Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2018

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If you’ve had any prayers answered from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, please share those with us all below. Thank you for joining us in prayer!

May St. Michael the Archangel protect us all!

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.”

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  1. I have been praying for my husband who have spent Three months in coma because of the accident he got, today his brain woke up though he’s body is still paralyzed but I know with the power of God he will be completely well.Thanks everyone for the prayers 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Dear Saint Michael, please pray for me – i’m not feeling well. I’m not sure if this is just a regular flu or the corona virus symptoms. Please ask Our Lord to send down The Holy Spirit to cure me. Please, pray for my children. Please keep them safe and healthy so they come out of this epidemic without harm. Please pray for my elderly parents. They are alone and please help them, and keep them safe. I pray for all who have fallen victim to this corona virus. That they can recover and be safe. I know it’s a lot, and I thank you for all your intercessions. I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  3. I’m thanking God through St Michael The Archangel for the miracle he did in my life as I say this novena and have not completed it yet, by granting me speedy legal stay in the United Kingdom. My heart is full of joy and gratitude. Glory and Praise be unto the Lord! Amen!

  4. I prayed for clarity for a relationship I had been in on December 31st. I didnt want ro carry all that pain and memories into the New Year.

    Well, I woke up January 1st to read an email from a woman that had been his girlfriend for six years .

    His odd behavior all made sense to me. I got the clarity I so desperately needed.
    Archangel Michael answered ny prayer , so I could stop the mental anguish and stop blaming myself.
    I am shocked, amazed, and so grateful..

  5. My name is Hank, I am almost 81, I am father of two boys, one girl. My oldest boy was killed by a hit and run driver going to his house, He also fathered a son out of wedlock, My grandson I will call him Pete. Pete has lived with us most of his life. His mother doesn’t want him, and she doesn’t want us to have him eather, (long story) . Pete has been in and out of trouble for long time, My wife and I can’t handle him, he lives with us now and for a few years, Pete will be getting out of rehab soon, and we need help with him. Pete has me wrapped around his finger, I can’t say no to him. I have been praying for him since he was born, a few weeks I started praying to St Michael for help. He helped me in a way I would have not though of, St Michael took away my sight in one eye, Doctors don’t know why. Thank you St.Michael, I can’t do a hole lot like driving or taking Pete any place to see his so called friends. If this is St Michaels way of helping me, and Pete, thanks you Oi mean that in a good way

  6. My wife and I due to legal matters have not been allowed to live together for a year now, but through the love and mercy of OUR LORD JESUS, today we found out that we can now live together, through the intercessions of OUR BLESSED MOTHER, ST. ANTHONY AND ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, PRAISE GOD FOR ALL THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO JOINED US IN PRAYER, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  7. I don’t think anyone in the world has attachment with saint Michael as i do. I am orthodox christian living in Ethiopia. When i was baptized i was given to Saint Michael as a child and i had a deal with him to marry without any murmur if i got a girl who is given to him as i do. And as coincidence i fall in love with a girl and after just two days of chatting she told me that she was also given to saint Michael as a child during baptism. So i decided to marry her assuming that she is my gift from Saint Michael. mind you. it is on the second day i met her, just over the phone, not even in person.
    So we got married in Arch Angel Michael church in Addis Ababa, on feast day of Michael which is day 12 of the month. Amazingly , she become pregnant and gave birth to angelic boy after a year on day 12 of the month which again is a day of Michael. SO, we called our son, ‘MICHAEL’
    Today i am in cape town for conference. when i was appointed in south Africa Embassy, my ID number was 12
    Finally when i book in the hotel they gave me room 12.
    Guys i don’t know what to say but , this all seems that Arch Angel Michael is trying to show me the depth of his love that i have no ability to respond even quarter.
    Glory to God of Arch Angel Michael, Amen

  8. God please help me my small baby very serious I need money, my name-Rajni devi, my bank account-37685423886, and ifsc coad NUMBER-Sbin0016142, my bank name- state Bank of India, please God help my child.

  9. I had a tough time with my current job. My coworkers made stories about me just to drag me down just to make their reputation in a good light because I was doing well. Through the intercession of St. Michael I got another job. I know there are enemies wherever you may go but through St. Michael I was able to be victorious amidst thy enemies. Thank you St. Michael you have been my defender all this time. If your intentions are good and you remain with a pure heart. God is always on your side. Please continue to walk with me in this new chapter. Thank you very much St. Michael and your angels.

  10. I had a tough time with my current job. My coworkers made stories about me just to drag me down just to make their reputation in a good light because I was doing well. Through the intercession of St. Michael I got another job. I know there are enemies wherever you may go but through St. Michael I was able to be victorious amidst thy enemies. Thank you St. Michael you have been my defender all this time. If your intentions are good and you remain with a pure heart. God is always on your side. Please continue to walk with me in this new chapter. Thank you very much St. Michael and your angels.

  11. Saint Micheal has been so good to me and my family.In 2009 I called upon him when the enemies gathered to attack me and my family he responded immediately without delay .He did it in a way to show me that he is still the most powerful angel.He defeated them just because of us.
    This year 2019 I lost my mummy,When it was time for burial I began the novena to Saint Michael the Ark angel for preservation and protection and for him to defeat our enemies and also to make everything to go on smoothly.

    He did all that I asked him for .
    I am grateful to saint Michael the Ark Angel.
    May God’s name be praised.

    Holy Michael the Ark Angel please continue to pray for us and defend us .Amen

  12. My prayer had been answered was praying for my child’s work to be extended St Michael the Archangel did it for me for three months again. Praise be to the Almighty God.

  13. My son is having huge problems with addiction and I have been praying for him for months. For some unknown reason yesterday the name Archangel Michael came into my head and I have already asked him to protect and help my son in all areas of his life. I truly believe that it was message from above that made me think of Michael. I am now going to pray a novena to him.
    Thank you God for listening and offering us help when we need it.

  14. I prayed the novena to St Michael to help my son’s pride. My prayers were answered and saw my son humble himself. He accepted a construction job as a helper, making almost minimum wage. He goes to work everyday and gives his all. He comes home tired and exhausted, but his face is full of satisfaction. And when he is called for interviews, he politely tells them that he will need to get time off from his boss first. He has a college degree and is having a hard time with getting employed and he would not apply for anything less than what he thinks he deserves. I am so blessed and proud to have this son of mine. Thank you for all the prayers.

  15. I prayed the novena of St. Michael the Archangel and the problem I used to encounter at night stopped I thank St. Michael for interceding for me.

  16. My first time of praying this Novena, oh yes! I believe & trust… it has really worked for me. Praise be to our Lord Jesus, Our Blessed Mother Mary & St Michael the Archangel for his intercession. My mom’s surgery was very successful.

  17. A friend gave a problem she was having over to St. Michael. She had been scammed out of money, a lot for her. She sent the money to a foreign country through Western Union. She thought it was lost, but St. Michael kept whispering to her to go back to Western Union. The money was still there and she got it back. She credits St. Michael with this miracle. Praise to St. Michael, protector of our souls. We can’t thank him enough.

  18. Thank you St. Michael for always being with me. Thank you for coming into my dreams. Thank you St. Michael for helping me through difficult times. THANK YOU. Amen

  19. Thank you, St. Michael the Archangel, for helping me concentrate on praying the novenas. Distraction seems to be a constant when we humans pray.

  20. Pray that my estranged brother comes back to us. Heal him of evil influences so he accepts and sees our love. Pray he remembers the truth and love. Heal his delusions and rid him of anger, pride and jealousy. Pray that love conquers his toxic thoughts and influences. Pray he just comes back into open arms.

  21. This novena has been of great help when attacked by Satan which is constantly . Thanks for sending it, and I hope it continues being sent.

  22. God has touched and brought me through what years of pain have caused me. Thank you GOD for all you have done. You brought peace and a joy I have never experienced and it can only come from the hand of GOD. I will forever be thankful for the blessing He has bestowed on me. He is my LORD AND SAVIOR forever and I will continue to grow in his presence. Thank you again St. Michael and Mother Mary for this nouvena and for coming into my life, it is yours to do with as you wish me to.

  23. One day after beginning this Novena, the young lady I was praying the Novena for went in for her 7th embryo transfer. She and her husband conceived a child on her 2nd transfer that she was later told had a major genetic problem and should be aborted because if born the child would not live. This lovely young couple went through the pregnancy and were blessed with a baby boy who died at 3 months old which was a miracle as he was not expected to survive birth. Every other transfer has resulted with no pregnancy. Four days into this novena she had a very strong positive on a pregnancy test and has just gone through her first ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. She has two perfect size babies at this time and I simply cannot express the gratitude I have for your calling, the prayers of your community of people who pray and the faithfulness of our God. If possible I would request prayers for this couple as they go through this journey. I am sending them a painting of Saint Michael for their babies room. God bless you for what you do.

  24. Thank You Heavenly Father, The Holy Son , Holy Spirit , our Blessed Mama Mary and through the intercession of St Michael the Archangel I received the good news and answered prayers for my labtest results.
    Praise and Glory be to The Father, to the Holy Son and Holy Spirit, truly all things are possible with God. Amen???☝

  25. While I was on standby, sleep deprived, I prayed to St. Michael, and I managed to get on board that day. Thank you St. Michael for your prayer and intersession.

  26. Prayed this Novena for my grandfather, who has had some ill health recently, and almost immediately he began to improve. He went into hospital a few days ago for some tests and everything sounds to have gone well.

    Thank you, God. Thank you, Michael. And thank you, John-Paul and Annie. You are ambassadors for Christ and are bringing this world closer to Him. There is nothing greater than that.

    ‘Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”‘ Matthew 19:26.

    Thanks be to God now and forever.

  27. Peace be with you!!!
    have receive my Lent blessing through praying the saint Michael de archangel novena I asked him to intercede for me to God for a job and he did. Now I’ve got a job.
    All thanks to God!!!

  28. Thank you Father God, Father Son and Father Holly Spirit I thank you through St Michael the Archangel, after praying this novena, in the middle of my novena I don’t remember the exactly date, I was browsing and I found the Job advert, Immediately I applied, it was online, so I applied and continue with my novena and ask St Michael to help to on getting job because it’s been years am looking for job, So yesterday I received an email invitation for the Interview as if that wasn’t enough they decided to call and confirm if I will attend the interview, I accepted and today 7th March, I attended the interview,and indeed the interview went well, I really thank God, but I’m still praying for good results on that of which I believe that it is my job,

    St Michael the Archangel I thank you and pray for me, thank you Father God, Son and Holly Spirit for this miracle, indeed it is a miracle for me.
    My fellow brethren in Christ, God is able, keep on praying,

    I am just happy and wanted to share this with you.

  29. Thank you St Michael the Archangel for interceding for me in my prayers. My husband who had a successful prostatectomy has now been declared cancer free. Glory be to God for his tender mercies

  30. I have prayed over the years (14 in all) to St. Jude and St. Michael to protect my son who has had severe PTSD with 5 deployments overseas, a broken marriage, 2 children, and a new marriage. He recently informed me that he was promoted to E6 and he is now able to continue to serve in the military and will be able to provide for his children and his new wife. This has been a great uplifting for him as he has struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies. The promotion gives him hope that he can take care and provide for his family. I know that it was through this Novena and continual prayers for him and this has happened. He is protected by St Michael and continues to carry with him the medal of St. Michael which I sent to him in his first deployment. I will continue to pray for him and for all those who need this protection. St. Michael is truly a protector against all battles that we encounter. Thank you St. Michael. To God be the Glory!

  31. I prayed this Novena for my Dad who was awaiting results from a Biopsy. He received news today that he is Cancer Free! Praise God! Thank you St. Michael the Archangel for interceding with Jesus, and all the angels & saints! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son & the Holy Spirit! Amen.

  32. Glory be to God.
    l Have been praying for my Son to get a job
    finally my prayers were answered. May his name be praised.

  33. During the Novena to St. Michael the ArchAngel, my daughter was offered a promotion at her job. Thank You Lord!

  34. Thanks for your prayers .My calf muscle is now healed and I can continue training for Boston Marathon.Thanks to ST MICHAEL The ARCH ANGEl.I was able to race and won the race!!!I was planning to cancel my race because of my leg injury but only in God it was possible.Thanks to Everyone who prayed for me.Be Blessed and May God answer your prayers and desires of your hearts Amen!!!

  35. On Friday, March 2nd, I traveled from Abeokuta, Nigeria to Lagos to be with my family for the weekend. The following day I noticed that my car front tyre has ripped open from with metal wires inside all showing outside. I believe that God saved me by the intercession of St Michael from my tires busting on the highway. May the Lord be praised now and forever. Amen. St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

  36. My nephew’s prognosis on one of his possible illnesses came back negative! Thank you all for the healing prayers.??❤️??

  37. Thank you St Michael for your protection of all the motorists, especially my son in law, stranded for hours during the recent nor’easter.

  38. Dear Archangel St Michael,
    Thank you for your intercession. There is nothing serious with my son’s backache and now my children are back home with me. We have a good time together. My son is looking forward to moving to his new apartment.

  39. My brother was renewed and awakened in light on day 7 of this Novena! Keep praying for light in your complicated relationships, as opposed to feeling hopeless, persecuting others, and yourself. Thank you Holy Spirit and dear Saint Michael Archangel!

  40. I prayed this novena for my marriage, and I praise God for my husband’s increased kindness, love and faith since I started asking for St Michaels intervention! Thank you for your prayers, st michael

  41. Was having an extremely hard time. I was being blamed for something I really hadnt done. A trial date was scheduled, I seemed to be up against a brick wall. I prayed this 9 day Novena faithfully asking St. Michael to PLEASE intercede on my behalf that this case does not see a trial. Just one day after the end of praying the Novena, I received a call from my attorney. The case is NOT going to trial and other positive significant changes occurred as well. Thank you St. MICHAEL

  42. My father has done well with his medications during this Novena to St. Michael the Archangel, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you for answered prayers and the opportunity to Pray More Novenas!

  43. Thank you St Michael for favors received AGAIN. On both your Feast Day and after that NOvena (Sept 29th) and yesterday (ending this Novena), my husband’s Science Papers were accepted into Journals!
    Please continue to protect all that invoke your name.
    St. Michael, Pray for us all and for an end to all the violence in our country and our World.

  44. On the last day of this Novena, two prayers were answered; my son was chosen for a prestigious internship he really wanted and a good friend found a home to move into before he had to leave his current home in 30 days. Praise God!

  45. I want to thank God almighty through His great Arch-angel St. Michael. Soon after we started this Novena, the person who has been a hindrance in processing our land Title send us a message that we meet him on 8th or 9th of March.
    I thank you all here as we pray for each other.
    We continue to pray that the meeting will go well for us to get our land Title quickly.
    May our Lord look upon us all here with his mercy and answer each prayer request. He is a faithful loving father. Amen.

  46. My prayers have not been answered but I know God will answer me at his own time. However, I wish to report a miracle that happened at home on 23/2/2018. My daughter 20 months old baby was left sleeping upstairs and someone forgot to lock the child proof gate upstairs. We have not trained her to godown the stairs and She has also never walked downstairs. On this day she woke up the nanny didn’t hear her call out and she walked down by herself. By God’s grace she never tumbled I call this a miracle and Thank God for protecting my baby. Praise be to God

  47. A rather long overdue payment has caused friction between my brother and my husband for 3 years but during this novena the money was finally paid and all is well. Thank you St Michael for your great intercession…

  48. My PhD admission was delayed for no reason. With only four days since we started this Novena i received my admission. Thanks St. Michael for your intercession. Thank you Lord!

  49. For the past 2 years I applied for asylum and I have been waiting for a response from the home office with no luck as per granted or not granted it has no response for the past two years, that is supposed to be for a period of 6 months.
    I joined the 9 days novena to St Michael the archangel and prayed for a poditive response concerning my application. Yesterday I got a letter from the home office that my application will be dealt with within the next 6 months. That is a miracle for me as I have not heard any information before now for 2 years concerning it. I know this is the beginning of God answering my prayers for a positive response of our settlement. Please keep me and my family in your prayers for God to do his perfect will for us. Amen. Prayer truly works.

  50. Thank you Lord for all your blessings to my family and me! Thank you St. Michael for praying for us! Please continue to protect us and answer all our prayers.

  51. Truly a miricle. Husband was called back today to work from layoff thought 90% permanent. Was praying for him to get any job anywhere. Not thinking he ever be called back.. He was called back today. A total surprise, thank you St Michael for all your assistance. God gives us more than we ask..

  52. I have been using this site for years to pray novenas for my husband. He had fallen away from the church and I prayed that he would come back. Jan 20th, 2018, that happened! He has been coming to church with me since then. He is excited about Lent and we have plans to go to the Easter Vigil. Thank you all you holy men and women in Heaven for praying for him. Thank you God for guiding one of your lost sheep home and for your loving mercy!

  53. Dear St Michael the Archangel,
    Thank you very much for your prayers and intercession. Please continue to protect us, pray for our healing and help us live each day well and glorify God’s Holy Name.
    With thanks and gratitude,