will come back to the church and that my grandchildren will be baptised.